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Rose's Promotion


I woke up on a Sunday morning rolling over and just stared at my wife of 5 years. Pulling the covers down I looked at her medium size 34C tits and gently put one of her nipples in my mouth. Sucking on one nipple until it was nice and hard I rolled the other nipple between my fingers. My wife Rose woke up pulling my head to hers kissing me very gently. Steve please not this morning, you wore me out last night. I know honey but I'm trying to get you pregnant. Wrapping her arms around me she told me you'll get me pregnant sweetie you just have to be patience. To be honest my dick was even a little sore as we fuck 3 times last night. We lay in bed for a while and talked and like usual our talk turned to her work. Rose was consumed with getting promoted to Regional Sales management position. After a few minutes of that conversation which I had heard many times I told her to get a shower.

While you're showering I will run out and get you one of your specialty coffees. Rose liked that idea and I was halfway out the door when I remembered my car keys. I knew Rose carried a key to my car in her purse for any emergency that might arise. I noticed Rose's purse on the kitchen counter so instead of going back upstairs I would just get the key from her purse. I'm digging towards the bottom wondering how any woman can find anything in a purse when I see a zipper on the inside. I unzip the compartment and pull out birth control pills. Rose had promised me she went off birth control a couple of months ago as we were trying to start our family. Looking at the package I noticed a third of the pills were missing and then in turning over the package I seen the prescription label. The date on the label was only a few weeks ago so she was still on birth control. I put everything back as I found it then went upstairs to get my keys without Rose hearing me.

I was drumming up all kinds of thoughts on the way to get her coffee but the thing I couldn't understand was why she would lie to me about getting off birth control. I would bet money she wasn't having an affair because when she wasn't at work she was with me. Yes she had a very close girlfriend but her husband was also my best friend so I really figured I knew where she was almost all the time. The only time I couldn't account for was her work time. I was truly disappointed as I now thought she just didn't want to have kids but yet she seem like she was trying to have kids.

It was around 4 pm when Rose shook me to get my attention. Honey what's wrong with you, it seems like you're in another world and you have been like this all afternoon. Now come on were going to be late. Where we going I asked? Steve you okay? You know we planned on going over to Bill and Shari's for diner. After diner Bill asked me to help him out in his shop. Once out there he looked at me and asked me what was wrong. I told him nothing but he told me bullshit I know you better than you know your shelf so come out with it. I told him what I had found and that Rose told me she went off the pill a couple of months ago. We talked trying to figure out all the reasons why when Bill told me to hire a PI. Look he said you need to know what is going on. Look at you you're a wreck and it's only been a few hours. Rose is not having an affair I told him. Prove it he hammers back at me. If you're so sure she isn't then what are you afraid of. Hire a PI then when he tells you she isn't involved with another man you can talk to her about kids and maybe better understand her reason for lying to you about taking the pill.

Monday morning I hired a PI that our company uses for security reason as well as other things. We talked and he told me it doesn't sound like she is having an affair based on the info I told him. I will do some checking both when she is on the job and off the job. Plus let me check her medical. Women are funny that way and maybe she has something else going on.

Even though the PI checked in with me every few days I wasn't getting any news. Even though I tried to cover up my feeling I just wasn't engaging in sex with Rose. Finally on Saturday Rose demanded to know why I was avoiding her. I tried to reverse the challenge accusing her about not wanting any sex which started a big fight. It was our really first big fight and when I told Bill about it he warned me that if I didn't change and change fast Rose was going to know I was up to something. With Bill's advice I put my tail between my legs and begged for forgiveness blaming my behavior on fear. Rose looked confused but now she also looked worried, which now had me thinking maybe she was having affair for the first time. I had troubles keeping myself from going crazy as the days came and went but Bill helped me stay focused and thinking positive.

Around the middle of week three I started to think of Rose's birthday that was fast approaching. It was her 25th birthday and I wanted to do something special. Bill's wife Shari gave me the idea telling me to have a half 50th birthday party. Giving her a walking cane cut in half and that kind of stuff. It was a Thursday morning when the PI sat with me. The meeting which I thought would be a 30 minute meeting at the most lasted more than 2 hours. After the PI left I sat alone in a trance until the phone rang. Bill called me knowing I was meeting with the PI. I told him we needed to meet plus I needed a drink one with lots of alcohol. About the time Bill came into the bar I was on my third drink. Bill took one look at me and said this isn't good is it. The shock of what I had learned was wearing off and anger was filling my entire body as I slide the folder over for Bill to look at. I told Bill the short version of what the PI had discovered as Bill looked at the pictures with times and dates. Bill asked about the CD in the folder and I told him it was a video of Rose and her Boss banging each other. I told Bill that the PI said that I should watch the video but more importantly listen to the dialogue. The PI told me that I would be surprised on Rose's reason for being there. Bill called his wife and told her to take Rose to the movies or the mall as we were planning her birthday party. Shari of course got excited thinking she was helping with something good for Rose.

Bill and I watched the CD which brought tears to my eyes and the PI was right as I was totally surprised to the reason Rose was with her boss. Rose was fucking her boss for one reason and that was to get the promotion that she had talked about all these months. Together we sat quietly and just drank with the only words being spoke were you want another drink and of course my response being yes. After much silence I told Bill you know if Rose came to me and told me that she had fallen in love with her Boss, or if she told me that she just wasn't satisfied with the sex she was getting from me and needed something more, I know that I would be able to cope with it. Sure, I'd be hurt just as I am right now, if fact I'd be full of hurt and disappointment. I'd feel like even though I have given my marriage my all, I'd feel like I let Rose down. Now to sit here and watch my wife fuck her Boss just to get a damn promotion, well I'm more than hurt. I'm also mad as hell and by god Rose is going to feel how mad I am. Bill then said you know from watching her and her Boss fuck it's like she's there but she isn't, you know what I mean. Well it doesn't matter now, because she put her job above her marriage and now she going to live with her decision.

As Bill handed me my drink he told me the girls will be home soon do you know what you're going to do. Yes, Yes I think I do looking up at Bill. Next Monday is Rose's birthday and by god she's going to get the surprise birthday party she will never forget. I need to act fast so I will need your help and I will need to use Shari if that's okay with you. Sure Bill said but you know Shari and Rose are very tight so Shari won't do anything that will hurt Rose. Don't need her for that purpose but she knows all the people to invite and I need you to be there at the party to help execute my plan. I pretended to be drunker than I was when the girls got home which help me stay away from Rose.

The next day at work I went to the shipping department and talked to a guy that could do almost anything with a computer. I told him what I wanted with pictures and plus a video which he told me he could do easily.

I called Shari and told her I was going to use her Ideal but I wanted the party to be a surprise party. We'll have it on Sunday afternoon around 3pm and can you help me. Shari told me of course as she was excited, as I told her I needed her to call all the people and then she would need to get Rose out of the house on Sunday for a few hours. Just before we hung up I told her I would tell Rose's parents. Next I went over to Rose's work asking her to lunch which she told me she couldn't as she was to be in a meeting. That was fine because the reason I went there was to invite her boss to her birthday party. I told him it was a surprise birthday party for her and if he could come that would be great. Hell, bring the wife it will be fun. If you can come which I hope you can please park at the grade school that way when her friend brings her home she won't see all the cars. My bubby will be escorting the guest from the school to my house, it will be fun hope you make it. Next after work I went to Rose's parents' house telling them my idea for the birthday party. Rose's Mom got together some pictures of Rose from child birth up to our wedding.

Later that night I went to the computer guy's house. I showed him everything I had and gave him my ideal of how I wanted the evening to go. He didn't say much, but after listening to me he suggested a different way which would have a bigger impact on everyone. I like what he suggested and after agreeing to his ideal he told me he would have it done and ready for me by Saturday.

Wednesday I went to a Lawyer's office and started the divorce papers with the reason being adultery. Also the attorney told me to sue her Boss and the company that they work for. The attorney told me he could almost guarantee some money from Rose's company.

Friday evening I had Bill sitting across the table from me. When you think things can't get worst they seem to find a way I said. Bill asked me what I meant. Well Wednesday when I went to see the attorney I spent more time there than I thought I would. When I left the attorney's office my mind was filled up with my marriage problems causing me to forget to go back to work and send off the bid for a job. The company lost out on the job so today they suspended me for 30 days without pay. If it wasn't for my Boss who knows that my marriage is going down the tubes I would have been fired. My Boss though wants me far away from Rose and this mess so I can get my head screwed back on. He gave me his time share that he has in Mexico to use telling me that if I want to keep my job I'll be in Mexico no later than Wednesday. Are you going Bill asked? Hell yes I can't lose this job. Now let's get on with the dos and what ifs on Rose's surprise birthday party.

I explained how the pictures were going to be displayed and also how I hoped the evening to go. Once I started the picture event Bill was to make sure that Rose's Boss didn't get away as I wanted him to see the entire show. I also told Bill that the guy playing the bartender was also going to be serving the divorce papers to Rose and as well as papers to her Boss.

When I got home Rose was mad as she wanted to know where I was. I told her I was with Bill no big deal. It is a big deal because I come home early to give you some really good news and you weren't here. Rose went off on me telling me that I was drinking way too much, plus you have been avoiding me. It's as though you have a girlfriend Rose yelled. I got red faced I was so mad and when Rose seen how red faced and mad I was I could tell she was now worried. How could she accuse me of having a girlfriend when she is fucking her boss to get a god damn job promotion? I was just about to lose it and scream at her when I heard Bill's voice in my head warning me again. I again put my tail between my legs telling her I was sorry, I don't have a girlfriend and please tell me the good news. Well she said getting very excited, I got the promotion and starting next month I'm the new Regional Sales Mgr. Rose jumped up and down then ran into my arms hugging me tightly. Then surprising me again when I didn't think she could. With her arms still around me hugging me tight Rose told me now we'll get that baby we want. Pushing her back to arm's length I asked her what she meant by that. Rose quickly pulled herself back into my chest and quickly replied Oh honey our luck is just changing that's all. I can just feel things are going our way now. My promotion came through; I love you so much and I just know you'll get me pregnant. Then she looked up at me and asked, you do want a baby don't you sweetie? Rose seeing the tears in my eyes thought they were because of the baby, when in fact the tears were because I was soon going to lose the only woman I have ever been in love with. Grabbing me by the hand Rose led me to our bedroom almost raping me. After struggling to the first orgasm I realized I might as well use her pussy all I can because in two more days I'll be without pussy for some time.

Rose wanted sex again Saturday morning which I gave her but I just went through the motion. I was in the shower when Rose walk in to join me. With a very concern look Rose asked me if something is bothering me because she has never been able to outlast me when it comes to our love making until now. Don't deny that something is wrong Steve because you have been acting differently for a few weeks plus you're drinking way too much. Thinking fast I told her I felt the reason she wasn't pregnant was my fault. Looking at her, I told her maybe there is something wrong with my body and I should see a doctor. After all you have been off the pill for several months now right? Rose grabbed me and without answering my question she started giving me a big prep talk telling me I was putting too much pressure on myself. She also said that now she has gotten her promotion at work she too will be more relaxed and even though she just can't explain it she knows that I'll get her knock up very soon. I thought to myself I bet you could explain it if you wanted to. Saturday night Rose wanted sex again but this time I did too. It would be the last time for us so I gave her all I had. I think tough she could tell that there was very little love making on my part. It was just sex.

The Party

Sunday morning came and I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be. While Rose was taking a shower I called Shari asking her if she had a plan to get Rose out of the house. Shari assure me that she did and told me she was proud of me for giving this party for Rose as she knew Rose would always remember it. I almost laugh, thinking oh yea I bet she'll remember it for a long time. When she came down the stairs I asked her what she had going today. Why she asked? Well Bill called and wanted me to help him sometime today as Shari has him working on her honey dew list. Great Rose said as Shari wants the four of us to go to breakfast. After that Shari wants me to go with her to help pick out drapes for their bedroom.

It was 3:10 when Shari followed Rose into our house with everyone yelling SURPRISE. Rose was extremely surprised and came to me giving me a big hug thanking me that she had no clue she was getting the birthday party. After looking around at all the guest I heard Rose asked Shari if she invited her boss and when Shari told her no. I again seen that worried look show up on her face. I had my two key people in place and the party took off with people laughing and mingling around. I waited almost 2 hours as I wanted everyone to have food but mostly lots of booze.

With Bill's help we rounded up everyone and gathered them into the living room getting them ready for the show of the year. Ok everyone thanks for coming but before we let Rose open the cards and gifts let's take a look at the first half of her 50th birthday. Looking around I smiled as Rose's parents, her cousin, and her boss who brought his wife. Everyone was finally sitting waiting for the show to begin. Everyone knew the theme of the party so they were all excited and eager to follow along.

I turned on the TV as well as my lap top telling them here we go. The first picture was Rose at 2 months naked lying on the bed. Everyone whistled and jeered as I made the comment look at the nice butt on her. Rose turned beet red as picture after picture slowly appeared on the screen. As each picture came up I would joke or at least explain the picture plus I'd ask her Mom for input and I soon had a lot of people teasing Rose as we went.

There were pictures when she was in grade school going up through high school. When her high school graduating picture came up I started to tell everyone how motivated Rose is. If Rose sets her sights on something she will do anything and she doesn't stop until she gets what she wants. The college pictures of the two of us appeared. I joked and told everyone another example of her motivation is snagging me in college. People laughed and Rose was really enjoying the show I was putting on. Next to appear was our wedding picture with people razing me about the way I wore my long hair back then.

Next on the screen was a picture of the building where Rose works, with me telling everyone this is where Rose works. The following picture was of her desk at work. I explained she got this desk as a promotion when she was appointed top sales person. Like I said when she sets her sights on something she'll get it no matter what. The next picture showed Rose's Boss with his wife sitting at our table at the X-mas party. Rose was sitting right next to her Boss with another employee sitting next to Rose. I was nowhere in the picture. The smile on Rose's face had disappeared and now her face showed that worried look again. I glanced over to her boss who also wasn't smiling anymore. In fact I think I caught them glancing at each other.

I told everyone that I hope Rose's Boss appreciates her dedication, hard work, and will help her get promoted to the Regional Sale Manger position that she so desperately wants. As I finished that statement I was looking right at Rose. For the first time I seen nothing but fear in her face because she had already told me that she got the position so my comment now had her fearing that I may know.

I hit the button to start the video as I spoke to everyone. I can't express in words how hard Rose has work to hopefully get the new position so more pictures everyone. The video started up showing an empty bed but you could hear my wife's voice telling her Boss that this was the last time according to their deal. The second Rose quit talking the video quickly changed to show Rose now on the bed with her Boss between her legs fucking her. At the same time you could hear her Boss telling Rose, common bitch if you want that promotion get those legs high and wide. Watching you could see Rose spread her legs wider as she lifted them up into the air.

I heard people gasp loudly and many people quickly started to leave. The video again quickly changed with Rose now on her hands and knees with her Boss right behind her holding onto her hips fucking her doggie style. At the time it changed you could again hear Rose's Boss shout out. Damn girl with this pussy you'll be promoted all the way up to VP status. The video had run for maybe 15 seconds and still had about 15 more seconds to run showing 2 more positions but all hell was breaking lose.

Rose jumped up screaming for me to turn it off crying as she told me how sorry she was. Her Boss tried to leave very quickly but my buddy Bill told him to sit down and when her Boss tried to push pass Bill, well with the help of a fist to the jaw her Boss was sitting. My other key person yelled his name and when the stupid jerk answered he was told you have been served and the papers were thrown into his lap.

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