Romina Ch. 03


The following day after my intimate moments in the library with Romina, I felt an overwhelming compulsion to tell someone about my incredible experience with her.

I call up my friend Lucy and meet up with her for a drink. Over a few beers I slowly recount my story about the development of my attraction to T-girls.

I am so embarrassed and struggle to find the right words to articulate why the combination of a feminine figure combined with a cock was so appealing. Lucy sits there with a look of shock and her hands cover her mouth in astonishment.

"Oh my god Andy I had you down for such a straight guy. Do you find men attractive too?"

"No not all and that's the bizarre thing about it."

Lucy and I have a few more drinks and I describe to her how magnificent Romina is. Lucy is no stranger to sex and is an attractive girl too. She is blond, 5ft 8 with natural D cup breasts and a fit hockey body. We have slept together a couple of times after drunken nights out but really see each other as friends rather than boyfriend/girlfriend.

"Tell me every little detail Andy."

Lucy shrieks with delight in the bar when I described the moment Romina's big cock swung up as I pulled down her panties and a number of people look round at us in the bar. If only they knew what Lucy and I were talking about.

We have a few more drinks and get a bit more tipsy.

"Actually I find the idea of a girl with a cock kinda hot too Andy. It would be sexy to be fucked properly by a beautiful woman who knew what she is doing."

"Lucy promise me you'll keep Romina and I a secret. I don't want the whole campus finding out about it as they will just not understand."

"OK Andy but only if I can see her naked too."

"You're such a pervert!" I reply to Lucy.

"You're a fine one to talk."

We finish our drinks and I walk Lucy home.

I call Romina the following day and my heart skips a beat when I hear her wonderful voice. I ask her out to dinner and she agrees to meet me in a little restaurant called the Wild Boar.

That evening she looks breathtaking as she walks into the restaurant. I clock a couple of waiters oggling at her as she walks towards me. She has her hair up in a French plat which accentuates her feminine neck and is wearing a fitted black knee length tunic dress which hugs her wonderful figure. Her bare legs have a slight sheen from moisturiser and on her feet are black patent high heels.

Over dinner the conversation flows along with the wine.

"I've not been able to stop thinking about you Romina."

"Call me Rom honey. Romina sounds so formal and it reminds me of what my parents called me after I transitioned as a teenager."

"So how old were you when you transitioned?"

"I have felt like a women ever since I was born but I made the physical transition when I was sixteen."

"Life was really tough as a transgender teenager in Saudi Arabia so my parents sent me to boarding school in England."

"I can imagine Rom. It's difficult enough being a teenager as it is, let alone dealing with what you have gone through. I admire you for your courage babe. You are the most beautiful women I have ever met."

"Thanks honey, that's really sweet and it's nice to meet someone who wants to know the real me. Most of the guys run a mile when they realise what's between my legs."

"What's between your legs makes you who you are Rom and that's why you are so special to me."

"Well here's to us then Andy."

I top up the wine and we clink our glasses. Rom looks deep into my eyes.

"Andy when was the first time you first realised you were attracted to T-girls?"

"Well it sounds a bit silly really but I saw a beautiful blond teen transsexual being fucked by a large black man in an adult film. It was like a switch went on in my head and after that I wanted to be with a T-girl myself."

"What is it you find attractive about a girl like me?"

"It's kinda hard to say but there is something so erotic about a shapely female figure, a pretty face and a large hard penis."

"Put your hand up my skirt and tell me more."

"You are so naughty! What if someone sees?"

"That didn't bother you in the library the other night big boy."

We both giggle as I slide my hand up her skirt and gently stroke her throbbing cock through her sheer panties.

"We'll there's also the combination of a beautiful woman and the sex drive of man. Plus there's the bonus of there never being a monthly cycle to get in the way."

Rom nearly spits her out her wine laughing at my last comment and then she regains her composure.

"What did you think when you put your hand up my skirt and felt my cock for the first time honey?"

"Well relief for a start that you were a real transsexual, shock at the size of it, utter excitement, then an overwhelming urge to put it in my mouth."

"That's ma boy." Rom giggles.

"Well I'm glad you found me Andy."

Rom then leans over the table and kisses me softly.

We finish our food, I settle the bill and we get a taxi back to hers.

As we walk together into her halls of residence she holds my hand confidently and some of the other girls whisper as we walk past them in the corridor to Rom's room.

"Just ignore them Andy." Says Rom, so I do as none of them were a patch on her anyway, as they look at her enviously.

Once we are in her room, we stand and kiss passionately for a while. Then she pulls a chair from under her study desk and places it in front of her full length mirror she must use to get dressed in front of.

She undresses me and pushes me down on the chair in front of the mirror and slowly drops onto her hands and knees, taking my throbbing cock into her mouth.

She looks sensational in the mirror on all fours as her head bobs up and down on my cock. She notices me looking in the mirror at her behind and reaches round to hitch up her dress over those womanly hips of hers for my enjoyment. Her firm round ass looks amazing as the sheer gusset of her little black panties is stretched out like a tent in an attempt to restrain her formidable cock. I could see a little damp spot appearing on the material from her pre-cum.

"You look so hot babe." I tell her and then she reaches around again and pulls her panties down around her knees, then moves her hand between her legs to push her cock and balls backwards before closing her legs again. This causes her stiff cock and heavy balls to be forced out from between her legs towards the mirror. I moan in delight at the sight of this and, just to tease me further, Rom starts swaying her hips from side to side in time with her head moving up and down on my cock, causing a little trickle of her pre-cum to dangle in a delicate thread from her cock and sway in a pendulum motion in the mirror.

"I'm going to cum soon babe."

Rom stops sucking me and just kneels there smiling, swaying her gorgeous ass and cock in the mirror.

"You're such a tease girl!"

Rom stands up, kicking her panties off before letting her dress fall to the floor and un-clipping her bra to reveal her shapely breasts.

She is standing there in front of me naked apart from her high heels and her throbbing cock tantalisingly erect in front of me. I feel dizzy at the sight of this magnificent creature who I am now dating.

"Put your hands behind your head Andy."

"OK bossy whatever you say."

"If you move your hands from behind your head at any point, or move from the chair without my permission, then the fun stops."

I can't believe how much of a tease this girl is and the assertive side I have not seen of her before arouses me further. I can't recall her being this dominant before.

She reaches for a bottle of lube and puts some on my aching cock. Then she moves over to her stereo and plugs in her iPod and starts playing the song 'crazy in love' by Beyonce.

She stands in front of me and turns round so her back is facing me and starts to sway her hips in time to the music, smiling at me in the mirror. Then standing with her back to me, she spreads her legs and drops her torso down between her legs, placing her hands onto her ankles so she can peer at me from between her long toned athletic legs. The combination of that awesome cock and pretty face and the thumping baseline of the R&B track is incredible.

Rom raises her torso again and walks backwards towards me in time to the beat of the music, placing her legs either side of mine and her back to me. She looks over her shoulder at me and then winks as she starts to move her sensational booty down towards my cock.

She positions her little hole onto the head of my cock and with her hands on her knees she lowers herself onto me. Once I am inside her she then places her arms behind her onto the back of the chair for support, leaning back slightly onto me so she can ride me.

I can see the full glory of her in the mirror. Again, I can't believe I am now dating this amazing girl.

In the mirror I can see the head of my cock disappearing into her tight body and her own cock swaying up and down with her movements.

Rom becomes increasingly forceful as she thrusts her hips up and down onto my lap and I can feel my cock momentarily leave her asshole before it stretches back down over my cock, over and over again. The slapping of our skin is now audible over the music.

I look into the mirror. Her eyes are closed and she has an animal like lustful look on her face as her cock flaps up and down in time with her heaving breasts. I can see a flush start to appear from her breasts and it spreads up towards her neck.

"Fuck me Andy I'm going to cum soon."

"Can I touch you now babe?"

"No just do as you're told like I said!" Rom commands.

I sense the testosterone driven side of her is taking control and again I have not noticed this before but I like it.

Rom is grunting now. Her French plat has come undone, she is sweating and humping me faster and harder and I can feel myself building to a climax.

I make a point of looking at her in the mirror as she starts to cum. I start shooting my load up her ass and the pulses of my semen coincide with her hers as her big swaying cock shoots long thick streams of cum onto the mirror. This creates the sensation that I am shooting my load right through her body onto the mirror which is incredibly intense.

Rom is shouting in a foreign language as her spurting, lurching cock shoots its final dollops of cum onto the mirror. She leans back and turns her head to kiss me as my cock starts to soften inside her ass.

"How was that compared to the video Andy?" Rom says panting.

"A million times better babe." I reply, also out of breath.

Rom's cum is now running down the mirror.

"Are you going to be a good boy and lick that up for me honey?"

"Yeah babe I love the taste of your cum."

She dismounts me and I bend down on all fours and start to lick her musky scent from the mirror. As I do so I can see her reflection in the mirror as she stands behind me starting to wank her big cock. She slowly walks up behind me and I can see my cum running down her legs. She scoops some of my cum from her inner thigh and starts rubbing dollops of it onto her cock and onto my exposed asshole from behind.

"Wait Rom I'm not sure I'm ready for this yet."

She smiles as she lubes me up with my own cum.

Then she stands above my back with her legs either side of me, leaning over so her head is next to mine in the mirror.

"You don't have a choice babe if you want to be my boyfriend."

I feel powerless as I'll do anything to be with this girl.

"Oh, oh OK then I guess."

Shortly after I can feel the throbbing head of her massive cock trail down my lower back and between my buttocks as she positions herself behind me until it is resting against my clenched butthole.

"It's OK honey just relax."

Rom pulls my butt cheeks apart and starts to ease her cock inside me.

"Christ!" I yell out in pain as the head of her cock penetrates my virgin ass. It is so hard and big that it feels like policeman's nightstick is being pushed inside me.

"Keep licking my cum off the mirror now Andy."

Little by little she pushes her entire 8.5 inch cock into me until her balls are touching mine. She is so long inside me it feels like the head of her cock is now level with my belly button.

Slowly she starts to build her rhythm as she humps me with her lithe womanly figure.

"Oh you are a good boy Andy." Rom whispers in my ear as she fucks me gradually harder and harder.

I am so turned on at my body being exploited by this belle. I could never have imagined myself in this scenario a few months ago.

It seems like an eternity that she is fucking me like this and I am in a daze, trying to lick her cum from the mirror as she bulldozes her length into me from behind. The scent of her cum on my face from the mirror is so erotic. She reaches round with one of her slender hands and starts to wank me as she rides my powerless form.

I can feel her fat cock getting gradually harder inside me and it feels like she is going to split me in two as she continues to pound me. I feel her cock start to pulse.

Again, she shouts out something in her native tongue as her heavy balls pump their load into me and I can feel the forceful shots of her cum splash my innards as I start to ejaculate too. It feels like she has just shot me full of electricity.

"Fucking hell girl that was incredible."

Rom collapses onto my back panting.

"I have plenty more experiences like that to show you Andy."

She laughs before kissing the back of my neck and withdrawing her member from my ravaged ass. I have never felt the sensation of cum spilling from my behind before as I make my way to the bathroom for a shower.

Rom washes me tenderly in the shower and we go to bed.

"Andy does anyone else knows about us?"

"Only my best friend Lucy. I had to tell her about how amazing you are. In fact she was a bit drunk but told me she finds the idea of a beautiful women with a cock a real turn on."

"Oh does she now?"

"Yes in fact she said she would only keep us a secret if she can see you naked too."

"Mmm" purrs Rom.

"I think I know who Lucy is. She plays in the 2nd Hockey team. She is cute so that could be fun."

To be continued...

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