tagInterracial LoveRoni and Dave

Roni and Dave


I first met Roni and Dave over the Internet. They were a white couple who lived a few hours outside my city. Roni had a thing for black dick. Don't get me wrong, she was not some slut who just wanted to get fucked by a black guy. When I met her I found out that she had class, style and was very impressive. Along with that, she was "knock-out gorgeous". Our first meeting turned into more than we had originally planned for it to be. I had met them in a hotel bar in their city. It was one of the better chain hotels and the bar was clean and intimate. You know, like the ones that businessmen spend so much of their lives in. from the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew I wanted to fuck her. Not just fuck her, I wanted to let her know that I totally enjoyed receiving pleasure from her.

I watched the two of them as they walked in. Dave had told me what they would be wearing. He was dressed in a shirt and slacks. Roni wore a black dress that really hugged her hips. Even though Dave had sent me a picture of her, I couldn't believe how beautiful Roni was in real life. I am not one of those black men who has a thing for white women. I love women period! Black! White! Asian! Indian! All women! We made small talk but my eyes wouldn't leave her face. I turned to Roni. "I have to tell you this. You are one very beautiful woman. I knew from your picture that you were pretty. But I had no idea just how pretty you would be in the flesh."

Roni smiled the smile that melts ice and I melted under the gaze of her eyes. She took my hand in hers and I smiled as I felt her soft skin for the first time. We talked some more; mostly about the things we liked and disliked. Roni asked me a few questions but it was Dave who led the conversations. After a bit, Roni slid a bit closer to me. "I think that we're gonna be good friends. Sam! Why don't you go to the bathroom?" I knew that meant that the two of them wanted to discuss if this was going to go any further. I smiled at Roni and got up. She smiled at the hardon that poked in my pants. Dave smiled too. I went into the bathroom with my thoughts racing. Would they like me? Did they want to allow me to fuck Roni?

I came out a few minutes later. My hardon had subsided and I had taken a nervous piss. When I sat down, both Dave and Roni had big grins on their faces. "Well Sam, you turned out to be everything we thought you would be. And I know that tonight was suppose to be just a first meeting but could you spend some time with us tonight?" since I had originally made plans to stay over until the next afternoon, I told them that it would be no problem. Dave told me that they had rented a room in the hotel to spend the night anyway. We went up to the room and Dave made each of us a drink. I sat down on the couch and Roni sat next to me. I was sitting sideways so that I could continue to look at her. Roni didn't need a bra to make her tits look plush.

They were already pushing up through the top of the dress. I looked at her face and her lips begged to be kissed. But I didn't want to rush things. I kept telling Roni how beautiful she was and she loved the compliments. When she placed her hand on my knee, I leaned in and kissed her lips. Roni gave in to the kiss and our tongues were soon dueling like championship swordsmen. Roni let a soft moan escape her as our lips ground against each other. When I felt her hand ride up my thigh, I dropped my hand to her tit.

Like I knew they would be, I could feel the softness even through the dress. I allowed my hand to mold and stroke her tits through the dress. I could feel Roni growing more excited. My tongue was licking her neck as I nibbled her ear. All the while I continued to tell her how beautiful she was. I reached inside her dress and lifted one of her tits free. Her nipples were hard and the pink circle that surrounded it was growing pinker with my attention. "Damn! Your nipples look so delicious. I have to taste them." I lifted her tit and captured the nipple in my mouth. I licked and sucked the nipple until it was rock hard. I could feel her breathing growing faster.

I eased the other tit free and gave it my oral attention. Roni had lain her head back against the couch and I had free access to her beautiful tits. But I wanted more. My hand had been sliding up and down her thigh. I was glad that Roni had not worn stockings. When she opened her thighs a bit wider, I slid my hand all the way up to her crotch. The crotch of her panty was soaked. But instead of trying to push my fingers beneath them, I lightly stroked her pussy through the wet panty. Roni slid down further on the couch and opened her thighs wider. This time I did slide my fingers beneath the wet material. Roni's pussy was dripping wet.

But again, I didn't try to push them into her pussy. I gently stroked her slit and Roni pushed her hips up to get more. My lips were still sucking from nipple to nipple. "Please?" her moan was soft. Almost too soft! I ignored it. I continued to stroke her slit while I let my tongue circle her nipples. This time her moan was louder. "Oh please?" I smiled as I looked over at Dave. He had taken a seat across from us and sipped his drink as he watched. He smiled back at me. Dave had told me that she would let me know when she was becoming submissive. When he picked his hands up and made a motion like he was taking a picture, I nodded.

Dave got up and opened the closet. He had a video camera set up on a tripod. I kissed Roni's lips and this time there was desperation in her kiss. As I pushed my tongue deep in her mouth, I finally pushed one finger deep in her cunt. Roni groaned even louder this time and her hips wiggled upwards to get more. "Please?" it came out like a pleading whine. She was ready. "Please what?" her hands had found my hard dick and was stroking me through my pants. "Please let me feel it?" I pushed another finger into her sopping cunt. "Roni! How would it look? Your husband invited me up for a drink, and I let his wife feel my hard dick?"

My fingers were busy stroking Roni's slit. She was flicking her hips up to meet my searching fingers. "He knows I like it." Roni was getting more turned on. As I pushed two fingers deeper into her wet cunt, my thumb stroked her hard clit. "Like what, Roni? What do you like?" Roni moaned as my fingers assaulted her cunt. "I like black cock!" I could feel her juice running down her slit. My finger began to rub the skin in front of her tight asshole. "Do you mean to tell me that you're a white slut? That you're one of those women who crave a nice big black dick?" my finger was rubbing her asshole, even as my other fingers stroked her slit. "Yes! I love big black cock! Please let me feel it?"

I kissed Roni hard this time. "You are such a beautiful woman. A lovely white goddess! But here you are begging a black man to let you see his big black dick. I want to let you see it. Really I do. But if I let you take it out, well?" I let that sentence hang. Then I continued. I pushed two fingers in her cunt and let another finger push into her asshole. "If I let you see it, then I will treat you like a white slut. Your husband will sit there and watch his wife become a whore for a black man." Roni opened her eyes and looked at me. "I want your big black cock! I don't care what he sees me do. I'll be your slut, your whore! Just give me that black dick."

I laughed as I once again attacked her tits with my lips. Roni was withering on the couch. I lifted my head. "The only way you can see it, the only way I'll let you feel it, is if you get on your knees like the slut you are. I want you kneeling between my thighs like a nasty street whore." Roni started to slide from the couch. "Not so fast! I know how to treat white sluts like you. If you're gonna look at my dick, if I let you touch it, I want you turned so your husband can see what a cheap whore he married." Roni looked at me, then turned and looked at Dave. "I'm sorry honey! I can't help it."

Roni slid to her knees and I turned to give Dave a clear view. Roni knelt between my open thighs and her hand slid up my pants to my zipper. "Pull your skirt up and play with your pussy. I want to hear your pussy squish as you look at my dick." Roni looked up at my face as she unzipped my pants. The zipper sounded loud in the room and I knew Dave was catching it all on film. Roni's white fingers slipped in and I felt her soft hand grasp my hard dick. When she pulled it out, she moaned. "Ahh! It looks so good. Oh the head is nice and shiny. And so black! And the shaft is nice. Not too thick but long enough to make it feel good." She looked up at me. "You have a beautiful dick, Sam! Can I taste it?"

I laughed. "So you want more than just to look at it? You want more than just a feel? Well beg for it! A cheap, white slut like you should be use to begging for it." Roni bent her head. I wanted to make it as humiliating as possible for her. And she knew that was what I was doing. "Please don't make me beg. Leave me some dignity in front of my husband?" I lifted her face up to look at me. But I addressed myself to Dave. "Gee, Dave! I know that you invited me up here for a drink. And I hope I'm not offending you by talking to your wife this way. But, she's such a hungry slut! I can't help it." Dave smiled at me. I know he was enjoying the show I was giving him.

I reached down and grasped my dick. I lightly slapped her across the face with it. "If you want it, then beg for it. Let Dave see what kind of cheap whore he married." Roni looked up at me and there was no mistaking the lust in her eyes. "Please Sam! Let me suck it. Let me suck your big black dick. I want to wrap my white lips around it and taste it." I looked down at this lovely creature. Then I looked over at Dave. The smile on his face told me everything. There was a burning love in his eyes as he gazed upon his wife. I could understand how he could let her enjoy herself with such abandon. I have to admit, looking down at her; even I could feel the love inside her.

But I had been invited here to enjoy her, not to love her. I looked back down at Roni. "Go ahead, slut! Lick it from my hairy balls to the tip of my hard dick." Roni smiled as she bent her head. Her tongue felt soft as she licked up and down my shaft. My dick throbbed under her expert work. "Oh yea! You cheap whore! Lick my dick. I love seeing a white slut servicing me. Tell your husband how much you love it. But don't stop." I twined my fingers in her short brown hair. Her white skin looked so good against my dark thighs. Roni's lips and tongue was giving my hard dick a sweet sensation. I could see her hands moving between her thighs. "Oh Dave", she moaned between licks. "Sam has such a nice black cock. I want to be his slut! I'll be his whore and do what he wants. I just have to have this fat black dick. Oh Sam! I'm gonna suck all your sweet cum. I want to have it all over my body." I cupped the back of her head. Slowly I pushed her mouth down on my hard dick. And Roni licked the underside as her mouth devoured me. I couldn't believe how easily she took it all down her throat. And then she began to work her head up and down.

The sensation was delicious. "Damn! You're such a hot, horny bitch! I bet you worked this mouth up and down a lot of black dick." Roni was really getting in to it. And she was making loud slurping sounds as her mouth traveled up and down my dick. "Suck it slut! Suck my black dick. Damn! It's good to have a slut like you. If I had you, I'd have you working on black dick all day long." I felt my balls grow tight from her expert cocksucking. As much as I would have liked to have held back, I knew she had taken me to the edge. But she wasn't going to swallow all of it. I moaned out loud as I felt my hot cum shoot from the tip.

"Ahhh! Drink it, bitch!" The first shot was a hot sticky glob, and Roni moaned as she swallowed. Then I pushed her face up and the next shot splashed right between her eyes. I smiled as the next pulse hit her on the mouth and chin. Roni held her head high to give me a good target. Her mouth was open in lust and she had a smile on her face. I pulled her forward and let her suck the last bit from my dick. And she moaned as her lips nuzzled the hairs at the base of my dick. I could feel her soft suction as she tried to drain every drop. "You're one nasty fuckin whore. Look at you! Cum all over your face and you're in bliss as you savor a black man's dick. Get up whore and get naked."

Roni stood up and grasped the hem of her dress. But as I looked at her, this was no broken submissive slut. She was still a proud, sexy, beautiful white woman. "Tell me how much you love black cock." Roni flipped the dress over her head and not a drop of cum touched it. "It feels so good and taste so sweet. I think about being fucked by black dick all the time. I can't help it. You all go so long when you're fucking me." I smiled "Well cunt! I told you I liked to suck pussy. Now get up on that bed and spread those thighs." Roni walked over to the bed and lay upon it. She spread her thighs in an obscene way and pulled her knees all the way back. Roni's cunt opened wide and her thick white cream oozed from between her pink lips. I knelt between her thighs and began to lick the sides of her cunt. I held her open wider with my fingers. Instead of just licking her slit, I teased her by not licking directly in her pussy. I sucked each of her fat, swollen, peach-covered cunt lips. Then I pushed her thighs back until she was arched back off her ass. This time I licked from her asshole all the way to her clit. When my tongue reached her clit, I thrashed it back and forth. Roni humped her ass up and down. Roni was moaning and humping her cunt to meet my tongue. "Damn Dave! This black fucker is tearing my pussy up with his tongue. The nasty fucker is even licking my asshole. This, is why I love being fucked by black me. They let go and do everything to me."

But I wasn't done yet. I fastened my lips on Roni's clit and began to suck. As I sucked her clit, I pulled it hard with my lips. I took two fingers and began to stroke the inside of her cunt. I pushed in deep and stroked her "G" spot. "I'm gonna cum! Oh you black motherfucker! I'm gonna flood your fuckin mouth with my cum!" her nasty words enflamed me even more. But I wanted all of it. I pushed my other hand along her thigh and slipped it beneath her hips. My middle finger found her tight asshole and I slowly pushed it in. "IEEE! I'm cumming, Sam! Your finger up my white ass is making me cum!" I felt her cunt spasm around my fingers and at that moment, I sucked her clit harder while pulling it away from her cunt. I knew what would happen. I've made it happen so many other times before.

Roni screamed as a powerful orgasm hit her. Then she screamed again. I had pulled her clit hard enough to make her bladder contract. A hot jet of cum hit my chin. Then, another, stronger one of even thinner liquid. With each scream, I could feel her body pulse. Then with a sigh, she collapsed on the bed. I stayed with her and let my tongue lick up and down her slit until I had cleaned her cunt. By then my dick was rock hard and I pulled her to the edge of the bed. Roni lay there, legs wide open, staring up at me. She had a look of contentment on her face. I grasped the shaft of my dick and stoked it. Then I began to slap it against her open cunt. Her pussy and swollen lips were still red from my oral assault.

"Please, Sam! Shove it in!" I looked over at Dave. "She begs very well. But I'm gonna make her beg even more." I slowly pushed the head of my swollen dick between her juicy cunt lips. Roni moaned as it slid into her. But as soon as it passed the ridge, I stopped and pulled back. I continued to fuck her but only with the head of my dick. "Oh! Shit, Sam! Give it to me! Shove that big black dick in my cunt. Tear it open! Ram it in till it hurts. Oh shit, please fuck me." Roni was really begging for it now. Her voice had taken on that little girl whiney sound. And I loved hearing it. "You suck a black dick good, but not good enough to earn more than just the head of my dick." I looked over at Dave. The smile on his face, coupled with the look of sheer love he gave his wife had intensified.

Then with a lunge, I slammed my entire dick up her cunt. Roni screamed at the rough entry and arched off the bed. I pulled almost completely out and lunged again. "Oh yea! That's what I want! Fuck me! Please, fuck me!" But instead of giving her all of it, I went back to just fucking her with the head. "Make that pussy nice and wet you cheap whore. I should put you on your knees and show you how I ass fuck sluts like you. That's what you deserve. A hot, fat, black dick reaming your tight ass." Roni's face was screwed up in a mask of frustration. I was denying her what she wanted most.

"No, Sam! You're too big for my ass. Just shove it in my cunt. Fuck my hot white pussy. Take it for your own." Roni's pussy was becoming drenched. And my dick was swelling with the need for another climax. She was making me feel like I could fuck all night. But I knew it was just the lust of taboo sex. A black man, having his way with a willing white slut. I grabbed her by her wide hips and lunged one more time. This time I hit the back of her cunt so hard she screamed. Then I pulled out. I turned and walked over to sit across from Dave. "Come over here and service my dick while I talk to your husband. And if you make me cum, I won't fuck you anymore."

Dave and I made small talk. Mostly about what a sweet slut Roni was. I painted a picture of her being the hottest slut I had fucked in a long time. And all the time we talked, Roni licked her tongue up and down my shaft. "Go back to the bed and lay on your back. Show me how well you can satisfy your pussy." As Roni walked back to the bed, we could see a gob of cum dripping down her thigh. It made her look even nastier. Roni lay on her back and opened her thighs. With no shame, she began to caress and finger her dripping pussy. "Scoop up your crème and taste it. And keep tasting it till I tell you to stop." It didn't take Roni long to rock her pussy to another orgasm.

Dave and I watched for a few minutes. Then I got up and walked over to her. She looked up at me as she continued to finger her cunt. "Get on your hands and knees. I don't want to look in your white face as I fuck your nasty cunt. Roni, for the first time, looked like the submissive slut she so wanted to become. When she was in position, I rubbed her smooth round white ass. Oh how I would have loved to take her over my knee and make it all red with a good spanking. But Roni was not into that so I just began to kiss and lick her round cheeks. "Damn, Roni! I want to tear this tight asshole open." My tongue was licking between her creamy white cheeks. And each time my tongue tip touched her puckered hole, Roni would push back. "No, Sam! I could never take your fat dick up my ass. It would tear me open. But use your finger. It felt so good when you fingered my ass before."

I turned and looked back at Dave. He smiled to let me know he was enjoying his pleasure from her enjoying the pleasure I was giving her. Many women frown on a man playing with their ass. But I knew that Roni enjoyed having her whole body pleasured. As my tongue toyed with her asshole, my fingers worked up inside her pussy. Roni was rocking her ass back and forth to my thrusting finger. I had two fingers probing deep in her pussy and her crème was oozing down my hand. Then my thumb pushed into her ass. "Oh Dave! He's fingering both my holes. Oh shit! He's rubbing his fingers together. I'm gonna cum!" but I didn't let her cum just yet. I pulled my fingers free and stood behind her.

Now was the time for us to complete our enjoyment of each other. I grasped my dick and placed it at her soaked hole. Then with long slow strokes, I began to fuck her cunt. Roni moaned when I entered her. "Oh Sam!" I pulled out and pushed in even harder. "Ohhh!" I smiled as I pulled back again. "Shut up Slut! I haven't begun to fuck this white cunt yet. Tell me you love it! Tell me how much you love black cock." I had an easy motion going now. And Roni was rocking to meat each thrust. "Oh Sam! Fuck me! Fuck your white whore! Ram that black cock up my cunt!"

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