tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRose Owns Torrie's Ass Ch. 02

Rose Owns Torrie's Ass Ch. 02



Rose and Torrie had been childhood friends but when Torrie's mum married into money their friendship fell apart.. As Torrie fell in with rich friends, Rose became bitter and twisted. Upon finding hardcore pornographic images of Torrie's mother on the internet she began to blackmail and humiliate Torrie, forcing her to fuck the loser of the school and videoing it, then using Torrie to take down her two snobby friends Angelina and Jenna . With Angelina defeated and stripped before the whole school , the increasingly malevolent Rose turned her attentions to Jenna)


It was an early summer night and the kids were looking forward to finishing school for the holidays in just a few short weeks. It was Saturday and the house was being used for a massive party, somebody's 18th or 21st probably, no one really seemed to know for sure but no one really cared either. It was after all, an excuse for a party and getting drunk and making out, just exactly what the kids their age did.

Torrie drove Jenna to the party in the little pink coloured car she had got from her parents for her birthday earlier in the year. She sat nervously in the driver seat, almost biting her nails in anticipation. Her passenger was oblivious to her friends state, sure Torrie had been different for the last month or so but Jenna just thought that she was upset about how Angelina had been humiliated by that little bitch Rose in the fight. She had felt guilty too, Angelina had disappeared into a shell since it happened and they only saw her in class nowadays, the days of "The Queen Bees" were well and truly over, but Jenna wasn't about to let her friend's discomfort stop her having a good time. And this party, which Torrie had told her about and eventually talked her into coming to might just be a good time, so long as the 'right' kind of people were there anyway.

Torrie, meanwhile, knew full well that the 'right' kind of people for her friend would not be there and had the suspicion that was for the best anyway. She travelled with a heavy heart, knowing that her nemesis Rose had arranged and set up this party and had given her explicit instructions as to convincing Jenna to come and some other things as well. She didn't know the full events for that evening but was sure that so long as Rose was organising it, it would be nothing good for them.

It had been, and still was, a hot, sticky day and both Torrie and Jenna were dressed in light summer dresses, Torrie's a light blue strappy affair and Jenna's a virginal white number. They pulled up in the driveway of the house and immediately saw kids from school hanging about in the garden and in the house, drinking and laughing and listening to the rock music from inside. It was a great evening for a party and everyone was enjoying themselves, both girls had barely exited the car when a plastic glass of beer was shoved into their hands and they were savouring it's cool taste. As Torrie turned to lock her car she put her glass on the roof and easily slipped a sachet from her handbag and as Jenna rushed to find the toilet (she had been needing a pee since Torrie had picked her up it seemed!) it was too easy to empty the contents of the sachet into the beer . Rose had given her the sachet and the instruction to get it all into Jenna as early as possible, and by now Torrie was doing whatever Rose told her to do with very little complaint.

The house holding this party was a pretty big one on the outskirts of town, but it was in a bit of disrepair and in no way could be considered one of the posher houses in town. This was where Jazz (Rose's boyfriend) lived with his parents, who were on a fortnights holiday. Jenna didn't even know that Jazz lived here, if she had then maybe she wouldn't have come she only knew it was a party for this other girl who she vaguely knew but it was the weekend and a party so what the hell!

Returning refreshed Jenna laughed and almost drained the glass in one big gulp, there was no going back now for Torrie and she took a swig from her's as well. Even as the two blondes moved through the mass of bodies in the hall toward the living room, Jenna felt a little funny, her head feeling extremely light and everything she heard and saw tended to make her laugh stupidly. Torrie hated herself for doing this, and heaven knows what Rose had planned but she also knew that she had to do this, there was no way she would let Rose tell anyone about her mother' past, especially her stepfather.

There was a rich and diverse selection of kids from the school here, ones that were reasonably friendly with Jenna and Torrie and ones who weren't, a really good mix for Rose's plans. Torrie spied Rose watching them from the staircase as they passed it but never let on, Rose just winked conspiratorially at her with a mean look on her face. They passed right through the open French windows of the living room and exited into the house's large patio and lawn. Out here, in the evening sun were scattered more party goers, all enjoying the music and beer and freedom of no parents around. Rose had told her to lead Jenna through the house and into the garden and to seek out Clyde Simmons and his friends. She did just that, trying to keep the nervousness from her walk and words as they took up position across from the three lads.

Although Jenna kept pretty much to herself at school there were three basic facts about her that pretty much everyone seemed to be aware of. One, that she was stuck up and considered herself better than everybody else, mainly due to coming from a old money, rich Southern family that had ruled the roost in town for decades. Two, that she and her family were noted racists who seemed to believe they were still living in the 1800's (and indeed thought those were better times, the 'good old days'). Three, she was a proud and outspoken virgin, considering pretty much everyone in the town to be below her and certainly not worthy of being with her. If all those attributes suggest that she wasn't the most liked girl in the year and plenty of people would be more than happy to see her brought down a peg or two then you'd be correct.

Clyde was sitting with his friends, Max and Sharky just seemingly drinking beer and shooting the breeze in garden chairs, set nicely away from the others. They were party to Rose's plan and were more than happy to oblige having all been made to feel bad by Jenna at one point or another over the past few years. They smiled big, beaming smiles and invited Torrie and Jenna to sit with them and have a drink. Torrie managed a fake smile of acceptance, knowing nothing good would come of this while an increasingly giggling and gay Jenna almost fell onto them in trying to sit down and began guzzling another large plastic glass filled with beer.

"Alright girls, how's it going? That's it, take the weight off your feet and join us. Not often you fine ass ladies speak to us is it? You here to party with us tonight?"

Jenna just giggled and spilt some of her glass on the lawn, a strong black hand preventing her from toppling over herself by reaching around her shoulder and anchoring her to the chair. Torrie attempted a smile but struggled to make it convincing. The guys laughed with Jenna about nothing in particular and before anything else was said or done Torrie felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to look up at Rose.

"Want a word with you Torrie. Come on with me into the house I'm sure your friend will be fine with the boys. You'll look after her won't you boys?"

This was met by a round of adolescent snorts and smirks that made Torrie even more uncomfortable about leaving her friend but she knew she would have to. Besides, these comments seemed to go way over Jenna's head and she was oblivious and laughing along with them. Torrie got up and followed Rose back into the house with a heavy heart. Once in she was led past the revellers and up the stairs into a deserted bedroom upstairs. It was Jazz's parent's bedroom. With the door closed behind her, Rose turned to face her former friend and filled her in as to her exact plans for the night.

"Well done Torrie, I wondered if you'd have the guts to go through with my instructions, you obviously know what 's good for you. I see you've given her the powder as I said. Yes, that was a good decision. You can take the rest of the night off, but stay on at the party I want you to see she we've lined up for her."

"And what do you have planned, you bitch!" spat Torrie her hate boiling over for a second.

"Careful what you say Torrie. I know an awful lot about you and your family that you know you wouldn't like other people to discover, don't I? That's it, take that rebellious look out of your eyes or I might let it slip, OK? Good. But seeing as you've asked, I don't see why I can't tell you. It's pretty simple, even a dumb blonde like you should grasp it. Your little bitch of a friend Jenna needs taken down a few pegs, I've sorted that stuck up slut Angelina haven't I? And you're not nearly so cocky these days are you? So that just leaves Jenna, and tonight with the heady concoction of what you gave her and a bit of alcohol I'm sure the animal charm of those three slugs out there will have won our fair maiden's heart. Then Clyde and company will convince Jenna to come up here and, well, I'm sure a whore like you can understand that when she leaves this room she won't be able to claim any of her holes as virginal any more. And the beauty is she'll want it to happen. She'll love it - at the time!"

"No! You're sick! I won't let it happen, this has gone too far."

Torrie turned to leave but Rose grabbed her shoulder and despite being smaller that the tall blonde was strong enough to push her back onto the large double bed in the room.

"Shut the fuck up! Listen up bimbo, that's not all either, because as you can see, here, here, here and here (she strutted around the room pointing out camera's) I'll be recording your friends slutty gang bang and Jazz has set up a big screen for everybody to watch downstairs. And I dare say the tape of it will sell well at school and around town as well. But I promise if you tell her one word or try to stop this I am going to show the tape of you giving it up for Gilbert McMaster and then a medley of some of your mums greatest hits. So how about it Torrie, still so keen to save your little friend? Maybe you should remember how she treated you when you weren't so well off, eh?"

"You are sick Rose, what happened to you?", but despite those words, Rose knew that Torrie had folded her objections and was already justifying her actions to herself. She was selfish, Rose could see that and rather than her being humiliated then Jenna could take the fall. Which is exactly what Rose wanted, besides she had more planned for Torrie but that could wait for now...

Meanwhile, out in the garden the heat, the drink and the powder from the sachet were taking their toll on Jenna's inhibitions. The three coloured jocks were getting lewder and cruder but Jenna didn't seem to care, giggling like a moronic, brainless bimbo at nearly everything. Hands were now openly groping Jenna's body, coping a feel of her round little boobies and smoothly patting her exposed, tanned legs, and she seemed to be loving the attention. Some of the other party goers stared in amazement at seeing Jenna with those guys and letting them paw her like a pet. Could this be the same uptight bitchy snob who acted so pristine and up herself at school?

Seemingly all their drinks ran out at the same time and when Clyde suggested "going inside to get some more" they all agreed this was a good idea and Jenna trotted along behind them. Everyone seemed to know that the only one doing drinking would be the blonde and that all she would be drinking sticky would be man juice. Clyde led Jenna up the stairs by her hand with Max and Sharky closely following then up, their hands roaming freely over Jenna's tight butt. The blonde stumbled on the steps and had to be helped over the threshold of the large open bedroom door. From the end of the corridor Rose and Torrie watched the four of them disappear inside and heard the door click shut. Rose rushed off to gather her audience downstairs (some who knew what might happen, most who were going to be in a for a big surprise), while Torrie could only stare in horror at what she had done to her friend. Suddenly she didn't want to be here, she didn't want to see this happen and turned to leave. But her progress was stopped by a slimy, greasy palm grabbing her wrist.

"Going somewhere Torrie, I thought we could get to know each other a bit better."

Shocked, she looked up into the cold, hard eyes of Jazz, Rose's seedy boyfriend. Jazz was a tall, thin guy with a shaven head and dull brown eyes. He was in the same year as Rose and Torrie but Torrie had never liked him and despite having less and less contact with Rose over the years, she had often wondered what she had seen in him. He had always struck her as creepy and sleazy. Now here, in this situation, as he blocked the passage and was leaning over her, she was definitely intimidated by his presence.

"Going somewhere Torrie? I thought you'd have been desperate to watch the show, I know Rose has gone to a lot of trouble to arrange it."

Torrie shrugged his hand from her shoulder and made to turn back around and go down the stairs, aware that he wasn't about to let her do this easily. He pulled her back so that they were chest to chest and his stale breath assailed her nostrils.

"What's the matter honey? You're not very grateful to your host are you, bitch? Especially because I know all sorts of things about you and your whore mother, it'd be a shame for me to spill those beans wouldn't it? I mean you are so fucking cheap and nasty that you did it with Gilbert aren't you? I saw the tape. So while your friend entertains the masses I want you to entertain me. Come on in here (he dragged the unwilling but unable to argue back Torrie into his own, smaller bedroom and locked the door behind him). Let's have a party in your mouth slut!"

Knowing that resistance was futile Torrie sank onto her knees before him and without prompting began to undo his belt and zipper. At least he was better than Gilbert, but only marginally and deep in the recesses of her mind she did get a tiny little kick about doing Rose's boyfriend. Good! Maybe she could even cause the two scumbags to split up, though heaven knew they deserved each other. His hardening dick sprang up at her face and she perfuncorarily opened her cherry red lips, eager to get this over with. Jazz pulled back his foreskin and shoved his dick deep into her wet mouth, nearly gagging her immediately but when she reached her hand up to slow his progress he slapped her down and snapped at her.

"No hands bitch, you're not getting it easy after walking away from me out there. You'll get it as rough as I want!"

He cupped his hands behind her head and pulled her blonde hair deeper onto his member and laughed as her eyes widened and appealed to him to slow down but he just face fucked her harder. Quickly he shifted his weight to push Torrie down onto her back, his thick cock still embedded with her throat. She lay there repulsed as he lay on top of her, his groin in her face and pumped away at her mouth, his hairy balls bouncing off her trembling chin.

All too soon for Jazz, he came, spurting his thick load into her mouth in three jerking spasms. Filling her mouth with a sour, acrid taste that she knew she would not lose quickly. Jazz lay there, unmoving, his shrinking cock still in her mouth for a while until, evidently satisfied, he got to his knees and proceeded to dismissively slap his messy, slippery cock over Torrie's frozen face.

Chuckling, Jazz got to his feet and looked down at Torrie's disgusted look.

"Better get dressed eh? I don't want to miss the show downstairs, see your little friend get her just deserts, eh?"

Downstairs quite a congregation of the revellers were gathered round the large screen television and with every minute more were hearing about what was going on and coming to get a look. It had started slowly, most people hadn't really known what was going on and weren't in a hurry to leave their drinks or conversations to watch some stupid video or programme. But then the four people appeared on the screens, dressed as they had been only seconds ago in the garden and those paying attention perked up. And when they were recognised and the viewers realised this was on a live stream from just upstairs (aided by Rose pointing it out!) it didn't take long for word to spread around the party and people coming to see the action unfold.

Rose had said to Clyde to not rush things too quickly and allow her to get as many watchers as possible, so once the door had closed he didn't make the fast move that the others expected. Instead he stood back, indicated to Max and Sharky not to rush in and allowed Jenna to time and space she needed. And right then she needed it, the audience downstairs first sight of her was of her staggering across screen and managing to collapse into a sitting position on top of the bed, an empty beer glass in her hand. She giggled and flopped over on the bed, the glass falling to the floor as Jenna giggled drunkenly. She felt free and wanton and an unknown mania was overtaking her. As she struggled to prop herself up the thin shoulder strap of her dress fell down and to an audible gasp downstairs when she finally regained a vertical position her left boob was visible. Her three man audience in the bedroom didn't laugh though, they just salivated and prepared to pounce.

Clyde was first to act, another gasp downstairs as he came into picture, standing before Jenna and with no prompting the petit blonde reached out and undid his belt and trousers, unleashing a massive black python of a trouser snake, already getting stiffer and only inches from Jenna's pink mouth. She had given the school's football teams quarterback a blow job before, despite her inexperience in sexual matters and sitting there she had an amazing, overpowering compulsion to take this black meat in her mouth.

Even right up until Clyde's cock entered Jenna's mouth none of the watchers downstairs (whose numbers were growing by the second) actually believed that Jenna would do this. Despite how turned on she was acting, surely there was no way this uptight girl would do this. But she did, and jaws dropped as it slid neatly inside her small mouth and she enthusiastically began sucking at it. Clyde's big hands played into her blonde hair and pushed off the other shoulder strap

Rose stood to one side in the lounge, watching the action unfold on the big screen with a smile on her face. This was the next phase in her plan to bring down the "Queen Bees" and she was delighted with her success so far, but as things got hotter on the screen she contemplated that perhaps Torrie hadn't quite learned her lesson yet and that there was one more lesson she wanted to teach her. However, that was for the future, as for the present, well, an exclamation from the agitated audience told her things had progressed further.

As Jenna bobbed her mouth on Clyde's cock, Max had undressed completely and got onto the bed behind Jenna and gently pulled down the other shoulder strap fully and pulled the dress from her body revealing her peachy tits to everyone. Sharky, meanwhile, was also undressed and on his knees and he pulled off Jenna's white cotton panties and handed them to Clyde to comically sniff before tucking them in his back pocket and continue to fuck her mouth as the two other guys fingers roamed and probed her breasts and pussy.

The viewers gasped at this and even more as Jenna obviously was enjoying this attention and as Clyde's cock slipped from her mouth she lay back on the bed and allowed him to climb up and re-enter her mouth while Max spread her lithe legs and jammed his hard cock up into Jenna's cunt and began banging her on the bed. Another gasp, followed by another and Rose smiled wider, she had told all three boys to be sure and cum inside Jenna. Not just for spite but the party had been timed from information from Torrie that this was around about the perfect time for her to conceive - triple the chance, thought Rose.

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