tagBDSMRoman Slave Girl

Roman Slave Girl


You catch my eye as I walk up and down before the slaves on parade today. You realise your mistake and stare swiftly at the floor and pout with your full and sensual lips. Your eyes dart from side to side beneath your straggly mane of matted, curly hair.

You caught MY eye because I noticed your full and heavy breasts and youthful vigour combined with your tag which states "excellent cook".

A cook is indeed what I need - amongst other things.

I approach you and appraise your breasts through your flimsy gown. I weigh each orb and tweak your nipples whilst addressing the eager crowd.

"Not, I fear, many of these to the lb!"

The raucous laughter makes you tense but you continue to study the space between your toes.

"What say you, wench, to a life of service with me? I can surely provide you with a healthier diet...and you can serve my guests in many ways, I am sure."

I turn away as the sting of your spittle unexpectedly hits my cheek.

"A feisty whore this one", I say, "I demand satisfaction!"

"Aye! Aye!" says the crowd.

"But fair is fair, if she submits to my will then you shall have payment in full, slave seller, but if not - then I shall have had my way, without pay, as it were. Agreed?"

"Aye, but do not harm her, I will have her price regardless of use"

"Excellent. We have a deal and I am sure our little show will do wonders for your business"

I turn to you and unceremoniously rip the flimsy cloth holding your breasts. They spill into my hands and I massage them whilst whispering "Do not cry, I have no mercy for those who cry."

I drag you to the whipping post and tie your hands behind your back. Your breasts heave in the summer breeze; you close your eyes while I retrieve the leather whip with 9 tails from the merchantman.

"Kneel for me, bitch!"

The nine strands of leather strafe your pale, soft and naked skin.

You bite your lip and close your eyes.

Thwack! I hit you again on your nipples which start to swell as your skin reddens.

Thwack! "Do not cry my slave, just succumb and sink to your knees."

You look at me beneath your dirty hair and defy me to continue.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Your upper torso is soon red from your punishment and swollen, stiff nipples are witness to a deeper response ... as I had hoped.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack-thwack-thwack!

I whip your breasts relentlessly until the pain and afternoon sun causes you to sink to your knees...

"So, cook. Time to taste a little of the dishes on offer chez moi."

I lift my tunic and show you my cock, already starting to swell from the excitement.

"Suck me well, bitch, and you are promised a good life"

You understand that your life is in peril and lick my cock head until I stiffen enough to thrust inside your mouth.

I hold your head and stroke your soft, dirty hair while you gag on my stiffening member.

"Look at me girl, blink when I should withdraw. I want you alive for my orgies..."

You blink when you need to breathe and I relent, turn to the crowd and present my cock.

"Romans! Friends! Does not this erection deserve a soft and warm place in which to bury itself? Does not this whore deserve a home and caring master?"

The crowd responds with a throaty "Aye! Aye! Aye!"

I lift you up on the post until you are standing again. I tie your ankles together behind the post. Your arms, tied in the same way, prevent you from falling.

"Shall we see what the bitch has to offer?"

It is a rhetorical question. The crowd rejoice when I rip your skirt from your body exposing your cunt.

I kneel before you and hold your thighs while I probe your cunt with my eager tongue. I tickle your clitoris with the tip of my tongue and your body betrays you as I smell your wetness.

I stand before you now and look into your eyes.

My fingers probe your pussy; I pull your hair down and kiss you as your beautiful face is forced to address the heavens.

"I will fuck you now, my slave."

My cock slides easily into your exposed cunt and the crowd cheers its approval. "Fuck the bitch!"

Ah how slippery is your cunt, how hot you are, mm you will be a great addition to my household.

I thrust into you again and again, I dearly wish to come but want your total submission first...

Finally you speak.

"I hate you! You are nearly making me come..."

But wait...we do not want a bastard child do we ... I need you to serve me in other ways...

I withdraw, smack your face and tell the crowd that you are mine...I throw a bag full of money to the trader.

I loosen the bonds and drag you naked and screaming to the trader's bench, where you are tied face down with your arse in full view.

I say, "Time to brand the bitch as mine! Smithy, prepare the brand!"

I whip your exposed arse while the smithy warms his iron...a nice letter "S" on your bum will mark you as mine forever...

I finger your cunt and rub the juices onto your arsehole. I pull your hair so your head is lifted from the table and remind you that your sexy little arse is mine, now.

I please the crowd by whipping your lovely bum. The cheeks grow red and my cock throbs with expectation.

I grasp the hot iron and display it along with my pulsating cock to the crowd.

"Let no slave doubt her place in our society."

The crowd gasps as I place the hot iron briefly on your right buttock and you scream.

The "S" looks good in the fading light and stands for Sex, Sin, Sodomy and Slavery. It is a reminder to me of the Saturnalia festival, where I may have to do your bidding. Where I may have to make you a sumptuous meal and service you afterwards. What a pity. I shall enjoy looking at your scar daily as I fuck you.

I command the merchant to bring us wine and olive oil, commodities that are abundant in my house.

Drink wine, my slut, and surrender your arse to me.

I drink freely and pour olive oil over your arse to ease your pain and my penetration.

I fuck your pussy until my cock is hard enough...

My fingers widen your arsehole...

I turn to the crowd and say, "Romans! Countrymen! See how you must tame your slaves! Shall I fuck her arse?"

"YES! YES! YES!" shout the crowd.

I grab hold of your hair and press my cock on your hot little anus.

"Be quiet. Do not cry. I promise you a good life. Come with me, slave."

I whack your bum cheeks until you relax enough to let me in. I ignore your sobbing and remind you of good times to come. Ah so good to see my cock bury itself in your tight, hot, dark, rough little hole.

I hold your hair tightly and thrust into your tight but slippery bum.

"Take my hot cum, slave and belong to me forever!"

I cannot contain myself; I must come, ah so good to empty my sperm into your hot little arse, dear slave.

I turn to the crowd and display my dripping cock and the semen oozing from your anus. I raise my glass and bid all slaves and owners a happy future.

I untie your ropes and throw you over my shoulder and carry you home for further adventures...

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