tagMatureRose Ch. 04

Rose Ch. 04


Bob and Rose were silent as he drove the car out of the field back onto the country road. When they got to the overpass Bob pulled over and wrote down the exit number on a piece of paper in his wallet. Without explanation he turned to Rose, who was buckled into the center of the seat next to him, and gave her a long very tender kiss.

Rose watched carefully and directed Bob to the exit that led to an old fashioned diner that she enjoyed eating at. She told him that lunch was her treat and they chose a seat in the back corner of the nearly empty diner. Country music was playing in the background and they took their seats in a booth. Rose slid in facing the corner assuming that Bob would want to face the room. She was surprised when he tapped her shoulder and slid in beside her.

Rose was thrilled that he wanted to sit by her and not opposite her. It was dark enough in the back corner that it made reading the menu difficult. When the waitress came Bob turned to Rose and said, "I can't decide, why don't you order for both of us." Rose now was really shocked since she had never been with a man who didn't insist on taking the lead all of the time. She ordered their roast beef specials, a favorite of hers, and ice tea for both of them.

When the waitress left she turned to Bob and started to ask him why he had trusted her but he covered her mouth with his. The high backed booth had them hidden from the room and the kiss was deep so both relaxed and enjoyed every second of it. Bob broke the kiss when he heard the waitress approaching with their glasses of iced tea.

Bob took a sip and turned to Rose again, "Would you mind if I go get some other pants to change to? These seem to be rather wet and uncomfortable. I think I jammed them on too fast and a lot of both me and you is in there." Rose smiled and said it would be fine.

Bob went to the car and remembered Rose telling him she would love to fondle each other in a public place. Bob got a pair of good black cotton shorts that he brought for casual wear. He went to the restroom, changed and took his slimy jeans back to the car.

When Rose saw Bob come back the booth she was tickled to see his tan legs and the dark shorts. He had also changed to a cotton polo shirt and looked pretty good to her. Bob sat down and immediately kissed her again. This time his hand went under her shirt to caress her bare breasts and her nipples became hard immediately. His fingertips found her silky underarms and she found her already wet pussy getting wetter.

Rose responded by sliding her hand up and down Bob's leg on the inside of his thigh. Each stroke as she rubbed him went a little farther up until she touched his hairy balls. Rose was thrilled to find Bob was not wearing underwear. He had cleaned himself in the restroom and she found his balls dry and hanging loosely in the warm diner.

Instead of reaching for his cock, Rose began to lightly brush and stroke Bob's balls as then continued to kiss. His hand on her breasts had her very much turned on and just as she decided to grasp his cock Bob pulled away. She was amazed that he had heard the waitress approaching with their food. She left her hand, hidden by the table, under his shorts with his hairy balls in her hand.

Rose could feel his hard cock moving and throbbing above her hand as she gently kneaded his balls. She loved the way they felt and moved in her hand. The waitress took her time and then gave them a knowing smile as she left.

Bob kissed Rose again and said, "Maybe we should eat while it is hot, we are going to need all of our strength." Rose pulled away, disappointed but Bob put his arm around her and pulled her close. "I said eat, not be strangers."

With his arm around Rose he used his left hand to pick up his fork and tried a taste of the roast beef. It was so tender it cut with the fork and was delicious. Bob told Rose her choice was perfect and she sampled her food also. Rose's husband never complimented her and these words from Bob were a whole new experience for her.

Bob's right hand slipped to her arm and while he ate his hand was constantly petting her and rubbing her shoulder or arm. When the waitress came to refill their tea glasses they both told her how good the food was. Rose was surprised at how much appetite she had but she kept her left hand rubbing Bob's leg while they ate. She occasionally slid it up to caress his balls but only touched his hard cock with the back of her hand.

She could feel his cock drip precum on her hand when she pressed up into it hard. She was glad he had on dark shorts so the wet spot would not show. Roses own wet spot was spreading over the seat beneath her. After every few bites they would kiss and tenderly touch lips. Bob found her passion beyond his experience and belief but devoured her lips and touches.

Finally, the meal was finished and the waitress came to get the plates. She refilled their glasses and asked if they wanted desert. They both declined and as the waitress left Rose finally grasped Bob's cock and squeezed it. When she pulled her hand from beneath his shorts the top of her hand was covered with his sticky precum. Rose licked it from her hand and said, "This is my desert, very sweet too."

Not to be outdone, Bob slid his hand up Rose's leg and found her soaking wet pussy. The fur around the lips was dripping and Bob stroked her several times while she shuddered and sighed and then bringing the hand to his lips, he licked his fingers clean too. "Two can play this game lady."

Bob turned toward her and began to slide two fingers deeply into her pussy in a slow deep stroke. Rose took his cock in her hand and began slowly jacking it. She pushed his shorts up so his cock and balls were free. Bob kept one eye out for the waitress as he stroked her pussy with one hand and fondled her breast and nipple with the other. He was shocked that after cumming twice just a couple of hours earlier he was getting close again.

Bob felt Rose starting to breath fast and knew she was starting to cum. She held her cries back and Bob felt his own balls tighten and his cum rise. He didn't have as much cum this time but the orgasm he felt as her hand jacked him faster was deep and long and very satisfying. He pressed his lips to Rose's and his tongue slid into her mouth as she began to cum on his hand. She shuddered over her entire body and her pussy tried to fuck his fingers.

Rose whimpered into his mouth as he stroked his fingers into her pussy, still enjoying his own orgasm from her pumping hand. His other hand pinched her nipples and then he slid his hand to her underarm and began stroking and tugging the long hair there. A deep moan escaped her mouth into his and both wished his cock could be inside her.

Finally, their hands slowed and they sat back breaking their kiss. They sat breathing hard for a minute and then with some paper napkins both cleaned up. Bob bent down with a napkin to wipe the cum from the floor. Luckily he was so drained from the days activities that there was not the usual huge load. Rose moved over and wiped the seat with more napkins.

"We made a mess, " she said with a smile.

"I know, but it was worth it." Bob kissed her again. He just could not get enough of her lips. Rose took the wad of sticky napkins and put them by her purse so the waitress would not have to deal with them. They finished their tea and as Rose made good her promise to treat and paid the bill, Bob left a generous tip. The waitress gave them a big smile as they left and both of them wondered how much she had seen or figured out.

In the car, Bob drove again as Rose napped with her head on his shoulder and his arm around her. Two hours later, they arrived at the motel and checked in. The motel sat overlooking a green valley on the edge of town and the view was beautiful. Bob said so, and Rose pointed to a hill behind the motel and told him the view there was even better, especially for sunsets.

Their room had two queen size beds and they threw their bags on one as they began stripping. Naked they embraced and kissed. Bob was really amazed now because his cock was hard again. He had not had sex in several years and now his faithful little buddy was as excited as he was to have such a lovely woman to make love to.

When the kiss finally broke, they went into the bathroom and stepped into the shower. They washed each other taking much time with lots of intimate caresses. Bob washed Rose's hair and she enjoyed that very much. When they finished the shower they patted each other dry and made their way to the bed.

Slipping between the cool sheets they again kissed and held each other close. Both were so exhausted and they fell asleep minutes later with their lips touching and holding each other tightly. As they relaxed in sleep, Bob rolled to his back and Rose lay against him with her head on his shoulder and her right breast pressed against his side. Her hand slid down to hold his cock.

When Bob woke up several hours later, he felt Rose's breath on his upper chest. She was still asleep and was still holding his cock. Bob loved the feel of her breath on his skin and he turned slightly toward her so the he could touch her. Feeling him move, Rose rolled away in her sleep onto her back. Her right arm was above her head and she lay back almost spreadeagled.

Bob raised up to lean his head on one arm and looked at her wonderful body. True, she was thicker through the waist than a young girl, but she was perfect for him. He loved the swell of her tummy above the thick thatch of dark pubic hair. Her white breasts were capped by medium brown areolas. Her unshaven underarms contrasted starkly with her white skin and he reached to gently run his fingertips through the hair.

Rose stirred again and waking she turned to him. Bob pressed his lips to hers and she responded warmly. The kiss was long and when they parted Bob was still caressing her breasts and underarms with his fingertips.

"Will you be to disappointed if we wait a while to have sex again? " Rose asked. "I am a little bit sore after all we have done yesterday and today.

"My cock is very tender too, so no, I don't mind as long as I can keep appreciating your body other ways. Bob kissed her breast and lightly tongued her nipple.

"Later I am going to fuck you silly again, I just need a little time to recuperate, and besides I have something special planned for later." Rose stretched her body liking the way his eyes kept sweeping up and down her as if he loved every square inch.

Bob continued gently sucking her nipples as they got longer and harder in his mouth. He felt the rough texture of her bumpy areolas and felt her shudder in pleasure. He then ran his tongue in a wet trail to her underarm. As he tickled the long hair she again shuddered.

"I never knew that playing with my underarm hair could feel so good, " Rose said, " it is almost like feeling it in my pussy." Bob's open mouth engulfed her whole underarm tasting the slightly bitter salty taste and feeling the fur press into his face and mouth. He now had a fully hardened cock.

Bob slipped back down to nursing Rose's hard nipple. He knew how much she enjoyed that and he slipped his hand down to cup her furry pussy. He found it soaking wet and he pressed the heel of his hand into her clit and pubic bone. Rose ground her pussy against his hand and within seconds was moaning and cumming as his tongue lashed her nipple and his hand ground her pussy.

Rose began to get loud as she cried out in pleasure and bucked harder and higher against his hand. Bob began a circular motion as he ground his hand into her clit and pubic bone. He could smell her hot desire and wanted desperately to fuck her but remembered what she had said about being sore and saving it.

Words flowed from Rose's lips as she continued to cum. "FUCK, fuck me, oh my, bite my tit, chew my nipple, make your slut cum, oh baby.........." When she finally began to settle back she was drenched with sweat and breathing hard. Bob kept lightly sucking her hard nipple until she said, "enough, please you are killing me."

He laid back with his hard cock sticking up from his body. He looked at her sweating body and wanted to devour her as she caught her breath. Her pussy hair was soaked with her juices and her underarm hair was wet with his saliva and her perspiration.

Finally he broke the silence. "I hope you don't mind, but you did say no sex and that you were sore but you seemed to need a little attention." Laughing, Rose rolled over to embrace him kissing him deeply before laying back, propped up on two pillows.

"Wow, I need a cigarette after that one. " she said. Bob got up and went to get her handbag that she had left on the table by the door. He handed it to her and watched as she pulled her pack of Salem's out and placed one between her lips. "You don't mind, do you?" she said before she lit it.

"No, go right ahead, " Bob said and watched her stroke the lighter and begin to draw her first deep drag on the cigarette. He remembered that she had smoked only once earlier in the day and realized she probably did want one pretty badly. After she had drawn the smoke into her lungs and began a long slow exhale he said, " Of course, I had hoped you might want to suck on something besides a cigarette." He said this with a smile and she looked at his still hard cock and laughed.

"Honey, how about I do both?" she said as she reached for him. Taking his hard cock in her hand she began to gently and slowly stroke him. She started by rubbing and fondling the wet head of his cock and then sliding slowly all the way to the base where she squeezed it and massaged it with her fingers before lightly sliding back up to repeat the process.

Bob lay back enjoying every second and sensation. She sat there on the bed by him calmly smoking with one hand and stroking his cock with the other. He wished for a camera to take a picture of her sitting there with her hard nipples and still sweat dampened body stroking his cock.

After several long strokes she took a deep long drag on her cigarette and leaned over to slowly blow the smoke over and around his cock. She remembered that he seemed to enjoy this the first time she did it and was rewarded with it jerking and throbbing in her hand. She loved the hot soft skin and how it moved in her fingers.

At the end of her exhale she slowly took the head of his cock into her mouth, running her tongue around and flicking the sensitive skin under the head. He watched her beautiful mouth holding his cock as her hand kept slowly stroking the shaft up and down. Wisps of smoke escaped through her nose for several exhales and his fingers found her breast to hold and gently fondle.

Rose stroked his cock several times with her hand and then followed her hand down with her mouth wetting the whole shaft with her saliva and his pre cum. She loved the salty musty taste and sucked harder as she slowly withdrew her mouth. Rose repeated this whole process several times slowly before she raised up to smile at Bob and then to lean down and kiss him. He loved the taste of her mouth and eagerly ran his tongue around her teeth and lips.

When Rose pulled away from the long kiss she took another deep drag on her cigarette and then before exhaling took him back deeply into her mouth. His cock felt her tongue and the hot smoke in her mouth and he knew he was close to cumming. He watched the smoke swirl around his cock and balls as she fucked him slowly with her mouth. He told Rose he was close and she pulled up to take another drag and then took him again deeply into her mouth.

She began to gently fondle his balls and felt them pulsate and move as her mouth moved faster up and down his hard shaft. As she pulled up to take another deep drag he told her he was going to cum. Rose took his cock deeply into her mouth and began stroking it in and out of her mouth creating as much suction as she could. One of her hands fondled his balls and the other stroked his shaft behind her mouth.

Bob began hip thrusting and moaning and she felt the first pulse of cum hit her tongue and the roof of her mouth. It tasted musty and salty and the combination of tastes from her menthol cigarette and his cum was most pleasant. Rose began to swallow as more cum filled her mouth.

With her hands working his balls and cock and her hot mouth sucking his cock so perfectly Bob threw his head back and cried out loud as he spurted into her mouth, cumming as hard as the best orgasms of his life. Rose continued sucking until he became limp in her mouth and she knew he was totally drained.

Rose slid up his body with her mouth, pausing to lick and suck his nipple before taking one last drag on her dwindling cigarette. She crushed it in the ashtray and half way through her long exhale she leaned in to kiss him.

"I guess we need another shower now, " she said, and both laughed as they held each other tight. They kissed again and then both fell asleep, naked in each others arms.

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