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The man has been waiting in the room for more than ten minutes now, though he isn't bothered by the time. He knows she will be coming any time soon. He sits on a chair by the side of the bed and waits. The room is dar. The window blinds are drawn - it is late evening outside. He hears the irritating sounds of traffic coming from the street.

He patiently waits.

A few minutes later he hears a knock on the door. He gets up and opens it. The lady is wearing nothing but a long coat barely covering much of her body with a pair of sunglasses on her face. The man looks out in the lobby and finds it empty. She leans by the side of the door and pulls the shades slightly down and looks at the man from head to toe.

"So, are you alone, sugar?" She says. The man nods his head and moves aside for her to come in. She takes off her coat and drops it on the bed. She is totally naked. She turns to him and takes off her glasses.

"Take your clothes off."

The man obeys and hurridedly undresses. He is soon naked as well. She comes forward and holds penis.

"Tell me what it is you want me to do," she says almost in a whisper.

"I want you to suck it," the man replies.

She smiles and falls down on her knees and takes him in her mouth. She does it slowly, allowing him to feel her tongue as she runs it over the top of his penis. The man watches her and soon begins to moan as he is already caught up in her warmth. He runs his hands down her lengthy hair and mutters that she doesn't stop.

The lady sucks him whole then takes her tongue out and runs it underneath his testicles. She groans in her throat as she does it. She reaches around for his ass and digs her fingers into the crack. Soon her sucking becomes more and more frenetic and she breaks off.

She smiles up at him and says, "now I guess it is your turn to do me right."

The man nods his head and carries her to the bed. He spreads her legs wide and slowly but gently runs his tongue over the side of her tighs. He moves downward a little and runs his tongue fron the side of her knee up towards her abdomen. He curles his tongue around her navel. The woman closes her eyes and moans deepin her throat. She grabs her breasts and massages her nipples. She moves her head side to side and moans. Her hands go down and caresses the man's head.

The man soon stops and turns her over. He slides his tongue through the crack of her ass and sinks it deep. The woman grabs hold of the bed sheet and arches her back a little.She spreads her legs and moves her hips to give him enough room. Her body quivers from the estacy she is feeling.

A few minutes later, the man stops and turns her over again. He comes forward and inserts his penis inside the woman. She is too hungry to recieve him.

The man starts gently but soon his speed begins to increase. The woman likes it this way and pulls himtowards her and whispers in his ear not to stop. The man shakes his head, saying he won't. The bed shakes and mumbles underneath them.

The man soon grabs her arms and pulls her upward with him as he falls back on the other side of bed. The woman sits atop of him and begins to ride him as if she was possesed. Her hips made terrifc jerks as the man tried his best to keep with her strength. They are both breathing like bulls. The man reaches out and holds her breasts. He pinches her nipples as the woman moans out deep in her throat. Thw woman leans over and kisses him harsly on the lips. The room is now filled with the sweet smell of sex and sweat.

It isn't long before they both come. The woman falls on top of the man and the both hold each other while their breath came out in high gasps. Soon the woman gets up.

"Was that okay for you, darling?" She says.

"Yes, but next time let us do it outside."

The husband and wife lay there while the night outside went on without them.

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