tagIncest/TabooRoni Fucks Her Son

Roni Fucks Her Son


After my son, Michael, graduated from Del Rio High School he decided he wanted to move to Oklahoma and live with me, his 40-something mother. My husband Ray and I had been married about six or seven years and had quite a good relationship. Sexually we were still acting like honeymooners as we found ourselves doing the horizontal mambo almost every night! But that's not all: Ray loved for me be nasty!

Ray was a true freak! A voyeur in the first degree; he loved watching me, showing me off to anyone and everyone. Plus it wasn't just showing off my body, he really would get off on watching me fuck and suck his friends or strangers, it all made his dick hard!

So when I told him Michael wanted to live with us, he was very agreeable at having an eighteen year old male in the house. Now, believe it or not, I didn't get it at first; I thought he wanted to be the good husband, the understanding step-dad and accept my son as his own, I didn't even think he had a master plan to get us all in a sweaty heap!

We made the long drive to south Texas to move Michael and his things and for a trip that long it was pretty uneventful, save for Ray finger-fucking me after Michael fell asleep. Okay, I also gave him a blow-job but nothing really crazy. Wait, I did flash my pussy at that guy outside of Denton while we were eating at Waffle House. BUT other than that I was pretty subdued, and I tried not to let Michael know how naughty his mother was/is.

The first couple of weeks all went well, Michael met a couple of guys to hang out with. That of course led to some late night evenings that he would come home staggering drunk (or high) and end up going straight to his room to pass out. I'm sure when he lived with his dad in Del Rio, they would have confrontations about his partying, but I tried to wait until the next morning, after he had sobered up. I felt it was my duty as a mom to make sure he didn't develop an abuse problem.

Then late one Saturday night, Ray and I were watching a movie in the living room when we started 'messing' around. Ray had pulled his cock out for me to suck on, (I'm sure he planned it, because Michael always came home the same time) and I'm of course really into it. In my own mind I knew Michael was due at any minute so I had pulled off my clothes hoping he would walk in on us.

While working on Ray's hard-on, Ray asked me about Michael.

"Does Michael jack-off?" he asked.

"How would I know?" I answered taking his thick cock out of my mouth.

I knew where this was headed; my pussy was already starting to tingle at the mere mention of anything sexual concerning my son. I had thought about Michael, what sexual experiences he had, I wondered if he had had girlfriends. I wondered if he ate pussy, I wondered if he had had his dick sucked. Of course I wondered how nasty the women he had been with, if any, were.

"I wonder if he has a big cock," I wondered out loud. Crap! Now the cat's out of the bag.

About this time we heard a key in the lock; Ray reached over and turned the lamp on. I continued sucking his dick, watching the door. Finally Michael stumbled in, squinting his eyes from the light, he looked at us. I released Ray's meat and leaned back on the couch, thrusting my ass towards the edge of the sofa, as I did I raised up trying to let him see my wet cunt.

Again squinting and trying to focus and what he was seeing, maybe trying to understand what he was seeing, he spoke, "G'night.".

Just like that, he walks in on his naked mother giving head and then I all but offer up my wet snatch for his joy and amusement and he is too drunk to take 'advantage' of me!

"So, what do you think," Ray asked, "think he's got a big dick?"

Ray leaned me back on the sofa and began to eat me out, tonguing my pussy and sucking my clit. "Are you ready to find out?" The more he talked about Michael the hornier and wetter I got. I really wanted to see him, it. I was hoping he was in his bedroom right then masturbating, thinking about his nasty mother and my pussy.

Ray quickly brought me to and orgasm, making me shudder as I fantasized it was my own son eating my pussy and tongue fucking me. Finally Ray said it, "Let's find out."

'What?" I played dumb.

"How big and hard Michael's cock is!" He added the 'hard' part, but that's what I was hoping, that it was BIG and HARD!

For some reason I put on my panties and robe as Ray and I went to Michael's room. It was about 2 or 3 in the morning as I quietly opened the door. Michael had indeed passed out as I spied his fully clothed body lying face up, diagonally across his bed. He still had his boots on as he lay across the comforter without so much as pulling the top bed spread back.

Ray 'suggested' I should help him get his clothes off and that was all the encouragement I needed. I unbuttoned his shirt as Ray tried to get his boots off and we both struggled pulling his Wranglers down, which left Michael lying there on top of the covers in just his little bikini briefs.

I was so nervous; I wasn't sure what I would say if he woke up. Ray told me not to worry about it, as drunk as he was he wouldn't remember or at least he would wonder if it was all a dream. I could feel my pussy saturating my panties as I straddled one leg and slowly took hold of his underwear and started to pull it down.

OMG! His dick almost sprung out of his briefs. I hadn't seen it since I used to bathe him as a little boy and here it was surrounded by his thick coarse pubic hair. Though limp it was thick and meaty and as it fell off to the side, landing on his thigh I could almost hear a "Thunk"

His foreskin was partially covering his cock head, and I could easily see his big ugly balls. I forgot all about Ray standing there as I rubbed my cunt on Michael's leg, reaching over I put my hand on him, his manhood, pulling his foreskin back exposing the head. I could feel him start to harden in my hand; he was stiffening as I began to slowly move my hand up and down. I was freaking out; I was jacking off my own son!

His foreskin was stretched tight and the head was taut and purple, plus the shaft was dark and thick with large veins coursing up the sides. He even began to moan a little as I tightened my grip, turning the head of his dick a deeper purple. I could feel his blood pulsing through it as it throbbed in my grip. The slit on the top of his head had a milky sticky liquid oozing out as I realized what I had to do.

I love to suck men's cum, pre-cum, man-goo, jizz; it makes me as horny as fuck and I can't help but taste it, lick it up. There is something about a man's thick pudding that I can't resist. So I did, I wrapped my lips around Michael's dick and begin sucking him off, trying to taste the pre-cum oozing out, hoping he would blow a big load in my mouth. He subtly began to hunch my face as I sucked and jacked him off,

My son was fucking his momma's mouth. I could feel Ray pulling my little robe off, then my panties until I was lying there naked giving Michael a blow job.

In the back of my mind it seemed weird, maybe even wrong, but then as he was about to cum I thought I heard him say, "Oh Mom." He had to have been awake because I could feel his hand on my head as his hips rocked back and forth, pumping his cock in and out of my mouth (and down my throat). Then his swollen cock began to spurt in my mouth, thick warm cum, filling my mouth with sticky wads of his spunk. It was hot, nasty; it was running out the side of my mouth as I tried to swallow.

He said it again, "Oh Mom." then he added, "Fuck me."

Without a second thought about right or wrong, I crawled up on my son's lap, with my legs straddling him I worked his still hard dick inside my soaking wet pussy. Leaving my hand on my cunt I was furiously rubbing my swollen clit as I started to ride Michael, grinding his cock up inside me. Looking at my boy, I saw him staring at me as I fucked him. I could feel his cum on my face, my cheek; he had shot so much inside my mouth what I couldn't swallow was running, dripping off my chin onto my titties. I continued massaging my clit, then with both hands I pulled pussy lips open so he could see how excited I was, I showed him my own little hard-on, my clitoris was as swollen as a small penis, crimson and hard as I bounced up and down. Stretching my labias back I squeezed and pinched my knob until it hurt. It was so big and tender to the touch, it felt electrified as I rubbed myself the whole time Michael was still plunging his cock into me.

It was then I felt Ray's hand on my back gently pushing me forward. I laid my breasts on Michael's chest and began to kiss him. Tonguing him with a passion I had never given to my son until now. He kissed me back with the same desire, then putting his hands under arms he pulled me up so he could suck my nipples. Oh yes, my baby was nursing, sucking like he did as an infant. My nipples hurt as he bit, suckling my titties making them ache as went back and forth trying not to let either one miss out.

Then I felt Ray's tongue on my asshole; I quit humping and enjoyed his tongue as he began to lick around my ass, between my ass and pussy, even around my pussy where Michael's cock was still working in and out. I rose up a bit, and Michael's shaft popped out and slid up my ass crack where Ray was licking me. I wasn't sure what was going on back there but as I let Michael's dick rub up and down on my ass I'm pretty sure Ray was either licking or sucking him!

I felt Ray raise my hips up and stick Michael's dick back in my hole and then I felt Ray's finger penetrating my asshole. Wetting me, working me, stretching me open, I knew he was getting ready to ass fuck me. I could fell his big head as he tried to wedge it inside my anus. Then as Michael was once again fucking me, Ray 'rammed' his cock up my ass. Goddamn it hurt (so good). I was already wet so he was able slide the entire length of his shaft inside me, what a wet dream, double penetration!! Wow, what a trip. Two hard cocks fucking me and one is my son.

Both men finally found an alternating rhythm as each big piece of man meat slid in and out of my two holes. Ray's big dick totally filled up my ass then with Michael's big hard cock fucking my pussy I couldn't believe that pain could be so sweet. I was cumming almost immediately, my cum, pussy juice, pee running, draining all over my son. The bed was drench as I sprayed all over Michael's belly.

Ray was slamming hard against my ass, his balls slapping against me when he began to cum. Michael also pushed himself deep into me as Ray unloaded up my butt hole. Grinding against my ass I could feel Ray lurching, pounding as he emptied his cum deep in me. Michael was still working on his second nut as I tried to turn around. Michael's cock popped out of my cunt as I turned to suck Ray's cock.

I knew what my husband wanted and expected after unloading in my ass and I don't disappoint, as I quickly pulled him out and turned around, putting my butt right in Michael's face, I put my puckered anus down to Michael's lips so Ray's jizz would drain on him. Michael immediately started sucking my hole and tongue fucking my ass.

God it felt wonderful as I started cleaning and sucking Ray's nasty cum and scat covered dick. He loves to finish off in my mouth after he ass fucks me. "Suck that shit dick," he would say. I loved it; I love to taste myself after he was inside me! Ray was standing upright on his knees as he grasped my hair and slammed his man meat into my mouth. Sometimes he'll even have a second cum as he fucks my face. The taste of his cock and Michael eating out my ass and pussy made me cum as I felt a huge wave of electricity overtake my body as I began to shudder then finally collapsing on top of my youngest son as he still was sucking my hole.

I once more found Michael's dick and started to stroke it as Ray leaned down and took it in his mouth! Sticky with all my pussy juice and cum Ray began sucking and licking my son as I watched, just inches away. I leaned in and both of us worked on Michael, Ray sucking his balls while I ran my tongue up and down the shaft. Ray obviously knew how to suck as he took Michael again in his mouth and began move up and down on his shaft. Michael began moving his hips to Ray's rhythm, fucking my husband's mouth. I couldn't stand it as I began to finger myself, masturbating my pussy as I watched Ray suck off my son.

Michael reached down and was holding Ray's head as he pumped his meat in and out, he had to be close as suddenly Ray stop sucking and climbed on top of Michael's lap. Leaning forward I watched as Ray worked the thick head of Michael's dick in his ass! I could see Michael's cum leaking out as Ray was finally able to work Michael's hard-on inside, then Ray seemed to almost slam his ass onto Michael's lap as Michael's shaft disappeared deep up Ray's asshole.

I laid there frigging myself making myself cum yet again as I watched them fuck; there was something very animalistic, primitive as they both grunted and moaned as Michael fucked Ray's ass. It was so HOT! Ray was stroking his own cock, still covered with all the mess from my asshole, as he rode up and down on my son's dick. I had never seen anything like it as I leaned closer trying to lick some of the juices running out of my son's ass down my husband's dick.

I put my hand on Ray's back and gently directed him forward so that I could get a taste of the scum leaking out. But it wasn't time as Michael was furiously trying to get his second orgasm; Ray was bolt upright as he ground his ass hard and deep against Michael's pelvis. Then I heard the groan, the moan as both men almost simultaneously began to ejaculate! Ray's hand pumping had paid off as he shot a wad of thick spunk that came hurtling out of his cock head and landed on Michael's chest, then another and another. After filling my ass I was surprised Ray was able to shoot such a magnificent load! With his free hand he reached to Michael's chest and began to spread the jizm over my son's hard nipples.

It was then that Michael's own climax seemed to release its full force as he reached up and grasped Ray's thighs. Ray threw his head back as he sat upright on Michael's eruption, then leaning forward he started licking and sucking Michael's nipples, spreading his own cum around as he licked up the thick wads like it was candy. Then putting his hand on Michael's face he spit the collection into Michael's open mouth! I had another orgasm!!

I put my lips back to my husband's backside and licked my son's half buried shaft, waiting for the head to once again be exposed so I could suck it. As his head 'popped' out I hungrily gobbled it up as the slit at the top of the still swollen head was leaking his juices. I could taste my son's cum mixed with Ray's scat as I licked and sucked, then as if on cue the thick liquid that Michael had pumped inside my husband began to seep out.

Again I licked and sucked, tonguing Ray's punished hole, as I tasted the vile shit that mixed with my beautiful son's ejaculate. It continued to drip out as I sucked it and held it in my mouth, then after getting a mouthful, I rose to my husband's lips and gave him a big wet kiss, transferring the thick wad in my mouth to his. An un-white snowball, that he seemed to anticipate as he again bent to Michael's mouth, but instead of opening and draining above Michael he put his lips on Michael's and while giving he a deep passionate kiss he spit the ass cum in Michael's mouth.

I saw Michael swallow the thick load, his Adam's apple working to get the cum down his throat. The two men stayed together, embracing, Ray still on top of my son as they he licked the stickiness off my son's lips. I wished I had a camera to capture the raw heat and intensity, the passion; it was still there, smoldering as the physical action caught up to us. We were spent, whipped, the three of us covered in sweat, cum, pussy juice, piss, ass cream, duck butter, scat.

We lay on the bed exhausted, the light still shining overhead as I looked at my two lovers, my son and my husband, both lying naked next to me, both limp, flaccid as I reached to touch them hoping I could once more get them erect. Hoping tonight would not end yet as I so desired to feel both of their cocks inside me. I hoped there would be many more nights like tonight.

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Roni should have fucked her son alone

Makes it more personal and intense if you would have fucked your son without your husbands cum in your ass.

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by dirtymom4911/10/17

What a lovely story i need more

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