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Roleplay Gone Wrong


I would like to relate something that happened to my wife and me and possibly warn others about getting in over your head (if you are not ready for it). We are into role-playing, usually in the privacy of our own home, a pastime we find quite exciting. It's harmless and is our way of practicing safe sex. Once in a while, when we are feeling brave, we go to a bar where no one would know us and play out our fantasies there. Lately we have been even getting a stranger or two to unwittingly participate, but only in a very limited way. We only go so far as Ann flirting with the stranger and maybe (for us this is the ultimate) even a kiss or two. Once we went so far as to let a young man fondle Ann through her dress, but that was very unusual although exciting in the extreme. We are just too frightened of diseases, particularly HIV. Besides, our intention is to add spice, not lovers to our lives.

This particular night was not any different than any other. We were in a bar picked for its distance. There was a young man in his early twenties that had shown a more than usual interest in Ann and kept coming over to our table to ask her to dance. I was feeling a level of excitement that was higher than normal and I urged Ann to be braver in flirting with him.

After a while of this I could easily tell that James was a little drunk and more than a little hot for Ann. I became brave and asked James to sit with us in our booth. He sat very close to Ann. I kept motioning Ann to flirt with him. In a few minutes I was rewarded with watching James kissing Ann passionately right in front of me, and, although I could not see his hand, I could tell by his arm's movement that he was massaging Ann's leg. We had never gone this far before. Both of us were very turned on.

When James broke away to get us all another round, I whispered to Ann that we should keep going for a while as it was getting pretty exciting. She agreed and added, maybe too exciting. She was hesitant but conceded, saying that she thought I would be better at controlling the situation at this moment than she would be. After all, she trusted me.

When James came back I suggested we all go out to my car and get some fresh air. James readily agreed. My intention was to have Ann do some passionate necking in the back seat while I watched. The thought of it was making me hard. James helped Ann out of the booth and he held her possessively as we moved out to the parking lot

When we reached the car, and as I was unlocking it, James embraced a giggling Ann. He began to kiss her passionately on the mouth. A surge of lust went through my loins. I chidingly said that I wanted some of that too and James moved to let me kiss Ann. While kissing her I could not resist the urge to fondle her loose breasts. Ann and I had never gone this far before but the thought of stopping was slowly slipping from my mind. Surprisingly, now that I look back on the situation, I always felt I was in control.

James and I got in the back with Ann between us. He immediately began to kiss and fondle her while I leaned back in the corner and watched, totally fascinated by it all. Ann's focus was on James's feverish attention. I moved my hand between Ann's legs and she automatically spread them wide. That kind of surprised me because she really didn't know whose hand it was. Both James and I began to rub and tickle her legs, thighs, clit, and pussy lips through her lace panties while he kissed her continuously. Feeling that I was about to cum, I again sat back trying to calm myself. James slipped his hand inside her panties and I was struck with the thought that for the first time ever another man actually touched Ann's pussy. It took all I had to keep from cumming right then and there.

Only then did I begin to be concerned that the well lit parking lot we were in was not a good place for us to be with what we were doing. I literally tore myself away and hoarsely stated that I was going to take us for a drive. My intention was to find a secluded spot where James, Ann, and I, could continue what we were doing without being disturbed. I left the back seat, my hardon preceding me. I must have looked strange as I moved crablike and stooped over to hide it. James took advantage of the extra room to push Ann down on the seat.

From the front seat I watched James unbuttoned her top. I watched the ensuing baring of her breasts, enthralled. Her hard erect nipples popped into view for only a second before James mouth gobbled them up. I was treated to the sounds of his lips kissing and sucking her well-tanned skin. Ann's whole body squirmed breasts against James's mouth and pussy against James rubbing fingers. The car actually began to move in a swaying manner. Several people were starting to point to our car. I knew we had to get out of there.

I turned around in the front seat and eased back. Just as I snapped my seat belt into place, Ann's panties fell on the seat beside me. Shocked, my hands began to tremble of their own volition and my hardon threatened to burst through my pants. The thought suddenly occurred to me that I had not fully thought this through. Looking back, as naive as we were I hadn't actually thought of James fucking Ann until that very moment. I frantically glanced in my rear view mirror, quickly adjusting it. James was struggling with his pants belt. Now I knew for sure that I had to get out of the parking lot.

Reluctantly tearing myself away from the mirror I turned on the ignition and glanced back again in time to see James push his pants and shorts down below his knees. Ann faintly called out my name several times. The people that had been pointing were now walking towards the car. Without thinking I readjusted the mirror to look at what was happening in the back seat. The image of his cock flashed in the mirror, bouncing up and down with his frantic movements. Our innocent little role-playing scenario of the evening had definitely taken a very different turn than planned.

By the time I got the car in gear James had lifted Ann's left leg, his arm holding it up and back, and her ankle appeared next to my ear. James ass disappeared from my mirrors view sinking down swiftly and landing with a soft slap at the bottom to of the exaggerated wide Vee created by Ann's legs. Before my car left the parking lot I heard a soft grunt and a long drawn out wavering exhalation, " Ooohhhhhhmygodddddddddd", from Ann.

My stomach did a flip-flop, as I instinctively knew that James's hard cock had just slid into Ann's pussy. I was barely able to control the car thinking I should stop and rush into the back. I quickly tried to find a place to safely pull over. But it was too late. A half block later James ass was forcefully thrusting and had already established a rhythm of fucking Ann's pussy.

I will never forget the next few seconds. Ann spoke some unintelligible words and a minute later her breathing became quick and labored. She had succumbed to the lust of the moment. I couldn't blame her, especially with a very hard dick driving forcefully in and out of her, and a very horny man passionately kissing her all over.

I watched and listened to the sounds of James baritone grunts as he drove his cock home, deeper and deeper into Ann's now eagerly receptive hole. I could tell from the sounds that Ann was really wet. James balls began slapping against her bottom. Ann's left foot had stayed on the seat back besides my head, jiggling frantically as James vigorously pounded into her clinging tunnel. The sounds and smells of the out of control sex permeated the cars interior. My cock had grown soft at his first penetration but now I had become crazy with a strange combination of desire, lust and jealousy. Just then, James loudly announced that he was going to cum.

We had not gone out that evening with the intention of any of this happening but I was too forgone with excitement to stop it (not that I could have anyway) and Ann had lost all control quite a while ago. Just then Ann screamed loudly through clenched teeth managing to spit out that she was cuming also. James could not take it anymore and began grunting and snorting like a wild boar. I pulled over quickly not caring where I was, and stopped the car, not wanting to miss a second of this. The only way I could participate in what was happening was to grab Ann's foot and hold on as it shook and kicked with her and James combined orgasm. I closely watched, alternating between James ass cheeks clenching and unclenching, and Ann's bucking hips, crazy with the knowledge that bullet after bullet of this strangers cum was shooting deep inside my out of control wife. Then, something happened that I totally did not expect - I came furiously my body convulsing uncontrollably, without touching myself, all over the inside of my pants.

It took quite awhile for all of us to calm down. Ann eventually calmed down enough to remove her hands that were clutching James ass and releasing him slowly from her very sensitive pussy. Her fingers had left deep indentation on his ass cheeks. She whispered in a panic to please go slow as James pulled his partially deflated cock from her still clenched vaginal muscles. She finally told him to please leave it in, as she was just too sensitive. He complied easing his weight back on her. They lay like this, breathing heavily from the previous exertions. After a few minutes Ann mumbled, "Oh, wow". Then, another minute passed and she said the same thing only a little louder. James ass started to move slowly up and down. It took me a moment to realize that Ann had been feeling James cock start to expand inside her.

Ann said please not again but James just kept moving slowly in and out of her and whispered that it would be all right. A few minutes later I jealously looked on, as Ann was no longer complaining. James began to pump her pussy even harder and stronger than before. Both of them began to groan and moan, deriving great pleasure from their second fucking. They kept at this for a long time before they both came even stronger than before.

When James finally pulled his very soft cock from Ann it was accompanied by a very wet sucking sound. Her pussy was so sensitive she jumped. A torrent of cum and juices poured form her onto the car seat. James sat up his legs splayed, balls resting on the seat, and moved Ann's quivering left leg onto his lap stroking it into submission. It didn't strike me until just then that he had really actually fucked the shit out of my wife – without any protection whatsoever. He looked at me holding Ann's foot and started to drunkenly giggle. We all began to laugh. Ann was giggling so hard her pussy actually "farted" spewing more juice and cum onto the car. I let go of Ann's foot and drove slowly around until they had both made themselves presentable.

We let James out at the bar and I handed him Ann's panties (much to her embarrassment, surprising considering what she had just done with him) and he stuffed them into his pocket. He told us he would be looking forward to the next time we visited the bar. He leaned in and kissed Ann deeply and passionately while gently massaging her well banged pussy under her dress. She surprised me again by wantonly spreading her legs and pushing her wet pussy up for him. He left and I drove off.

Ann leaned up against me and put her head tiredly on my shoulder. She looked at me in amazement and said that she could not believe that she just "did it" with a total stranger. I replied equally amazed that I didn't believe what just happened either. I whispered that the reality was very different then the real thing. She replied that it certainly was. I said, "You really liked it, didn't you"? She blushed very red and looked at me with embarrassment and sheepishly grinned and said that she did. I said, he was a complete stranger, and he didn't have any protection. She looked surprised as if the thought had just hit her and her face burned redder and hotter. I asked her if that made it even more exciting. She asked me how I felt and I honestly told her that I had never been more excited. I admitted that I had cum without touching myself. It was a surprise to me to that I enjoyed watching her enjoy herself so much. The thought of unprotected sex, his cum really inside her just made it more exciting.

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