tagIncest/TabooRose's Son Gary Ch. 02

Rose's Son Gary Ch. 02


Gary had left on the Monday morning leaving Rose feeling empty; she missed him as soon as she dropped him off at the station.

He left with her promise that she would be up soon to see him; a weekend would be nice he had told her?

'Yes darling it would,' she said, 'I'll see about it okay?'

'Okay mum, see you then, I love you.'

'Bye honey, I love you too.'

Then he was on the train and gone.

Rose went round to see Anna, her best friend, and the other lover of her wonderful son.

She tried not to cry when she saw her, but her unhappiness attached itself to Anna too, so they both blubbered to each other.

'Rose,' Anna said, 'we are going to have to see him sooner, rather than later, aren't we?'

'Yes we are.' Rose answered.

'How about 3 weeks time, I will look at hotels, and book it for a Friday and Saturday night, yes?'

'Go for it Anna,' Rose told her.

So that week it was booked, 2 connecting rooms, both doubles, nothing was being left to chance, plans made, but they never told their husbands, they wouldn't do that until the week of travel.

Rose called Gary and told him what they intended to do, he was overjoyed and told his mother, that he was going to reward them both with a real hot weekend, and to bring plenty of baby oil, and Vaseline.

'Why Vaseline?' she asked.

'For the sore bums you are both going to get,' he laughed.

'Ooooh you naughty boy,' his mother sniggeringly told him.

'I love you,' Rose told her son.

'Bye mum, love you too.'

Rose and Anna went shopping with Gary in their minds, buy it for him, wear it for him, they told each other, and giggled away.

They were both very comfortable about their collective relationship with Gary now.

Both surprised themselves and one another in their imaginations of sheer, lacy, and decidedly sexy underwear

No jealousies, no hang ups, he was more than a match for the pair of them, and both knew neither one nor the other, would ever say.

'I could have done with a bit more!'

The week of travel, both women told their respective husbands, that they were having a weekend away, shopping, taking in a show, and generally having a girly weekend.

Both Tim, and Mike readily agreed, which surprised them both a little, not one word of protestation, or little boy sulks.

Both ladies were happy, and rest assured they would leave plenty of supplies etc for them both.

On the day of travel, both girls were dressed serenely, but provocatively underneath for Gary.

They had tried to make plans for his seduction, or theirs, but had decided to let nature take its course.

They arrived at the hotel, settled themselves in, and Rose called Gary to let him know they were there, and in room 511.

'Okay mum, I'll be there in 30 mins or so, love ya!'

The girls were nervous, 'should they split up, or double team him,' Anna had said, Rose nearly collapsed with laughter at her use of words.

'As his mother,' Rose said, 'I will take precedence Anna.'

'Ooooh will you now?' Anna giggled.

Rose giggled too.

'No I won't,' Rose said, 'he will do what he wants, and we will agree, you agree to that Anna?'

'All the way Rose, all the way honey,' Anna said.

There was a knock on the door, they looked at each other, drew a deep breath, and Rose opened it.

Gary was stood there smiling and carrying 2 bouquets of roses, one for each of them.

He said. 'To me roses are the most beautiful flowers on earth, but they can't get close to either of you two.'

Both women, gushed to him, and stammered their thanks, hugged him and kissed him.

Then nature really did take over, they unceremoniously dragged him to the bed, got him on it and started attacking him.

His clothes were coming of bit by bit amongst all the fondling, touching, and squeezing.

Gary did his best to return in kind, but he was stripped before them because he was trying to remove 2 lots of dresses, and the rest of their attire.

As he was yanking off Anna's panty's, Rose clamped her mouth over his already pipe hard cock, and sucked merrily away.

'Oh Jesus mum,' he called, as he felt the heat from her mouth.

Anna leaned over him and kissed him passionately, he twisted a nipple, sending her into orbit, she was so up for this, it was unbelievable.

Rose managed to get her finger up into his arse, and wiggled it about, this made Gary squirm.

They were getting the better of him at the moment, but he would change that as soon as he had their clothes off.

As they became naked before him, he changed tactics.

He threw his mother on her back, and mounted her so quickly she lost her breath, her mouth was opening and closing, and nothing came out.

Then yanking Anna around, he got her lying next to his mum, but in head to toe fashion, and immediately slammed his mouth down and on her already steaming pussy.

He used his left hand on his mother's nipples, and his right on Anna's.

He was really in an awkward position, but he went for it hammer and tongs.

He wanted to get them both fully and totally aroused and cumming for him, before they settled down into a love fest of astronomical proportions.

He drove is prick into and out of his mother, whilst hoovering away at Anna. His tongue was right in her most sensitive area, and his nose was rubbing up and down her delicate little brown hole, and she was rising to the challenge he was setting her already.

She was going to cum; she felt her body slacking off, like it always did before the ultimate explosion, which would blow her sideways.

Rose was silently gibbering away, as Gary pummelled her, she was on her way too, 3 weeks she had waited for this, as Anna had, and the inevitable conclusion was nigh.

Both women came within seconds of each other, both climaxed like it was the first time ever, it felt so new, so good, it hurt, it soothed, it gave them what they both craved at the same time.

Gray shot 3 weeks worth of cum into his already pregnant mother, but neither knew or guessed that they were both pregnant with Gary's babies.

Gary fell of her, and lay at her side, they all looked at each other somewhat sheepishly, and then they all laughed, it was a laugh of satisfaction, happiness that they all felt the same, and relief that they had renewed their love for each other.

Anna climbed over Rose and Gary, so she could lie at his side, and cuddled into him, she also reached over and stroked Rose's thigh, in a show of love and affection.

Gary got both his arms around his women, and told them he loved them so much, he thought his heart would burst.

Both Rose and Ann responded in kind, and one hand clasped his balls and another clasped his cock, both girls snuggled into him.

'My turn,' Anna whispered, as his cock started to take off again.

Rose smiled at her friend.

'Yes Gary, take care of the old broad,' she laughed.

'Rose Stilgoe, don't you dare speak to me like that, I'm a beautiful woman, aren't I Gary!' she muttered.

'You both are, I have the love of the 2 most beautiful women in the world,' as he turned his attention to his aunty Anna.

With Rose at his back, he began to love Anna, neither woman knew what it was he had, but it was something that couldn't be defined.

He had them completely and utterly hypnotised, just by his very presence, his demeanour, his aura!

And the power of his demanding cock had a say in their twin love for him.

He was kissing Anna, oh how she loved being kissed like this, she just swooned in his arms, his fingers began to work their magic on her nipples, his hot mouth on her neck, the feel of fingertips caressing her pussy, was putting her mind on overload.

She kissed him back, tickled his balls, in tune with Rose's too.

Rose scratched at his back, kissed the back of his neck, she was doing her best to help Anna in her losing battle, never before had either women being subjected to such inferiority to a man.

They had always had the upper hand when it came to boyfriends, and then husbands, they decided where things went in sexual terms.

But not with Gary, he had them cold, no respite, it was no contest, no competing; they were 2nd, all the way.

Gary rose above Anna, she looked at him with awe in her eyes, she was about to be loved out of her mind, fucked out of her skin, something akin to fear filler her thoughts, but that was easily overtaken with the love and lust she was feeling right now.

Nothing short of murder would have stopped Gary from taking her, she was there to be taken, she wanted taking, and he was going to take her.

He glanced momentarily at his mother, Rose gave a slow nod of her lovely head, it was a nod of recognition that Anna was about to get done to her, what nothing had ever been done to her, and no way to stop it, not now.

She had his engorged prick in one hand, she pointed it at her pussy, and he drove it right in with such ferocity that she thought he would break her tiny hand!

His prick thudded home, Anna wailed in pain, surprise, arousal beyond compare, and absolute subjection.

She called his name, 'Oh Gary, oh Gary, please, oh ah, eeeh, humph, aaargh, oh yes, oh yes, oh baby yes.'

Gary bounced at her, he hammered his rampant prick into her mercilessly, she wailed and wailed, and urged him on.

'Beat me Gary, hurt me, fuck me, thrash me, take me, do me, I want it, I want you, please don't stop, oh my fucking God,' she glugged.

He was at her like pistons in an engine, he was firing on all cylinders, his fucking of her so astounded Rose, she moved away and watched her utter demise to her son, Anna was demented in her arousal, such was her mind set, she unwittingly had given Gary permission to do her, as and when he wanted and how he wanted, and no rebuke would be given.

She was clamped to Gary like a limpet mine, nothing but her impending climax would cause release.

But he was hitting her so hard, her mind couldn't collect itself.

He powered onwards, their hips slapping at the others.

He on his elbows, hands hooked under her, no escape, and no let up.

He continued her destruction, then he stiffened, he was going to cum, this gave Anna's body the time to unify again, and her own orgasm blasted her in to pieces.

Never had she ever cum like this, it just about killed her, then Gary blew his lot into her, making her squeal and squirm under him, her body was wrecked now, broken and beaten totally.

He bit the base of her neck as he did leaving a huge hickey, but she didn't care, she wanted whatever he had in mind for her, she really was his now, no argument.

Rose lay back in wonderment, she was stunned at what she had just witnessed, she had no idea that a man fucking and making love to a woman could attain such heights of fabulous depravity, such power, such stamina, such immensity of staying power.

Gary remained lying over Anna, while he himself recovered, then slowly rolled away from her, towards his mother.

He looked at her with a 'are you okay?' look on his handsome face.

'Oh darling, I have never seen anything like that in my life,' she whispered.

Anna seemed to be unconscious, but breathing evenly.

He laughed softly, and said, 'to be honest Rose, neither have I, I don't know what came over me, but I just wanted to hammer her?'

'Well baby,' Rose said, 'you certainly did that,' and giggled.

Then she understood him, he had called her Rose for the first time, it was then she knew things had changed forever.

'But I want the same later too okay honey?' Rose murmured to her son.

'Don't you worry, I have it all for you, after all, you are my number one aren't you?' he said softly to her.

She held her self over him and kissed him with all the love and passion a woman in love can give a man, her man.

Anna was sleeping it seemed, her body had shut her down for a while, it's a woman thing, such intensity and orgasm's during lovemaking, and they sometimes close down for a few minutes, no problem.

Both girls were realising in their own way that Gary was some sort of phenomenon, he was the ultimate warrior when it came to making love, sex or whatever, nothing, and no one could stand in his way, certainly not them, his control over them hadn't been worked for by him, it was a natural progression.

Whatever it was he had, or indeed was, if it could have been possible to box it, bottle it, package it and sell it, they would be millionaire's many times over.

His controlled power, stamina, persona, aura, standing, the command in his voice, the look in his eye, his very wherewithal, was something that could not be taught, bought, given, or learned.

He was 18 years old, and these 2 beautiful women, were completely enthralled, engaged, and held by his very being. And they were both realising that their escape, if ever needed would never be possible without his personal release, they were in, and no way out.

They belonged to him, his mother was now his total lover, and she was his woman now, not his mother any more.

His Aunty Anna was in the same position, in for the duration, and if anything or anyone tried to deflect their combined status, then trouble would be at hand in great amounts.

Gary said to his mother. 'Come on, lets go in the other room, I haven't been in your bum for 3 weeks or more, it's about time I was!'

'Oh Gary, please be gentle with me?' She sensed that she was going to feel his dominance over her, in a way that she hadn't yet experienced.

'Come on,' he reiterated.

Taking her by the hand he led her through the connecting door.

'Where is the Vaseline and baby oil Rose?' he asked.

'Here,' she said almost reluctantly, but she knew that she would bend to his will without being asked to.

'Ah,' he smiled at her, took her in his arms and began the seduction, which was already unstoppable as far as Rose was concerned, because already she wanted him, to be his again, to make love like only he could.

He kissed her and touched her, she fondled him, and she wanted him hard again, hard for her. She cruised her hand up and down his prick, feeling and sensing every inch, every piece, and every ripple.

Her left arm was around his back, holding herself tight to him.

Gary was feeding on her lips, then her neck, fingers twisting a turgid nipple.

His other fingers were in the crack of her lovely round arse, this in itself was enough to make him hard, fucking his mother there was the ultimate shag for him, and his prick grew in her hand!

She was in fact the architect of her own demolition, she feared what he was going to do to her, but the need for it overwhelmed her fears tenfold.

They were nearing the bed now, he led her to it, to her own demise, and Rose was so far into what he had, was and is that she needed to be taken in every sense of the word. She was at both ends of the spectrum now, wanting, needing, and desiring his prick in her arse again so badly.

But tied to that was her fear of his utter power that was exerting itself over her, he wasn't doing it, it was just there, palpable, she could taste it, feel it all around her.

His hand was in her pussy by the time her scrambled thoughts rearranged them selves.

She came on his fingers; it ran down her legs, if he had not been holding her, she would have fallen down.

He laid her on the bed and made love to her, it as like the first time all over again, his tenderness, the surge of love and power ran from him to her in waves.

His prick lovingly buried in her vagina, it was like silk on velvet.

She was away in the air somewhere; the love for him in her heart was untouchable now.

He silently ordered her to her knees, as another wave of orgasms washed through her.

She slowly turned, and on hands and knees, head down, Rose offered him her arse.

Gary applied the Vaseline, and baby oil, he pushed some in with a middle finger that made Rose moan in further arousal.

Then he was behind her, and she felt the first nudge, 'Oh Gary, Gary, please honey, please?'

She didn't know if she was begging for him to be kind to her, or if she was begging for him to fuck her to insanity, she had no idea.

His prick slid in, he held it half way, Rose just held her breath, not knowing what he was about to do.

He reached under her and grabbed her clit, this sent her silly, she heard moaning, and it was her.

Other finger tips ripped at her nipples, oblivion beckoned.

As this was concentrating her mind on her body, he rammed his thick prick all the way in, as she started to collapse under him, he grabbed her hips and held her up, and then he began to fuck her properly.

He pushed in and out at tremendous speed, he thudded into his mother with a power unknown to her, her mind was screaming for forgiveness, yet at the same time urging him on.

Rose then determined now to stay upright, she braced her arms and legs, her head was still hung low, there was no way she could raise it.

Gary sensed this, and let go of her hips, he focussed on fucking her, and releasing himself.

Again his fingers found her nipples and clit, it was driving her insane, she was cumming and cumming, her pussy felt like a washing machine on spin and rinse, such was the amount of juices flowing from her opened pussy.

He plugged and replugged Rose's wide open puckered rectum, he was going to cum Rose, he yelled at her, Rose managed to respond, 'please baby, cum, cum, give it to me,' she wailed.

Her nipples were burning with fire, her clit were as sparks fired from a furnace.

Gary shot his load deep into her backside with such power it flattened the pair of them, he was laid flat on her back, his prick fully embedded in her, neither could move except for the pulsing and throbbing of his prick inside her wrecked bowels.

Anna had woken, and heard noises from the next bedroom and went to see what was going on. She had got there just in time to see Rose climb to her hands and knees. And she witnessed the utter battering love making they, or rather Gary visited on his mother.

She felt Rose cum; it hit her as if she was cumming herself.

She felt her arousal, as if Rose was handing it to her.

She was cumming as Rose was cumming, she wished she could trade places with her.

And when the quiet scream emitted from Rose's wide open mouth, she silently screamed with her.

She watched as they collapsed face down on the bed, she heard the ragged deep breathing, the moaning, and the gasps. She knew Gary's prick was so deeply into his mother, it would have taken a nail bar to remove it.

That's when she fell down, her legs could no longer support her, she landed in a heap in the door way.

Anna managed to struggle over onto her back, but she had no strength. Gary had literally fucked it out of her, simply by her watching him in action, and knowing full well from personal experience what had happened there, right in front of her.

Gary heard, then saw her on the floor, and knew what had happened, but he had to wait himself to recover, so he couldn't go to her aid.

He left her there on the floor, he looking at her, she looking at him.

It deepened her subjugation to him, he would come to her aid, if and when he decided to, she knew.

Gary rolled away from his mother, Anna was sure she heard a 'plop!'

Her body began it's revival for her, but she was still weak, it was as though she had just swum a marathon.

She slowly got to her hands and knees, and crawled to the bed.

Her beautiful golden hair swaying as she went, her gorgeous body was being shattered by electrical volts emanating from Gary.

Getting to the side, she rested her head on the bed, just as a faithful dog would, to look at its master.

Which in fact, she knew now she was!

Stupidly, she thought to herself.

What am I going to tell my husband?

How can I keep this a secret, how can Rose keep it a secret?

This is more than sex now, its love, its need, its true passion, its utter love.

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