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Rocky's Kingdom Ch. 05



This is the fifth in a continuing series of stories about what is essentially a very high-class prostitution business in Asia, with the headquarters in Manila. 'Rocky' is the chief -- you could call him a pimp in other circumstances -- of the very large consortium which includes operations in many Asian countries. Although each section can stand on it's own as an erotic story, I highly recommend that you begin with the first story, which explains the business and introduces some key characters. Character development is constant through the sequential sections, so you'll be reading about people you don't yet 'know' if you don't start at the beginning. Oh yes, and I'm having a blast writing this, and hope you enjoy reading it.

This is a work of fiction, based on a few true experiences but no actual people. If you don't like reading about young women encouraged to perform sexual acts, please do not read the story. Everyone else, ENJOY!

Rocky's Kingdom, Chapter 5

Ari and Mary Ann do a group thing

** Lunch -- and a deal is struck **

Rocky headed up the stairs to gather the two girls who would be joining him for the lunch meeting with Wilson Gomez, the Chief Operating Officer of PHT Industries. PHT is one of the premier high-technology consortiums in the Philippines, comprising no less than fifteen medium-to-large companies engaged in a variety of technology activities. Test, Assembly, and Wafer Foundry companies were among them, and Wilson wanted to reward his key executives with a night of pleasure with two of his girls. Wilson already knew Mary Ann well, and had seen her roommate Ari in action at her welcome party. Rocky and the girls would be having lunch with Gomez to talk about his requirements and desires -- and what he would be willing to pay for those things. Rocky knew Gomez pretty well, and expected he would be fair; but he wanted to make sure the ladies knew what to expect. He would insist on their approval of whatever fee deal was made.

Mary Ann was putting the final touches on her makeup as Ari pulled the brush through her hair. There was a knock at their door. "Come in." Ari said. Rocky opened the door and peeked inside. He didn't like intruding on the girls' privacy, so he remained outside the door. "Um... come in!" Ari repeated.

"No need. I just wanted to let you know I'm ready when you are." Rocky said.

"We're off!" Mary Ann said, grabbing her clutch and Ari's hand. "Come on girl, let's find out what ol' Gomez wants." she giggled.

Rocky led the two girls down the stairs and out to the garage, unlocking his M3 with the remote just as they got to the car. "Shotgun!" Mary Ann called, opening the passenger door and pulling the seat forward for Ari who climbed into the back seat. Mary Ann settled into the front seat as Rocky slid behind the wheel and inserted the key into the ignition lock. The car came to life and they were off.

"Okay, so I know Mary Ann has been involved in -- ahem -- group activities before; but I don't recall whether you have Ari." Rocky said.

"Um... other than the welcome party, no." Ari replied.

"I guess we should just ask the obvious question then. Are you interested and willing to do that?" Rocky asked.

"Sure!" Ari answered. "I enjoyed it with two men at the party, and Mary Ann has talked to me about what it's like. I think it will be fun. My only question is -- how many men will there be for the two of us?" she asked.

"Last I spoke to Wilson, it was five including himself." Rocky replied. "And they're all older than Wilson, so make of that what you will." he laughed.

"So far so good. I'm sure it will be fine Rocky." Ari told him.

"Okay! Let's find out what he is expecting and what he wants to pay then." Rocky added, swinging the Beemer into the parking lot at the Seafood Haven. He pulled into one of the five covered 'reserved' spots and stopped, pressing the preset to crack the windows and sunroof and switching the engine off. "Everybody out!" he said, opening his door. The girls were right on his heels, and the car alarm signaled it was locked and armed. The walked into the restaurant, the hostess recognizing Rocky Ramirez and escorting them back to his semi-private room. They were first to arrive, and ordered iced tea to refresh themselves while they awaited the arrival of Wilson Gomez and one of his associates.

Rocky sipped his tea and tried not to stare at the two beauties across the table from him. Mary Ann had been a star in the Kingdom for a while, and looked as good at twenty-four as most girls at eighteen. He recalled a conversation with one of his key clients who called him just to rave about Mary Ann Garcia and her absolutely brilliant performance escorting him to a very high-zoot gala. Although she pleasured him afterward, it was her beauty, grace, and intelligence he was calling to praise. Ari had only been aboard less than two months; but she had already received praise for her skills -- by the photographer (Montinegro) and by Ric Guzman who won the auction at her party and had called back twice for private appointments. Both were beautiful, sexy, and savvy young women he could be proud of. His thoughts were interrupted when the hostess opened the door and Wilson Gomez stepped in with his friendly smile.

"Willy!" Mary Ann squealed, jumping up and wrapping her arms around him. She gave him a little kiss. "Good to see you sir!" she said, then took her seat.

"Good to see you as well, Miss Garcia." Gomez said. "And it is my pleasure to introduce Andre Torrecampo, the chief operating officer for our ExperTest division."

Andre shook Rocky's hand, bowing politely, and smiled at the girls. "A pleasure." he said. Then the two men took their seats, Gomez next to Rocky and Torrecampo at the end of the table. Mary Ann poured tea for the two men, smiling the whole time.

"We should order our lunch before we discuss things." Rocky suggested, knowing how busy Wilson Gomez was. Rocky took care of that, requesting the 'gourmet seafood platter' which came with salad, soup, rice and several vegetable sides.

"Well..." Gomez began. "I gather that Mister Ramirez has told you that I am interested in hiring the two of you for a little private celebration with four of my colleagues, is this correct?" he asked. Mary Ann and Ari nodded. "Okay, well I'm sure that Mary Ann has been in group sessions before and I'm hoping that Ari will join us as she is the unanimous choice of my colleagues as we've reviewed all of the online portfolios." Gomez continued.

"I would be pleased sir." Ari told him.

Rocky chimed in. "Then all we need to know is how long this engagement will be, and what the proposed fees are."

Wilson nodded. "Yes. My thought is four to five hours -- with dinner and refreshments included of course -- and a fee of one hundred-twenty thousand pesos for each of your staff." he told them, watching their faces for a response. Both girls seemed pleased. "Does that sound reasonable?" he asked.

"I think it's certainly in the ballpark." Rocky replied. "Will you be providing transportation?" he asked.

"Of course. We will pick them up and bring them home."

"And where will this event be taking place?" Rocky asked.

"We will be at my beach house I think." Wilson answered. "Up by Subic."

"Sounds promising. What do you girls think?" Rocky asked.

"Sounds okay to me." Mary Ann replied.

"Me too!" Ari said. It would be her largest fee, and she counted on a healthy tip too.

"I think we may have a deal Wilson. When do you want to have this event?"

"One week from this Friday is our plan." Gomez told them. "If that works for you."

"I'll call you tomorrow with a confirmation. We need to consult some calendars first." Rocky said, knowing the response would probably be in the affirmative. It was part of the game, after all.

"Very well!" Gomez replied. "Let's eat!"

The five of them feasted on the sea bass, crab, lobster, tiger prawns and all the fixin's of the spread that covered their table and two side tables. Both girls had salads while the men preferred the soup; but all of them went after rice and seafood with a vengeance. The large platter was almost completely devoured before they called it done; but everyone saved room for the delicious mint ice cream topped with fresh mango for dessert. During lunch there was small talk -- dominated by the risqué banter of Mary Ann and 'Willy', who had spent many hours together. Gomez' affection for her was evident, and Rocky hoped that Ari could see it as well. They finished up the ice cream and bid their good bye's all around, Rocky promising to get back to Wilson the following morning.

Ari made sure to call 'shotgun' well in advance of getting to the car, and the three of them clambered in for the short trip back to the compound. "So Ari, what did you think?" Rocky asked, wheeling the M3 into the mid-afternoon traffic.

"Oh I think it was pretty much what I expected. Mary Ann told me about Mister Gomez, and we talked about what they might expect." Ari replied.

"I think they definitely want us, based on his offer." Mary Ann said.

"Oh yeah girl, they definitely want the two of you -- and nobody else." Rocky agreed. "It is a very generous offer. Now we just have to make sure your schedules are good for next Friday."

Mary Ann pulled out her phone, which had a decent PDA function on which she kept her schedule. She tapped the keys frantically, then came up with the information she was looking for. "Looks like we have a rehearsal for one of the shows earlier in the day; but I'll be ready to go after about four." she said.

"I'll have to check with Christina when we get back. I don't have a fancy phone like yours -- yet." Ari said, laughing.

Minutes later Rocky turned through the gate at the compound, the auto-sensor in his M3 triggering the gate moments before they arrived. He watched the mirror to confirm the closure of the gate after they drove through, then pulled into his personal spot in the garage. "Home sweet home!!" he said with a chuckle, turning the car off and swinging his door open. The three of them headed into the house, Mary Ann heading upstairs to prepare for an early-evening tryst while Ari went to find Christina, Rocky tagging along to get the answers he needed.

Christina's office door was open, and she was at her desk working on -- as it turned out -- schedules. She looked up and smiled when she saw Ari and Rocky, knowing they'd just been out to lunch and why. "Hey you guys!" she greeted them. "Good lunch?"

Ari smiled. "The lunch was wonderful, and Mister Gomez offered us an opportunity we would like to take advantage of." Ari said.

Christina looked at Rocky. "And..."

"And he's offered a very generous fee for Ari and Mary Ann to entertain himself and four of his associates for an evening. The only thing we really need to know is whether Ari is available one week from Friday." Rocky said.

Christina tapped the keys on her computer, bringing up Ari's schedule. She had each girl separated; but they were all tied to a 'master' schedule which included group activities of all kinds. Photo shoots, group rehearsals, public events, and private parties at the compound were all included. She looked up and smiled. "Well, other than the rehearsal for the Shangri-La show from noon until three, it looks like she's free, and..." she tapped a single key and made a menu selection "So is Mary Ann." Christina said.

"Great!" Rocky said. "I'll give Wilson a call in the morning."

"Thank you Christina." Ari said. "See you guys later!" then she turned and headed up to her room to chat with Mary Ann before she left for the afternoon.

Christina nodded for Rocky to close the door after Ari left. After the door clicked shut, she looked at him. "Spill it, dude."

Rocky laughed. "He offered a hundred and twenty thousand P each for four to five hours at his beach house -- he supplies transportation and food."

Christina shook her head, smiling. "That man will spoil these girls if we aren't careful." she said. "Of course, we don't mind that kind of spoiling. And it's great that Ari gets this early opportunity with one of the biggies." she added, referring to Gomez.

"Absolutely." Rocky agreed. "If Ari sticks with Mary Ann, she's going to do very well."

"Another winner!" Christina said, smiling that smile. She winked at Rocky, getting up from her desk. "Come on lover. Let's get in a little afternoon playtime." She grabbed his hand and they took the private stairs to their suite. Neither would be seen for more than two hours -- a quickie by their standards.

Mary Ann had showered and was carefully pulling on the 'outfit-du-jour' when Ari came in. "We on?" she asked, snapping her bra closed.

"Yeah!" Ari replied, admiring the girl's curvy little body.

"Fantastic!" Mary Ann said. "You are gonna love Willy and his friends. I've been with two of the four guys, and they're all real sweethearts." Mary Ann told her. "And his beach house is unbelievable!" she added.

"Sure sounds like fun." Ari said. "I guess I'm just not sure about... you know..."

"DP?" Mary Ann filled in the blank. Ari wasn't familiar with the abbreviation, and looked at her funny. "Double Penetration -- one in the pussy and one in the ass."

"Yeah. Plus maybe one in the mouth at the same time." Ari added.

"Oh jeez honey. You'll be cumming so hard you won't have a second to worry about it." Mary Ann said. "These guys really have only one thing in mind -- your pleasure. I mean that girl. It makes them feel good that they can make a hot babe climax -- and they'll do anything to make it happen." she added.

"God, I guess that still seems so... foreign. I mean, Ric was like that, and Montinegro as well; but I guess I just figured you get five horny men together and they'll be like animals or something." Ari said, giggling.

"Well honey, they will be." Mary Ann replied, surprising Ari. "And so will we."

Ari laughed. "Rowwwwwrrrrr." she growled.

"There you go honey. Just keep that attitude and you'll be just fine." Mary Ann laughed. "Well hun, I gotta get going. Don't wanna keep ol' Duncan waiting!" she said. Her late-afternooner was with Duncan Trovejas, purveyor of fine cuisine at his chain of exclusive restaurants across the Metro Manila area. He needed to get his pleasure before the dinner hour! "I'll be back by eight hun. See you then?" she asked.

"Uh... yeah! Have fun sweetie!" Ari said, watching Mary Ann's incredible backside as she wriggled out the door. And we'll have some fun after you get back! she thought. She shook off the lewd thoughts and picked up the choreography outline Christina had given her to begin preparing for the first of the shows. The first rehearsal wasn't for a few days; but Ari wanted to be ready -- and wanted everyone in her new family to be proud of her. It was a big show, with six complicated dance numbers which would be performed with a live orchestra. Six dance numbers also meant six wardrobe changes, something Ari had never been through before. The show was planned to be two hours long, or three dance routines per hour. Each number was five minutes in duration; but final stage setup would nearly double that. It would be tight, and Ari was determined to at her best. She buried herself in that book, memorizing the moves her body would make as she listened to each song over and over. Her concentration was interrupted by a knock at the door. She stopped playback on the CD player. "Come in!" she said, standing to greet her visitor. It was Christina, fresh from a shower after her afternoon session with Rocky.

"Hey doll, why don't you come down and join us for dinner?" Christina asked.

"Um... okay!" Ari replied, carefully gathering her working materials and filing them away.

"I see you're already working on Shangri-La!" Christina said. "I'm impressed! I wish everyone took these things as seriously as you are hun."

"I... um... just don't want to embarrass myself!" Ari said, giggling. With her materials put away, she was ready to go. She and Christina walked quickly down the stairs, Ari following her into the dining room. Rocky and Rina were already there, sipping wine and sharing a conversation she would soon join. "Hi!" Ari said.

Rocky stood up, ever the gentleman, and pulled out the chairs for the new arrivals. "Good evening Ari!" he said. "You remember Rina?"

"Of course! Hey girl!" Ari said, smiling broadly at the other new girl.

"Hi Ari. I heard some congratulations are in order." Rina said, picking up her wine glass.

"Oh?" Ari replied, unsure of her reference.

Rocky chimed in. "I'm sure she's speaking of your upcoming evening with Mary Ann."

"Well..." Christina added. "and Mister Wilson Gomez."

Ari beamed. "Uh.. yeah! I'm looking forward to it for sure!"

"From what Rocky tells me it is a little unusual for a new girl to get this kind of arrangement." Rina said. "I guess the fee is really high?"

"VERY high honey." Christina said. "I think maybe you should take some advice from Miss Ari Mondigo honey. She's taking off like a rocket!"

Ari blushed. "Well... I think I'm getting a lot of help." she said.

"Oh nonsense baby. You're hot, and you're loved by everyone who meets you -- men and women alike." Rocky said. "You may get help; but I know this business well enough to know that if you don't have the right attitude to go with your looks and your obvious aptitude for pleasuring your partners, you will not succeed. You, my dear, are succeeding." Rocky poured four gull glasses and held his up. "To our newest star -- Miss Ari Mondigo."

"To Ari!" Christina seconded, clinking her glass to theirs. The four made short work of the first glass of wine and Rocky poured each of them a second, then had the attendant bring in the appetizer course. Deep fried calamari strips always went over well, and Rocky added his own dash of culinary flair with a spicy curry dip.

The small talk through dinner consisted mostly of Rina telling them about her childhood in India and how she ended up on Macau working for Norvin Cheng. She was essentially kidnapped from parlor in Mumbai at the age of seventeen and taken to Macau by way of Malaysia where she was 'tested' by men who had little regard for her predicament. By the time she made it to Macau she was willing to do most anything if it meant not being raped every day. Even every other day was an improvement.

Seeing the affect the discussion had on her, Christina changed the subject. "So girls, we have the two big shows coming up -- and we've been asked to do a calendar shoot for Reflection. I haven't responded to them yet because I wanted to find out how you girls felt about that sort of schedule." she began. "I mean, two shows in three weeks plus a whole day to go to Borocai for the camera shoot won't leave much time for -- you know -- men!" Christina chuckled.

Ari spoke up first. "Um... I'm busy; but I think that's good, right? I guess some of the other girls might have conflicts in their schedule, and that's another thing; but for me I'm looking forward to being busy and doing all those different things." she told them.

"Rina you haven't really had much time to absorb all of what's happening; but you will have your welcome party in two weeks -- then go into a month of hardcore rehearsals, shows, and the calendar shoot -- if we do that. You might be just a little overwhelmed with all of that plus the attention you will surely receive after your party." Rocky said.

Rina thought about it for a minute. "I guess I'm with Ari on this one. I am used to being busy, and this is a chance for me to be busy and successful, so I think we just do what must be done for the success of the company."

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