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Rough Sex Surprise!


This is my first time writing a story, and feedback is appreciated.

It has been 3 weeks since the last time I had seen my girlfriend Jill. It's hard being apart while we go to school in different states. She is incredibly beautiful with her gorgeous face and perfect 36C tits that just turn me on every time I see them. Her pussy is so wonderful and tight and when I fuck her, it's like I am in heaven. But when she comes home this time, sex is going to be different. While talking to her on the phone, she told me that she has been interested in reading about rough sex and being a sex slave and that she has wanted to try it. So I thought that the next time I see her, I would surprise her with what she has been dreaming about.

When Jill showed up at my door, I kissed her passionately on the lips and told her that I was so happy to see her. I also told her that I had a surprise for her and that she would be happy when I showed her what it is. She was so turned on by the fact that I told her I had a surprise that she started to unbutton my pants and free my cock from my jeans and started to slowly stroke it from her hands. It felt so great to have her jerking my off and my cock was getting harder just from the thought of what I had in store for her. I continued to take off my shirt as she ran her hands all over my chest and my abs and she started to get really horny.

I then stood her up and began to lift her shirt over her head, allowing me full access to her gorgeous breasts and the sexy black bra she had on holding them in place. My hands wandered around the back, and with one hand unsnapped her bra and the straps fell over her shoulders and onto the floor. As I gently kissed her neck and ran my hands all over her body, I traced my hands down her back until my hands were resting on her ass. My thumbs slid inside the waistband of her pants and with one motion, I let them drop to the floor as she stepped out of them and sat down on the bed. Her thong that held her sweet pussy that by now was so wet that I could smell the aroma of her juices, just made me want to go down on her and taste her sweet nectar.

I quickly pushed the thin fabric of her matching thong to the side as I spread her legs wide apart and held them as I lowered my tongue onto her moist pussy lips. The moment my tongue touched her dripping wet pussy, I heard her scream out loud with excitement and I licked her clit as I inserted two figures into her pussy. As I got her so hot and horny, I had her right where I wanted her, and ready to show her the surprise I had in store for her.

I started to run my hands up to her tits and gently massage them with my hands as I pinched her erect nipples with my thumb and index fingers. I then brought my lips up to her face in order to kiss her and gave her a taste of her juices that were all over my face. She was so turned on to tastes her juices that she quickly jumped up, and sat me down on the edge of the bed as she slowly got onto her knees and swallowed my cock into her mouth.

Now, she was an amazing cocksucker, and I knew that if I didn't act fast and slow her down, that I would shoot my load deep down her throat in no time. So I started out by placing my hands on the back of her head and guiding her up and down on my cock. I pulled her down as far as she could as watched her deepthroat as much as she could until she gagged hard. I could tell by the look on her face that she loved the fact that I was using her as my love slave and telling her what to do. Then as she looked up at me with her eyes burning a hole into mine, I told her "You are my dirty slut and if you don't do what I tell you to, you will be in a lot of trouble!" She seemed to have loved what I said to her, because she just stopped and waited for me to give her the next order.

As I was getting really into the idea of using her to pleasure myself, I told her to stand up and get onto the bed with her ass facing me so I could fuck her from behind. She quickly got up from her knees and jumped onto the bed ready to be fucked just the way I told her. As I lined up my throbbing 8 inch cock directly in front of her pussy that is dripping wet, I pushed my big head inside of her and pulled her hips towards me to rock back and forth as I watched my cock disappear deep inside of her swollen pussy. I told her to keep rocking on my dick as I watched her get really excited and listen to my every command. I knew she was getting close to coming so I knew the one thing that would put her over the top and make her cum really hard all over my cock. I grabbed her long, dark hair with my hands and tugged on it, pulling her head back as I continued to fuck her hard. Jill got so turned on that she started to moan even louder and I told her to keep fucking me harder and that I might just let her keep riding my thick cock until I shot my load deep into her tight pussy.

I could tell that she was really close to orgasm and so I pulled out of her and told her to get on her back with her legs spread in the air. I positioned her on the edge of the bed and drove my cock deep inside her warm pussy as she loved having me inside her. With my hands, I grabbed both of her wrists and held them together above her head so that she couldn't move unless I told her she could. At this point, I knew she was going to cum, I could feel the muscles inside her pussy tightening around me and I started to speed up my thrusts in order to really finish her off. I gripped her wrists even tighter and I started to kiss her neck as I drove my thick cock deep inside her. In no time at all I could feel her ready to explode, I then whispered in her ear, "You can cum all over my big cock whenever you are ready". No sooner did I finish that sentence, she just released all her cum, coating my cock with her warm love juice. Her orgasm made me so horny that I couldn't help but feel my balls start to boil and I screamed out " I am going to shoot my load deep inside you my dirty whore!" and just then my legs shook and I shot load after load into her wet pussy. It felt so amazing that my entire body was weak and I collapsed onto her sweat soaked body.

When I regained my composure, I stood up and demanded Jill to clean off my cock with her mouth. The mixture of both of our juices must have tasted great, because she didn't stop till it was all clean and then she still begged for more! She then stood up and played with her pussy until all of our juices ran out down her legs and all over her fingers, she brought her fingers to her mouth and I watched as she swallowed all the cum from her pussy. She was so turned on, that she still wanted to be fucked, but I told her that if she didn't get down on her knees and make my cock stiff, then I wouldn't pound her pussy with it and bring her to more earth shattering orgasms. She immediately dropped to her knees and opened her mouth wide. But that is a story for another time

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