The spellings of certain places and things here are a little foreign to me so I ask your indulgence should you see an error.


I was sent to Vietnam in December 1968. I was 19, young, very dumb and full of cum. I was a PFC (private first class) in the army signal corps. I had gone through the army's infantry school at Fort Polk Louisiana but got lucky and was assigned to the signal corps. The flight to and from Vietnam is an especially long one, over 14 hours non-stop as I remember. I flew on a Northwest Orient Airlines charter but we still had stewardesses, that's what they were called back then, meals but movies hadn't happened yet. I really don't remember much about the flight except that when we got there a lot of the guys were drunk and all of the stewardesses were crying.

"Why are they crying?" I asked a sergeant I had been sitting next to during the flight.

He shook his head, muttered something that sounded like "stupid fuckin' newbie" and then said, "because they know a lot of the guys on this plane are going to die."

When you step off the plane over there you're immediately hit with two things, the intense humidity and the smell. The smell is like no other. I found out in time it was a combination of "honey buckets" and things burning. In Vietnam human waste was dumped into the rice paddies and the rice paddies were everywhere. Anyway, a short distance from the plane were several very large tents that we were all herded into. One-by-one we were all told to drop our drawers and bend over. We were given a "gg shot (gamma-globulin?). The theory was we'd be protected from things like malaria, yellow fever and a host of other diseases. Funny thing was, once a week for our entire tour we were supposed to take a malaria pill too.

I was sent to a replacement depot and from there to a place named Phu Lam which I only found out after returning was north and west of Saigon. We worked some very long hours, usually 12 hour days and often times six days on with a single day off. Most units were not at full strength and ours was no different.

One thing I learned to do extremely well in Vietnam was drink. Most guys took up drinking or drugging or both. I saw a lot of dope over there, something called Thai stick, but never anything harder although I heard guys talk about heroin amongst other things. So in our off time we did a lot of drinking. Most guys like to go to one of the clubs in "the ville." "The ville" was a GI euphemism for the civilian downtown area such that it was. There were places like the New York Club there and they not only served up lots of booze but a variety of whores.

Although this isn't a story about Vietnam's prostitutes suffice to say I did seek their comfort, such as it was, about four or five times. Having been a good Catholic boy all my life I was always guilt stricken after visiting one. But the thing that stuck with me and my conscience most solidly were orphans.

Sometime just before Christmas 1968 my C.O. looked for volunteers to go to my company's orphanage and bring them food and a few toys. I volunteered which was something we generally didn't do, ever. So we went armed to the gills in several ton and a quarter trucks. I found out afterward that our orphanage was almost right on the DMZ. I'm glad I didn't know this going in because I might have been scared shitless but then again I did say I was young and very very dumb at the time so who knows. The orphanage was also run by nuns.

When we arrived the kids thronged around us. Being so new in country I felt more than just a little out of place there and I should have. I remember pushing through the crowd of kids and coming upon one little girl who was off by herself in a corner. She had blond hair and oriental eyes. That was my first contact with the most unfortunate circumstances of war. When I got back to my unit I tried and tried to find out how I could adopt this girl. I had been told by someone that unless she was taken back to the states she probably wouldn't live to see adulthood. Orphans were pariahs in Vietnam so they needed every and any edge the could get. This little girl would get none. I was told that only a married person could adopt and I was heartbroken thinking about this little girl.

There were lots of organizations in Vietnam devoted to helping out GIs. The USO was one and they were always serving up USO shows, more than just the Christmas Bob Hope show everyone knew about. Then there was the USOM Club (US Overseas Mission). I don't know what they were all about but I did like drinking in their club. It was one of the nicer clubs over there. The guys in the field were regularly visited by American girls who were known by various names, donut dollies or biscuit bitches to name a couple. Other than nurses these were the only other American women we saw and our name for them was "round eyes." Then there was the service club. This was actually a branch of the army called special services but it was mostly manned by civilians. They too served up various types of entertainment but they also had their own building and it was air conditioned. I mention that it was air conditioned because army barracks, or hooches as we called them, were anything but. The air force had air conditioning but we didn't. Anyway, the service club was opened until 9 at night and provided us with a place to go play various games, ping pong and whatever entertainment they lined up. I remember there being three or four at our service club. One in particular caught my eye, Eileen. Eileen was a 22 year old strawberry blond. She had very curly hair, green eyes, pouty lips, a very large chest set on a thin five foot eight frame.

Even though I started going to the service club from right after I arrived I couldn't find the courage to approach her. I was incredibly shy. I had no idea of how to start a conversation with a woman like most guys did.

I remember it was early spring. My house boy told us at least once a day it seemed that the monsoon was coming in like 20 days and then 18 days. I didn't take him seriously but I should have. Anyway, I had been sitting off to the side near Eileen whenever I got the chance. I picked up on what seemed to be a Boston accent. Having gone to high school in New Jersey I was chided incessantly about my Boston accent so I had developed an ear for it as well.

Opportunity reared its head and I found the courage to say, "Are you from Boston?" I remember thinking that that sounded like the lamest question anyone could ask but it was out there.

Eileen smiled and said, "It shows doesn't it." It suddenly occurred to me that she had probably been asked this question a million times and here I was asking it once again. I blushed. She smiled and asked, "So where are you from?"

I had actually worked on getting rid of my accent while I was in New Jersey and then on my initial army assignments in Louisiana, Texas and Georgia. These are states where people live who actually think "damn Yankee" is a single word. "I'm actually from a small town about 25 miles north of Boston." I finally said.

So we did the small talk thing for a while and I eventually found out she was from Weymouth and had graduated from Boston College the year before. By the time we were done talking I was sure I was in love with her although the reality was I craved her attentions just like every other guy around. I did manage to find out that she didn't have a boyfriend at the moment. I could believe what I considered extremely good luck. She told me she had dated one officer for a while before he dumped her and then she had fended off the advances of other officers thinking they'd be much the same.

A couple of weeks went by and the monsoon hit before I saw her again. The monsoon season is really something else. I know it didn't rain all day every day for weeks on end but it sure seemed like it. I certain of that because I probably wouldn't have left my hooch to go out to the service club had it been a down pour as was common. I remember getting there a little late but immediate saw Eileen talking to some guy on a sofa. I went over and sat in an overstuffed chair near the sofa and waited. I didn't care that I was obvious.

Fortunately, as far as I was concerned, the guy left very shortly after I got there. Eileen asked, "Where have you been? I haven't seen you in a while."

"We had to work ten days in a row. Something was going on up north and we went through a lock down and then our days off got cancelled."

"Yeah, I heard. It was pretty lonely around here for a while. No one was coming in. So how've you been?" So we did the small talk thing again before Eileen finally said, "Listen, I have to close up at nine but would you like to go out for a drink afterward?" There was no way I was saying no to that question. The time dragged by as I waited for her to get off. We were just outside the door to the club and Eileen was locking it when she asked, "So where do you want to go, Top 5?" The Top 5 Club was the NCO club.

I didn't particularly care for the club so I said, "No let's go somewhere else."

I didn't offer anywhere to go although I was thinking of saying we should go over to the USOM Club.

"Well, we could go over to my place I suppose." Eileen finally offered. I wasn't about to say no to that offer and quickly accepted. "I don't have a roommate anymore so we'll have the place to ourselves."

Unless you were of some high rank you shared your quarters over there and this included civilians. I had seen some of the civilian quarters and compared to ours they lived in the Taj Mahal. Eileen's place was little more than a tiny kitchen, small living room and two small bedrooms in a cinder block building.

"So what will you have?" She asked once we were inside. I asked if she had rum and coke, which was my drink at the time, but she didn't so I opted for wine which she had lots of. Eileen liked beer but I didn't, at least not yet. I remember her drinking O.B. beer and saying apologetically that it was all they PX had. O.B. stood for "Oriental Breweries" and was a Japanese company. I heard from guys who drank it that it was akin to panther piss or so they claimed. Things like beer would show up in very large quantities of just about any kind you wanted, Budweiser, Coors, Pearl, Miller, etc. but since most of us drank so much the PX frequently ran out of beer and then word would come that a new shipment had arrived and guys would descend upon the PX and stock up. So that's how Eileen came to drink OB.

Another thing was there was no TV over there although there was radio, the Armed Forces Radio Network which was what was portrayed in the movie "Good Morning Vietnam." So we had to basically entertain ourselves when we were in our quarters. Fortunately for me Eileen was an excellent conversationalist. We talked about everything. I'd say a few words about college and Eileen would talk for then next five minutes and then I'd say something about the Red Sox and the world series in 1967 and she talked another five minutes. This totally suited me.

Time passed and the beer and wine flowed freely. We were both more than a little tipsy in no time at all. Since we were sitting on a sofa together Eileen leaned over and said, "Wanna kiss me?" I couldn't believe my good luck and shook my head yes but did nothing else. Finally after a very long pause Eileen said, "So kiss me already." I was so happy that she was so forward. I leaned in to her and gave her a quick kiss. She smiled and kissed me. So for the next fifteen minutes, literally, we kissed like high school kids in a lovers lane.

I wanted to make a move on her but I was scared to death to do any more than we were already doing. I wasn't a virgin but that was a "just barely not." I had lost my virginity to Vietnamese prostitute and visited them a couple of more times. After the last time I had sworn to myself that I would never again have sex with someone who wasn't as least fluent in English and preferably was an American girl. To this day I've kept that promise. But I digress.

Finally Eileen put her hand in my lap and right over my raging hardon. "Oh, what have we here?" She asked in a silly tone. She carefully unzipped my pants, they were actually jungle fatigues, and freed my cock. I thought for certain I'd come all over her if she even caressed me twice so I decided it was time to unbutton her blouse. I put my hands to the top button of her blouse and fumbled with it and fumbled some more. Finally I got it undone and went on to the next. I had the same problem with it. Eileen looked down at my hands and saw me shaking almost uncontrollably. "Haven't you ever undressed a girl before?" She asked.

I shook my head no and she said, "Really? Are you a virgin?" Again I shook my head no in total shame now.

Finally I said to her, "I've only had sex with . . . ": I gulped and tried to find the right words. There weren't any.

"You've only been with the girls down in the ville?" Eileen asked finally and I shook my head yes. "And that's when you lost your virginity?" Again I shook my head yes and also blushed every color possible. My shame was about to run extremely deeply but then Eileen said something that made all the difference. "Well that's kinda nice actually."

"What do you mean?" I asked unsure of what she meant.

"I mean, you're not a guy who's going around bragging about all the women he's been with. That's refreshing." I really appreciated her forwardness at that point. I was waiting for her to continue but instead she reach out, grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me to her and place one of the wettest kisses I've ever had on my lips. It was at that moment I learned all about French kissing. As we kissed my hand found her blouse and remarkably I was able to unbutton the rest of her buttons with a single flick of my wrist. It's amazing what a bit a calmness can do for you. As I pushed my hand beneath her blouse to her bra Eileen pressed her chest up into my hand. I only touched the outside of her bra for a few moments before I moved my hand inside it and over her naked breast. Her nipple was hard as I ran my hand over it. And Eileen moaned loudly as I did so. Then I decided we needed to lie down on the sofa so I tried to push her down on it. Eileen sensed what I was about to do and stood up and took me by the hand and lead me into her bedroom. It was a bit of a humorous scene because as soon as I stood up my pants fell down from Eileen having undone them. I walked into the bedroom with my pants around me ankles and Eileen laughing at the situation. I was still very nervous and hoped a little humor would loosen me up a bit. It didn't work.

Once we were next to the bed Eileen turned to face me, looked down at my cock and then back up at my face and said, "You're still shaking like a leaf! My poor baby." I hated being called that but decided not to say anything. I wasn't about to object to anything she said and chance ruining the moment. Eileen quickly unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off me. Then she pushed my underpants down and knelt down. My pants and underpants were now bunched up at my feet. She first unlaced my boots and removed them and then had me step out of my pants and shorts. Upon finishing she looked up and saw my stiff cock staring at her. She ran her hands slowly up my thighs until the surrounded my cock and balls. "Mmmmm, you've got nice big balls." She said as she weighed them in her hand and then leaned forward and kissed them. Her kiss sent a shock through my body. "Your dick is nice thick too." She said and then ran her tongue up from my balls to the tip of my cock, swirled her tongue around the tip, gave it a kiss and ran her tongue back down my cock. I thought I was going to explode right then and there. "Okay, now you undress me." Eileen said as she stood up.

"It'll be my pleasure." I said and smiled to her. She was wearing a skirt that had a single button on the side holding it together. Once I had undone it the skirt quickly fell to her feet and she stepped out of it. Her blouse was already fully undone so I only had to push it from her shoulders. Eileen turned her back to me and I fumbled with her bra clasp briefly before getting it undone. Eileen shrugged it from her shoulders and turned around. This was my first look at her large D cup breasts. I wantonly reached out and squeezed them both at the same time and them lifted them slightly in my hands. Her areole were very large but also very light in color. Her nipples were standing firmly up from her breasts. She was still wearing panties and panty hose. I knelt down in front of her and worked her panty hose down, not an easy thing for a first timer. Then I pulled down her panties and as she stepped out of them her pussy was right there in front of my face. I immediately smelled her scent. It was as erotic as anything I had ever smelled. Even though I had never done it at that moment I knew I wanted to eat Eileen's pussy. Not knowing exactly what to do I leaned in and pressed my tongue against her pussy. As I did so I almost lost my balance and had to quickly grab her by her thighs.

Eileen laughed and said, "Maybe we should get in bed, you think?" Feeling more than a little bit foolish I followed her into bed.

Eileen pushed away the covers and lay back on the bed. I crawled up between her legs intent on returning my tongue to her pussy. But I noticed how sleek and beautiful her legs and thighs looked and wanted my hands on them first. I put both my hands around her ankles and then very slowly ran my hands up her calves over her knees up her thighs until the one hand pressed against her pussy. Then I pulled them back down slowly and very lightly dragged my fingernails along as I did. I don't know where I got the idea to do this, possibly from one of the dirty books I'd read, most likely Harold Robbins, but it had the desired effect on Eileen. As my one hand gently scratched down her inner thigh she moaned. I did the same thing to her other leg and got the same result only this time she shuddered a little too. Finally I placed each of my hands on the insides of her legs and pushed them slowly back up to her pussy. As my fingertips pushed slightly into her pussy I replaced them with my tongue and for the first time in my life tasted pussy. I was hooked from the start. The thought kept running through my head that Eileen was allowing me to place my tongue in her most private place and was moaning with enjoyment. At first I really didn't know what to do other than run my tongue up and down her pussy which I did a lot. But then I noticed after a very short while each time my tongue ran over her clit she would moan a little more loudly and also press her hips up into my face. It wasn't long before I heard her say, "I'm gonna come." When I kept licking her she said, "No, I want to come with you inside me."

I quickly got to my knees and place the head of my cock to her pussy. As I pressed my cock into her for the first time I remember feeling the velvety walls of her pussy surrounding my cock and it almost felt like her pussy was drawing me inward. The sensation shot for the skin of my cock to its core and then right up my hips and back. With just this first thrust into her there was no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't last very long at all. But just entering her like that seemed to make my cock grow a little longer and become a little thicker. Eileen's pussy felt like a tight glove around my cock. I stroked her pussy with my cock faster. Finally she yelped out, "Oh yes Peter fuck me!" Well, that was all it took and I exploded in her pussy. I was going to tell her I was coming but my saying "oh yeah" coupled with my cum shooting into her pussy told her all she needed to know and she started coming as well. Eileen is what you call a screamer and she yelled things like, "Oh yeah I'm coming" or "fuck yes I'm coming!"

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