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Romantic Morning


 A continuation of Romantic Evening7

It didn't bother Marie that her husband Henry had fallen asleep during the movie, it had been a wonderful evening and although she would have liked to cap it off making love to her husband, she knew they had all morning. She remembered their younger years when sex seemed such an urgency, almost as if it was done entirely out of need, rather than as an expression of love. Now as they grew older they could relax, come together when they both wanted to share something. She had drifted to sleep looking forward to the morning.

Henry was still asleep when she woke up so she slipped out of bed, headed into the bathroom and then went to the kitchen to start the coffee. When she returned to the bedroom she carried two cups of coffee, which she set down in the bathroom and then crawled back into bed. She looked over at her husband sleeping and pictured him naked. Sure he doesn't look like he did when they were in college, but she couldn't complain and he did know how to use his body to please her.

Carefully reaching over she pulled back the covers and sheet. He was on his back with a nice sized tent in his jockey shorts. She always loved how young and powerful his morning erections were, the best of the day she would always say. Slipping out of the bed, she quietly removed her gown and panties and climbed back into bed.

She slowly crawled over to him and gently pulled the elastic of his shorts out and around his cock. Leaning forward she slipped her mouth over him, gently sucking on the head as her tongue circled over it. Watching his face she first saw a smile appear and then he opened his eyes.

Now that he was awake, she pulled his shorts down his legs and tossed them to the floor and then returned to his cock. Taking the erection in her right hand she began stroking it as her mouth slid back down onto him. Moving her head up and down in unison with her hand, she sucked hard as she listened to his soft moaning.

Marie felt her husband reach down to her ass and pull her towards him. Without removing his cock from her mouth, she moved over and straddled him, lowering her pussy down to his mouth. As she continued moving her mouth up and down on Henry's cock, she felt his tongue slide up between her lips and slip into her pussy. Continuing to bob her head up and down, she began to move her hips, rubbing her pussy on her husbands face.

While she knew she would come quickly if he kept licking and sucking her pussy, she wanted to feel him inside her, so she pulled away from him and removed her mouth from his cock. Turning to face him, she straddled his hips and then slowly lowered herself down onto him. Reaching back under herself, she grabbed his hard cock and gently guided it into her pussy.

She breathed deeply as his cock moved inside her, slowly filling her as he ground her pubis against his. Slowly raising her hips up, she eased him out of her and then she slid down him again, grinding her clit against him as she reached the hilt. Continuing to move up and down on his cock she felt his hands reach down and slowly knead her ass, lifting her some as she rose up and then squeezing as she came back down onto him.

Feeling the pleasure building within her, she reached down and began to toy with his nipples as she moved. He moaned and began lifting his hips to meet her, thrusting his cock as deeply as her could. Moving faster, she cold hear the slap as their bodies came together. Grinding her clit against him before she rose up she was getting closer and closer. Suddenly a wave of pleasure washed through her and she arched her back and dropped onto him, feeling his cock fill her completely as she pushed her clit hard against him.

She remained motionless for a few seconds until her orgasm subsided, then she slowly began to move again, this time, concentrating on him, teasing his nipples and then reaching back behind herself and toying with his balls. Moving quicker, she watched as his face contorted in pleasure and he lifted his hips up, lifting her into the air. He moaned loudly and came, spurting his cum deep into her pussy.

They remained joined together as his cock slowly shrank and finally slipped out of her. She quickly rushed into the bathroom, coming out in a few moments carrying his coffee. He grabbed the cup and took a taste, "It's cold."

Gently grabbing it from him she replied, "But your cock was so hard." She then smiled at him and carried his cup to the kitchen to get some hot coffee. He watched his wife's naked body as she slipped through the door, feeling a slight tingle in his cock.

"Damn, she still does it to me," he said to himself as he climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom.


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