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Romancing Mom


Ryan got out of the car and hurried around to help his mother. As he held open the door and took her hand, he looked down upon her and smiled. Today was her fortieth birthday. She deserved a special celebration, and he was doing his best to give it to her.

It wasn't hard to understand why Ryan felt so strongly for his mom. She had gotten herself pregnant when she was nineteen. Her son, Ryan, was born midway through her twentieth year. Ryan's father took off as soon as he heard she was pregnant and hadn't been heard from since. Together, Megan and Ryan had not only endured and overcome, but in a small way, even prospered on their own.

Megan had worked full time to earn enough money to support the two of them. Somehow, she'd also found enough time to finish her associate's degree in the evenings. She landed a good job at a local company, and managed to save enough money to see that her baby got to attend college.

To accomplish all this, it had been necessary to sacrifice any personal life she might have had. There had been no men in her life; or at least none that mattered. Her son had been the focal point of her entire adult life, the purpose behind everything she'd done. Tonight, Ryan was showing his appreciation of her sacrifices by seeing to it that this was a day she'd never forget.

"I still can't believe this," Megan said as she lifted her still attractive 5'9" frame from the car, allowing Ryan to take her arm in his. "First the play, and now dinner at the Summit Restaurant. How can you afford this?"

"Tonight, price is no object. After all the sacrifices you've made for me, the least I can do is help you celebrate your birthday in style." He stopped suddenly and turned to his mother. "I love you, mom."

Megan looked at her son and smiled, struggling to hold back the tears. Leaning over, she kissed Ryan lightly on the cheek and sighed. Arm in arm, they continued on into the restaurant.

* * *

Dinner turned out to be very nice. The restaurant was on the top floor of a very upscale hotel and had a beautiful view of the city. There was a stage in the corner overlooking the dance floor. Onstage was a small band playing soft, romantic tunes. As they let their dinner settle, Megan enjoyed a glass of wine, while Ryan had coffee.

"Would you like to dance?" Ryan asked.

"I'd love to," she smiled.

He led her onto the dance floor amid several other couples, turned, and took her in his arms. They danced slowly to the music, while Ryan made a conscious effort to keep an appropriate amount of distance between them.

After a few moments, Megan looked at Ryan. "Is this how you dance with your girlfriends?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" he answered.

"I won't break if you hold me closer," she said with just the hint of humor in her voice.

"Oh. Sorry," Ryan muttered. But he did draw her closer. Close enough to breathe in her scent and to realize how wonderful she smelled. Close enough to feel her hair brushing against his face. Close enough, even, to feel her breasts pressing lightly against his chest. But was it close enough, he wondered, for his mom to feel his growing erection pressing against her belly?

They finished the dance and returned to their table while the band took a short break. They talked about little things, inconsequential things, while they enjoyed the view of the city lights below. Mostly, they just enjoyed each other's company. They had always been the most important person in each other's life, and being together in this intimate, romantic setting seemed completely natural.

The band returned, but they remained at their table and kept talking. At last, Megan looked at Ryan. "If you won't ask me, then I'll ask you. Would you care to dance, sir?"

Ryan blushed. He hadn't forgotten the erection he'd gotten during their last dance, and was worried about a repeat performance. But his mom was acting like nothing unusual had happened.

When they got to the dance floor, he took her in his arms, and pulled her nearly as close as he had previously. But his mom pulled him closer, and then pulled him closer still. So close, in fact, that his arousal had to be apparent to her. And so close that her breasts were now pressing firmly against his chest.

It was also close enough to get some looks from other patrons, an older woman with a younger man, holding each other closer than might be considered appropriate. Let them look, Megan thought. As long as no one knew they were mother and son, she didn't care.

She laid her head against his. "This is nice," she whispered. They danced a couple dances like that, sitting down only when the band decided to pick up the tempo a bit. After returning to their seats, they were both unusually quiet as they sipped at their drinks and enjoyed the sights.

Finally, the band slowed things down again. Without saying a word, Megan reached for Ryan's hand and led him onto the floor. This time, instead of one arm around each other and one hand in each other's hand, Megan wrapped both her arms around his waist. With nowhere else to put his arm, Ryan carefully wrapped it around her back.

As the dance continued, Megan leaned her head back and looked into his eyes. Then, she leaned in and kissed him. But this was not a normal mother and son kiss. This was a kiss of passion. Ryan felt her tongue pressing at his lips, until he parted them and let her in. They only held their kiss for a moment, just long enough for their tongues to intertwine briefly, before breaking it off.

She pulled herself back into him and ran her hands across his shoulders. Instinctively, his hands began to wander over her back and down to her ass. He rubbed her softly, intoxicated by her closeness.

When the song ended, she looked at him for a long silent moment. It was a pensive look, a look that seemed to be born out of an inner conflict. During that moment, Ryan was afraid his world was coming to an end. He was certain that he had crossed the line, and that his relationship with his mom would never be the same.

But then she smiled at him. It was a smile that said she'd faced her inner conflict and dealt with it. It was a smile of love, the smile only a mother can have for her son. "Let's go home, baby," she said at last.

* * *

He paid the bill and they made their way to the elevator. When the elevator arrived they were the only people on it. As soon as the door closed Megan grabbed Ryan and pulled him close. Immediately, their lips found each other, opening to each other as their tongues danced back and forth. Ryan grabbed her ass with both hands, squeezing her while she pressed her body firmly against his.

They didn't break off their embrace until the doors opened on the lobby floor. Hand in hand, they walked to the car. Once inside the car, she slid over so her body was pressing up against his.

"Mom?" he said.

"Shhh. Don't say anything. Just put your arm around me and drive," she said. Reaching over, she grabbed his right hand, pulled it around her, and laid her head down on his shoulder.

Ryan wasn't sure exactly what had happened. All he knew for sure was that he was sitting seductively close to the most important person in his life.

They stayed like that all the way home. When they finally entered the house and closed the front door behind them, they fell into each other's arms again. Shortly, Megan pushed him away. "I'm going to go change," she said. "Put on some music and wait for me in the living room," she said.

Ryan put on some music, removed his sports coat, loosened his tie, and paced the floor nervously. "Close the drapes," he heard her call from the other room. He obliged.

And then she came around the corner wearing a short, silk bathrobe that barely covered her ass. It was tied in front, but in a manner that suggested she wasn't wearing a bra. She looked at him. "I'd like another dance now," she said stepping closer. "But first, let me take your tie for you." She loosened his tie further, but without completely untying it, slid it over his head, and tossed it aside.

They moved slowly into each other's arms. They danced cheek to cheek, and body to body, with Ryan no longer trying to conceal his aroused manhood. He reached his hands down, massaging his mother's ass, like a lover would, not a child. Slowly, he eased his hands under her robe. What he found was his mother's bottom, devoid of underwear. Immediately, he squeezed her buttocks and pulled them firmly to him.

Sensing his urgency, she moved her hands to his chest and pushed him back slightly. "Easy, Tiger," she whispered. "It's only the first time once. Let's make it last." She leaned up and kissed him lightly on the lips, while he still held her ass in his hands.

She moved her fingers to his top button, unbuttoned it slowly, and moved down to the next one. She repeated the process with painstaking slowness until she reached his pants. She pulled the shirt from the pants, finished unbuttoning it, and slid it off his arms and onto the floor. Then she ran her fingers lightly over his chest, taking time to pinch and pull his nipples.

Ryan could feel the excitement building within him. He moved his hands slowly up her sides and towards her breasts, only to have her block his way with her arms. She smiled at him. "Not yet. My turn first."

With that, she dropped to her knees in front of her son. With excruciating slowness, she undid his belt and unsnapped his pants. And then she slid his pants and underwear over his hips and down his legs.

She stared at his rock hard cock as it stood erect before her. Looking up at her son, she smiled. "You've grown some since the last time I bathed you."

Ryan stared down at her, knowing what would happen next, but afraid to do anything himself lest the magic spell be broken. But the spell wasn't broken, and a moment later he watched his mother reach out and take his manhood in her hands.

She handled his cock like it was an object to be worshipped. She stroked it slowly with one hand while lightly cupping his balls in her other. Then, as she moved her head closer and kissed the tip of his dick, she felt her son tightening up, reacting to her ministrations.

She continued slowly, bathing his tip with her tongue before licking lovingly up and down each side of his cock. Finally, she wrapped her lips around his tip and, holding the base of his cock with both hands, slid her mouth over his rigid length and began bobbing up and down.

Ryan's head was swimming. Here he stood, completely naked, looking down at his mother as she assaulted his cock with her mouth. In truth, it wasn't the least bit surprising that almost as soon as she started he found himself grabbing her head firmly in his hands and jamming himself into her, exploding after two quick thrusts, filling her mouth with his cum and moaning with pleasure as she continued to work him.

When he'd finally finished, Megan lightly licked his entire cock clean. When she was satisfied with her work, she stood up and wrapped her arms around her son's waist. Their eyes met first, and then their lips locked onto each other's. Their embrace and kiss seemed timeless as their hands moved over each other's backs and butts. They ground their bodies into each other's as they felt Ryan's manhood coming back to life.

"Ummm." She pushed herself away from him slightly and smiled. "It doesn't take long to get you going again, does it?"

"Not with a woman as hot as you," he replied. He reached out and cupped the back of her neck in his hands and massaged it gently, watching her as she closed her eyes, purred and traced her hands over his naked hips.

Slowly, he lowered his hands down her chest, opening her robe as he went. He felt her jump slightly as his hand passed through her cleavage, brushing her breasts as they went. At last he reached the belt that held everything together. His hands lingered on the knot as he watched her chest rising and falling with increased urgency. She opened her eyes and looked at him as he carefully untied the knot.

His eyes met hers as he released the belt, allowing the robe to fall open in front, held closed only by the curve of her breasts. He allowed his eyes to wander down her front, taking in her cleavage, her belly, and the top of her sparsely haired pubic mound. He raised his eyes slowly, until he once again met her gaze. He could see that she was shaking slightly as he reached his hands out to just below her neck. Slowly, wishing the moment could last forever, he pushed the robe over her shoulders and allowed it to fall unencumbered to the floor.

And there they stood, mother and son, totally naked. Ryan could feel his heart pounding in chest, and he could see that his mother was shaking as well. He allowed his eyes to take in her breasts. To him, they were the most beautiful breasts in the world. They were larger than average without being huge, and had given in only slightly to gravity and time. But what caught Ryan's eye were the nipples, large and pinkish in color, standing out firm and excited. He took her nipples and rolled them in his fingers. He pulled easily on them. Then, he took her breasts into his hands, massaging them, caressing them.

Her body was shaking harder now, so he released her breasts, reached his arms around her, and pulled her tight, allowing her to rest her naked body against his. He stroked her hair gently. "Are you okay, mom?" he asked. "Do you want to stop?"

She looked at him, and he could see small tears leaking from the sides of her eyes. "I've never been happier, Ryan," she smiled. "And no, I do not want to stop." She pressed her lips to his and they kissed.

Breaking the kiss, Ryan stepped back. "Let's go to bed."

Without another word, Megan started toward her bedroom, with her son right behind her. Reaching the bedroom, Megan lay down on her back in the middle of the bed and held her arms out to her son. Ryan eased on top of her, his body between her thighs, and immediately put his hands and mouth to work on her tits.

With one tit in each hand, he began sucking on her right nipple. He sucked her entire nipple into his mouth, then flicked it with his tongue and planted baby kisses all over it. He heard her moaning and felt her wiggling under him as he switched his attention to her left breast.

She grabbed his head and pulled him hard against her chest. "Oh yes, baby. That feels so nice." She squirmed beneath her son as she guided his mouth between her breasts, allowing him to pleasure first one, then the other. And as he continued feasting on her tits, she wrapped her legs around him and began grinding her pussy against him.

Abandoning her breasts for the moment, he eased his body down until his head was between her legs. With his hands under her butt cheeks, he dipped his tongue into her dripping cunt. He lifted her ass off the bed and licked a slow wet line between her ass hole and her pussy, taking care to linger at each hole. Then he eased her ass back onto the bed and repositioned himself for better access to her love button, uncovering it with his hand while sucking it and flicking it with his tongue.

"Oh yes, baby," his mother moaned, clutching at his head to hold him in place, while thrusting herself at his mouth. "Oh baby, you eat momma's pussy so good. Make momma cum with your mouth, baby, make momma cum."

Hearing his mom talking dirty was really spurring Ryan on. He continued working her button while she moaned her encouragement and approval. "Oh yes, baby! Here I cum! Here I cum!" She clutched at his hair and clamped her thighs around his head as she felt the orgasmic pleasure take over her body. She felt her body spasm as another wave of pleasure washed over her, taking her to places only lovers can go.

Slowly, the pleasure eased and she relaxed her hold on her son. He eased himself up, lying next to her on his side, propping his head with his elbow, and watching her chest gasping for breath. She lay on her back, spread wide open before him, looking into his eyes. "Where did you learn to do that?" she asked. "Never mind," she quickly corrected herself. "I don't really want to know. But you sure do it well."

She rolled onto her side, facing him. They lay there for quite some time, looking at each other, taking turns running their fingers lightly over each other's body. Eventually, Megan reached down to caress his cock, and was rewarded as it sprang quickly to attention. She pushed him lightly onto his back, leaned over, and kissed him tenderly on the lips.

Their eyes met once again, as if each was offering the other one final chance to call it off. She rolled on top of him, sitting upright while straddling his stomach. She raised herself slowly and positioned his cock at the gates of her pussy. Slowly, almost painfully so, she lowered herself onto him, feeling his manhood filling her up. When she'd swallowed his entire length with her pussy, she sat there, motionless. As their eyes met, she raised her hands to her tits and licked her lips sensuously.

Ryan lay still and watched his mother rubbing her tits above him while she sat on his cock. Slowly, she rocked her pussy on him. She reached down, took his hands and brought them to her breasts, replacing hers while her hands slid down her stomach until they reached her love button.

Megan began pumping her pussy on Ryan's cock as she stroked her clit, while her son continued caressing her tits with his hands before leaning up to suck her nipples with his mouth. Soon, the sexual tension neared the boiling point and they began thrusting their bodies together more aggressively. Megan lowered her hands to the bed on either side of her son's head, letting her sandy brown hair cascade over his face, and began pumping her pussy on him with a vengeance. Ryan responded by thrusting his cock upward to meet her. They were both moaning loudly now as they felt their dual orgasms approach.

They came together, never diverting their eyes from each other until it was over. When it was over she eased her body down on top of him, with his manhood still inside her. While she lay there, she let her tongue wander into his ear. "That was so wonderful, Ryan," she whispered.

"Happy Birthday, mom," Ryan said as he stroked her back gently. "I love you."

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