Rough around the Edges Ch. 01


"I'm going to bed." she said walking out of the kitchen without the sandwich.

"Wait Jade, what is your problem?"

She turned suddenly toward him, "I told you this is none of your business so I don't want or need your so called help. Stay out of it! Do you understand?" she ended with her finger in his face.

"Loud and clear, princess." he said through gritted teeth and turned away to go back to the couch.

James looked after her as she went upstairs. He pushed everything out of his mind wanting to forget about what just happened. Maybe it was his protective nature that made him talk to her boyfriend, but obliviously she likes taking what he is giving her. What's the point of him interfering?

That next day, Jade woke up for what seem like the 100th time. She couldn't sleep after talking to James. She just thought it was so sad for someone on the outside to see what Dante has been doing to her. She had struggled with herself to break up with him and then he would do something sweet to win her back. Now, he was being on his best behavior and actually proposed. He has changed; it just took him some time.

She went downstairs looking for Katrina and cursed to herself when she saw James sitting there reading the paper with a cup of coffee. Why is he always around her now? She walked past him as he looked up following her with his eyes. She was silent the entire time as she grabbed a cup of coffee for herself. James shook his head at her obvious attempt to ignore him and returned back to his paper. She looked at her cell phone and saw that it was getting close to nine. She needed to get home so she could change. That's when she noticed a text from Katrina.

It read that she was busy this morning, helping Scott pick up graduation stuff and she would meet her at the restaurant. She just told her to wear something she already had over there and James would take her to the restaurant. Damn her, Jade thought to herself. Now she had to ask him for something and she really didn't want to talk to him anymore. Well, at least he was clothed this time. Time to swallow her pride, she thought.

"James..." she started walking up behind him.

"Katrina already told me what was going on and I already went and I will take you back to the restaurant or to your house."

"Fine, thank you." she said walking back upstairs to get ready. She was sure there was something here that she left over to wear. She would just pay him no mind at all.

Once she got ready, they got in the car and headed to the restaurant. She happened to find some blue jeans and a black wrap shirt. She settled back into her seat crossing her arms. James glanced over he way and saw the hint of cleavage that appeared. Damn her skin looked so smooth, just like chocolate and it didn't help that she was a busty woman. He just had to be attracted to the loud mouth woman that was delusional about her boyfriend.

She looked over at him driving, sitting back comfortably with his eyes hidden under his sunglass. He had on a black bandana snug over his head. He was in desperate need of a shave, she thought as he scratched under his chin. She just couldn't see it, after that one day he spent in the restaurant, women would come around wondering if he was going to show up again. He was way too built in her opinion and rough, she was always into clean cut guys, so why did she keep staring at him? She sighed to herself looking straight ahead. For some reason she wanted to explain her relationship with Dante, but the back of her mind told her that he wouldn't get it. He seemed like the type to not really care, but she hasn't really given him any reason to care.

The silence and the constant ringing of his phone was really starting to annoy her, "Could you please get that?" she finally asked.

He looked at the phone and set it back down without answering it.

"Don't you want to get that?" she asked.

"Not particularly."

"You must be avoiding an ex."

"Yep, a wife." he said as he pulled in front of the restaurant.

She was shocked to hear that he had an ex-wife. She was going to get Katrina for not telling her that part. She wanted to know what woman could put up with his attitude.

"You may want to open up shop. There's going to be some hungry people."

"You're right about that." she sighed reaching to the back to get her purse.

"What are you going to do about your car?"

"Oh, I'm going to call my mechanic and have it taken to the shop."

"You should let me look at it. I'm pretty good with cars."

She started laughing as she got out of the car, "No thank you. I've had enough amateurs looking at it." he watched her hips move side to side as she walked to the door.

He knew that strut, that was the look at my ass strut, he thought to himself. So she wanted him to look which only meant one thing to him, a little piece of her was attracted to him. There was only one more confirmation he needed from her and he got it as she turned to look his way before going in the building. He smiled to himself as he drove off. He knew it, behind all her little bitchy comments she found him attractive too. He knew it since she was constantly staring at him. Well, no time to dwell on that, besides she had a so called boyfriend to take care of her and he had a business.

Jade slammed down the phone running her fingers through her hair in frustration. This was becoming ridiculous. She did everything but beg for Dante to come back home and fuck her. Why did he have to stay in Colorado an extra week? Isn't his family tired of looking at him? Not only that but the thought of James in his boxers last night was constantly replaying in her head, driving her body crazy.

"What's going on girl?" Katrina said walking in with a goofy smile on her face.

"Oh shut up." Jade pouted. She knew that the reason for that smile was due to her lunch date with Scott.

"He's not coming back, huh?" she said.

"No, not this week. Not only that, I got a call from some girl looking for him."

"Hey girls." Kendra said waddling in.

"And then here comes this one." Jade mumbled.

"Don't hate on me and my happiness. Dante must not be coming back." Kendra said rubbing her stomach.

"Yep and a girl is calling asking for him." Jade pushed out of her seat.

"You know, why do I do this? He starts acting right, only now I can't get no dick."

"How long has it been?" Kendra asked.

"500 years.' they both laughed, "Don't even tell me how long it's been for you two heifers. I can clearly see the product of one of those times on you." she said pointing to Kendra.

"Hey a man is always suppose to take care of home before he goes anywhere, Ricky told me that." Kendra said plopping on the couch.

"Well that hasn't happened for awhile and with him asking me to marry him..." she blurted before she could stop herself.

"What?!" they both said in unison and lead them to fire off questions left and right.

"Okay yes he asked but I haven't said yes or no." Jade quickly clarified.

"You have to know that he's not the right guy for you." Katrina said.

"Here we go again." Jade grumbled.

"Seriously, he has cheated on you, now from what you tell us, you not getting any."

"I say give him a taste of his own medicine and you find someone to give you yours." Kendra suggested.

"No, the answer to the problem is not to do the same thing."

"Shut up now she may have a point. I mean what's good for him is definitely good for me."

"If that's the case just break up with him." Katrina said being the voice of reason.

"It's just one time and it can be someone random that I can just use."

"This is so wrong.

"Oh come on, you spent most of your life plotting to get your husband. Katrina, I just want to know what good sex feels like again. I need someone to make me feel wanted even if it's just for a little bit." she said biting her bottom lip.

"I'm not going to condone it, but I can understand. Believe me, I know from ex-boyfriends about not being taken care of properly."

"Good, now what guy would I get to do this with?" Jade wondered sitting back in her seat."

At the shop, James and Gary had just finished signing all the paperwork to transfer everything to James. He never thought that this day could be so stressful and he's been in war. Gary had spent most of the day introducing James to other employees and showing him around the shop. He loved it around here and the fact that most of the customers are going to stay with James.

"Well, this is it. Here are the keys James and all the documents."

"Thank you sir. I really appreciate this."

"No I appreciate you. Now Tanya and I can go on that honeymoon and help Kendra with the baby." he laughed.

"Well, I just hope I make you proud."

"I'm pretty sure you will. Scott and Ricky go on and on about you. It makes me feel like you are part of the family."

"Well I am honored sir, I really am. You know it's getting late, why don't you get out of here?"

"Yep, Tanya will kill me if I am late for dinner. Just promise me that whenever I come around you let me work for a little bit. I may miss the grease on my hand." he smiled and James couldn't help but laugh.

"That's a guarantee." James said as he showed him out.

James looked around the place taking in everything. It was all his now, he finally got his own business something he has been wanting since he worked on his first car back when he was 14. He figured his dad would be proud of him since he was the one that taught him everything. He looked at the cars that were still here and even an abandoned motorcycle. He would have fun with that later, he thought as he smiled to himself.

He was heading back to the office when he heard someone banging on the door. He checked his watch again to make sure it was closing time. The banging continued as he ran over to the door. He opened the door to see that little temptress Jade. He leaned against the frame as she lowered her hand.

"What are you doing here? Where is Gary?" she asked.

"He went home, what's wrong?"

"My mechanic sucks and I need someone to fix this fucking car. It has stopped twice since I drove it here. Can you get me a mechanic?"

He scratched under his chin and crossed his arms in front of his chest, "I'm sorry princess but I am the mechanic."

Her mouth dropped in shocked, "No, you are a Marine."

"I'm that too, but I am also a mechanic. I bought this shop from Gary."

"Oh, well I'm pretty sure that I can find another shop." she said turning her back to him.

"Jade," he said grabbing her arm, "You already said that the thing keeps stopping on you, so let me help. But if you want to take the risk of driving this around in the dark, then go ahead."

He liked the way she pouted when she knew he was right. He saw that same pout when he was talking to her last night about her boyfriend.

"Fine, thank you." she said.

He went ahead pulled the car into the shop to take a look at it. She went ahead and called Dominique from the office, to ask her to come pick her up when she got back from dinner with her brother. Dominique was firing off a million questions when Jade looked out of the corner of her eye. She saw him peel his shirt off and her mouth went dry as she saw him in his white tank top. He leaned over the car and she saw his muscles in his arm flex as he was under the hood. Maybe it was the lack of sex but the way he looked right then turned her on immensely. It was that same twinge she felt when she saw him last night in just his boxers. She licked her lips as she saw him stand to full height, stretching his arms over his head.

"Jade, are you listening?!" she heard Dominique's angry tone.

"I hear you. Look, I am at Gary's shop just come as soon as you can."

"Yea sure." Jade hung up the phone and went out to join him by the car.

She came over and leaned against the car as he looked at the engine, "So is it a flop?" she asked.

"No, it's a pretty good car, but did you have a pre-school kid as your mechanic?"

She smiled, "No, it's this guy that I have known for awhile."

"Well," he said standing to full height looking over at her, "I think I can fix his screw ups, but it will have to wait till tomorrow. There are some parts I need. I can take you home though."

"No thank you. I have a friend picking me up."

"You insistent on bothering Katrina and Scott when I can give you a ride."

"No, that's not it. I got a friend that doesn't have a man and I think you have done enough for me already."

"It's no problem. The fact that you called me an amateur didn't hurt at all."

"Yea, I'm sorry about that. I go through bitch periods and it can't be stopped."

"So I noticed." she kicked his leg and they both laughed, "It's okay, you just had a bad night. So, you know when your boyfriend is coming back?" he asked returning back to the car.

"Not really. I'm thinking his family needs him." not as much as she needed him though.

"Sorry to hear about that."

"It's okay, you know I actually see a mechanic in you now."

"Yea, my dad taught me everything about cars and then the rest I picked up on my own. I use to do some work on the jeeps for the army sometimes."

"Why didn't you go open a shop back home?" she said.

"Not a good place to start, besides I like it here."

"And maybe you are trying to get away from the ex-wife?"

"That too." he grumbled testing a couple of screws.

Her mouth started to water as she stared at his back. She crossed ankles together hoping that would release some of the heat building in her pants. Her mind started to wonder what he would be like in the bed. This was crazy, she barely knew him and yet she couldn't stop her mind from wondering. Would he be as rough as he looked? Would he pull her hair? Was his cock long and thick? Would he tease her mercilessly until she begged to cum? She looked at his long fingers as they reached deeper inside. She closed her eyes imagining him holding her down on a bed like he did last night and feeling his fingers enter her wet pussy. The feeling of his fingers thrusting in and out, stretching her out, driving her insane. His thumb circled her clit making her buck out of control. She could feel her climax coming soon and a moan escaped her mouth.

Wait, that wasn't part of the fantasy, she thought as she heard the moan for herself. Her eyes flew open wide. Please don't let him hear that, she thought to herself. She couldn't even bring herself to look at him. Where the hell was Dominique?

She chuckled nervously, "Excuse me." she said pushing off the car and quickly walked back to the office.

Oh he heard her alright, the way she basically ran away from him was his confirmation. The small sound echoed in the garage and invaded his senses. He wondered if she was thinking of him. He really didn't care at this point, because his cock started to strain in his jeans. No use fighting this, he thought to himself.

He followed her into the office and saw her pacing in front of the desk. Her face looked flush with her hand in her hair. He stepped in front of her and she looked up at him, nervously. He leaned down close to her face but didn't take what she wanted. Please, just please do it, she pleaded to herself. Oh fuck it, she stood on her toes and pressed her lips to his. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, gliding it against his. So, what if he wasn't her type? He ran his fingers through her hair and grabbed a handful of hair to pull her head back. She groaned in shock as he looked up at him. Those plump, juicy lips teasing him and her lust glazed eyes looking up at him.

"Fuck." he whispered and went to assault her lips with his.

Jade couldn't remember the last time she got so turned on by a kiss. His thick tongue moving in her mouth, dominating her mouth. She grabbed on to his shoulder when she almost lost her stance. He had something to fix that, he grabbed the back of her thigh to lift her against him. She instantly wrapped her legs around him as he grabbed her ass pulling her against his throbbing erection. She moaned into his mouth as he sat her on the desk. She craved to touch his chest, to feel if he was as hot for her as she was for him.

They broke away slightly for him to pull his tank top out of his pants. She saw the little tuff of hair on his stomach and licked her lips. A sudden movement caught her eye and she looked to see Dominique in the door way. James wondered what she was staring at that made her eyes wide as saucers. He followed her gaze and saw one of her little friends.

"I was trying to get your attention but I see you two are busy." she said trying to hide the obvious smirk.

"No, um thanks for coming to pick me up." she said trying to push at his chest.

Reluctantly, he moved away from her so she could fix her clothes. Dominique gave her a little smirk before she turned away from the room. James looked down at her as she tried to bring herself together.

"I guess I'll come and pick it up tomorrow." she said.

"Jade, I told you that I will take you home." he said. He wanted to finish what almost happened right on his desk, boyfriend be damned. She shook her head and looked up at him, "I have to go. Thanks again." she quickly headed to the door.

She wanted to look back to see what he was doing or if he was going to follow but she decided against it. If she would have, he would have to take her home. She couldn't understand what was going on with her body. Everything went on overdrive the moment she kissed him and everything in her pulled to him. There was something in that kiss, in his touch that made her crave him. It was more than just her wanting sex, but something else and it scared her. She hurried into Dominique's car, biting her bottom lip.

"You want to explain what happened in there. I mean I could leave you here and have him take you home if that's what you want." Dominique joked.

Jade didn't really hear her because her mind was reeling. Her hormones jumping for her to go back and her pussy soaking her panties. What was that extra she felt though? That hidden feeling that exploded when he kissed her. Kissing another man wasn't suppose to feel that way, she just wanted gratification.

"It wasn't suppose to feel that way." she whispered to herself.

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