Roommates Ch. 04


They both climbed between my legs and finished me off with their hot wet mouths. I shot an enormous load of thick creamy cum into David's mouth and he kissed Gwen sharing my cum with his sexy wife.

We drifted off to sleep naked in their bed. My mind was filled with vivid dreams of women and when I awoke I realized that I needed to make a change.

David had to leave early for work while Gwen and I were asleep. I awoke to the delicious wet mouth on my morning hard on.

"I hope you don't mind," she said playfully between licks of my stiff drooling cock. She sucked me hard and then straddled my dick and rode me hard. Her big tits bounced enticingly as she rode me hard and fast.

Gwen rode my dick until her body shook with a strong climax. She then climbed off and knelt on all fours as I moved behind her big round ass.

I fucked her doggy style hard and fast.

"Harder," she begged as I slapped her ass. "Pull my hair."

I pounded my rod into her liquid core until her body started to shake again. My climax built to a fever pitch.

"Cum inside me lover," she panted as I buried my dick deep inside her and filled her womb with hot cum.

We collapsed on the bed and rested beside each other.

"Do you want breakfast?" Gwen asked as she climbed out of bed. I watched her sexy curvaceous body glide across the room and I remembered why I love women. They are so much more sensuous than men.

Gwen and I talked and ate a nice breakfast together. She told me that she and David had been married for 20 years but that they had both taken lovers for most of them. David, she said, was gay and had she had known for over ten years. The bicurious MMF story they had given Susan was part of a roll play and since she wanted to play too it helped insure that they didn't get a prostitute who was turned off by women. I assured Gwen that I was most definitely not turned off by her. "In fact," I said, "you are very much my type."

"My age doesn't bother you," she asked hesitantly.

"Not at all," I reposnded honestly, "you are beautiful and sexy. You are the type of woman I want to settle down with someday."

"Huh," Gwen said softly, "a gay prostitute who wants to settle down with an older overweight woman. What would Freud say?"

"He'd say I have an Oedipus complex because my mommy breast fed me until I was seven," I teased.

We moved upstairs after breakfast and fucked again.

I slid between Gwens strong thighs and lowered my face to her rich fragrant pussy. My fingers parted her lips and I licked the full length of her cunt as she let out a low gutteral moan.

"Right there," Gwen sighed as my tongue flicked across her hard clit.

I eased two fingers inside her and found her soft spongy gspot. My fingers rubber her gspot as I licked and sucked her hard clit.

Gwen's legs started to tremble. "Faster," she moaned softly.

I rubbed Gwen's gspot harder bringing her to a fevered pitch. My tongue flicked hard and fast across her engorged clit as her climax peaked.

Gwen cried out loudly as she came and a flood of her juices poured from her throbbing cunt.

My face was soaked when I slithered up Gwens body. I eased my cock into her and fucked her slowly as she panted fiercely. Her nails dug into my back as I thrust deep inside her hot wet pussy.

"Fuck me lover," she moaned.

I could tell that she was close to another climax. I leaned down and kissed her deeply as I pistoned my dick into her with short quick jabs followed by hard deep thrusts until Gwen's body shook with another strong climax.

Gwen rolled on top of me and sat on my cock. She bounced hard on my pelvis as she clenched her pussy onto my cock. Her cunt milked my dick until I passed the point of no return.

"Fill me up lover," Gwen moaned loudly.

I groaned as I pumped copious amounts of hot cum into her womb.

Gwen collapsed on top of me and kissed me deeply. Our tongues entwined and I wrapped my arms around her as my cock went soft inside her.

We rested in bed for another hour. My cock was spent but I caressed her soft body and brought her to another climax with my fingers as we kissed like two hormone fueled teenagers. I loved the feel of her soft body.

We climed out of bed and showered together before I got dressed and ready to leave.

It was after noon when I stood at the door. Gwen handed me an envelope filled with money and then kissed me tenderly. "Thank you for an incredible morning," she said softly between kisses. "Can I call you again?" She asked. I knew what she meant and it awakened some long dormant emotions inside me.

"You can call me any time," I replied as I wrapped my arms around her curvaceous body and kissed her again.

I gave Gwen my personal cell number and told her that I was free most afternoons. I knew we would spend more time together. I felt an odd happiness as I pulled away from the iron security gates.

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