tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRoyal Violation

Royal Violation


All characters in this story are over eighteen years old.

The story contains sexual domination, non consent and anal sex.

'The Who' and 'The Scene' create the situation.

'The Act' contains the long detailed interaction.

Please do comment and critique.

Anthony came into a world where no one was born with 'fundamental rights'. A lifetime wasn't dragged too long and in that short period of time people could have had anything they wanted; if they could take it.

------------------The Who-------------------------

He had been crowned king when he was just six, after his father's tragic death in a war; and, his mother, the queen, had to take over the administrative responsibilities.

Not wanting to lose her only son in another pointless war she ordered the transformation of the kingdom into a wholly mercantile society. All aggressive agendas were abandoned and in time, their kingdom flourished.

Little Anthony's innocent childhood was provided with the best the known world could offer.

Silken clothing from the Far East; horses from Mongolia; exotic spices and medicine were brought in from other mysterious lands where bearded men were said to chant magical verses.

For a large sum, a man brought in from the west introduced him to art, culture and all things subtle; and that was when he got his first glimpse at the "gender difference"; although it was only a painting.

It dominated his dreams for months.

That, probably, was what had encouraged him to approach a maid (engaged busily in chatter) and had told her innocently that he wanted to feel her chest, much to her amusement.

Life went on; he feasted on tender meat and the sweetest fruit. He was the son of a king and it was obvious he deserved nothing but the best.

As he grew he was trained in swordsmanship and horse mastery, it made him feel superior to the other lesser men.

He proved often that he could be cruel and unyielding; but still felt insignificant when his playmates, all boys of his own age boasted of 'women' who allowed their every demand, but for a certain price.

In his eighteenth year, he was nothing but an inexperienced king who had only grown large bones because of the food and vigorous life.

He had followed them, of course, into darkened alleys and dim lit rooms where he was just an ordinary man.

In the darkness, a woman had helped him realize his bodily functions, after which, she told him that God had cast out 'man' and 'woman' from their garden for this very reason.

She had joked "This is your first sin."

From his childhood he was bathed in the finest fragrances that civilization had discovered, by young maidens chosen from across their land for their soft skin and tender fingers lest their massaging felt too harsh on his skin.

He had demanded this practice continue well past his childhood. He enjoyed a strange satisfaction when he felt their skins rub against his own.

------------------The Scene-----------------------

Four girls sat conversing, awaiting a prince's arrival, sharing little details of their lives.

They were sitting in a stone hall lighted with burning torches on either side. A huge bath lay fixed into the floor in the center as steam rose off the warmed water.

Among them was Catherine (and she was here for the first time).

Her friend Juliet had been sick and had requested Catherine to go instead.

Juliet had told her that a young prince was to be bathed and all that was required of Catherine was to hand out the soap and towels when required; Catherine had agreed. Juliet's younger sister Elizabeth and two other women were her company.

Catherine sat wearing a dull yellow dress that stuck to her body because of the steam and her own sweat. Her mascara lined eyes came alive as she spoke excitedly and she kept brushing aside the curly dark hair that kept falling over her face.

Her feminine charm was prominent, with a small pointy nose, a confident chin and a long neck.

At 24, her youthful body swayed in sudden girlish animation.

She was to get married in a month and she exclaimed proudly "Men are simply so easy to handle. It didn't take a week after Robert saw me before I started finding him everywhere I went; he was like a mad little puppy."

The other girls nodded wildly in agreement and a bit of envy.

"Only after a month did I finally choose to talk to him."

"But you won't believe it, when at last he finally stood facing me; he simply had nothing to say," she complained.

"So much for their manliness and their muscles," and saying so, she raised her own arm imitating the classic body builder. They all burst out laughing.

Elizabeth, who had just turned eighteen, decided that the man deserved more sympathy. "But, Catherine, he loves you with all his heart. Aren't you happy you are going to be married?"

Pouting her lips into a lewd kiss, Catherine teased back "Oooooh, someone here is being a good girl," and the others burst out laughing with her.

Actually, having been a farmer's daughter she was quite lucky to have won the admirations of Robert, the only son of a rich merchant. But, in truth, she realized she could think of any reason to say 'no'.

She did actually like the idea of having to live in a big house, and have servants of her own. And she had heard that Robert, having gone mad with his 'puppy love', had ordered an exquisite diamond ring made for her.

The news about this ring had finally helped her settle the confusion.

She had been in 'love' before and it had ended with her naked and bleeding under a guy when she was only eighteen.

She had given 'love' another chance but, that too had gradually faded; it had remained a bad memory. "Perhaps, matrimony is a better deal" she thought.

But, Robert was not like other men; he was sweet and gentle, in fact, a little too mild for a 'man'. So she had convinced herself that 'all men were created in extremes'.

Even when they were alone and even after she had encouraged his ego, he'd never initiate any romance. The only things he talked about were 'flowers' and 'clothing' and 'jewellery.' He simply helped her around and opened doors for her, which was just getting boring.

Elizabeth, trying to sound older, asked her again "Sooo, have you ever done it with Robert?"

Catherine, pausing purposely for a long time, said "Yes".

Elizabeth gasped.

Trying to provoke her even more, Catherine added "As my future husband, he can demand that I pleasure him in any way he wants. Just last evening, he undressed me and rubbed me in places you cannot even imagine."

(But, in truth, Catherine had spent the last night struggling to fall asleep after Robert had lectured her, saying "I am not supposed to touch you, because you are not my wife yet." She wept at his self-righteousness.)

Elizabeth couldn't help wondering aloud "so, is it very big?"

Taunting her younger companion, Catherine asked innocently "How big is what?" and all the three started giggling, leaving poor Elizabeth, red with embarrassment and very angry.

Enjoying this humor, Catherine took Elizabeth's bony forearm and after measuring it carefully, whispered "This big, at least!"

Elizabeth's legs closed together instinctively and she gasped in horror "Nooo.. you liar" only to have the others laugh at her again.

Catherine, feeling defensive, added "Aren't you the one giving the prince a bath everyday? I'm sure you must have examined how big he is."

All other three went silent.

Their sudden silence somehow explained the seriousness of this issue. Elizabeth said "He is our King; we must not speak like that."

Taken aback, Catherine asked "Isn't he just a boy? Why are you all being so afraid?"

------------------The Act------------------------

Elizabeth was silenced as a large shadow fell over them. Before Catherine could comprehend, the other three girls jumped to their feet and moved back, bowing. Catherine turned, and stared at a large young man. He stared back, examining her full form without looking in her eyes, clearly displeased.

He wasn't leering, just a cold dignity demanding obedience.

Suddenly, feeling very aware of this male intrusion, she stood up and joined the other women. "Who is he?" was all that raced through her mind.

Elizabeth, almost trembling with fear, bowed again and explained "Sir Anthony, this is Catherine, she is here instead of Juliet, she is sorry that...."

Anthony raised his hand and cut out her speech.

"Don't you know that these are my private chambers? Where is Juliet? How dare she allow a stranger into my premises?"

Elizabeth jumbled again "No..No..its not Juliet's fault. This girl will leave right away and she..."

"No. She will stay." "Prepare my bath." He curtly ordered, cutting her out once again.

Finally looking back at Catherine he walked behind a curtain to ready himself.

All three girls rushed into work, leaving Catherine standing confused. He couldn't have been the young prince who she was to help bathe.

"He couldn't be. He is larger than most fully grow men," she thought.

If she had known this was the case she would never have agreed to come.

Elizabeth hurried to her and said "Are you stupid? How dare you stare back at his Lordship like that? You have no idea how lucky you are. Thank your Gods he didn't have you punished for such recklessness."

"But..but...your sister told me he would be a youngish lad, not a grown man." cried out Catherine.

"What? How can you not know? Only last month did the Queen announce Lord Anthony's claim to this kingdom."

"Ohh.. I was getting engaged to Robert. I really had no idea."

"Ok..Ok.. just stay out of his sight and stand behind me. Don't do anything that could get my sister in trouble. Please.'

"No. No. I'm going to leave, I cannot be here, Robert must not find out about this..." and as she turned to leave, she found Anthony standing in her way.

"What's this commotion?" he asked, in his casual monotone.

Before Catherine could say anything, Elizabeth blurted out.

Not knowing what else to say she said "Catherine just thinks you are most beautiful, my Lord" and hurriedly laid out a mattress for his massage.

Catherine cursed silently.

It was the prince's habit to enjoy a long massage in the steamed hall before he took bath.

He had decided to do something different today.

As he stood quietly listening to the ladies' chatter, he had heard the bold new woman speak.

He couldn't imagine a chaste and virtuous woman describing what men and women did, hidden beneath blankets behind closed doors. It was strangely arousing.

She had mentioned of her husband's organ being as large as her friend's forearm. Her enthusiasm was tempting.

Facing away from the women he undid his black robe and removed it, letting it fall behind him. All four women watched it fall, leaving him completely naked.

They stared at his naked behind and young Elizabeth peeped in between his legs at the dangling sack.

"Oh good sir, you embarrass us" exclaimed Elizabeth, "You have forgotten to wear your underclothing, you're completely naked!"

Facing them he said "From today, this will be so."

Turning to the other two women, he pointed at the door and said "You two. Today I shall not need your presence, you may leave."

Trying not to look at him, they hurried out; and heard him roar "Do not say a word."

Surrounded by steam and cold stone walls Catherine and Elizabeth felt trapped, staring at the floor, not knowing where else to look.

Casually, he lay on the mattress and stretched, pushing his chest out.

"You! New girl. What is your name?"

"Catherine," she answered, not looking at him.

"Don't you both know what you're here for? Come here."

"But sir, you are naked," protested Elizabeth.

Drawing a white kerchief cloth over his groin he said "And I, am your king. Now, come here."

"Catherine will perform your job today, and 'you' will assist her Elizabeth."

Elizabeth hesitated. She knew Catherine wanted no part of this, and the prince's intentions seemed devious.

Holding Catherine's hand she whispered "Please, Catherine, you must put up with this or my sister could get into trouble. Please."

Catherine felt dizzy with confusion and guilt. She thought of Robert.

Anthony's frank sexuality was obscene and he was watching her rudely.

But, what else could she do?

Catherine knelt beside him and watched as Elizabeth dipped her fingers into a cup of dark oil and spread it all over Anthony's chest. Rubbing softly into his skin, she raised herself to reach into every corner.

"Catherine. Your turn."

Catherine sat close to him.

Dipping her own fingers into the oil, she laid her fingertips on his chest.

Then, familiarizing herself with how he felt, she pressed harder into the muscles under his skin. Keeping up the pressure, she rubbed down over his abdomen and then retreated back to his chest.

Using both her hands she sculpted a v, trailing over the sides of his chest to the abdomen as if his body was a Greek god's statue. She could feel his stomach quivering and contracting under the skin as she pressed into his ticklish spots.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth busied herself with his legs, as if in a hurry to complete the session. She was still of the opinion that they could both walk away.

Catherine raised herself on her toes and labored hard, trying to cover a larger area and as she bent over him her breasts hung low against his skin, separated by her dress.

As she continued pressing downwards over his abdomen, she heard him groan "further down".

The expression on her face narrated her vulnerability, as she obliged his request. Catherine understood what he wanted her to do.

Gathering courage, she slowly let her fingers stray below the loin cloth and immediately pulled back when she felt the mangled and coarse hair. And the next time she went a bit further, before drawing back.

Every time she almost touched his organ she felt him tense up in anticipation. He was hoping she would quickly do what he wanted.

Unable to wait longer, he groaned hoarsely "Down. Further down."

Elizabeth watched Catherine guiltily as she reached down under the cloth and clawed the organ out of its resting place.

It had become slick and slippery with the oil.

Catherine had never done such shameless things before. She felt weak and confused.

After all, now that she had already touched him, she couldn't help wondering if a king's manhood felt any different from a common man's and allowed her fingers to curl around his organ, for a shortest moment.

He felt what she did. "Catherine, just hold it like that, it felt good."

In her grip his organ seemed to be thickening and hardening rapidly. As it lengthened, Catherine's hand rose to her mouth, muffling a gasp, as there is none who can overcome the shock and mystery that a sexual body treats us to.

She could never have believed that a man would react so violently to her touch.

The loin cloth no longer covered him; it fell to a side exposing him to both women. Catherine felt it pulsing, trying to outgrow her grasp. As it reached its final dimensions, the skin stretched down to where she held, through which the helmet head emerged -- dark red and shining smooth.

Elizabeth watched it with an open mouth.

Now, Catherine wasn't sure why her own body was feeling warmer. Her cheeks flushed red and her skin tingled.

Suddenly, terrified, she released him from her grasp and sat back.

Sitting up and facing her, Anthony told her "Take off your dress, I want to see you."

"No. No, my Lord, I am older. How could I? We must not do such things."

Paying no attention to what she said, Anthony growled "My flesh seeks a release I cannot explain. Just take those clothes off."

"No. No, please. Not in front of Elizabeth" she cried and heard Elizabeth mumbling something meekly which even she could not understand.

Anthony took a step closer.

"It is wrong. This is so wrong. You will go to hell."

Standing before her like a physical barrier, he said "This is my world, and here, I am God."

Thin strings, knotted together, were holding up Catherine's dress on her back. Turning her around, Anthony pulled at the knots.

She felt her dress loosening as he untied each knot, until they were all undone and suddenly she felt so cold.

She was shivering; she begged "I am going to be married in a few days. I already belong to another man. I cannot.. please.. just let me go.."

Turning her around to so that she faced him, he cupped her face and kissed her hard on her lips not letting her to turn it away.

He whispered into her mouth "I like how you taste."

"You pig" she spat back, hoping he would get offended and angry. She wasn't sure if a month in the dungeon was a better option.

But simply, his hands wandered over her back and slowly crept down, until they reached the rift between her hips and she immediately clenched them tight.

"Have some limits. You brute!" she screamed at him. It felt so dirty.

"Save some for later when I put this between them" he said and pressed his hard prick into her, as she stared back in disgust.

Surrounding her with one arm around her waist and another behind her neck, he kissed her hard and released her, inspecting the prominent elevation of her chest, heaving, out of breath.

Anthony's hand reached up to knead the tender flesh of her breast and discovered the protruding nipple. Holding it between his thumb and forefinger he pinched her, igniting a sharp pain in her.

It was hurting. She could not take it.

She let out a soft wail to let him know it hurt, as if it was not enough that her nipples were swollen and irritated against the cloth.

Enjoying how it was hurting her, he pinched her even harder and this time she shrieked out in pain and slapped him hard screaming "you're hurting me, you bastard."

Elizabeth was scared.

"Please sir, let her go, she is here because of my sister's fault, punish me sir if you must, but just let her go...please...please."

Uncertainly, she took his hand and put it on her own breast. She looked pathetic as Anthony started enjoying the second stimulation.

Catherine knew she could not allow it, she could not watch another woman offering herself in return.

In tears, she whispered "Let her go and I am all yours."

"Then" he stressed. "Get rid of her," tweaking her nipple.

Collecting herself, Catherine led Elizabeth to the door. "Elizabeth, leave us."

"No. No. No. I can't. You belong to Robert. It's entirely my fault. I should never have made you stay here."

"Just shut up and listen Elizabeth; there is nothing you can do to help me here. Just go to the Queen and tell her what's happened. Hurry."

Before she could decide, Catherine pushed her out closed the door shut.

"Good girl."

She heard his taunt and stood still as she felt him close in on her.

Anthony bent down and grabbed the hem of her dress, smelling up her shapely legs.

Looking up at Catherine's bewildered expression, he rose up and lifted the dress until a belt at her waist stopped it.

"Open it, Catherine" he said, testing her.

Without further argument, she released the clasp and Anthony slipped it over and off her, leaving her bare naked.

Catherine felt feverish, feeling his hands touching and squeezing her everywhere.

While Anthony wondered what he would do, images of her husband standing alongside a priest with a book in his hands flashed in Catherine's mind, as he laid her down.

His hand slithered into the tiny hairy patch that bent inwards between her legs and she felt a searching finger enter her.

The wet finger slipped down further until it almost reached under her, at a completely different opening. She froze stiff.

"Has anyone ever touched you here?" he asked caressing it.

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