Roll the Dice


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know many of you don't do Nonconsent stories. This one barely qualifies, but I didn't want to put it in a regular section and then surprise you with the ending. If you are into Loving Wives, this isn't for you.


The bustling casino hummed with the sounds of success and Lou, the general manager, grinned as he walked past row after row of slot machines. People sat in nearly every chair and Lou, of all people, understood that despite the occasional cheers of a winner, every patron was contributing to his ever-growing empire. The game tilted in his favor, of course. Over the life of a slot machine, ten percent of every dollar put into it would go to Lou.

Multiply that by thirty five hundred machines in each of his three casinos, plus the attached hotels, and you had the beginning of a wildly flourishing business.

Lou continued walking into the table games area. Here, amid the blackjack, stud poker and roulette tables, there was a middle layer of control. Pit bosses and floormen oversaw the games and their dealers to 'correct' minor errors. Constant overhead security took care of the bigger problems.

Lou nodded at a boss as he slid through the crowd. A live band in a nearby lounge provided their own version of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Lou's eyes settled on the ass of a mini-skirted woman playing roulette, swaying to the music between bets.

Having just turned forty, Lou was still attracted to younger women and also appreciated the middle-aged crowd that frequented the casino. The table games, especially, were a magnet for the more affluent, often prettier, females and their partners. As a result, Lou assigned his best waitresses to that section.

The finest of them floated effortlessly from game to game, delivering their drinks with a smile. They wore spaghetti strap, low cut, tight dresses that barely covered their ass and exposed enough cleavage to guarantee a tip from the most miserly man.

Lou caught a glimpse of April, his favorite girl. She was only twenty, but filled her outfit like no other waitress Lou ever hired. Her legs were not exceptionally long, but every inch of them was perfection. April's tits packed her dress to the limit without a hint of excess or falseness about them. Lou watched her linger with a male customer just long enough to maintain his interest, but not cross over into flirting. He knew she made a ton in tips and, therefore, accounted for more than average sales.

Lou's biggest advantage over the waitresses was the fact he knew the large city had an endless supply of gorgeous twenty-year-old women who were more than happy to serve drinks to rich gamblers. As much as he liked April, there were dozens of Aprils waiting to replace her.

That type of power on his part and subservience on the waitress's part was a dangerous combination.

April wanted to be a paralegal. She was working her way through college and decided to put her good looks to use at the casino. She was well aware of the uniform she would be required to wear and, if forced to admit it, was somewhat fond of the attention she received...not to mention the money. April was one of the last waitresses you would expect to hear saying she felt subjected to Lou's whims. She was a confident, fearless girl who never backed down from anything.

However, April had never worked for Lou.

In the five years that Lou managed casinos, he never had sex with an employee who did not consent, sometimes eagerly. They were easy targets. Lou found the best looking, poorest girls and offered them the moon. After a few fucks and blowjobs, they received a pittance. If the girl felt slighted, the next needy babe replaced her.

When Lou began thinking about the role April might play in his sexual charades, he got particularly excited. He suspected a different tact might be necessary to lure the intelligent, independent beauty. The image of a longer than usual, more intense struggle gave him reason to think twice, and reason to spend numerous nights stroking his cock in anticipation.

Finally, he had a semi-worked out plan in his head.

Lou's casinos always had offices that were a grade or two above the average casino. He valued comfortable surroundings for himself and the people that made the operation successful on a daily basis. His own office was a mini-suite without the bedroom. A bedroom was hardly needed considering the huge sofa he used for those occasions when a young woman wished to discuss a raise.

The remainder of the office was ornately furnished in classic early American style. Heavy chairs sat next to dark wood tables and bookshelves. The paintings were of nature scenes. His desk was mammoth. It oozed achievement and authority.

April never had a reason to see the office until the night Lou summoned her in. Business was rather slow and April suspected she would need every single available minute of her shift to make it worth even working that day. Therefore, her mood was not the greatest as she entered the office and closed the door at Lou's request.

"Have a seat, April," he said from behind the desk, gesturing with one hand toward the closest chair.

She did not let her disappointment in his command show. Her hope that this might be a very quick meeting was already fading. Lou completed his lecherous gaping at her full breasts and sensuously crossed legs before her eyes met his again. She smiled at him meekly to convey her attention.

"I won't keep you long," he began, but April suspected otherwise. "You're too valuable to me on the floor to keep you in here all night."

She grinned.

"Tell me how you've been doing, April. I mean, here at the casino. How do you like your job?" Lou asked.

April shrugged, but immediately took a positive approach. "It's been great. I love working here."

Her mind worked feverously to try to figure out what he wanted to hear; what he was after. She added, "I appreciate you giving me the hours I requested."

Lou smiled back at her. "No problem. I want everybody to be as happy as possible or their bad attitude will come across to the customers. I don't think I need to worry about that with you."

"I hope not," April said.

"You're exactly what we were looking for in that position," Lou said. "But we have a need in another area and that's what I wanted to talk to you about."

April pulled on the bottom of her dress, conscious of just how short it was when she sat. "Oh. What's that?""

"There's going to be a slot opening up soon that you would be perfect for. I want you to consider being our next waitress supervisor," Lou said.

April's eyes opened wide, more with surprise than excitement. "But, what about Patty?"

"It just isn't working out with Patty," Lou said. The statement was patently false but years of experience allowed him to say it without a hint of phoniness. "I want to know if you'd be interested in that promotion. Two things, though. One, she doesn't know about this, yet, and you have to promise me you won't mention it to her before I do. I want you ready and in place before I talk to her. Secondly, you don't have to decide tonight if you don't want to."

April was not one who came to rush conclusions often. However, she could not imagine that thinking about the offer for very long would change her mind. She was interested in the promotion, but equally concerned for Patty.

"I'm, uh, a little surprised by the offer, Lou," April stammered. "I'll have to think about it. I work again tomorrow night. Is it OK if I tell you then?"

Lou rose from his chair and began to walk around his desk. April stood at the same time.

"Of course it is," Lou confirmed. "If you decide to take it, we'll talk money and hours then."

They met face to face a few feet from the door. April was anxious to get back out onto the floor, into the environment she was more comfortable with to think things over. Lou blocked her path.

"This is an opportunity you won't often get, April."

She saw a more menacing look in his eyes now; almost threatening. Was his statement an ultimatum? She did not know what to say. Before she could speak, Lou stepped closer and put his hands on her upper arms.

"Do the right thing," he said quietly.

Lou's hands slid up her arms, onto her shoulders, and over the thin straps holding up her dress. She looked into his face, but his eyes were on his own hands and followed them down onto the top of her chest. His fingers skimmed lightly across her bare skin, along the path of the straps down toward her breasts. April's heart pounded wildly and her breathing became uneven. He was almost touching her tits.

Lou leaned forward and kissed April on the side of the face. She made herself stand still as his lips lingered on her cheek. Then a hand took hold of her chin and turned her face towards his. Their mouths came together and Lou initiated a rough kiss. His hands moved to the top of her ass and he pulled her to him. As the kiss grew harder, so too did the cock pressed against her body.

April felt his fingers on the tops of her legs, under her dress and moving up her ass. Finally, he cupped both cheeks and drove his tongue deep into her mouth. April's panties were pushed aside by his hands. She felt his hardness in front and tried to push away.

"No, no, April. It's not good business to refuse Lou."

He kissed her one more time and squeezed her ass more firmly.

When he was done, he said, "Tomorrow night is fine."

Just before opening the door for April, he told her, "By the way, Patty refused."


The next twenty-four hours were some of the most difficult in April's young life. It was her first experience with what she considered harassment and the choices before her were almost too many to cope with. She needed the money, but not the consequences of working for Lou. She was not a prude, but did not want him to think she would do anything just by giving her body to him.

Should she take his abuse for a short time just to be able to put on her resume that she had a supervisory role? Her mind spun from the long-term and short-term ramifications of her decision. In the end, her naiveté allowed April to return to Lou's office the following night.

Except, Lou was not there. An envelope taped to his door advised April to bring the envelope and herself to the Rosebud Conference Room of the casino and hotel complex. It was a lengthy walk, with every man she passed along the way giving her long and admiring glances. It was different being outside the casino floor in her waitress outfit; more like being in public, and April felt the eyes scanning her breasts and ass.

She was relieved to approach the door of what she knew to be the smallest of the conference rooms. She knocked softly. The door opened and, with a smile, Lou let her in.

"Welcome, April. Thank you for coming," Lou said, closing the door.

"You wanted this?" April asked, holding out the envelope.

"That's actually for you. You can open it if you want."

Lou walked over to a small couch and sat down as April pulled out a two-page document from the envelope. She unfolded it and skimmed both pages enough to get the gist of the content.

"That's very generous of you," April said. "That's more money than I was expecting for the job."

"I have a lot of confidence in you, April. I think you can do this and do it well," Lou told her.

April briefly considered what it was Lou expected her to do well. Then she said, "The money is great, Lou. But I haven't heard or read much about the job description, yet."

Lou smiled, leaned back on the couch, and said, "Make sure the girls are serving the customers properly."

He paused. "And other duties at the discretion of the manager."

April put the papers on a nearby table. She said, "I suppose that's where Patty refused."

Lou shrugged. "She was a great supervisor. I think you'd agree with that."

April nodded.

"But that salary calls for more than a good administrator, don't you think?" Lou asked. "You'd have to work here for two years at your current rate to make that. I have the right to expect a lot from you."

"I'm not sure I'm ready for those responsibilities," April replied. "Whatever they are."

"Consider them opportunities, not responsibilities," Lou said.

April's doubtful tilt of the head confirmed to Lou that this was no certain thing. He only one had choice: be direct.

"Take off your clothes, April."

Immediately, she answered, "Five thousand added to the salary in the letter."

Without blinking, Lou said, "Twenty five hundred."

"Three thousand."

"Twenty five hundred," Lou insisted.

After a very short silence, April kicked off her heels. Lou watched her reach behind her back and pull down the zipper of her dress. April knew the show she put on now would have lasting significance in her employment relationship with Lou, even though she hoped it was a short one. Therefore, she took her time and did it right.

She lowered each strap separately and let them hang down her arms, holding the dress in place with one hand. It was tight enough, however, to require her to take hold of each side in order to drop it off her tits. She exposed one, then the other, and let the top of the dress rest just above her waist.

Lou never took his eyes off the full, firm breasts and stiff little nipples. Of all the girls he had put through this process, these were the finest tits he had seen. Not too massive. Not immature. Perfectly proportioned for the semi-naked girl in front of him.

April tolerated his stares before continuing to lower her dress and, eventually, letting it fall to the floor around her ankles. She wore dark pantyhose that clung to her pussy and ass. As she stepped out of the dress, Lou nonchalantly repositioned the burgeoning erection inside his pants. The time for being bashful was long gone.

April turned so that her side was facing Lou before starting to remove her pantyhose. He had the perfect view of her silhouette, with her breasts hanging down and her ass jutting out. She leisurely got naked and then stood up and faced him.

"Turn around," he demanded.

She let him stare at her ass for maybe ten seconds, and then turned to face him again.

"Good girl," Lou said. "You're very beautiful. Come closer."

April walked towards him, stopping in front of his knees. He reached out his arms in the universal sign that he wanted her even closer. She would have to get on his lap to obey.

"You asked me to undress. I did," April said with a hint of tenseness in her voice.

"Now I'm asking you to let me hold you."

She could not make herself say 'No' to him. She understood what that would mean. Instead, she just stood.

"April, don't be stupid about this. Come here," Lou said.

Her knees nearly gave out just as she began to climb onto the couch. She straddled her boss' legs and tried urgently not to let any part of her body touch him. Lou abolished that thought by putting his hands on her waist and, with a forceful tug, bringing her chest to his face.

Instantly, April felt his tongue on her tit. Then his mouth closed around a good portion of the tit and began to suck on the nipple and surrounding skin. His tongue continuously played with the nipple and April squirmed from the resulting flashes it sent through her body.

"Stop, Lou. Please."

He switched breasts with his mouth and clutched at her ass with both hands. He seemed unaware of her pleas, until finally he said, "You made the right choice, April. I take it you want the job."

"I want the job at the rate we agreed to, and I want this to be the last time we meet like this."

Lou sucked on a tit and smiled.

"Whatever you say, April. But first, I want you to know how excited I am to have you with us," Lou said. "Give me your hand."

He had already taken her by the wrist and pulled her hand into his lap, between her legs. He placed the hand directly on his pants so that she could not fail to feel the outline of his rigid cock.

"That's how excited I am. Rub it, April."

She shuddered as her hand inched up and back along the length of the shaft. Lou leaned back and watched April, occasionally cupping one of her tits as she fondled him. His cock felt like it would explode. He could not remember the last time he was as hard.

"You're going to love working for me, April. Trust me."

He slapped her on the ass as she backed out of his grasp and off the couch.


As the new supervisor of the waitresses, April only had to wear her serving dress and work on the floor when she was the emergency fill-in for another girl. Most days she could wear business casual clothes, or a dress, and do her work from a small office. She maintained everyone's work schedule, did evaluations, and assisted with some of the hiring interviews. Her interactions with Lou did not occur every day and, for the most part, they were business-like and uneventful.

A month passed without incident and April was beginning to like the substantial increase in take-home pay and flexible hours. Her attitude improved and she seriously considered staying with the casino and, perhaps, pursuing other career opportunities on the management side of the business.

It was in the middle of these hopeful signs that Lou reintroduced himself into the picture.

Near the end of an otherwise typical workday, April got a text with instructions to go to suite 801 in the hotel. Despite her limited knowledge of the hotel operation, she was pretty certain this was one of the larger and more opulent suites. Was Lou having one of the parties that she heard Patty talk about in the past?

April found a mirror to check her hair and makeup and to see how badly wrinkled her blouse and dress pants looked. Satisfied that there was nothing she could do, she made the walk and elevator ride toward the suite.

The hallway was dead quiet as she came to the door. She hesitated for a moment to try to hear anything inside the room, and then knocked.

As April suspected, Lou welcomed her in. However, she was somewhat stunned to also find Liz sitting on a couch in the lavish living area. Liz was a Human Resources specialist for the resort; kind of a middle-management type in the recruiting and hiring area. April had talked to her maybe twice since working in the casino, and found her nice enough, not to mention gorgeous. Liz looked particularly striking to April as she sat casually on the couch in a pastel dress.

April had no lesbian leanings, but knew a babe when she saw one and Liz was the resort's premier babe. Short blonde hair, perfect tits, and exquisite legs meant the twenty-five year old beauty never looked bad in any outfit. She was Lou's type of woman.

"I'm glad you got the text and came up," Lou said. "Drink?"

April accepted his offer of wine and sat in a chair that was a comfortable distance from Lou's chair and Liz's couch.

"How was work today?" Lou asked.

"Pretty good. No disasters," April said after a sip of her drink. "It went smoothly."

"Good," Lou replied. "Smooth is always good in the casino. I appreciate the job you've done since taking Patty's place."

April studied his expression and tone of voice, looking for any hint of what this was about. She would have been more concerned if Liz was not there. But, then again, should she be concerned because Liz was there?

"Thanks. I'm getting the hang of it," April said.

"That's mainly why we invited you up here," Lou stated. "I believe we talked about this before, or you were aware of it, but a supervisory position like the one you took comes with a probationary period. A one month probationary period, and we're just at the end of that so it's my job to make a recommendation to HR on whether we should continue with you in that role."

April said, "I wasn't aware of that, but that's OK. I would have taken it anyway."

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