tagBDSMRough Love

Rough Love


I was lost for words as I stared at her, dark eyes cold and unfeeling. "You're a horrible Master, and I don't want to be your slave anymore!" I stared at her as if I could bore my anger into her little body. I grew furious. She claimed I was an unfit Master, that I wasn't good enough...

"Well if you think its so fucking easy perhaps you should just be your own keeper... I have tried so hard and we have come so far, but I guess it doesn't really matter; one mistake can loose you... One mutual mistake that was no ones fault is now becoming my fault. I am so sick of doing this with you. I am the first Master you have ever had and yet you can't even please a "Novice" like me. So tell me dear love what does that make you? Unworthy to please me..." I glared so hard I thought my eyes were going to expire. Licked my lips in angst. How could she do this to me...? I am so understanding with her, I take my time with her, I do not hurt her, I always make sure she is content and I spoil her. Perhaps that was my problem she was being pampered... slaves generally aren't suppose to be so dominant. So was the problem me or was it her?

"I don't need you there are plenty of other Masters who are way better than you." She sneered and took a few steps away from me. "So just leave me alone! Besides I have to remind you to train me... you cannot please me and I am done."

I chuckled and she looked surprised, but still she held her confident reserve. "Well darling I implore you; find a Master who is more suited to you if I am not the one you want. But let me just clear something up for you. You are a submissive, a pet, a slave... your one responsibility is to please the one who owns you. Your own decadent pleasures do not matter. A whore like you should be on all fours ready to serve. So go ahead and try to find a Master who is going to be as good to you as I am."

She looked at me with a passion and anger than matched my own. "Well any Master could do better than you! I hate the fact that you don't use your obligations as Master to feed my hunger."

"Hunger you say... and what a hungry beast you are. While perhaps I am not perfect, I guarantee no one gives a fuck about your hunger. I like to see you under me squirming in delight, I like to hear you moan and whisper in my ear." I raised my voice. "I like to feel you scratch my back as I slide inside you. I like to taste your body and know you are pleased. Do you really think anyone else would care for any of the things I am so passionate about?"

She sighed. "Oh please you are the least passionate person I know. You pleasure is nothing compared to someone who has desire. I don't feel a spark when we are together, I don't feel that my needs are met when it comes to sex.

I growled low in my throat. I was so hurt yet so infuriated by her words that I turned to walk away before I hurt her. I was her first lover, her first in everything. She knew nothing about other people's appetite. I'll admit sometimes I don't feel like being the only one working for an orgasm, half the time she just lays there and takes it anyways. I do all the work when it comes to sex, perhaps I was burnt out, especially since she didn't appreciate when we did get intimate and I made her scream for hours, we'd wake up so sore in soaked bed sheets, our bodies would glisten with sweat.

"Just get out and go wherever you like but I warn you if you say another word to me I can be held accountable for my actions. I might just hurt you, the way you deserve."

With my back turned she laughed out loud. "You hurt me, ha. That's a good one. You haven't got it in you anymore. Your too soft, not much of Master material I'll tell you that."

I blinked a few times trying to cool myself down. "I am warning you..."

"Warning me? What are you going to do, pat my ass and tell me I am a bad girl?" She laughed again.

My anger climaxed and I moved across the gap between us closing in on her grabbing both her wrists with one hard and pinning them to the wall above her head. My free hand slapped her face so hard it flung to the side. There was a red hand print where I hit her.

"I warned you!" I yelled into her face. "I tried to be good to you but a slut like you has to have a harder life, it just can't be good without you opening your mouth and complaining, so you know what you stupid girl I am going to use you to my own pleasure, and then throw you own on your ass naked and alone. I will not take this anymore. One more lesson Dear, one more training... Do Not Piss Me Off!"

She squirmed and kicked at me but with our bodies so close she was unable to break my hold over her. I squeezed her wrist in my hand until she cried out. Then I flipped her body around so that the was sandwiched between the wall and my body, which burned with anger. I held her wrist still and ripped her shorts down until they reached her knees, her exposed cunt and ass now ready for a swift punishment.

I slapped her ass hard, feeling her try to escape, I slapped her ass again until she scream "Stop, let me go or I swear I'll call the cops on you!" I rolled my eyes at that I continued spanking the little slut until my hand matched the redness of her ass. I hauled her to the bedroom and locked the door.

"No sweetie call who ever you want, scream, cry and beg me... but until I am finished with you... you're not going anywhere." I growled and flung her on the bed. "You want me to be rough... well now who's saying they can't handle it, hmmm? I'll give you a clue is the bitch now laying on my bed."

She held her wrist to her chest and whined. "Leave me alone, you sick fuck."

With that I grabbed some rope from my nightstand drawer and grabbing her long black hair I forced her face down in a pillow while I pulled her red wrists behind her back and tied them. The knots were tight and held her arms back into place. I laughed and gave her ass another sound slap, the noise echoed through the room, followed by her crying into her pillow. I yanked the bitch up and bit into her neck, hard, leaving a perfect set of teeth marks impression in her skin. She cried out trying desperately to pull out of my bondage. Her cries went unheard to my ears. I held no sympathy now. I just wanted to make her beg. Her rear was up with the position I had her in and I forcefully jammed two digits into her pussy finding it wet and warm.

"Why are you so wet Arie? I thought you didn't want this you spoilt little bitch." I pumped my fingers into her swollen cunt a few times and then got up off the bed. I reached over and grabbed a handful of her hair dragging her upwards so that she faced me crying, her cheeks stained with tears. I wanted to stain her entire body in tears, sweat and cum. Not to mention a few bit marks and bruises.

I became primal in my thoughts feeling like a beast. I slapped both of her cheeks again and she sobbed. I looked down at her and whispered. "Open your mouth or I will force it open." Her eyes held a fear of unknown things I was now capable of.

Her chin trembled and she opened her mouth ajar just slightly. I smiled and slammed my fingers inside her taunt mouth. The two fingers were coated with her juices and she let them just sit in her mouth making no movement. I started to fuck her mouth with the two fingers "Suck on them you little bitch..." A sharp pain then erupted from my finger up to my brain and I growled in delight.

"So you like to bite... I can tell you this I think your mouth needs to learn a lesson because if you bite my prick I'll probably bite your little cunt." She whimpered and I withdrew my wet fingers, now coated in her saliva.

"Stand up and turn around, now!" I shouted giving her no time as I turned her body around I threw her face first onto the bed again only to pull her bonded arms back, forcing her on her knees so that she was laying on the bed with her ass up. Her cunt lips glistened with cum and I laughed.

"Well Arie, you see to be enjoying this." I placed my hands on her ass and spread the cheeks, she flexed her anal muscles and her hole winked at me.

"Arie... your ass wants me to fuck it." Then I slowly stretched her asshole with the two fingers I had made her suck. I made scissor movements with my fingers stretching her until I thought I would fit. I than slapped her ass hard enough to make her rock back. I grabbed her ass cheeks and roughly groped them. Finally after hearing a small almost unheard moan escape from her lips I pulled apart her cheeks and spit, making sure to keep the bitch lubed up enough to not permanently damage her. Although in the state I was in it's a wonder I even cared enough for that. I then unzipped my pants and smiled my prick partially erect.

"Alright Arie before I fuck your ass, your going to suck me off. Seeing you like that isn't even making me hard, it's a shame... so why don't you come here and let me fuck that annoying hole you call a mouth." I had to pull her up by the bound knots on her wrist. Her body twisted around to face me and she cried. "I am sorry Master please don't hurt me..." I ripped open her shirt button flying around the room from the force. She whimpered. "Please Master... Please... Please" I grabbed a fist full of her ebony locks and forced her closed mouth on my cock. Her mouth remained closed but as her lips brushed my cock head I pulled her hair tighter in my fist and her mouth flew open to protest and I slammed half of my length into her mouth, which at first she did nothing with but my growls of encouragement persuaded her mouth to slowly work itself on my prick. I moaned and forced her to take more in her mouth, her lips thinning as she stretched her lips to fit my girth deeper until I felt her gag. I started to slam myself into her, fucking her mouth holding the back of her head. My hips pounded into her face and I could feel her tears now on my skin. Sweat beaded on my brow and I pulled out shoving her off me and staring down at her.

"Ready to turn around and let me fill your asshole with my cum?" I didn't wait for an answer as I turned her around and spread her cheeks finding her still just as wet. I slipped the head of my prick in between the crack of her ass and pushed. I felt her open to my force. I shoved my cock all the way inside her in one swift thrust.

"Ahhh no! Oh god it hurts please stop, ohhh please..." She sobbed. I answered her cries and pulled myself all the way out of her only to slam back in before she could take another breath. I created a rhythm of pounding into her, moving my hips to the sound of her screams. I slapped her ass everything she said no, or stop. Pumping into her tight ass felt so good, she was clenching her muscles around my cock squeezing the pre-cum from it. I gyrated my body with hers as she began to relax and move with me. Her sobs and pleads turned into moans and dirty words.

"Oh yes Master please, Ohhhh fuck my ass hmmm it feels so good when you fuck me...I'm your little bitch please make me behave."

"Fuck yes." I growled. "You like getting fucked like a bitch don't you. You are such a little whore. My whore!"

I fucked her ass continuously slapping her bottom and pounding into her without mercy. My balls tightened as I realized I was about to cum. I Stared to quickened my pace, hearing her moaning under me. She begged me to cum inside her ass.

"Fuck! Cum in my ass please Master!" She screamed.

"You deserve to have it all over you, but I am going to fill your ass until I see my cum dripping out of your dirty little hole." My hips spasmed. I slammed into her as deep as I could fit.

"Oh god I'm Cumming!!!!" She screamed. I felt myself release inside of her, the hot cum spraying into her ass. I cam inside her. "Oh fuck yeah, that's a good slut."

I let myself grow soft before slipping out. I looked down to see cum between her thighs. And I smiled to myself as I went the restroom and cleaned my cock up with a small wash cloth. I then returned to the bed and grabbed her pulling her into my lap kissing her pouted lips. She moaned into the kiss returning my passion with her own. I bit into her lip and growled. Her back arched pushing her lap into mine. I could feel her pussy on my cock she was wet and warm and my prick responded becoming rock hard as she ground her hips into mine. I didn't let her mouth go as I circled my arms around her waist holding her there straddling my lap. I crept my hands up and down her back scratching my way down and feather touching my way up. Her grinding into me was making my breath pant and hers moan.

I whispered into her ear. "Stick my dick inside you slave..." She complied with haste. I felt her hot channel allow me inside. She was so fucking wet and tight that I almost cam just from entering her. She whimpered. "Master it hurts..." I smiled and took her lips again dominating her mouth with my tongue and teeth biting, sucking and licking. I moved my lips down to the line of her jaw and nipped my way down to her neck biting and growling while sucking on the skin making her quicken her hip against mine, grinding and pounding into mine. I thrust my hips back onto hers, rocking together with my little slave in my lap.

"Oh God Master it feels so fucking good, please fuck me harder..."

I then grabbed the both her sides and pulled her on my cock with such force that she screamed. I kept the force and the rhythm. I pounded her cunt. Fucking her, slamming into her, she quivered in my lap whispering as I bit deep into her throat and tasted the copper taste of blood. I fucked her still latching on and sucking on her neck. I held her hips roughly, digging my nails into them as I pounded her tightness. I pulled my mouth away and she threw back her head screaming and moaning, her pussy clenching and milking my cock as she climaxed into my lap. I smiled and finger the engraved necklace meant to be a collar.

"That's a good girl cumming for Master..."

She smiled back in the dark room and kept fucking me back, her tight and swollen cunt urging me to cum. I slide my hands over her body wet with both our sweat. I than took one of her breast in my hand and fondled her merciless. I licked at her nipple and pinched it, taking it into my mouth and rolling the peaked bud with my tongue. I bit into her breast lightly, and continued to the other breast, doing the same motions. I growled and caught her lips again. The heat between us soaked our bodies with each others scents and sweat.

"Oh Fuck... god that's it pet fuck me, fuck your Master.... Aghh Ohhh ahhh..."

I growled as I filled her cunt with my sticky cum, I cam in her so deeply. I didn't use protection nor did she. I didn't care; I wanted her to have my child. I filled her belly with my seed intentionally. I didn't ask her, I didn't wait for an okay. She was mine completely and now she would raise my family. I held her close to me and lower her to the bed slowly sliding out of her. I spooned her backside and kept her in my arms as we both drifted to sleep.

"Master...?" She whispered.

"Yes little one?" I groaned.

"I am sorry I was bad..."

I chuckled and kissed the back of her neck. "Well I think you'll think twice before doubting me again, won't you?"

She turned in my arms and faced me laying her head on my chest. "Yeah I will, I am going to be hurting for nine months now..."

"Your damn right you will be... Now get some rest my pet..."

I heard her soft breathing and smiled to myself, if that's what it takes to keep my girl... I don't mind getting a little rough in the process.

(Wrote this one for a few different reasons, one I was pissed off and sexually frustrated... and we all know what that does to a person. Another reason was to actually write one that finished, I am sure you've all seen how I just can't finish anything I start. Hence while I stick to poetry mostly. I can finish a poem lol. Well I hope to hear comments and criticism)

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