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Rocky's Kingdom Ch. 06



This is the sixth in a continuing series of stories about what is essentially a very high-class prostitution business in Asia, with the headquarters in Manila. 'Rocky' is the chief – you could call him a pimp in other circumstances – of the very large consortium which includes operations in many Asian countries. Although each section can stand on it's own as an erotic story, I highly recommend that you begin with the first story, which explains the business and introduces some key characters. Character development is constant through the sequential sections, so you'll be reading about people you don't yet 'know' if you don't start at the beginning. Oh yes, and I'm having a blast writing this, and hope you enjoy reading it.

This is a work of fiction, based on a few true experiences but no actual people. If you don't like reading about young women encouraged to perform sexual acts, please do not read the story. Everyone else, ENJOY!

Rocky's Kingdom, Chapter 6
Rina officially joins the homegirls

You've met the girls before; but the Elite Clients for Rina's party are different than for Ari's party. Let's meet them:

- Walton Garcia, CEO at the Reflection (magazine editor)
     Likes to lay back and be pleasured, more than one girl is good

- Randolph Montrez, Sr. Legislator in the Philippines senate (politician)
     Prefers to role-play as schoolmaster, light spanking, etc.

- Wilson Gomez, COO, PHT Industries (high-tech executive)
     Enjoys being teased before BJ & Doggie anal

- Andre Torrecampo, COO, ExperTest (high-tech executive)
     Prefers oral before vaginal, with oral finish.

- Gilbert Corrazon, CEO, Glamour by Gilbert (modelling executive)
     Likes light BDSM and anal creampies.

- Bart Oliviso, Cheif of Security, Makati Property Partners
     Loves face fucking.

Their week had been a busy one, with three rehearsals for two different shows along with the personal schedules for the girls. Rina, even though she was new, had two 'lunch quickies' from her online portfolio. She was very popular already because girls of her ethnicity were not common in Manila. She and Lib returned from an exhausting rehearsal – the last before the show at Shangri-La – and needed to relax a bit before the evening's festivities.

"So I heard you're singing at your party tonight!" Lib said, pouring a mango fizz for each of them before she collapsed on the lounge.

"Yeah... I thought it would be something a little different. You know, spice things up a little for the patrons." Rina replied, sipping on the cold drink. "I almost had a commercial deal for a CD a couple of years ago; but it didn't work out." she added.

"Wow. I guess that means you must be pretty good then." Lib said. "What kind of music?" she asked.

"I do a variety of pop and R&B mostly. I have a few originals; but most of it is cover tunes." Rina responded. "I'm doing 'Private Dancer' tonight."

"Oh cool. I love Tina Turner." Lib said excitedly. "She's like the hottest sixty-year old on the planet, and hotter than most women of any age!"

"And she can sing and dance. That's what I love about her." Rina said. "I just hope the band can hang. That's a pretty intense set." she added.

"Oh they'll be fine honey. Geoff has a good group there, and I'm sure he's been working them hard to get ready for you." Lib told her, rising from the lounge as she finished her drink. "I'm gonna shower and start getting ready. Did Christina get May for your makeup and hair?" Rina nodded. "So you need to be ready for her at – what – three?" Lib asked. Again, Rina nodded. "Okay girl, get your ass in the shower then. You should go before I do."

Rina finished her drink and headed inside. She still had ninety minutes before May would be here; but she knew Lib might take long enough that she wouldn't have sufficient time. Once her shower was finished she relaxed, not bothering to put any clothes on as she would need to change later. She walked into her wardrobe and examined the deep burgundy wrap she had selected for the evening. One of the key reasons for the choice was the ease with which access could be obtained, the only 'fastener' being a silk belt tied around her waist. She planned to wear only lace panties under the dress, and would incorporate the traditional 'strip tease' into her musical number.

Lib opened the bathroom door to let the steam escape, her hair unusually 'frizzy' after her shower. She had decided to let her hair do what it wanted, knowing that three of the men loved her hair in a more natural coiffure anyway. And Lib always felt a little crazy when her long curls were flowing free. She bounced out into the room, her arms out to her sides. "Tada!" she exclaimed with a giggle. She walked into her wardrobe and pulled out a bright crimson semi-transparent pantsuit, under which she would be wearing only a black lace thong. The dark panties would easily show through, and make it more obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. "What do you think roomie?" she asked, holding the suit up in front of her body.

"Oooooo.. I think the men will love it!" Rina replied, grabbing her choice and holding it up. "What about mine?" she asked.

"Oh yeah baby, that's nice!" Lib replied. "Anything underneath?" she asked.

"Just a pair of lace panties. And I plan to do my strip while I'm singing." Rina replied. "There's only two things to take off, so I can be very sexy with the dance." she added, swirling her hips around to demonstrate.

"Ooo. I have just the accessory for you hun." Lib said, running back into her wardrobe and returning with an ornate oriental fan. "Use this little prop during your routine – it'll get you bigger bids, I guarantee it."

Rina took the fan and held it in front of her face. "Hmm... Guarantee, huh?" she asked.

"Yeah honey. I had that fan on a stool when I did my strip, and when I grabbed it started using it to hide my bits the bidding jumped a hundred grand!" Lib replied. "I turned around on the stage with the fan covering my butt, then bent over real slow... Then I closed the fan to expose my ass." she laughed. "Another hundred grand right there."

"Okay, yeah, I like that idea." Rina said, reaching behind her to cover her round bottom and turning around so she could see the view in one of the mirrors. She bent over, then slowly folded the fan.

"Oh my god honey, your little starfish looks so delicious!" Lib told her. "You could get a quarter-mil just for that little view!"

Rina blushed. She still wasn't accustomed to hearing another girl talk about her body – especially her anus – so blatantly. Her entire body tingled as she considered the possibilities of the evening to come. She knew there would be plenty of sex, and her openings would be one of the clear favorites. But what about two – or even three – partners? Would Lib use her considerable oral talents on her in the crowded environment? The tingles turned into goosebumps and she shuddered at the lewd thoughts.

An hour later a knock came at the door. "Come in" Rina said. The door opened and Christina came in, followed by another woman carrying a large case.

"Rina, this is May Gutierrez. She'll be doing your hair and makeup today." Christina told her. "May, this is Rina." she added to complete the introduction. "I'll be in my office if you need me ladies." Then she turned and headed back out.

"Well Rina, let's get started shall we?" May began. Rina nodded. "So what have you chosen to wear this evening?" she asked.

Rina walked over and grabbed the wrap, holding up with a smile.

"Oh now that is really lovely. I have just the thing to set that off beautifully!" May told her, opening her case. "Come over here love and have a seat." she said, patting the stool next to her. Rina complied and May got to work. Forty minutes later she declared the makeup done and moved along to Rina's hair. Another forty minutes and she stood up. "Okay honey. Have a look." May suggested. "It might be best if you put on the wrap now so we can see the whole package." she added.

Rina stood up and pulled on the wrap, tying the silk belt at her waist before turning to look at the mirror. What she saw nearly took her breath away. "Wow....." Rina said softly. "I look so...."

"Sophisticated and beautiful?" May finished Rina's sentence.

"And damned HOT!" Lib added. "Holy crap you look incredible Rina!"

There was a brief knock at the door then Christina walked in and stopped in her tracks. She was always pleasantly surprised at what May could do with some cosmetics and hair tools; but Rina looked amazing. "Rina, you look absolutely delicious honey. May, you've outdone yourself this time." Christina said, giving Rina the 'twirl' sign. She watched as the girl slowly turned around. The firm round curve of her backside stretched the filmy material perfectly. "God girl, your ass is superb!" she added. "You will not hear any complaints, I can promise you that!" she chuckled.

"Alright then, my work is done here ladies. I'll get out of your way now so you can prepare for your evening." May told them. She packed her supplies after making Rina a small 'touch-up kit', then nodded to Christina.

"Thank you May." Rina said, smiling and giving a polite bow.

"You're quite welcome dear girl. You have a wonderful welcome party tonight!" May responded, then she and Christina left and closed the door behind them.

Lib held her hands up. "Whoa there girl. There are gonna be some serious hardons in that room tonight honey. You look soooooooo good." Lib told her, shaking her head. "No wonder the guys kept bugging Rocky to bring a girl from the Middle East in here!" she added.

"Well, um... I guess I just don't get that. I mean yeah I'm kinda pretty, and I know my body looks good and everything..." Rina began.

Lib laughed loudly. "Yeah right. You've got real boobs and a booty that knock men to the frickin' floor girl. Me? I'm flat as a board and I've got no butt." she said, emphasizing the words with her hands.

"But you're cute as hell, and a lot of men like really petite girls too." Rina told her.

Mary Ann had been listening from the balcony, and pushed the door open. "Oh geez girls, let's not fight about who has the best body." She said, putting her hand on her hip. "Cause I do!" she added with a laugh. "But tonight is your night Rina. The rest of us will get laid; but you are our queen this evening – and you look like one honey. Gorgeous." Mary Ann said.

Rina smiled at her new friends. She'd never had this kind of support from anyone – even the people she counted as her good friends. "Thanks ladies. You really make me feel good." Rina told them.

The hour passed quickly, and the girls all gathered in the foyer awaiting their call from Rocky. One at a time, as usual, he called them out to strut their stuff for the six men seated around the room. This 'audience' erupted in applause when Rina stepped into the room, the lighting accenting her outfit, makeup, and hair perfectly. Fortunately it was dim enough that they couldn't see her blushing at the attention. Rocky leaned close when she got to his side. "You look phenomenal sweetie, just phenomenal." he told her. "Relax and have fun. That's what we're here for." he added, catching her eye and giving her a wink.

Rocky queued the band and the girls distributed themselves around the room, with Rina joining Rocky and Christina until the auction was completed. Dinner was fantastic as always, and after a short break for coffee it was time.

** Rina sings at her party **

Rocky tapped Rina's hand to get her attention. "You ready babe?" he asked softly. She found her fan and nodded. Rocky got up and waited for the band to stop the song they were playing, then he went to the bandleader to confirm they were ready for Rina's number. They were, and Rocky walked to center stage and turned on the microphone. He got the crowd's attention, then made the announcement. "And now ladies and gentlemen I want you to show your appreciation as we bring to the stage our latest homegirl here at Rocky's. She'll be entertaining you with her own rendition of that great Tina Turner hit 'Private Dancer', so put your hands together for miss Rina Dhakazi!" Again the room erupted in applause and the band began the haunting intro instrumental bars as Rina carefully gathered herself, opened the fan, and slinked onto the stage to the rhythm played by the band.

Her voice, while not a clone of Tina's, was well suited to the song. She began the first verse with the fan in front of her, moving it slowly to and fro to give the men a peek as she sang. Her body moved elegantly with the rhythm, and when the song arrived at the chorus she grabbed the mike from the stand and gyrated like a true 'private dancer', gliding around the tables and giving each man a chance for a quick closeup look before the next verse came and she returned to the stage. She had them mesmerized by the time the song got to the instrumental 'break', when she deftly hung the mike back on the stand along with her fan, and began gyrating as she exposed more and more of her lush form to their stares. She gracefully twirled around as her wrap came off and she was now nude except for the skimpy black lace panties. She deftly picked up the fan again, opening it and swinging it around to cover her behind before she turned around, bending forward with the fan discretely covering her backside. Staying with the music she slowly began to fold the fan, her fingers tugging at the panties to tuck them between her full cheeks so that by the time the fan was closed the audience had a very nice view of her nearly naked bottom. She could hear the catcalls, whistles, and applause over the music as she grabbed the mike again to finish out the song.

When it was over, every person in the room stood to applaud her performance. Rina beamed, suddenly unembarrassed at her nudity up there on the stage. Rocky, Christina, and even the band were standing. Rocky let the applause go on until it slowly began to subside, then he joined Rina on the stage. "Fantastic show honey, really first rate." He told her, giving her a hug. Then he took the mike and addressed the men. "Time for what is usually the highlight of these things, although that performance was really special...." Rocky said. He had to wait for more applause before continuing. "Okay gentlemen, you've seen this beautiful and talented lady. Now it is time for you to put your money on the table. For Rina the bidding will open at one-hundred-fifty-thousand pesos." He said.

The bidding quickly went past four-hundred-thousand, and slowly made it's way to four-sixty before Rocky called the 'sale'. The winner was Gil Corrazon, one of the customers who had been asking Rocky for an Indian girl. Rina quickly made her way to his table after thanking all the men for their bids.

Gil was a handsome man who had made his money the hard way, coming up through the ranks as a photographer, developing his style, then finally starting his own modeling firm and building it into something of an empire. 'Glamour by Gilbert' could be found on the covers of eight of ten fashion magazines in any given month covering southeast Asia, and he loved pretty girls. He had long lusted after a middle eastern woman, and his friend Rocky had come through with a real beauty. He rose to greet Rina as she walked up, taking her hand and kissing it. "It is my privilege dear one." Gil said, giving her a wink as he squeezed her hand gently. "Please, won't you join me?" he suggested unnecessarily. Carmen was already at the table; but she knew the drill. She thanked Gil for his gracious hospitality and left them alone.

"You know dear, I have wanted a woman of your beauty all my life." Gil told her romantically. "You are so beautiful, your body is so perfectly lush and sensual, I just cannot imagine that I have been given this opportunity by my good friend Rockefeller." He smiled warmly. "So tell me about yourself, pretty lady."

Rina tried to give him a story that wouldn't put him off, telling of her childhood in the northern provinces of India, her studies at the university, and a little about her aspirations as a singer. She avoided sharing much about her time in Macau, as it wasn't a pleasant experience for her yet she didn't want Gil to think she didn't like pleasing men. He listened intently, enjoying the jiggle of her full breasts as she spoke.

"Thank you for telling me about your background dear. I have heard some good things about you from a few of my associates here, and I would like to discover – um – first hand about your more intimate preferences." Gil said, wanting to get things started as early as possible. "So... would you like to demonstrate for me your oral talents?" he suggested, pushing his chair back from the table.

Rina grabbed the 'knee pad' from the table and dropped it to the floor next to his chair, then settled to her knees next to him. She looked up at his face as her fingers drifted lightly over his thigh to the fly of his trousers. She smiled, licking her lips with her wet tongue. "I love to suck cock. Is that what you want Gilbert?" she teased him, fondling his partially erect organ through his pants. "You want me to blow you?"

Gil looked down at her and returned her smile. "Yes, I want you to blow me." he replied. "And be sure to get it nice and wet so it will slide easily into your tight bottom." he added, moving his hips slightly to assist as she unfastened and unzipped his fly.

"Mmmmm.... I love it in my ass... You want to fuck my little asshole?" she teased him a bit more, her fingers now stroking his exposed shaft gently. "With this beautiful cock?" she worked her tongue along his length, all the way from his testicles to the throbbing head. "Mmmmmm?" her lips took the bulbous head inside and she sucked hard, bringing a twitch from his dick.

"Oh yes dear girl, I will fuck your nice bottom and cum deep inside it." Gil said, thrusting his hips upward to slide half of his organ into her willing mouth. "Suck it honey... suck it nice..." he said hoarsely, running his fingers through her thick curly hair. "Take it deep baby... thaaaaaats it... all... the.... way... INNNNN." he punctuated his words with a quick thrust, his hands holding her head in place as he pushed his penis deep into Rina's suckling throat. He held her there, hearing her gurgle as she fought the gag reflex. His hands relaxed, and he was surprised as Rina held her head in place, her mouth completely engulfing his organ for a good fifteen seconds after he had released his grip. "Ohhhhgawd.... Ohhhshit..." Gil groaned as her soft lips rippled along the length of his meat until just the tip was still in her mouth. "Yiaaaahhhh... Ohyeah..." he grunted as her talented tongue flicked at the sensitive underside.

Rina knew that men liked her oral skills. She had developed those skills over the six years she had been performing the act, with certainly dozens of different partners. She knew how to relax her throat, and could take almost any cock all the way to the hilt. She had grown to enjoy the act as well, and it showed in her performance. If her partner was willing she could keep him 'up' for a very long time, gently suckling his balls, even rimming his asshole if he wished. She began applying that expertise to Gilbert Corrazon to see just how much he could take. She briefly pulled her mouth from his cock and looked up at him with a wet smile. "You like?" she asked, not waiting for an answer before she took him deep once again.

"Ooooo I like very – AH – much!" he told her. He felt her fingers gently squeezing his testicles, the tip of one finger making a tentative circle around his puckered hole as her tongue flicked at his cock inside the warmth of her mouth. "Oh yessss... verrrry nice honey." he said hoarsely. He felt her lips moving upward, letting his meat slip from her mouth with a lewd plop. Her hand remained around his shaft, gently squeezing as her mouth found his balls and took one inside. Her tongue swirled around the sensitive orb, then she moved lower still to find his anus. "Ahhhhhhhhhyess.... Lick my butt honey... So good..." he moaned, rotating his hips to give her easy access to his nether port. He felt her curled tongue push past his ring and inside his asshole a few millimeters, depositing a bit of saliva in his opening before moving back to work the other orb. Her fingers remained in contact with his penis, sliding up and down slowly. This girl is an expert fellatrice! he thought, thoroughly enjoying her loving attention to his genitals.

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