tagMind ControlRoomers Ch. 06

Roomers Ch. 06


Old theme, new treatment, I hope. You need the earlier chapters or you'll get confused. (Best to start with number one, but that's just a personal view). This is a longer chapter: too much information to fit into the normal three Literotica pages, so I've split it, "for your comfort and convenience" as they say. Please remember to vote. I respond to non-anonymous feedback. Satyricon.



I was way pissed as I stood in the bay window trying not to listen to her. May oughta be a good month, and now I had to make choices. Shoot for her, shoot for Candice, or try and reconcile them, keep on dreamin' about both barrels. Well, fuck number three: I'm not the dam' United Nations. Her voice went on, kinda like a soprano chain-saw and she was red in the face, looking angry. First time I'd ever seen her like that.

'... And last night she brought someone back and I heard them. You know her room's right over mine, and I could hear the bed moving, and them moaning and everything. It was disgusting. They were like animals.' I'd heard them too. Sounded like they were havin' some pretty dirty fun. I'd even given myself a few strokes while I listened. Shit, she was beginnin' to get on my nerves. Maybe I'd been wrong about her.

'Rachel has guys back once in a while, Susan,' I said, 'and she ain't a quiet girl. You've never complained.' She looked at me as if I was stupid.

'Mr. Taylor, Rachel doesn't bring back other women: we are talking about perversion, not normal relationships. I pay my rent on time and I want you to do something about it right now.' Definitely not number three. She'd left my door ajar and I was pretty sure Candice and Rachel were still in the house: number two was lookin' better. I spoke a little louder

'Susan, I'm sorry but it's your problem. This is the twenty-first century and life's moved on. Hell, girl, I'm kinda surprised at you. She's quiet, she works hard, and she pays her rent on time too. I kinda like her. We talk about history some. Her personal life's nothing to do with you or me. You gonna complain that she's black as well?' Nice touch, that.

'Mr. Taylor, I have rights as a tenant here, and listening to that kind of filth isn't one of them.' There goes number one.. She was probably the sort of girl who thought BJ's were a perversion too. I cranked up the volume another notch.

'Fuck your rights. Susan, here's what you can do. You can carry on listening when Candice brings someone back, or you can go buy some earplugs, or you can pack and go. You choose to go, I'll give you back half your fuckin' security deposit, which is dam' generous of me. You choose to stay, you can shut the fuck up, and in the meantime you can go look for somewhere else to live. I don't want you in my fuckin' house any more. And if you give Candice any shit at all I'll throw your ass out on the street and you can take me to court. I'd fuckin' love to explain all this to some liberal judge.' I went over to the door and held it wide open. There was a scuffling noise on the stairs and I was glad I'd raised my voice some.

'Have a nice day, Susan.' She glared at me and stomped out and I heard her go upstairs and slam her room door. I went over to the bay window and breathed deeply. Jeez, I hate stress, and now the house was gonna be full of it. There was a knock on the door and I flung it open.

'Susan, I won't change my fuckin' mind... Uh sorry, Candice, c'mon in. You want some coffee? Fresh two hours ago. I think I got a bagel left too.' She stared at me, then laughed.

'Jesus Christ, Doug, I've never been in this room without you offering me food or drink. You're like a den mother.'

'My mom raised me right,' I said. 'Whaddya need, Candice? I'm sorry I shouted when you came in. I been having a trying morning.' She nodded, her face serious.

'I heard the last part. In fact the whole house heard.' Her voice said I'd called it right.

'Yeah, well, it kinda got outa hand. I don't shout often, but when I do I tend to lose it.'

'Dam' good thing too,' said a voice from the doorway.

'Shit, Rachel. What is this? Some kind of delegation?' She shook her head.

'Only thing I want to do is apologize. I was waiting for you to sweet talk her and you didn't. I'm sorry I thought that.' She turned and marched out, and I swung back to Candice.

'You think you need to apologize for any fuckin' thing at all and I'll kick your beautiful ass up and down the street like a football. You got that?' She gave me a great big smile.

'I'm not here to apologize, Doug. I wanted to thank you. There aren't many guys who'd have said that to a cute little blonde they've been watching pretty attentively while she's sunbathing.' She was still smiling and I almost did the same.

'Busted. Were you checkin' out her or me when you spotted that?' She looked as if she was blushing, but it's hard to tell.

'That's not the point. If she goes you'll lose money too: that's what surprised Rachel. Come here.' She took a step towards me and stopped. She was a tall girl, and we were face to face. She grasped my ears, then leaned in and kissed me. A good one too, sliding the very tip of her tongue along my lips. Only a hint, but with a whisper of promise and I noticed that when she stepped back she was breathing a little quick.

'OK? Thank you Doug Taylor. I'm glad I live in your house, and I'm pleased you noticed my ass. Sharper than a new razor blade, huh? You smooth-talking devil, you.' She left, and I savored the taste of her lip gloss, faint in my mouth. Her head popped back round the door.

'And I'll try to keep the noise down. My, uh, friend got a little carried away.'

'So would I, Candice. Don't sweat it.' She poked her tongue out and disappeared again. I went to the window and looked out. One door closes, another opens. And Candice sure had a beautiful ass, and she sure walked with a spring in her step, just like that other one I useta know.

My senior year was kinda unfocused. Looking back now, I can see that breakin' up with Judy had changed something, made me harder maybe. If I worked hard enough for what I wanted the talent kicked in and I got it, but the way it happened sucked. Selfish is one thing, but callous is another. I didn't want to think about that, but it stayed in the back of my head. I guess I was finally coming to terms that I was gonna hafta be real selfish one day. Right now I didn't want anything much. I had a date with McCarthy for next year so I let myself go some. Shit, that felt so good: no gym, just enough work to keep scoring B's: slackers' paradise. I didn't go out much. Coupla girls threw me charity fucks, and I spent time with Annie, two or three times a month. Thank God for her: there when I wanted, never asked questions, made me laugh, kept me on my toes just enough. The perfect fuckin' woman, you think about it.

'You're getting kinda chubby, Doug,' she said one day. 'I mean you're no sack of potatoes but you for sure will be, you don't do somethin'. She was in the crook of my arm, relaxing, and reached over and grasped my extra roll.

'Six months ago I couldnta pinched an inch,' she said, 'and now look at you: Pillsbury dough boy's little brother. I'll tell ya something else too: your tongue's still five star, but I gotta say that the fuckin' main course is slipping.' She chuckled at my expression and wormed closer. 'Upside is that this is a lot more fuckin' comfortable than it useta be,' she murmured. 'Everything in life's a trade-off, I guess.' Comfortable trade-off? Made me sound like an air-bed in a garage sale.

'You're cold, girl, except when you're hot. Get your ass up here and stay with the five star.' She grinned, climbed up my chest, and settled herself.

'Let the fuckin' good times roll.'

I hafta say that since I'd persuaded her to tidy up a little, eating her was a better experience. Not that it was bad before, but it sure as hell tickled some. She wasn't convinced, kept playing around with the style every coupla weeks. Racing stripe one time, nothing the next, stubble trouble the next. Today she was cleaned right up except for an off-center diamond to the right of her slit. All this time and she could still fuckin' surprise me. I started working round her, aiming to tease her some as payback and she squirmed happily.

'Hey, Doug, don't play with me like that. I'm ready to go.'

'My way or the highway, Annie. Pillsbury dough boy's got a mind of his own.' I pursed my lips and gave her a Bronx cheer right over her clit, then relented. Truth to tell, she was so responsive that I never could resist her. I rolled my tongue over and round her and she bore down and started to move gently so I slid it in deep and aimed it at my nose, and she began her climb. I love the feeling of pleasing a woman, makin' her want more. I kept the pace down, coaxing and then retreating, tantalizing and then forgiving, and she wriggled and gasped and speeded up some, then finally tensed for a moment before her pussy began to flutter and her thighs tightened over my ears. When she was done she slid back and put her head on my chest.

'Jesus, six stars, minimum.' I pushed her down some till her ass was nudging my cock, and she peered up at me. ' Four years we known each other, Doug, and going down on me still gets you hard. You sure know how to feed a woman's ego. Fuck the slippage. I'm gonna take care of that right now.' Hell, eatin' pussy makes me hard, period, but I didn't mention that right then. She sat up and reached between us, grasping me gently and guiding me into her body with the skill of practice. I felt a surge of something that was more than like and kicked it out of the way. Why ruin a perfectly good friendship? I pushed up, driving deeper into her, and she squinched her eyes up and started riding.

I guess she'd needled me though, because I started putting in a little gym time, cut down on the ice-cream, told myself I needed to be in shape for when I went to see McCarthy, keep the fuckin' talent agile. I gotta say that our time together improved though. I upped the study time as well: no point in not preparing thoroughly. This could be my only chance at the jackpot, and if you gotta do somethin' you fuckin' hate, do it positive or not at all. Slackers think about the risk/reward ratio pretty carefully sometimes. I let myself dream some about being rich enough to choose my lifestyle.

When the ceremonies were over and I'd admired my sheepskin, she and I celebrated. Shit, I even used some of McCarthy's money and found a cheap package and took her away to Florida. Outa season isn't that bad if you don't mind sweating, and I wanted to disappear for a while. Didn't tell Annie that. It was the longest time we'd ever spent together and she was kinda touched, I guess, but tiresome. Said she was too fuckin' skinny for the hotel beach and refused point blank to go on it, so I hadta rent a car and go looking for privacy.

'You mind if I ask you somethin', Doug?' she said. It was our last day and we'd found a cove that looked quiet; I'd bought lunch, and beer in a cooler, and we were both sticky with sunblock. She sounded kinda pensive.

'Annie, you never asked permission for anything in your life. Why start now?' She rolled over and gave me a small kiss, her sandy body grating against mine.

'Well, you're through with college and all, but you ain't said a word about what you're gonna do, and I was kinda wondering if this was a goodbye trip. I mean if it is, then that's what it is, but I'd sorta like to know.'

'Shit, Annie, I'm staying right in town unless my plans go way south, and even if they do... hell, I don't wanna move on. I guess I shoulda mentioned it.' That went down real well. Her body relaxed and she reached over and gave me a sandy hug.

'You sure shoulda. I mean, I ain't been crying into my pillow but I'd kinda miss you. You wanna wash off and get naked?'

'Annie, this state has laws about that sorta thing in public.'

'Fuck the state. I got my needs.' She hopped up and hauled at my arm. For a skinny bundle of nothing she was pretty strong: no point in arguing with a flower child.

When we got back I crossed my fingers and made the call. I'd spent a coupla hours a day in the hotel gym and read the financial crap in the paper every day. Shit, why do they print that stuff so dam' small? I reckoned I was as ready as I was gonna be.

'Douglas Taylor for Mr. McCarthy. I was...' She cut me off.

'Mr. McCarthy has been expecting your call, Mr. Taylor. I'll put you through now.'

He was real cordial and I was real polite and that afternoon I went down to his office, waited two minutes, and was shown in by the cutie secretary. He looked the same, except the plaid shirt was blue, not red. Eyes still hard as winter ice.

'Doug Taylor, at last. I was expecting you before this.' Click. OK, I light a candle tonight for sure.

'I had some pressing obligations Mr. McCarthy. Should I have been here the day after graduation?' He smiled a little.

'You ain't changed any.' His voice had slipped some. 'I've been watching you a little, Doug. You took an OK degree, less than you coulda managed, but OK. You been seeing the woman runs the hippy shop on the corner of Main and Third. You took her away someplace after graduation and as far as I can tell, you still got most of the money I gave you; one other thing, you haven't made a blind piece of effort to remind me what I said last year. There's a lotta guys your age woulda been walking past the office every week, smiling and waving.' Click..

'No need to walk past the office Mr. McCarthy. You gave me your word. And if you wanna know, the vacation with Annie, that was a true obligation. I had a kinda messy breakup last summer and she's been a good friend.' He nodded impatiently.

'Good enough. Well, you saved Terry's ass and she seems to have learned some from the experience. She's a fuckin' birdbrain, but she's my daughter and that earns you something. And you're slick, but you're still taking a risk, talking to me that way. I don't mind that and I got nothing says you're dishonest. You wanna work for me? Start September first. I'll pay you fair, give you a desk out front, show you what I do, we'll talk again at the end of the year. You need to think that over?' Click.

'Twenty-four hours? You want scut work, plus a steep learning curve, plus commitment I guess. Some things I like to chew on.' He looked almost approving and nodded again. Just then there was a knock at the door and the cute secretary put her head round.

'Mr. McCarthy? That darn program's blocked again.' McCarthy swore under his breath.

Better call the helpline, Kelly, and see what they say. Wipe the figures before you start talking.' She looked kinda nervous.

'I crashed the computer twice, but every time I open it again the data's there and the program's still blocked.' McCarthy looked at me and sighed.

'This is what happens, Doug.' Click. Jesus, what a click.

'This is a fancy projection spreadsheet, Q Alpha something, right?' His eyebrows went up.

'I guess. Kelly?' Cutie nodded.

'I seen that program. It's good but it gets kinda confused sometimes. You're trying to do long-term projections, I guess.' McCarthy nodded.

'You sayin' you can fix it?' I shrugged.

'I can look at it. It'll mean seeing the figures though.' He looked at me keenly.

'Go ahead. Kelly, leave the door open.' I smiled at the cutie.

'Use your chair for a while, Ms Kelly?

I sat at her desk and mentally crossed my fingers. The older secretaries were looking at me kinda hostile and McCarthy was lounging in the doorway.

'Kelly, whyntcha go get us some refreshments? Doug?' I could feel his eyes on my back but I was thinkin' calculated risk and didn't look up.

'Coke, I guess. Beer and concentratin' don't mix too good.' He chuckled and went into his office. In five minutes Kelly was back, bouncing a little as she walked. I mean bouncing, front and back. Real good to look at. She put the coke down and I nodded my thanks. Didn't pick the cup up though. Focused Doug. She grabbed some papers from her desk and went to sit in one of the client chairs. I was half aware that she was glancing at me some.

Fixin' her problem took about eight minutes but it was forty before I stretched and stood up.

'It'll handle what you want now, Ms Kelly. Just don't try to go more than twenty-four quarters up the line. You want more than that, better to upgrade.' I realized McCarthy was in his doorway again and wondered how long he'd been there. In the office he looked at me quizzically.

'Can you do that with other stuff, son?' I shook my head.

'I'm no expert. I need to play with stuff before I understand it. Dumb luck I knew this one.' He raised his eyebrows.

'Nothing wrong with luck. Call me tomorrow when you've thought.'

'I done some of that, Mr. McCarthy. September first you said?' He looked at me and smiled. Seemed like a genuine one.

'Wear a tie. I can get away with the folksy look, but you sure as hell can't. I'm the good ol' boy round here' He shook my hand and I left. Smart guy, probably made him think some. Day at a time. No worries about keeping the apartment though and I could maybe rent Gary's old room if anyone suitable crossed my path. And the fuckin' program was mine, before I even started day one. Click, click, clickety fuckin' click, I thought. You done me fuckin' proud today. I went and worked out that evening just to show gratitude.

When I told Annie I'd landed the job I was looking for she was so pleased she went and shaved everything and then blew me till my eyes watered.

'Jeez, girl,' I said when I could breathe again. 'You been practicing while I wasn't looking?' She punched me lightly.

'I ain't got the inclination to go practicing. You wanna rest up before you tackle Mount Baldy, or you good to go?' Hell, nothing stopped that girl. There are times I miss her real bad.

First of September I showed up, looking pretty dam' spiffy. New sportscoat, pressed slacks, tasteful tie. When I got there, the only person about was Kelly.

'Hi, Ms Kelly. Am I expected or did I get the day wrong?' She smiled.

'Just Kelly, Doug, and you got the day right. You'd better keep using "Miss" with Molly and Amelia though. It took me three months before Molly let me use her name. They're quite suspicious of you. They think you're a frat boy who got lucky.' I shrugged.

'Lucky, yes; frat boy, no. Just a small town kid. Thanks, Kelly. Where is everyone? And if I have to say "Miss Molly" too much I'm gonna rupture something' She half smiled and looked at her watch.

'I usually have a coffee about now. I open the office, check the mail, see if there's any urgent phone messages, stuff like that, so I arrive around nine. Molly and Amelia arrive at nine-thirty. Mr. McCarthy's usually here by ten. Coffee machine's in back, by the bathroom. Would you like a cup?'

'Is the pope a Catholic?' She slipped the catch on the door, and we sipped lousy coffee and sized each other up. I don't know what she thought of me, but I was way impressed. Better than cute. She was late twenties, Playboy material, from her shoulder-length blonde hair to her elegant legs. Conservative blouse and gray skirt; the blouse didn't disguise what she had upstairs, and the skirt wasn't having much more luck with her ass. She was tall too, my height in her heels. Smooth, intelligent face, warm blue eyes, sorta smile that made you wish she'd do it more.

'About that stuff last year,' she said after a couple of minutes. 'Did you really persuade the police not to prosecute Terry?' I tried to look unfazed.

'I'm not sure that a DUI charge woulda stood up. Mr. McCarthy's probably got a pretty hot legal team, and the cops aren't usually too keen to write up stuff that might bounce back on them.' She'd been watching me intently.

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