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Ruby & The Biker


Episode 2 of the Ruby and Sarah series

Ruby and I still meet up occasionally. It’s difficult for me though, now that I have a job with more responsibilities. I often come home late from work tired, ready for nothing more strenuous than collapsing in front of the television and falling asleep. I don’t think my husband, Kevin, could cope with the nature of our relationship, so I don’t talk to him about it. Consequently my meetings with Ruby are secret, illicit and rare.

I had a letter from Ruby the other day. I recognised her handwriting as soon as I saw the envelope land on the mat; rounded letters, refusing to conform to normal standards of neatness and decency – elusive - just like Ruby herself. I picked up the letter and slipped it into my pocket; ready to read later, when I had some privacy and time.

It was a Friday. I had to wait until the end of the day before I had the luxury of reading her words. I would have dozed off in the chair, as usual, if it wasn't for that letter, but I told Kevin I wanted to watch a late night film, ensuring that he would go to bed before me and so leave me alone to savour it.

In the early part of the evening, I poured myself a bath, adding quantities of bubbles. I let the temperature get as hot as I could bear before slipping in, to luxuriate in the water lapping round my body. I have a kind of ritual when I bathe, which involves working up a lather on the sponge with the soap, then working upwards from my toes, up my legs and torso and then arms. My breasts are washed next. I always pay particular attention to them, rubbing round the nipples slowly, enjoying the slight abrasiveness of the sponge. I wash my pussy and ass last, taking special care to slide the sponge in all the folds and creases around my clit, then, kneeling up with my thighs parted, gliding it right underneath to massage my tight asshole.

I usually make myself cum doing that, but I knew I had Ruby’s letter waiting for me to read it, so I held back, stopping just before the sensations took over my body completely; before I reached that point of no return which is so wonderful and which transports me to a different world.

I turned on the shower and stood up to rinse the soap off my body, pondering on the possible contents of the letter. Ruby had written to me before and apart from a couple of sentences of small talk, her letters, like her stories, were really hot. I knew that I would end up bringing myself to orgasm, rubbing myself with my fingers, before the night was out.

I stepped out of the shower and towelled myself dry before pouring lotion into my palm and working it all over my sweet smelling body. Again, as with the sponge, I began with my toes and ended with my pussy. Again, I wanted to cum but stopped myself, just in time, before I began to climax.

I slipped into a black semi-transparent nightdress, which barely covered even the tops of my legs, and studied my reflection in the mirror next to the bath. My nipples showed prominent through the skimpy material and I could see the triangle of red pubic hair on my mound. I wanted to feel sexy when I read Ruby’s letter, to make myself feel special, to treat myself to a night of solitary bliss. I was pleased with myself. I did look sexy, really sexy.

I lifted my hands to my breasts and stroked round my nipples with my fingertips, making them go hard. My nipples are sensitive. When they are stroked, it’s as if messages are sent directly to my clit, making it swell and throb. I couldn’t help slipping one hand up between my thighs, cupping hold of my mound and slowly inserting a finger into my pussy, while the other hand continued to stroke my nipples. I let my finger explore round all those intricate places I had just paid so much attention to, making sure they were really clean. Even though I had spent a long time washing and drying my pussy, it was already wet. Thinking about reading Ruby’s letter, and the sight of myself in that mirror, masturbating, turned me on so much, I knew I could cum in seconds. I was on the edge before I had even read the first sentence!

I love being on the edge. I can stay there for hours. The longer I stay there, the more intense the orgasm is. I wished Ruby could be with me, to share the moment, but it couldn’t be helped. I knew that she had sent me the letter hoping that I would be able to find the time to masturbate to it. And that is exactly what I planned to do, in my own time, and in my own way.

I withdrew my fingers from my pussy. It was so sensitive by now, the slightest touch made it quiver, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. I put my fingers up to my mouth and sucked them, deep and firm, remembering that time at work when Ruby and I once sucked on each other’s tongues, so intently, as if we were sucking on our lips and clit. There’s nothing like the taste of juices, secreted from a freshly washed cunt. I just wished it were Ruby’s juices I could taste, rather than my own.

My towelling dressing gown was hanging on a hook on the bathroom door. Full length, it covered my body completely, including the nightdress. Kevin hadn‘t gone to bed yet and I didn’t want him to see, or even to have any idea of, the sort of night I had planned for myself. I pulled the dressing gown on and tied the chord, before walking downstairs to the living room where he was sitting watching TV.

I poured myself a glass of wine and curled up on the chair. Kevin was watching some boring documentary, which I really wasn’t in the mood for. I was so conscious of the letter in my pocket, where I had put it before getting into the bath. I wanted to tear it open and read it, surreptitiously, while he was so absorbed in the TV, but I couldn’t. What if he asked me who it was from? What if he asked if he could read it? I couldn’t bear that, my night would be ruined, so I resisted the temptation, letting my mind wonder on memories of other stories Ruby had told me.

After what felt like hours, the documentary finished. Kevin stood up and stretched, yawning.

“Goodnight Sarah,” he said, sleepily “I think I’ll fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I’m really done in.”

“Goodnight Kev. Sleep well, I’ll be up later.”

Kevin came over to me and placed a soft kiss on my lips, smiling at me.

“Don’t be too late though Hun,” he said. “I know how much you need your sleep.”

I thought to myself that he really wasn’t such a bad guy. I just wished he could be a bit more open about sex. I wanted to tell him then, just for an instant, all about Ruby, but I checked myself. Too risky. I couldn’t bear it if he tried to prevent us from seeing each other. I heard Kev’s footsteps upstairs on the landing. He was getting ready for bed. I heard the toilet flush and eventually I heard the bathroom door shut and the footsteps cease.

I opened Ruby’s letter, realising that I was grinning to myself. I had been waiting all day for this and it had better be good!

This was her letter. Just as she wrote it...

Dear Sarah,

If only you knew how much I’ve been missing you these past few weeks. Something amazing happened to me recently and I can’t wait to tell you about it, so I wrote it in a letter, instead of waiting for when we can meet. Please make sure you have time and privacy to read this – (I have a feeling I didn’t need to say that though, I know how much you like to organize your um ‘self-pleasure’ sessions.) I am laughing as I write this, you are so predictable sometimes, and I love you for it.

Anyway, back to the story. It was a couple of weeks ago when I met this guy at a nightclub. He was really sweet. I had gone with a couple of friends from work and I noticed him watching me. When it was my turn to go to the bar, he sidled up beside me and insisted on paying for the round. He said his name was John. I was wearing that low cut little black number which shows off my cleavage. It’s very low Sarah, it stops just short of showing my nipples and I can’t wear a bra with it His eyes flicked down on my breasts, just for a second.

Isn’t it strange how guys think you don’t know they’re doing that? They do it all the time don’t they? At work, in the shops, anywhere. They just can’t resist it and they always act as if they don’t think you’d notice. Well, I notice. I like the attention – as you know – heehee.

Anyway, we danced together and John insisted on buying me a couple more drinks, even though he was drinking orange juice – he said he was driving. I knew that he really fancied me because I could see the bulge in his trousers – it was there nearly every time I looked at him! They played a slow dance at the end of the night and we danced real close, grinding our hips together and I could feel his cock hard against my belly.

When the dance was over, I realised that my friends had disappeared – they’re both lesbians. The next day they told me they’d got a bit carried away and gone off together, to one of their flats, to make love. They had seen I was ‘settled’ and they hadn’t wanted to disturb me, so they’d just sneaked away. They know me Sarah, not as well as you do, but well enough to know that if I was dancing that close with a guy at the end of the night, it was a dead cert I was going to go off with him.

As I had expected, he offered me a lift home. We went to get our coats. Imagine my delight when he collected a biker’s jacket! I think I told you before Sarah, but I have a thing about bikers – I think its all that leather and the thought of the vibrations between my legs.

He asked me if I’d ever ridden on a Harley before and I told him that I’d been on smaller bikes – but never a Harley. I didn’t tell him that just the thought of it was making me really hot. My pussy was getting wet and I was glad I’d decided to wear panties for a change – even if they were just thongs.

His bike was chained up in the car park at the back of the club – I’ve never seen one like it, shiny chrome and in perfect condition, with black leather seats. I climbed up behind him. Even before he got the bike started, my pussy lips started to melt. And when he did start it up, the throbbing of the engine seemed to echo the throbbing in my pussy.

It was about 4am by this time and it was already beginning to get light. I had a jacket on, but I was freezing, even though the night was mild - if you’ve ever been on a bike, you’ll know that you get really cold, with the wind – my nipples were really hard. We drove out of the city, along the high roads onto the quieter lanes in the countryside until we reached a dirt track. We both climbed off the bike and John pushed it behind some bushes, where it couldn’t be seen.

It was so weird Sarah, he didn’t say anything, just took my hand and led me down a little path, which led to a lake. John took a blanket out of the rucksack he was carrying and laid it on the ground, next to the water. He beckoned to me to lie down on it. I was in a bit of a sleepy daze, with the effects of the alcohol wearing off by now, and my pussy still throbbing from the vibrations of the bike. I felt relaxed. There was something reassuring about him, about his confidence and it was a bit of a turn on that he wasn’t saying anything. The sun was warm too. It was turning into a hot sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. I remember making a conscious decision that I would just let myself be led by him, that I would let him tell me what to do.

I lay down on the blanket, on my front, with my face to one side and made my arms into a pillow. John knelt down at my feet and gently pulled my legs apart, sliding his hands up between my thighs. He pushed the material of my skirt up, to get a good view of my ass. I heard him breathe in sharply, when he saw my thongs. He grabbed hold of my hips and pulled them up, so I was kneeling, still with my face and arms down on the blanket.

I was on fire. I couldn’t help but wriggle my ass from side to side. I was desperate for him to slide his fingers up my pussy and I started to moan. But he wasn’t touching me. I looked behind and saw that he was kneeling up, just looking, with a smile on his face, as if he was enjoying the view. I was going wild! I had to do something, so I slipped my hand up to my pussy lips, to finger myself.

My pussy was dripping wet. I plunged my fingers right inside and started to push them in and out. Him watching me was really turning me on. I was on the edge of cumming nearly straight away, so I slowed down. I didn’t want to cum, not yet. I looked back at him again and, you’ll never believe this, he had a camera – he was taking photos! That did it for me, I couldn’t hold back anymore, so I set to, really fucking myself with my fingers. I rolled over on my back, so I could get both hands down there and I started to rub my clit with one hand, and fuck myself with the other, my legs wide open while John carried on taking photos.

Just before I was about to cum, big time, John came over and knelt down beside my face – You know how much I love sucking cock! He unzipped his trousers and pulled it out, holding the tip in front of my lips, inviting me to lick it. I tongued it all round, kissing and sucking on the end, still fucking myself with my fingers, before taking it in deep. He reached down with one hand and pulled my tits out of the top of my dress, fondling them, pulling and twisting on my nipples, all the time holding the tip of his cock next to my mouth. I was so close. I could feel the orgasm building up inside me.

John stroked himself vigorously, his stiff dick over my mouth, until spurts of cum were landing on my face and my tits. I flicked my tongue out and licked up what I could and I came real hard while he was cumming. I’m sure I was shouting out, but I can’t remember properly – it’s all a bit of a dream: a wonderful sexy dream.

Just writing about this is getting me hot Sarah. I think I need to go and make myself cum, before I finish this letter.

Half an hour later – I’m back! I can concentrate on the writing again – giggle.

Well, he drove me home then. We never spoke except for essentials like where I lived. That made it all the more exciting – the mystery. I really don’t know very much about him – but guess what Sarah? – We arranged to meet the following week, and that’s something I will have to tell you about another time; my wrist is aching from all this writing (and from something else too– ha!).

Please ring me. It’s been far too long since we saw each other.

Your friend,


Well, Ruby’s letter had certainly lived up to my expectations. I had cum really hard while I was reading it. I read the passage where she talked about sucking him off at least twice. Anyway, just looking at Ruby’s handwriting turned me on, if I’m honest.

I turned the lights off, slipped into bed beside Kev and fell asleep listening to his gentle snoring. I had a restless night though. I was desperate to know what had happened the next time Ruby met John. I was even more determined now, to set up a meeting with her.

To Be Continued...

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