tagRomanceRonnie's Song Ch. 03

Ronnie's Song Ch. 03


Once again, thanks to all those who've followed Ronnie's Song so far. All requests have been taken on board!


That night with Nate had been awkward. After the day on the lake, he had seemed to keep his distance, moving away from me when people came near and acting like we hadn't just been talking.

I was frustrated.

The next day, I got out of bed at one o'clock and tripped. Looking back, I saw my suitcase lying at the foot of my bed. I glanced around the room and vaguely remembered our late night guests - the twins Lauren and Noah.

Their group had gotten lost the previous day and arrived at camp around midnight. By the time they got themselves settled in our cabin, I was drifting off on top of my duvet.

I faintly remembered a shadow coming across to my bed and wrapping a sheet around me. Glancing back, I saw the sheet from the only vacant bed lying on the floor - it must have fell when I got up. I thought of Nate, scowling. His moods were very confusing.

Although it was only our second day, we had the day off to do as we pleased. I took a shower and dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and converse trainers. Pulling my hair back into a rough bun, I left the cabin. I was apparently the last one awake.

Blinking in the bright afternoon light, I started to make my way towards the lake. It was pretty big, and I decided a walk might clear my head.

I headed in the rough direction of the cliffs that met the further side of the lake at a leisurely pace, taking my time - I was in no rush.

I began to think. About Nate. About Aaron. "Boy do I know how to pick 'em!" I considered.

Before long, I had reached the incline in the path. Glancing back at the camp, I decided to keep going.

I maneuvered around the rocks and boulders, coming to rest on a large boulder. I leaned back against it, staring up into the sky.

What was wrong with Nate lately? He had been fine on the bus. He seemed fine out on the lake - until we shared that...moment? In all honesty, I didn't know what it was we had.

I wanted him to kiss me, and I think he wanted to kiss me...but he hadn't. I gave a growl of frustration.

"What's up, moody?" I heard a voice. An all too familiar voice.

I sat up, and saw Aaron standing in front of me, hands on hips.

"How come you're out here all on your lonesome?" he said, parroting a phrase we used to always say to each other.

Smiling, I replied, "Thinking."

"Hmm..." he looked at me, quizzically. He walked forward towards me, and sat down on the edge of the rock.

"Scoot over," he said. I moved over to the edge of the rock, and leaned back again. He did the same. We sat in perfect silence.

"I missed you..." he finally said.

Turning my head to face him, I said, "I missed you too."

He sighed what seemed a sigh of relief, and closed his eyes. It reminded me of when he was younger.

I stifled a giggle. He turned to me, with a look in his eyes that was asking for a reason for my laughter.

Seeing his eyebrow raised slightly, and his mouth in his all-too-familiar crooked grin, I burst into a fit of laughter.

"Oh, you find me funny, do you?" he said, playfully. He seized me around the middle, and hauled me over to him. He then began mercilessly attacking my sides with his fingers.

My laughter only increased. "Ahhhh! No! Aaron! No fair!" I squealed, in between giggles.

I attempted my escape, by giving him a dig in the ribs. He grunted, as his grip on me slipped. I sprang up, and ran. I dodged rock after rock, my laughter sounding around me.

I could hear his footsteps behind me though, and it was only a matter of time before he caught up with me.

Catching me around the waist, he pulled me back into him, and pushed me forward into a flat piece of cliff.

Now trapped, facing the rock with him pressed behind me, I was helpless to his tickling. I thrashed around a lot, but his hold on me was strong.

"Please, Aaron! I'm sorry!" I laughed. My sides were beginning to ache.

He stopped briefly, keeping his arms around me. "What was that?" he teased.

"I'm sorry. I'll never never never never ever ever laugh at you again!" I promised, turning my head to look at him so he could see I was being sincere.

It was at that moment, that it seemed to register with both of us how close we were. I looked into his eyes. His face started into that crooked smile. In anticipation of seeing it, I bit the corner of my lip. His face fell and his gaze moved to my mouth. He leaned towards me.

His lips pressed lightly against mine. I signed and melted back into him. Taking this for encouragement, he opened his mouth and ran his tongue along my lower lip. I opened my mouth to him. With that, he deepened the kiss. It wasn't urgent - we didn't need it to be. I reached back and cupped his cheek, and his hands fell on either side of my upper thighs.

A variety of thoughts were rushing through my head. Was this really happening?

He turned me slowly to face him, not letting our lips part. He gently pressed me against the rock, and moved his hands to cup my ass. My arms reached up and my hands landed in his hair. When he felt this, he pressed into my mouth further. His tongue fought furiously with mine.

He started to press the lower half of his body into my crotch, which was on fire by now. I felt his erection through his beach shorts. I gasped against his lips. With that, as though realising what he had just done, he broke the kiss off.

We didn't move...merely rested against each other, foreheads pressed together, catching our breaths.

"Shit..." I heard him murmur. With that I remembered - Sam. He had a girlfriend. He was my brother's best friend. He was like my brother. Of course he would regret this - think it a silly mistake in the heat of the moment. I was mortified.

I let my arms fall from him, and I turned my gaze away from his face. His eyes were closed in frustration. I reached my hands to his, and pulled him gently away from me. He reached an arm above me and rested his hand against the rock beside my head. He was still so close - I couldn't side step him.

"Aaron..." I started. He didn't respond.

I was crushed. He wouldn't even talk to me. I eventually managed to shift him far enough so that I could push past him. I walked purposely back the way I had come.

How could I have been so stupid to think that he actually wanted to kiss me? He had Sam - blonde and beautiful. That's what guys liked, right?

After a long and thoroughly depressing walk, I finally reached the cabin. There was no one in. I climbed in below the duvet, and huddled into a ball.

Aaron would never talk to me again...I'd lost my best friend.

I realised, looking at the clock on the wall that it was shortly after five in the afternoon - I'd spent more time up in the cliffs than I thought.

As if proving a point, my stomach gave a rumble. I vacated my bed, walked outside and began to make my way over to the food hall. I hadn't noticed the chilly air. "I should have brought a jacket," I thought.

Right on cue, someone stepped up behind me and wrapped a zip up jacket around my shoulders.

"Cold out," the person commented. I turned to face him - Nate.

I smiled at him. "Thanks," I said.

He nodded his welcome and we continued to walk. I slipped my arms into the sleeves and buried myself in the heat of the jacket. I heard him titter.

I looked at him, confused as to why he was laughing.

"You look so cute wrapped in my jacket like that," he said, amusement playing behind his eyes.

I blushed and dropped my gaze. As though registering what he just said, he cleared his throat awkwardly.

"So, where have you been all afternoon?" he asked.

I paused before answering. "I walked up the cliffs. Just needed to think."

"Think about...?" he quizzed.

"Anything...everything..." I answered.

He contemplated that for a minute. "I'm sorry," he finally came up with.

"What for?" I asked, not meeting his gaze.

He stopped me. "For being a dick last night. I was just...confused."

"Yeah...join the club," I said, bluntly. I realised too late it sounded worse than I meant it to. But I was confused - hopelessly so. I liked Nate a lot. But I liked Aaron too. The catch was - he didn't like me back. His reaction on the cliff told me that.

We reached the food hall, and went in to join the people from our cabin. Nate and I didn't talk at all while eating. But he sat right next to me. Probably closer than was necessary. I didn't mind.

It was then that Aaron walked in. His eyes went directly to me, and he held my gaze. I however, did not.

"I'm not hungry..." I muttered, and got up from the table.

"Ronnie, wait..." Aaron began, as I walked past him. I didn't wait. I kept on walking. Silence behind me showed he hadn't followed.

I made my way to the cabin and reached for my suitcase. I pulled my notebook and pen from it, and began to write. It was already half full - quite impressive considering it was a big book. I used all my pent up emotion and poured it into the book...my stress deflating as it had done ever since I started the book.

When I finally finished, I put the book below my pillow, stripped to my underwear and climbed below the duvet.

It wasn't late, but the days events had taken its toll. I lay awake, barely. Lazily thinking about everything. Why did it all have to be so complicated..?

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