tagGay MaleRoommate Massage Practice Ch. 02

Roommate Massage Practice Ch. 02


Despite the massage that he gave me and my losing control, everything was normal between Martin and myself. He even gave me one regular massage without any molestation and without any humping. He said he was working on his deep tissue technique from his class and needed some quick practice to review.

Meanwhile, I had plenty to think about. Why did his stimulation work so well on me? What did that say about me? Would I miss it? Would I need more? Was just one type of sex enough now that my horizons have been expanded? Did I like the drama associated with the massage? Was it mental or physical? All of these questions to answer and Martin, it seems had his fill and apparently didn't want to try his luck again. I was certainly not going to bring it up, if he didn't.

Then one night I was alone in bed reading when Martin returned from a bar. He didn't say much and just showered and got ready for bed. I didn't say anything and just read. He seemed to try and sleep for a few minutes and then sat up.

He asked a little bit shyly, can I give you another massage. I said okay. I knew from his shy tone that this was going to be another one of his massages that ended up with me being stimulated and humped. He was just wearing his underwear and a t-shirt. He took off his underwear without saying anything and put on a condom. I didn't look I just paid attention to the book. He was hard and rolled it slowly on. He put back on his underwear. This was definitely going to be one of his special massages.

He walked over to the bed.

He helped me take off my clothing.

I was semi-hard and tried to stop myself from trembling with anticipation.

I lay myself down on my stomach as soon as possible. He started his massage like always. Soon I was relaxing again. Good.

I could feel it in my stomach. I had a burst of adrenaline as he slowly performed each stage like it was a ritual. My body was out of control. I needed to get this out of my system.

I didn't know what I wanted. Perhaps, if the novelty just went away, I thought.

He massaged me lightly and covered my whole body also reaching my buttocks and applied his oil there like before. I knew where this was going. I was very much ready. I was hard and when he pressed me against the bed my penis ached so good.

But, he didn't start humping me.

He just worked my whole body.

Like always. His fingers made me feel very good. But, no penis was involved.

Then he asked me to turn over. So I turned over. I was semi hard and very aroused but not knowing what was going on. I felt a bit disappointed that I was apparently not going to get the chance to see this through and figure out what's going on with me and get it all out of my system.

He continued to massage my front. He was definitely stimulating me. He did work my legs and my torso. And he slowed down as he finished working my entire body.

Finally, he said, "I feel bad about how I was using you a bit for my pleasure that last time when I gave you a massage." He said this as he still caressed me on my torso.

I opened my eyes. "Martin, I know you are a virgin and I know you are gay. I like your massages and I like you and don't feel used. I'm glad that it's fun for you."

"Thank you," he said, "but I feel it doesn't seem ethical. If you want a massage, I love giving you massages, and if I want to practice, I appreciate your helping me, but, during a professional massage, I should not make it a practice of humping you, gay or straight."


"So, I'm ending the massage," he picked up his hand.

"It was really okay."

"Not it wasn't okay for me," Martin said, "But, I'm thankful that you are so cool. This massage is over."

I didn't say anything and just waited.

Then I felt his hand on my shoulder caressing me. "Can I play with you?"

I didn't say anything.

He continued to caress me and ran his hands towards my chest and nipples and stomach.

I nodded yes and closed my eyes.

He joined me on the bed and started kissing me all over my body. From my chest down to my waist to my hips and thighs and then back up. I didn't move or say anything. He reached my penis and kissed it and put it in his mouth briefly. I could feel the velvety texture of his mouth just like with a girl. He then moved all the way back up to my chest and my neck. My head was back. I didn't lean forward. I did not want to kiss.

I felt his penis, though as he kissed me. It was free.

I felt it under my balls. It felt electric. I was already lubricated and I knew that he had me ready on many levels.

This felt very new and exciting although I knew it wasn't new at all.

He continued to kiss and touch me as slowly once again that penis of his worked its way to my anus. It found it's home. I noticed my legs were spread and that he was between them. Did I spread them or did he spread them with his body? I didn't remember. Was that a natural reaction for me? I didn't open my eyes. I didn't want to see what was going on. He stopped kissing me. I didn't know what he was doing.

I felt his penis pushing inward. Was this the missionary position? His penis pulled back. The twinge that once shocked and surprised me was now a familiar feeling that felt pleasant and known. No more shocks. I would not just lose control and cum. This answered a lot. I guess my body could be surprised only once.

He reached the barrier again. He was just having sex pushing against the barrier. I was calm and waiting. I could feel the pleasure gently grating against my nerves and it felt good. But, I was amazed that I came last time. This felt good but it wasn't going to make me do anything.

My eyes were still closed.

It felt very good and even relaxing. I felt very glad that I did this.

But, I was not going to orgasm. He however probably had other ideas and I was happy to relax and wait. He just went on and on. Bouncing around on my barrier with all different rhythms and angles. I think he was breathing heavily. He lowered himself back down upon me. Perhaps his arms were tired. He kissed my neck again and my ear. I turned away from him and let him.

He pushed harder against the barrier. I was surprised at how little a deal this was. He wasn't having sex at all. I felt a bit frustrated, even. Perhaps, I needed to be on my stomach. He bumped and bumped. All different rhythms. Then he slowed down. I figured he must be getting tired or readying himself to cum.

Then he rose on his arms again and asked, "Do you mind if I push in a little bit harder?"

I thought, what's the harm. "Okay."

He pushed against the barrier and let his weight press against it. It ached a bit.

I did not say he could go in all the way.

I was worried for a minute as he pressed, but, didn't say anything.

Then he started pumping very gently but just forward and not very far back and pressed in again, forcefully, but gently. It ached and felt very good.

This was interesting. But, did I need to explore this when I'd just finally resolved my other novelties.

He pressed and I stretched. I felt good. I was amazed at how much force my anus could repel.

Then something instantaneous and involuntary happened. It was like it swallowed him. It opened up to him. He went straight in with no resistance. My heart jumped. The barrier was gone.

But, he stopped just a bit past the barrier and did not penetrate me anymore. He would not penetrate without asking.

Then he continued to thrust back and forth in the area of the barrier, still not going farther in.

What was happening?

It felt good but now I felt like my body wanted him inside. It was swallowing and sucking him inside. And he was teasing me.

I just lay there afraid to open my eyes.

But, I had to see. I opened them. He was on top of me looking directly at me into my eyes. He continued to pump. Fighting my suction. He stopped and just looked.

My body felt him inside me right past the barrier and the barrier ached for him but was opened and I was expressionless. Then, I felt it. I contracted. He could see the contraction on my face. He could feel it on his penis. He went in a little bit to retake the territory that was lost.

Then he started pumping again. He could see that I was enjoying it. It was all over my face. His eyes were appreciating every detail of his work.

He stopped again.

Having already responded to my last contraction he was waiting for more.

Nothing happened and he was just going to wait there. Perhaps until we stopped, unless, I contracted.

Meanwhile, my barrier was gone. Was this permanent? Would it form for each time we had sex?

I was impatient. I contracted this time on my own and then my body doubled it up. That felt good.

He continued to pump again. It felt very good. But, even now, this would not make me cum. I felt frustrated by now. It felt like it would go on forever and I was just being teased.

Finally he stopped and looked into my eyes and asked, "Can I go in."

My heart leaped. I was very unsure.

I nodded, uncertainly, yes.

He slowly went all the way in, little by little. I was being stretched and cajoled. He was digging. I made slight noises. He stopped and regrouped.

He was completely in. I felt very full.

I could feel him inside me completely, his stomach pressed against my penis and his eyes looking down at me. I was completely open to him and his penis.

Now what, I thought. What is he doing? What is he waiting for. He was just looking at me and with one arm touching me and caressing me.

He was reveling in his conquest, no doubt.

I knew what he wanted.

I contracted.

He felt it and gave me this compassionate look.

Then he pulled out and pressed back in. All the way out and all the way in at a normal speed.

I realized how slow and careful he was before and this was nothing at all like that. My insides were being pummeled and stretched and I felt like I was instantaneously having an orgasm.

He then stopped and I felt like I was vibrating. My eyes looked like they were in shock. He looked calmly down at me as he went back to his slow gentle thrusts in and out and he lowered his face to me. I turned my head to the side a bit. He kissed me on the side of my face and neck.

He then started pumping faster and harder like before and this felt like an orgasm. Not like one I've ever felt. A completely artificial one with his penis replacing my own muscles performing the contractions for me. But, then I felt my penis jumping and spraying between us. He went even harder and I moaned and stopped myself.

He stopped, thinking he hurt me and said, "Sorry."

I said nothing. I was in the beginning of my orgasm contracting and spraying, and he looked down briefly, feeling what was happening.

Then he made eye contact and witnessed my face as my body convulsed. He then thrust and I moaned again and he kissed me on the lips as I came and as he pounded me. I didn't kiss him back. But, as he thrust it was so intense that I made noises as his lips touched my face.

Then he moaned too and with a few final thrusts I could see that he was cumming. Every thrust felt so good even as it started to ache.

He stopped.

His penis inside me became soft.

He said, "Thank you. I hope we can do this again."

I nodded, Yes.

He stayed on top of me, inside of me, not moving and I thought about what would be.

He looked at me. We didn't say anything. I waited.

The end.

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