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Ronnie's Song


This is my first time writing a story on here. Just thought I'd give it a go and see how it's received. More to come if you like what you read. Comments and feedback welcome! There is no sex in the first couple of chapters that I've planned so far. Just establishing relationships and build up etc. Thanks for reading!


"Michael, come on, I don't want to go!" I protested, as my brother persisted in dragging me towards my room to pack.

"Tough! You're not spending another summer in your room with a notebook and pen," he said, stubbornly. Reaching my room, he located my suitcase from under my bed and made his way to my closet.

Watching from my perch on the window ledge, I observed him choosing various shirts, hoodies, jeans and tracksuit bottoms and throwing them haphazardly into the suitcase.

Sighing, I got up from my seat, walked to the mess he had created and began to fold and rearrange them neatly.

"Woah, woah, woah!" I exclaimed, as he attempted to pack a red lace dress and black heels.

"It's for the party on the last night, Ronnie. You can't wear jeans," he said, side-stepping me and adding them to the growing pile.

Rolling my eyes and giving him a playful shove, I allowed him to add a pair of wellies and trainers.

While his back was turned, I reached below my pillow, and silently packed my notebook and fountain pen.

My brother -- the pain in my backside. He was forcing me to go along with him to some teenage summer camp for two weeks. As much as I loved him, he just didn't understand that I liked being holed up in my room, writing. Although it wasn't as if I'd let him see what I wrote, or ever told him why it made me so happy. Eventually though, I gave in and let him usher me to his car and drive me to the bus.

Pulling up alongside the other cars, the sight of about twenty other teenagers caught my eyes. The girls were hopelessly dolled up; one of them was even prancing around in a pair of heels with a handbag on her arm.

The guys were almost as bad, supporting designer jeans and gelled hair. All except for four of them, who had dressed suitably in tracksuits and trainers. The four made their way over to our car as I got out and took my suitcase off my brother. Michael grabbed each of his friends into a hug as they approached him.

"About time you got here, mate!" the boy I knew as Josh roared to Michael.

"Yeah, and I see you've brought a friend," one of them said, eyeing me suggestively.

Michael moved forward towards him and glared: "That's my sister, Nate". His reply was blunt and he gave him a look that screamed 'off limits, you bastard!'

"There's no way that's wee Ronnie!" boomed a voice from behind me. I squealed as a strong pair of arms enveloped me around the middle and spun me into a vice-like hug.

Shocked, I looked up at whoever was gripping me.

"Aaron!" I heard the other boys exclaim.

Keeping me pinned to his wasit, he reached for each of his friends in turn and hugged them too.

"When did you get back?" Michael asked. "I thought you were in Australia for the rest of the summer."

Finally releasing me, he answered Michael's question, but I heard none of it.


I couldn't believe he was back.

He was my brother's best friend. We got along really well together. When my dad died, he helped - a lot. He became like a big brother to me, and I loved him as one.

But then why, when he put his arm around me did I get butterflies. Why, when he released me did I yearn for him to replace it?

"Hello? Ronnie?" I heard Michael say.

Interrupting my thoughts, I saw people were already starting to get on the bus. Michael's friend Riley took my suitcase off me to pack it with the rest.

Climbing on the bus, I looked around for a seat.

"Ronnie!" Aaron shouted, motioning for me to sit with him. Taking a deep breath, I moved toawrds him.

I was about to sit down, when I felt someone push past me and slide in to the seat beside Aaron.

"Baby!" exclaimed the girl I has seen earlier, as she pulled Aaron's mouth to hers for a long kiss.

When she finally released him, Aaron said, "Hey, Sam. I was saving this seat for Ronnie actually. We've got a lot of catching up to do, don't we kiddo?" He smiled up at me. That amazing crooked smile, that lit up his entire face. The smile that sent light straight to his eyes. Even in the early morning light, they seemed to twinkle brightly, as his messy brown hair fell perfectly into them.

Behind that smile though, I could tell he'd much rather spend the journey with his hot, blonde girlfriend. I made my excuses and sat in an empty seat, facing the window.

"Hey!" exclaimed a figure, settling in beside me. I turned, seeing the boy Nate from earlier.

I smiled politely and we introduced ourselves. He apologised for what he had said earlier and we started a conversation.

Nate greeted the last of Michael's friends, and told me his name was Tiernan. He sat in the seat in front of us alongside a petite brunette I guessed to be his girlfriend.

Soon after, while I was talking and now laughing with Nate, the bus took off to a chorus of cheers from many passengers.

I chanced a glance at Aaron and saw him with an arm around Sam, sloppily making out with her. I looked at his toned arm muscles and felt -- jealous?

Shaking my head, I returned to my conversation with Nate.

An hour later, I must have dozed off. The full effect of being up at six o'clock in the morning finally took its toll.

I awoke with a start at a clam voice and a gentle shake. I looked up and saw Nate. I'd fallen asleep against his chest and he had his arm around me. We had reached a small diner.

Grinning apologetically, I got off Nate and stood to leave the bus.

"Don't worry about it," Nate said. "As long as you were comfortable."

"I think you were the comfortable one. I never fall asleep on people," I said, laughing.

Again I looked at Aaron. He was off the bus with an arm around Sam. I walked alongside Nate, and we resumed our previous conversation.

When everyone had eaten their fill, we boarded the bus again. I reclaimed my previous seat and Nate his. Raising an eyebrow, he offered me his chest to lean on again. I did.

Nate was definitely comfortable. And warm. And he smelled nice. As well as that, he was really attractive. With a thick head of blonde hair and blue eyes, he was in perfect contrast to my red curls and green eyes, He was well toned too. And the way his arm wrapped so easily around me made me feel safe.

We reached the camp shortly after eleven o'clock.

As I got off the bus, I said to Nate, "I'm sorry, I'm not the best company."

He laughed my statement off, shrugging.

"I don't mind," he said. I waited for him to continue, but he remained silent.

We were met by five camp workers. We were divided into groups, and assigned a counsellor. My group consisted of Nate, Aaron, Sam and a girl called Rose. Our counsellor introduced herself as Gemma. She explained that the next day, other teenagers would join us, as that we would then begin the various activities laid out for us. Tonight we could do as we wished. After showing us to our cabin -- 3b -- she left us to ourselves.

Hauling my suitcase beside me, we made our way to cabin 3b. It had one room and one bathroom.

Sam, still wearing her ridiculous heels, stomped her way to her choice of bed and flung herself down on it.

Eyeing Aaron, she said, "Nice and springy. That'll come in handy." She winked at him. Not bothering to check his response, I moved my way to an empty bed and sat myself on top of it. The girl Rose, Nate and Aaron followed suit. There were three spare beds which, for now, were used to house our luggage until the new arrivals joined us. Sam had three giant suitcases and two smaller ones, which took up an entire bed alone. How many clothes could one girl own, never mind bring to a camp?

Lying on top of the duvet I felt myself falling asleep, yet again. Just before dropping off, I was aware of a figure lifting me to place me inside the covers. The person planted a delicate, warm kiss on my forehead.

Sighing, I gave in to sleep.

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