Roomies: The Reunion


"Strangely though, as we kept going, I began to slow down. Instead of slamming myself up and down on Martin I eased down all the way and began to roll my hips and just feel him inside me. Martin stopped squeezing my breasts and began to tease and toy with the nipples. We weren't fucking anymore. We were making love again and it was wonderful. I used my internal muscles to squeeze him and he slipped a finger between us to gently massage my clit and eventually we both came together, gently, enjoying the waves and going with them.

Pam fell silent. Kim had squirmed a little, just as Pam had when her roommate related her love-making with George.

"Do you still have that teddy?" Kim finally inquired.

"Well, what's left of it anyway. There have been a couple of replacements over the last couple of years."

"George likes sexy undies on me too. Where did you get it by the way? Vicky's?"

"Of course," laughed Pam. "The refuge for the woman who wants something soft and slinky and sheer next to her skin. And of course something to drive her man a bit nuts."

"It's been good for you two hasn't it?"

Pam smiled. "As it has been for you and George too. Who would have thought it? Those two wild young girls we were so long ago, that they would end up as long time respectable married women and mothers and grandmothers?"

"We were something back then alright," acknowledged the black haired woman with a smile.

Pam looked at Kim again and their eyes met. Side by side, the two friends looked over each other as though they were meeting for the first time. For a long moment time seemed to reverse. Legs and bottoms grew firm and slender again. The subtle reminders of child bearing vanished. Breasts defeated gravity. No longer were they wives, mothers, grandmothers. For that long moment two girls of twenty looked at each other again, remembering the times, the passion and even the love they had shared so very long ago.

Fingers reached out to each other and squeezed.

"Remember that last night before graduation?"

"As if I could ever forget. We went out and had dinner with our parents. As wonderful as it was for them to finally meet, I could hardly wait to get away and back to our room. And then that idea you came up with!"

Pam grinned. "Well, after all, it was how we started. I thought it would make a great finish."

The girls both got faraway expressions on their faces. "It certainly was that," mused Kim.


Kim pushed open the dorm room door and looked around. She sighed to herself. Just about everything they both owned was packed into boxes and bags, ready to be loaded into cars and trailers the next morning. Graduation was upon them. College was over. She sighed again, this time aloud.

Two arms slipped around her waist and pulled her back against a taller body. "I know, Kim. I feel the same way."

Kim covered Pam's hands with her own. "Its not going to be the same without you. I know we're not parting forever, but the thought of not seeing you daily is uncomfortable to say the least. Much less," the young black-haired girl grinned and wiggled her tight little bottom against her roommate, "Much less not having you in our bed."

"I know," Pam nuzzled her friend and lover's neck. "But we're not saying goodbye forever." She hesitated. "And we agreed that as much as we care for each other its not the 'everlasting love' that one day we both hope to find.

"Still." The single word carried a lot of mixed emotion.

"I know." The two girls remained close toegther. Then Pam giggled as Kim rubbed her bottom back against her.

"Come on," the taller girl whispered. "I have an idea."

"Is this going to get us in as much trouble as your ideas usually do?"

"I hope so."

Pam snatched up her car keys and Kim followed her friend out of the room, down the hall and into the parking lot. They climbed into Pam's overloaded battered Dodge. The duo remained silent as Pam drove off campus and then up a winding road to a nearly deserted flat open area overlooking the school, where they eased quietly into a familiar spot.

"Oh my." Kim giggled wildly. "I would have never thought of this. But it's perfect. Right back where we started that cool October night two and a half years ago.


Pam leaned over and kissed Kim. She smiled and slid her arm around her roommate and held her close. Kim leaned against her friend. Muffled laughter erupted as they crossed their legs over each other's until they were wrapped up together. Arms enfolded and the two girls clung to each other as they kissed.

Pam came up for air. She brushed the black hair away from Kim's face and kissed her forehead, then both eyes and then her nose and cheeks.

"This is where I first kissed you. Or you kissed me. I'm not sure I could tell."

"Me either," replied the Canadian girl. "But you were certainly the first one to start touching. When you put your hand inside my shirt I couldn't breathe."

"You? I was so scared and so aroused. Kim, when my fingers brushed your breast, the first time I had ever touched another girl's breast, I thought my heart would stop."

"I'm mighty glad it didn't. Boy would I have had trouble explaining THAT."

"You," Pam rolled her eyes. "Yeah, that would have been so hard for you. Just for that reason I'm glad you didn't have to."

"Oh, maybe there was another reason or two." Kim looked into her roommate's eyes. There was a muffled response from Pam. A response because Kim had slipped her hand inside Pam's blouse and as usual the brown haired girl wasn't wearing a bra. And muffled because Kim had closed her mouth onto Pam's, smothering any comment the taller girl might have tried to make.

Not that Pam was trying to make any verbal comment. She kissed her roommate back and returned the favor, sliding her hand up under Kim's loose t-shirt until she too found a soft bare breast tipped with a hard nipple.

Both girls moaned softly as they kissed and fondled each other. Neither felt the desire to go any farther. The unspoken bond that connected the duo let each know what the other was feeling. This was not a time for passionate love-making, it was a time to recapture just for a moment the thrill of that first night and the discovery of each other. Eventually their lips parted and hands withdrew so the two girls could hold each other closely and savor the warmth between them.

Wordlessly they looked at the stars and then at each other. They snuggled, Pam producing a blanket from the back seat. A blanket that produced some soft giggles from both girls. They had made love on that blanket much more than just once or twice. But tonight it covered them and held them together as they drifted off in each other's arms, back where they had started. It wasn't until dawn that they roused, released each other and returned to campus and the start of the rest of their lives.

(The Present)

Kim and Pam sat close together, arms around each other.

"That was a wonderful night."

"They were all wonderful with you."

"The days weren't bad either."

The following quiet was interrupted as a crowd appeared on the beach. Two older men were shepparding a group of children while other younger adults followed behind. A couple of small children sped ahead of the group towards the two women.

"Grammie, Grammie," shouted one little girl as she sprang into Pam's outstretched arms. "We saw the wild horses."

"And there were dolphins out in the water," chimed in another little tyke as Kim knelt to listen face-to-face to one of her grandchildren.

The rest of the mingled clan joined the first pair. Hugs were exchanged all around and excited voices all spoke at once to tell Pam and Kim about the trek the two families had taken around the coastal island that afternoon. Pam and Kim gathered their blankets and beach gear and the entire mob trudged up the beach to the boardwalk that led to their campsite. Kim and George laced fingers together. The black-haired woman with the touches of gray smiled as she felt the warmth of her husband's hand and she looked up at him and blew him a kiss.

"Did they wear you out?"

"I think we all wore each other out. Now the kids," George nodded towards their grown children, "Just let Martin and I run crazy with the little ones. But they had to join in and I bet everyone sleeps soundly tonight."

Martin, his arm wrapped around Pam, who was tucked into his side, agreed. "But it was fun and I hope the two of you had a pleasant afternoon all by yourselves."

"It was," Pam said as she stood on her tiptoes and kissed her husband. "We're about all talked out."

"The two of you? Talked out? I doubt it."

"Oh hush you." Kim bumped George with her hip. The foursome laughed and followed the rest of the mob off the beach.

Much later that night, after the campfire died away and everyone was asleep in their tents, two figures stole away from the campsite. Silently they slipped down the wooden walkway to the beach. Muffled giggles ensued as did light splashes in the water. Two dripping figures bundled themselves into towels and draped a familiar blanket over themselves as they sat on the splintered steps.

"That was FUN." whispered Pam.

"Oh God, what if someone had come by this time?" Kim smothered a laugh. "As embarrassing as it would have been thirty years ago, for someone to catch two grandmothers skinny-dipping NOW..."

"They didn't." The two women hugged and kissed each other on the cheek. Pam got up. "I don't know about you but I'm getting cold. It's time to snuggle up to my husband."

Kim nodded and rose to follow her friend. The moonlight splashed across the pair and the beach they were leaving. The ex-cheerleader turned to take one more look and smiled.

"Well, we got to be on the beach one more time," she said softly. Then she followed her roommate up the stairs and back to their families.

(The End)

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