tagInterracial LoveRough around the Edges Ch. 02

Rough around the Edges Ch. 02


"Why can't you just come home for a little bit?" Jade nearly screamed into the phone.

"Baby, I have a lot of work to do up here and my family needs me."

"And they just decided now that they needed you? Dante, I'm just feeling that I'm beating my head against a brick wall and I want to see you."

"I will be back soon and then we can talk about the engagement."

She became enraged, how dare he bring that up in her condition, "You want to talk about marriage when you can't even come home to spend some time with me?! You know what Dante, just forget it, go back to work!" she slammed her phone shut and nearly threw her phone across the room.

When did she come to a point where she basically had to beg someone to fuck her? Especially when it came from someone who was suppose to be her boyfriend and wanted to be her future husband. Last night had been so rough for her. After she left the shop, she listened to Dominique mock/lecture for the entire ride to her house. Not only that, she brought herself to an orgasm in the shower. She still had everything fresh in her mind from last night, from James muscled arms gripping her, to his lips pressing firmly against hers. This was so ridiculous. She was about to get some work done when she saw Katrina walk in. Oh great, someone who is happy with their relationship, she thought to herself.

"Hey, what's going on?" Katrina said sitting in front of her.

"Just the usual stuff. I am horny and my boyfriend is not delivering."

"I thought you were going to do the whole cheating thing."

"I was, but" she sighed, "I don't know if I can handle that."

"You seemed all down for it yesterday, what happened?"

She didn't tell them yet what happened yesterday, actually she was a little shocked that Dominique hadn't told her. It made her a little nervous to think about what had happened and how she felt. She might as well get it over with.

"Last night when I went to check on my car, I almost had sex," she paused, " with James." she waited for a reaction.

She looked up when she didn't hear anything and Katrina sat there with her same understanding look, "I actually knew, I was just waiting on you to tell me."

"I should have known. Anyway, it was going real far when I just happen to see Dominique."

"How far did it go?"

"Kissing was just enough for me. I was almost on the desk and he was kissing and pulling. It was just so erotic."

"I thought you hated James."

"I don't hate him, just his smart ass mouth."

"Now you see what that smart ass mouth can do and you are hooked." Katrina smiled.

"I'm going to let that slide because it is so true. It wasn't just the kiss though, something happened when he kissed me. I felt like I was spinning out of control and felt like..."

"Sparks went off?"

"Yea and..."

"That you couldn't get enough of it, but he made you feel like a woman."


Katrina nodded, "That's how I felt when Scott first kissed me."

"Which one; when you were younger or when you two met up again? You know it doesn't matter, you and Scott belonged together, it's different."

"It maybe a different situation, but the outcome remains the same. You felt that click when he kissed you."

"Is that what it's called, I thought it was extreme lack of sex." Katrina laughed as Jade ran her fingers through her hair.

"So, what are you going to do?"

"Go back to being angry and frustrated till Dante comes home."

"Okay Jade, I'm going to be honest with you. You're horny and you aren't getting any, but Dante makes sure he gets his. When is this going to register to you?"

"Now you are condoning me to cheat?"

"I'm not saying that. I'm just saying for you to put everything together. I think part of your attraction to James is the fact that he doesn't kiss your butt and gives just as much as you do. I'm just wanting you to think about it for a little bit. Now come into the kitchen and let's start cooking." Jade couldn't help but chuckle.

"Alright then."

Later that day, Jade had just came back from picking up some extra stuff for the restaurant. She pretty much threw herself into her work and tried not to think about that kiss. Her arms were so full that she didn't think she would be able to make it to the back. She felt her load lighten as soon as she walked in. Katrina must have been waiting on her she thought, but looked up to see James. Damn, she really didn't want to deal with this now.

"Thank you." she said and walked past him.

"You're welcome. I thought I come by and give you an update on the car."

"And the phone didn't work for you because?" she said heading to the back.

"Well, it's lunch and a man does need to eat." well nice to see last night didn't knock the bitchiness out of her, he thought.

"Well, I didn't need you to help me with the bags." she said handing everything to one of her cooks.

Okay he was now fed up. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to the back where no one could see them. He felt like he was doing a lot for this girl and here she was still treating him like he was something on the bottom of her shoe. He put up with it for as long as he could especially since that kiss they shared last night.

He pulled her into her office and slammed the door. Jade was ready to unleash on him for embarrassing her at work. Who did he think he was?

"Now you listen..." she started.

"No you listen." he interrupted, "I don't know what you have against me, but I suggest you let it go. I don't play those roller coaster games nor have time for them. I don't care whatever your boyfriend has you going through but I'm not him so treat me with some fucking respect. Got that princess?" he ended glaring down at her.

Jade's mouth dropped at his words. Did he really just talk to her like that? She couldn't believe her ears or how her body suddenly reacted to the way he talked to her and how he stared. He didn't break his gaze so she figured she better respond.

"Got it." she simple stated with her mouth tensed up.

"Good, now like I told you before I just came to get some lunch and to give you an update on your car." he said walking to the other side of her desk.

She blinked a couple of times to get her mind focused back on what he was saying now. The car, right, she thought to herself.

"Yes, is it bad?" she said turning to face him.

"Like I said yesterday, it's good. I just have to wait on this part to come in. I should get it later today."

"Wow, you have pretty much thrown yourself into work since you got that shop."

"I don't believe in slacking off." he said sitting on the corner of her desk.

"Don't you have to move in and get settled?"

"I will eventually. I just want to make sure that everyone is taking care of, especially you." She raised her eyebrow, "Why especially me?"

"I have a soft sport for army brats." she laughed out loud tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and saw him smile.

Her knees started to feel weak as she looked at his smile. For him to look so rough and demanding he has a smile of a young boy. It was a very infectious smile that made her return it.

"What would you like to eat?" she said remembering the other reason he came.

"Come over here and I will tell you."

"Why do I have to walk over there?"

"Because I want to touch you." her mouth dropped, "I am a blunt man."

"Why do you want to touch me?" she had to ask the loaded question.

"Because I like what I felt last night and I've been up almost all night thinking about touching you again."

No this couldn't be happening. Was he honestly saying this to her. She thought about not indulging in his request especially with the way he talked to her earlier, but it was that same tone that made her feet move toward him.

She stood in front of him with her arms folded across her chest. She couldn't take her eyes off the way his gray shirt adorned his muscles. He had a grey bandana covering his hair, she would like to be reminded how his hair looked again. Her eyes scanned to connect with his, staring back at her. She wondered what exactly he was thinking.

He took one of her arms and pulled it away. The way her chest pushed up with her arms crossed was really distracting for him. Her other arm fell at her side as he pulled her closer to him. She felt her body shiver with her being so close to him. His gaze fell on her lips, those thick plump lips that invaded his dreams last night. She wrapped her arms around his neck bringing her closer to him. She smelled so good, he thought to himself and he wondered if she was still responsive to his touch.

His hand reached up to grab the back of her head and pulled her down to his lips. She fell right into the kiss, wrapping her arms tighter around him. His hand traveled down to her hips, griping them tight. She was starting to like when he was forceful. She never thought she could get so turned on by him and his strong hands. He was definitely gifted with his tongue, she thought as his kiss dominated her mouth.

He heard her moan against his lips and something about that snapped to him. He couldn't explain the urgency he felt at that moment, but he wanted her bad. He dreamed of her most of the night, of what it could have happened if she had never left. It left him frustrated and hard most of the night.

He reached for her shirt and nearly ripped all the buttons off, leaving her in a black lace bra. She gasped against his lips feeling the cool air hit her chest. He broke away from her lips to kiss her neck. She clenched on to him tighter when his tongue ran slowly down her neck. She couldn't afford to get a hickey from him, but this was feeling way too good to stop. It felt great to be wanted and desired. Her hand gripped his muscular arms as he continued kissing and licking her neck. He stood to full height keeping his eyes bearing down on her. His eyes were so deep that she could get lost in them. How could he have such an effect on her? He pulled her over to her chair and he sat down. He pulled her to straddle his lap. She was surprised she went this far without mentioning her boyfriend. Boyfriend? She did have one of those.

"Um, Jam.." her voice ended in a sudden gasp for air when his thumb grazed her harden nipple. She bucked against him as her skirt rose to her waist.

He didn't think she would be so responsive to him. Watching her eyes slit closed and head thrown back sent a direct signal to his erection. Her moisture covered her panties as he kept on teasing her. He was itching to get her hair down to see how she looked when she lost control. He knew a good way to try and see.

She looked down at him as he took her nipple in his mouth. Her mouth dropped as he sucked on the harden bud through her lace. She couldn't think and her head was spinning. At this point instincts took over and she started to grind slowly against his jean clad erection. She heard his low growl as she grabbed on to his shoulders. Her body was craving this release that was building inside her. She could almost taste it. She was ready to rip their clothes off and let him take her. Logic didn't matter any more only this delicious sensation. She pulled his head up and kissed him again, shoving her tongue in his mouth.

"Hey girl, I wanted to...wow!" they both turned to see a shocked Katrina standing there. She quickly turned around and went back out.

"So sorry about that." she said through the door.

"Fuck." he silently cursed, "Do all your friends have bad timing?" she couldn't help but smile.

She couldn't believe this was happening again. She was starting to really believe that she wasn't meant to cheat. She was about to get up, but felt his hands tightened around her waist.

"Where are you going?" he asked looking up at her.

"I have to get back to work and so do you since you are fixing my car." she said finally getting up.

You have got to be kidding, he thought. He got up and moved over to her as she fixed her clothes, "So that's it?" he asked standing behind her.

"I'm afraid so." she didn't want to turn around and look at him just yet, "Look this is nice but I have a boyfriend. I can't just mess around with you. Besides that, this is wrong, I'm not sure if I really like you."

He chuckled, "Look, it's obvious something is going on between us, so this is what's going to happen. I am coming to your place at nine and you are going to be waiting for me."

She finally turned to face him, "And what makes you think that I will be waiting?"

One side of his mouth turned up before he leaned down and kissed her roughly. She couldn't do anything but let him as he sucked and licked her tongue. Damn he sure can kiss, she thought. He pulled her closer to him to steady her wobbly legs.

He pulled away from her plump lips and he saw something for that brief moment. A gorgeous creature with swollen lips and face flushed with lust. Her eyes flickered open to connect with his.

"Because I know so. You can come pick up the car around five." he said turning on his heels and walking away from her.

She stood there embarrassed, angry, and horny. As if she needed any help feeling that way, it's been that way for awhile. She sighed looking down at her shirt. At least she carries extra clothes here. That's when she thought to herself, who did he think he was. Did he just pretty much tell her that she better be ready for him later that night. That arrogant asshole. She knew she was dumb for letting it go that far. She groaned in frustration.

"I can't stand him!" she shouted as her body protest.

She found another shirt in her gym bag and put it on. She should send him the dry cleaning bill to have the shirt buttons fixed. She then wondered what type of wine she should get for the night.

Later that night, Jade just got out of the shower and went searching through her closet for an outfit. It's not like she cared though. She just wanted to look presentable. She didn't get a chance to see him when Katrina took her to pick up her car. They said he was out picking up some stuff, but he did call her to get directions to her house. A million thoughts ran through her mind as she held her favorite brown dress up to her body. She looked at the clock, 7:30. She still had time to back out of him coming. She tried to tell herself that it was just sex, but if it was, why did she feel so different about it? Why did his lips feel so right? Why did his touch excite her so? Why did he leave her body aching for more? She could just blame it on being exceptionally horny, yea that had to be it.

She smoothed the dress over her and checked herself out in the mirror. She wondered if it was too much. Why was she caring so much? She sighed in frustration and went to her phone to call for some advice.

"Hello." Katrina answered.

"Am I making the right decision?"

"Are you still questioning yourself?" she replied.

"Katrina, I don't know about this seriously. I mean there is something about the way I respond to him and I'm not supposed to."

"Okay check this: do you think he's hot?"

"He's alright to me."

"Jade, don't play me. Your calling me about the dude, you think he's hot."

"Okay so I do." she finally admitted.

"He obviously thinks you are hot too. If the two of you like each other I say do the damn thing."

"What about Dante? I can't do that to him."

"I look at it like this, if you have to question sleeping with another man then you don't need to be with Dante."

She knew she shouldn't have even brought him up, "Okay thanks a lot Katrina."

"I'm not trying to lecture you again. I'm just saying that I see my best friend unhappy with a guy and thinking about cheating with this other guy."

"I'm not unhappy. I'm just wanting someone to make me feel wanted. Besides who do you think that I should be with, James?"

"Well, that's a good start."

"Please, he is so not the one. I told you about those military men, my sister will kill me."

"I am married to a military man."

"But he loved you before he went in and that's different. I don't even know why we are jumping to conclusions like this."

She heard Katrina sigh, "I don't either. I can't tell you what to do. All that I am saying is that there has to be reason why you are so nervous that you would call me and ask for advice. You've never called for advice about a guy before, just barely on your own boyfriend."

"I'm just going to go for it. I'm acting like Dominique always thinking about everything. I'll see you tomorrow." Jade said.

"Alright. Say, you know you left your cell phone at the restaurant, don't you?"

"Oh okay, well it should be alright there. Later." she hung up and finished getting ready.

Don't think, just feel she told herself. That's exactly what she was going to do. After fixing her face she started to chill some wine and some strawberries. That should be good for tonight.

She played some slow music and before she knew it nine o'clock came around. Hmm, she hadn't heard anything from him. Okay, she would give him some time. It's not like she was anticipating him. He didn't even have to show for all she cared, she thought pouring her a glass of wine.

Why wasn't this woman answering her cell phone, he thought to himself. He wasn't expecting to help tow two cars back to the shop. After he left her, his day went to shit. He was overloaded with work and one of the mechanics had an emergency and had to leave. It was after ten and that girl hasn't answered her phone or called him. She may not have his number but she has the number to the shop. If he knew her attitude, he wouldn't hear the end of this.

He decided to close up and go over to her house. Might as well get this over with and see what she is going to say. He headed to her house and took a deep breath before knocking on the door. Sure enough she swung open the door, her eyes narrowed at him.

"Yes?" she said blocking his way.

Oh she was pissed and sexy as hell in the form fitting dress, "Can I come in?"

"You actually had an open invitation at nine but seeing that it's past ten, it's been revoked." she almost shut the door but he caught it before she could slam it shut.

"Why didn't you answer your phone?" he asked.

"You didn't call me."

"I called your cell phone and you didn't answer it."

She looked off and crossed her arms over her chest, "I left it at work by accident."

"And that's suppose to be my fault. Why didn't you call the shop?"

"The number is in my phone."

"And you didn't think to ask your friends or even Ricky since it was his step father's shop."

"Don't turn this around and make me look like the bad guy. Why didn't you ask my friend who is married to your friend?"

"Well can we agree that we both used bad judgment? Can I come in?"

"I don't think so on both accounts."

"What now?"

"I don't think this is a good idea."

"Just because I was late?"

"Just because there is too much stuff that's happening that makes it obvious we aren't suppose to do this."

He ran his hand down his face, "Jade, I really don't have time for this. I'm tired and getting very frustrated. Will you let me in?"

"And after that little speech, I'm suppose to let you in and fuck you? Are you serious right now?"

"I need a cigarette." he groaned.

"You damn sure not coming in now. I don't allow smoking in here."

This girl was testing his nerves, "Jade, I don't know where that little bitch bug you obviously had came back from, but you better reel it in."

"Or what? Are you threatening me now?"

"You are slowly pissing me off." he said, his voice starting to raise.

"I have been pissed for about an hour now. Want to take a guess as to why?"

He gritted his teeth together and counted backwards in his head. Why was this girl testing him? He swallowed hard and looked down at her. She was just too sexy to be this bitchy.

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