tagMatureRooms for Rent Ch. 02

Rooms for Rent Ch. 02


A quick review of part one. I am a CPA from a small college town in Pennsylvania who rented out rooms in my house to five college females. There was Amy, Erica, Samantha and the soccer girls Becky and Sue. In Part One, I had a wild unexpected encounter with Samantha (wheelchair bound) in her room while the other girls were out.

Classes started for the girls and things seemed to settle down a little. Since I work out of my house I took it upon myself to drive Samantha to her first class. She worked her schedule to take all her classes back to back so that she was gone most of the day. Being this was the fall sports season, Becky and Sue were also gone the whole day, with soccer practice, classes and required group study. This left Amy and Erica coming and going throughout the day.

I made a mental note as to their schedules so I always knew when to expect them (could come in handy). Amy had classes MWF 1:00—4:00 and TT 9:00—11:00. Erica liked all her classes TT so that she could have long weekends. This left her gone all day on Tuesday and Thursday but at the house all day Mon, Wed and Fri.

A few weeks into the semester Amy, who was an accounting major was having trouble with her auditing class. As I said in part one, Amy was a very plain girl, not overly attractive, but not a dog either. She was very reserved and kept to herself a lot. So when she asked me for help, I knew she must have been struggling. Who was I to refuse? It was a slow day anyway. The tutoring began at 1:00 Tuesday. Amy came into my office and explained she was having trouble understanding the cash disbursement testing procedures. Right up my alley. Within two hours the light went on inside her and she was well on her way to understanding the concept. She thanked me and went back to her room to study.

Thursday rolled around and I just finished taking a late shower and was in my room nude getting my clothes from the closet when Amy rushed into my room exclaiming, “ I aced the test, thank you so much.” Before I could even cover up Amy stopped dead in her tracks, mouth wide open and her face turning the brightest shade of red. Being the good guy that I am I picked up the towel and wrapped it around myself and walked towards her. “ I’m sorry to barge in without knocking but I was just so happy with the test and all” “That’s alright” I said and gave her a hug and told her how proud I was of her.

I took her hand and lead her over to the bed and we both sat down. She told me the test questions were exactly what we studied. She squeezed my hand and said she wanted to thank me a special way. She wasn’t exactly the princess but nor am I a prince. Amy released my hand, loosened the towel and reached down and ran her fingers over my cock. Turning towards me Amy brought her lips to mine. I returned her kiss searching my tongue for hers. This reserved, shy girl could really kiss. Between the kissing and her playing with me, my cock grew harder and harder.

Shit the door was still wide open. I got up and walked over and closed and locked the door. I walked back to the bed sitting beside her once again. I took Amy into my arms and started kissing her neck and nibbling her ear. This must have been one of her spots. “Oh Dave” she moaned and took a deep sigh. I laid her on her back reaching my hand up and cupping her right tit. Feeling her nipple harden told me to continue.

I raised Amy’s arms above her head and removed her tee shirt. My lord, her tits were not that big but her nipples must have been sticking out a half-inch. I lowered my mouth to it and ran my tongue around it. First one, than the other. I cupped her tits together and sucked both nipples into my mouth, teasing them, biting them. “Please suck them Dave, yes that’s it, bite them.” Amy said. As I continued to feed on her nipples my hand traveled southward releasing her snap and unzipping her jeans. She raised her knees and helped me to remove them.

Lying beside each other I again attacked her nipples but this time my hand was toying with her mound. Amy parted her legs and let my fingers explore her. My god was she wet. I ran my fingers along her folds a few minutes and then inserted my fingers deep inside her. Her hips staring to buck driving my fingers deeper. Reaching down she took my cock into her hand stroking it. Amy said “work me, oh yes, it feels so good.” I just had to taste that pussy.

I laid on my back and turned Amy around on top of me. Placing her knees on either side of my face I opened her pussy with my hands. Like her nipples, her clit was perfect. I lapped my tongue across it and she jumped. I licked in circles teasing the tip every so often. This girl was dripping. I lubed my finger in her juice and circled her asshole with it. I left her clit and tongued her asshole. Slowly, I placed my finger at the entrance and drove it in. My tongue went back to assault her clit. As much as I was concentrating on pleasing Amy, I could not ignore what she was doing to me.

Amy was not idle. Her mouth was around my pole and her head was bobbing. This girl could really deep throat. With each down stroke, I could feel my cock enter her throat. Occasionally she would stop with me all the way down working her throat trying to swallow me. What a feeling, I never had a woman do that before. It was incredible. I was going to let loose soon and she knew it.

Amy’s clit was quivering now and I could feel small contractions from her pussy muscles. Harder my tongue pressed. Back and forth across her clit. My finger was reaming her butt hole faster. All at once Amy screamed “ FUCK, YES, I’M CUMMMMINNGGGG.” Her pussy went full throttle and released a stream on sweet juice. Her mouth went down and took all of me, over the edge I went and exploded down her throat. That had to have been my biggest cum ever.

Coming up for air we both looked at each other. Amy turned around lying on top of me and licked her wetness from my face. I held her tight and stroked her back. This girl was not through. Her tongue reached out and danced with mine. Sitting up Amy ground her bottom against my cock. SHE WANTED FUCKED. Reaching up with my hands I caressed her tits and tweaked her nipples. Her rocking continued and soon my pecker started to recover. I wanted to fuck her as much as she wanted to fuck me. Amy reached back taking my cock and aligned it. With her next rocking motion I was in all the way. Amy’s eyes were closed and she was breathing hard. I was matching her thrusts, slowly at first to set the rhythm then faster. “Oh Dave, fuck me, make me cum again. Feels sooo good, your cock is hitting me just right.”

Amy lowered her mouth to mine and drove her tongue deep inside. She was driving me wild. I was pushing my ass off of the bed trying to get deeper and she was matching me. Normally I could last a long time since I blasted before but not this time. It felt like I was in slow motion. I could feel the load leave my balls and travel up my cock and empty inside her. Amy’s cunt could not handle all the cum and it started to over flow. She stroked her clit and pounded down on me harder, squishing more cum from her pussy. She too was over the edge and I could feel her walls contract around my cock.

She fell on top of me and just lay there. I raised her head and kissed her. I ran my fingers through her hair and told her I just experienced the most magnificent lovemaking. Amy smiled but did not say a word. She got up, got dressed and walked to the door to leave. Before she left she turned and said, “ When’s my next tutoring class.”

Two down and three to go. To be continued.

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