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Bob slide up alongside Rose and put his arms around her. He held her sweating body close as she fought to catch her breath and her body quivered against his over and over, almost like aftershocks to an earth quake. Finally Rose lay still and quiet and they lay like that for nearly 20 minutes before she spoke.

"Thank you, now you have done something for me that I have not had in a long time. That was so intense and wonderful." Rose pulled his head to her lips and kissed him gently. When they finally broke the kiss she licked her lips and smiled, tasting herself on him. "I admit, you shocked my when you rubbed my pussy juice on my breast and then sucked it, but then I started cumming and I realized I loved everything that you were doing."

"I loved everything we did together..............so far," Bob said as he smiled at her. Finally Rose asked Bob if he minded if she smoked? He told her to do anything she wanted and as she got a cigarette and lighter from her bag he reached for a candle in a dish for her to use as an ashtray.

Rose lay in his arms as she lit the cigarette with Bob's eyes recording her every move. Her first puff got the cigarette lit and then laying the lighter aside with the cigarette still in her lips she took a long draw before removing the cigarette and inhaling. She exhaled into the air in front of them a long feather of dense white smoke.

As Rose lay in his arms smoking, she began to fondle his now half hard cock. She was pleased that he was recovering fairly quickly for a man in his 50's. On impulse she slid down and took his cock into her mouth again. She was rewarded with an instant hardening as she gently sucked and stroked it. When she paused to take another drag on her cigarette she looked up at Bob and saw a dreamy half smile as he watched her.

Rose exhaled around his cock and then again took it into her smoky mouth. She fondled his balls as she slowly stroked his cock with her wet mouth. She felt Bob's hands slide down and under her arms and then he pulled her up on top of him with her face to his. Bob kissed her deeply, tasting his own pre cum and her smoky mouth.

When Bob felt her furry pussy slide over his cock her reached down to stroke her and found her hand guiding his cock to her opening. She slid the bulbous head of his cock up and down her swollen wet lips and then teased her clit with it. It felt so much better than her vibrator and she shuddered with desire.

Rose lowered her body slightly and the head of his cock slipped inside of her. She sat up and lowered herself slowly onto his now rock hard cock. He filled her pussy nicely and both of them later agreed that this moment, with her sitting on him with his cock buried deeply inside her, was the most wonderful feeling they had either had in many years.

Rose realized that she still had her half smoked cigarette in her hand. She started to reach over to put it out and Bob said, "Why don't you stay there, just like that and finish your cigarette. You feel so hot and good and I love the way my cock feels inside of you right now."

Rose smiled at him and then took a deep drag. She held it for a moment and then as she exhaled into the air over them, Bob reached and began massaging her sensitive breasts. She knew he was turned on by her body and she raised her arms so that he could see her breasts move and have full view of the thick hair under her arms. It was obvious how much he enjoyed the sight of her this way as she felt his cock throb inside of her.

As Rose took a second long drag, she slid her body upward almost off his cock. She held the smoke as she paused there and then as she very slowly exhaled she slid her pussy back down over his cock. Bob knew that if she had not sucked him off earlier he would have cum right then.

After a minutes pause Rose repeated the long draw on her cigarette as she again raised her body and hovered over him. She held the smoke inside several seconds and then again slowly exhaled as she lowered herself back down on him. Rose knew she was very close to orgasm again and his cock felt hot and alive inside of her.

Rose repeated her actions again but this time when she had raised her body to the top of her stroke Bob reached and took the cigarette from her fingers. He reached over with his long arm and put it in the dish holding the candle. He looked back at Rose and then gently pulled her down on his cock as he rolled her over and raised up with him over her, holding himself on stiff arms. Rose had held her breath and now exhaled to the side. Before her lungs had emptied of smoke Bob lowered his lips and began to kiss her.

Rose's smoky mouth devoured him as he began to slowly stroke his cock in and out of her. He could feel her extreme wetness and at the end of each slow stroke he ground himself into her grinding her clit and feeling their pubic hair rubbing together. Bob could feel their juices running down his balls and knew that he could not last long.

As Bob began to stroke faster Rose and he kissed often and he reached down to nibble her nipples or to run his lips through her underarm hair before returning to her mouth. Her tongue seemed to want to explore his whole mouth and she began to meet his thrusts with her own. Soon little grunts were coming from both of them and Bob raised himself back up to quicken his strokes.

Rose reached up and took Bob's nipples between her thumbs and fingers and began to roll and play with them as he began to stroke himself into her harder and faster. She began to whimper and moan again and he felt her hot pussy spasm around his cock as she began to orgasm. When Rose began bucking wildly under him Bob began to slam himself into her so hard that he felt his balls slap into her ass. Rose reached up to grab the head of the bed to keep herself from sliding up under his hard thrusting. Bob looked down at her red face and chest and her bouncing breasts. Her nipples were harder than any he had ever seen and her long underarm hair made a sharp contrast to her smooth breasts and body.

Bob glanced down and saw his own cock sliding in and out of her furry pussy and felt his cum rising. As Bob began to orgasm he heard his own voice join hers as they made animal moans and cries. Rose was almost unintelligible, but he could understand, "fuck, fuck, fuck, ohhhh" and then he began shooting ropes of thick cum into her pussy.

Bob kept slamming himself into Rose as he felt spurt after spurt fill her. Rose felt him cumming and felt his hot cum filling her pussy. She thrust herself wildly meeting his every move with her own. Rose had never had a man cum so hard or so long inside of her and her own orgasm continued as she urged him on.

Finally, Bob collapsed into Rose's arms. His spent cock was still inside of her and they lay in each others arms panting and trying to catch their breath. When he could breath normally, he leaned in to gently kiss her lips and Rose met his lips eagerly. After sex, Bob's ex wife had always turned away or rushed to the bathroom to clean herself. Rose's husband had always turned away and gone to sleep. For both of them, holding someone who still wanted them after being satisfied was a new and wonderful experience.

Finally, with their lips still touching and Bob's limp cock still pressed against Rose's pussy, they fell asleep. They fell asleep knowing that something wonderful had happened at a time of their lives when both of them had given up. Neither had any idea what would happen in the future, but at this moment both were completely satisfied to hold each other.

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