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Room with a View


I was really bummed. It was late Friday afternoon and my flight back home to NJ was cancelled so I had to spend Friday night in Las Vegas and not in bed with my wife. I used to travel there often and never liked staying at a casino hotel because invariably to get to your room you had to run the gauntlet of slot machines and gaming tables with their attendant noise and cigarette smoke. At least I had a room with a pool view (An upgrade due to my elite status with the chain). The pool was not crowded, only a 30-something couple, a few overweight business men, one woman who looked like a hooker and a couple of families with some kids. I turned on the TV, started to watch some daytime talk show and soon nodded off. I woke up a little later and went down to the free light dinner offered by the hotel from 5-7, ate and returned to my room. It was close to dusk (about 6:30pm) and I looked out at the pool. Most of the people had left the pool area, but I happened to see that the 30-somethings were still there. She was on a lounger wearing a black bikini that was a little tight on the top. (Even though she was lying on her back her ample tits were spilling out of it.) He was standing over her and they seemed to be having a heated discussion.

After about a minute he stormed off slamming the pool gate behind him. She seemed pissed but got up and sat at the pool bar next to a middle aged black guy. He was wearing Hawaiian print swim trunks and had a body builder's physique with arms the size of her thighs. I had a bunch of things to do to prepare for my flight the next day but the scene was riveting: a scantily-clad, deserted (albeit temporarily) MILF and a BBC. I retrieved my compact binoculars from my work gear and focused them on the couple. At first they ignored each other but after a couple of minutes the MILF seemed to be saying something to him and he answered her. An animated conversation followed lasting about 20 minutes during which time she must have had three or four drinks that looked like Margaritas through the binoculars. She chugged her last drink quickly and they both got up to go. When they did he whispered something to her and to my surprise they didn't go to the pool gate but changed direction and headed toward a garden area on the other side of the pool. While the garden kept them from the view of the pool guests, I had an unobstructed view of what they were up to.

As soon as they were out of sight of the pool, they embraced each other and kissed. His huge black hands were caressing up and down her back and soon they covered her ass and pulled her closer. Her hands were on his ass doing the same to him. After a few seconds of this, her arms went around his neck, he lifted her up, and she wrapped her legs around his waist. When she was supporting herself he moved his hands up and pushed her bikini top releasing her tits to the evening air. They started to dry hump each other and soon he was slowly walking toward a backless bench. Once there he sat down with her astride him her back to me, he moved his head between her luscious brown tipped white mounds. She threw her head back and from the look on the part of her face I could see in this position she was obviously enjoying the attention the black man was paying to her.

Although I couldn't actually see what she was doing her hands moved from around his neck to in front of her in his lap. His head came from her breasts and from the expression of bliss on his face it was apparent that she was stroking him. This went on for a couple of minutes until he placed his huge dark-skinned hand on her light brown hair and pushed her between his legs. He lifted his ass off the bench and she slid his swim trunks down. Through the binoculars his hard cock looked enormous. She kissed the tip at tentatively at first and looked up at him. I couldn't see her face but I think she might have been intimidated by his size. He looked down at her with a demanding look and she immediately took his cockhead in her mouth and proceeded to slowly take more and more of it. She must have been a good cock-sucker because his angry demanding look changed to pure ecstasy in seconds. He started to hump her face and she responded by bobbing up and down. The pace increased but broke off suddenly. It seemed like they had heard a loud noise.

About this time I happened to turned the binoculars toward the pool, the direction they seemed to be looking at and saw hubby leaving slamming the gate again. Through the binoculars, I recognized that he was the guy in the suite next to me. A few minutes later I heard or should I say felt the door to the next suite slam. He must have been pissed. He turned the TV on so loud that it seemed like mine was on.

In the meantime, the MILF had gotten up and not bothering to fix her bra hurried to see if the coast was clear. She peeked around a corner and saw that the pool area was empty and returned to her lover. He was still seated on the bench with his trunks around his ankles sporting what must have been a 10 inch beer can thick hard on. He grabbed her hand and pulled her down on his lap and soon they were doing it reverse cowgirl. From this position, I could see both of their faces and all of the action. They didn't bother to take off her bikini. She moved the bikini gusset to the side bare her nearly bald pussy and placed his huge black cock at its very wet pink lips. She took him very slowly and as the head started to work its way in she grimaced. They stopped for a few seconds to let her obvious discomfort subside. They resumed and the whole head was inside of her. She craned her neck and looked at him as if to plead for mercy. An angry look returned to his face and he grabbed her tit and deliberately pinched and twisted both nipples.

I was surprised by her response. Instead of writhing in pain her face contorted as though she was having an orgasm and she pushed down on to his cock in one movement until he was balls deep in her. They rocked in this position for several minutes. About every minute she would throw her head back in ecstasy and her mouth would open wide. She must have cum 6 or 7 times before he erupted in her. When he did he must have shot a quart of semen into her because I could see his thick baby juice dripping around the base of his buried monster cock. She collapsed back into him and craned her neck to kiss him. They stayed this way for a few minutes until she got up slowly off his semi-rigid cock. As it came out it was like a piston and gobs of his semen and her love juices oozed out and coated her bikini crotch and ran down her thighs. She looked around, I presume to find something to wipe herself with, but there was nothing in sight. She readjusted her bikini and offered her hand to him. He bent over pulled up his trunks, got off the bench and held her in his arms. They walked around the garden for several more minutes and as they did I could see her thighs still shining in the twilight with the evidence of their fucking. They finally went back to the pool. The MILF retrieved her cover-up and pool bag from her original lounge chair and they left through the gate and came back into the hotel.

In all about 90 minutes had gone by since the mini-drama started. I listened for several minutes for the MILF to return to her cuckold and when she did she came back with her bull, but that's another story.

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