tagBDSMRuby's Next Lesson

Ruby's Next Lesson


Journey Into Submission: The Apology


She halted her squirming search for a more comfortable sitting position and glanced over at AJ as he entered the living room. He had been pre-occupied and melancholy since breakfast.

“I have an apology to make,” he said slowly, then, with a quick knowing look, took in her predicament and gestured. “Kneel here, baby.”

Ruby gratefully vacated the chair to kneel at her Master’s feet. Kneeling was a definite improvement over sitting just now, and given the state of her thoroughly whipped bottom, she expected to prefer it to sitting for at least a few more days.

With a sigh of relief, she relaxed into her required position: hands palm down on slightly parted thighs, back straight, chin level, eyes downcast. A thick braid of blonde hair looped over her left shoulder. Soft folds of lavender jersey molded lovingly over her form as her dress draped faithfully to her knees.

AJ leaned forward in his chair to capture and frame her face between his big hands.

“I must apologize to you,” he said, his dark eyes seriously intent, “there should have been no sex following your punishment yesterday, sweetheart.”

At her puzzled look, his lips curved in a melancholy smile while he brushed the ball of his thumb over her lips.

“Sex should never be combined with punishment.”

“Why, Sir?”

“Punishment is to be feared. Avoided. Not pleasurable in any way.”

Comprehension flowed over her face, smoothing out her puzzled frown. AJ sighed.

“Knowing this and knowing your fear of pain, I should never have taken you when your punishment was completed.”

“Then why did you, if I may ask, Sir?”

He closed his eyes and Ruby watched anxiously. AJ looked so somber. When his lids lifted, the love and pride in his gaze sent her heart tripping in a singing rhythm and she took a relieved, deep breath.

“This was your first real punishment and it was difficult for us both. You did so well, too. I wanted to reward us-” He shrugged and smiled ruefully, “It was a mistake.”

“Master, I don’t mind.” Ruby blushingly rushed to reassure him, eager to ease his guilt.

He slid his hands down over her shoulders in a possessive caress; the heat of his touch a welcome brand.

“You should mind,” he contradicted her sternly. “You’re not a pain slut, nor do I wish to make one of you.”

Her eyes widened. “Oh,” she said. “You mean I might grow to like it - to like pain - when it’s followed by sex? By pleasure?”

AJ nodded, flexing his fingers into her shoulder muscles.

“It’s possible in some cases, to create a pain slut by such measures. And neither of us wants that to happen.”

“No, Sir.” Ruby swallowed hard.

“Therefore, I apologize for my lapse last night.”

“Apology accepted, AJ-sir.”

“It won’t happen again.”

“I know, Sir. We’ll speak no more of it.”

For the first time that day, real humor lit his dark eyes. “You forgive me my mistake?” Echoing his words of yesterday to her.

She caught one of his hands and brought it up to her cheek, nuzzling it as she twinkled up at him and said with a great deal of loving satisfaction, “I will always forgive you your mistakes, beloved Sir.”

“Oh Ruby-mine-” he plucked her off the floor into his lap, tilted her chin and kissed her.

She curled her fingers into the fabric of his shirt, relaxing into his possessive hold, sighing her pleasure and joy into his mouth. AJ kissed her with a kind of hungry need, male claim, and love, all rolled together. When he lifted his head, Ruby blinked at him, panting softly and completely aroused. Her sore bottom was a vague memory at the moment.

“I adore you, AJ-sir.”

“Of course you do.”

Each word was imbued with a wealth of male satisfaction so great that she stuck out her lower lip and pouted. AJ chuckled, tightened his arms to immobilize her, then nibbled at her lips, her ear, and neck in retaliation.

Ruby shivered

Ruby moaned.

Ruby sighed.

Mine. You delight me.”

Journey Into Submission: The Behavior Modification

Ruby looked at the clothes AJ had laid out for her to wear to dinner and swallowed convulsively. There was a lavender lace strapless bra, pink silk suit jacket and matching pink linen lined skirt, pink garter and white lace stockings.

There was no blouse and the jacket had only two buttons. Clearly, much of the lavender lace would show, just as the lacy tops of the stockings would flash as she walked in that tight skirt. She could feel her cheeks flush with heat at the thought.

Still, these were the clothes AJ had chosen for her. Ruby drew a deep breath and pulled on the garter belt before sitting on the bed to carefully unroll the stockings up her smoothly shaven legs. After both stockings were fastened, she stood and put on the lavender bra.

For a moment, she was caught by her reflection in the bedroom mirror. A blonde with peach skin, she looked good in the pastels her master had chosen for her. Even so...Ruby sighed at the thought of exposing so much of herself in public.

“That is the third sigh since you started dressing.”

She started. AJ leaned against the door jamb, arms folded crossed his chest, watching her. She glanced down, lower lip trembling, unaware that he had moved until his shoes appeared in her field of vision.

He used one finger under her chin to tilt her face.

“Talk to me, delicious Ruby. What is it?”

“The clothes are beautiful, Sir.”


“I fear I will not do them justice.”

There was a long pause.

“Ruby-love, they will not do you justice. Come here.”

AJ positioned her in front of the full length mirror, standing just behind her, and their eyes met in the reflection. He cupped her shoulders.

“Look at this woman in the mirror.”

Ruby met her own gaze. Flushed and nibbling on her lower lip, the blonde semi-nude woman in the mirror looked mildly embarrassed. AJ’s tanned hands contrasted starkly with her light gold, fine-grained skin. His fingers stroked along her shoulders as she watched. She loved the possessive heat of his touch.

“Look at her,” he urged, “what lovely soft skin she has.”

His hands slid up her neck, curving around her with gentle pressure until his index fingers slid into the hair behind her ears.

“Silky blonde hair of all shades, women spend fortunes at salons for hair like this. Smokey gray eyes so clear and honest, I get lost in them.”

His hands slid down over her shoulders to push her bra down and expose her breasts so he could cup them. Ruby’s nipples hardened eagerly under his caressing fingers. She sighed with pleasure when AJ toyed gently with her nipple rings.

“The curve of this breast is an enticement and these nipples,” his firm, deep, possessive tone of voice thrilled her, “are mine. How pretty they are when they stand up like this, eager for my touch, my mouth–“

Ruby gulped, her heart kicked into double time. AJ moved one hand down over her belly. She watched it move in the mirror, mesmerized.

“I love the way this belly swells right here,” he murmured, cupping it. “I particularly adore this little velvet mole-“ he brushed a finger repeatedly over the mole near her belly button. “It marks the center of my lover’s body. It says to me, ‘Start here.’”

Which explained for the first time why he often started lovemaking by kissing her belly. Heat rolled off AJ and seeped into her as they stood there locked in the mirror’s frame. He stood so close behind her that she could feel his cock harden as his beloved voice poured over her, as he explored and revealed her to herself. As he showed her the woman who was his.

He moved both hands down to her hips and cupped them, pulled her body back tighter against his.

“Look at this lovely shaved pussy. Soft as satin, she is. And mine.”

He used both hands to expose her clit but refrained from touching it.

“Look at the lovely deep pink color - a match to these delicious nipples.”

Then a rumbling chuckle worked up his chest, vibrating his humor through her bare skin as he stroked his hand between her legs, probing her.

“My pussy is ready for me, isn’t she?” and he dipped a finger lower to confirm what they both already knew from the rising scent of her. Ruby was aroused.

“Do you know how it excites me, Ruby-mine, that you are always so ready for me?”

She whimpered in the back of her throat as his finger tested her, dipped deep; her knees threatened to give way. AJ held her upright with a steadying hand on one hip, pressing her back until she could feel the length of his hardened cock along her lower back. With slitted eyes, she watched his finger stroke inside her.

“Yours,” she moaned.

“I love this woman in the mirror.” AJ said in a fierce whisper, “I crave this woman. I crave you.”

Her lower lip trembled as strong emotion suffused her. Love. Joy. Humility. Pride. AJ kept his finger inside her while using his other hand to lift her chin and meet her gaze in the mirror.

“I’m going to give you a mantra, sweetheart. I want you to repeat it to yourself every day while dressing. You will say: ‘I am AJ’s sexy, sensual submissive.’ Say it now.”

She blushed as her eyes widened in understanding. “I am your sexy, sensual submissive, Sir.”

“Now and always,” he confirmed, and then, “Look at the woman in the mirror, lover. This woman would look good to me if she were dressed in rags. When she is dressed in the clothes I have chosen for her...” he broke off and spun Ruby about, bringing her to his chest for a breath-stealing hug.

“It’s all I can do,” He muttered fiercely into her hair then turned her and pressed her face down over the high foot of the bed, “Not to tear those clothes off and take her.”

AJ drove his cock into her sex from behind, both hands tight on her hips and positioned for his pleasure. And hers. She moaned into the coverlet as he thrust into her.

“Look into the mirror, Ruby-mine.”

She turned her head and lust jolted through her at the sight them. AJ, standing behind her fully clothed except for his unzipped rampant cock, took her over and over again, deliciously, insistently. She, dressed in collar, disarranged bra, garter, and thigh-high lace stockings with her ass high in the air, her body rocking repeatedly under the impact of his.

“Look at this beautiful woman as she takes me deep.”

She moaned and her body tightened, roared with heat. Oh god! The sound of them! The scent of them! The sight of them -an exquisitely erotic couple- in the mirror; she a fair foil to his dark Italian looks, had Ruby whimpering with the sheer power of it.

“Touch yourself, my lovely girl. Cum for me.”

She obeyed. She obeyed. She obeyed. And when she moaned orgasmically, her master praised her with whispered words of love and delight. Then he marked her, claimed her, emptying himself into the loving heat of her.

“Mine,” he told her, “You are my sexy, sensual submissive.”

When they eventually went out to dinner, he instructed Ruby to leave her panties home. Correctly interpreting her deep blush and down-swept eyes, he chuckled and hugged her.

Yes...” he acknowledged, “it will. And you will know you are claimed,”

Ruby put up her chin, met his loving gaze and steadied. She would be his in all that she did. She would please him to the best of her ability. Throughout dinner she strove for grace, for queenly pride, for sensual elegance.

So well did she succeed that on the way home, AJ pulled the car into a darkened side street and loved her well, until she whimpered and moaned and made the music he adored.


Ruby waded through the stack of tests in the teacher’s lounge, torn between laughter and frustration. The depth of her students understanding never failed to amaze her, even when it was wrong.

The test in her hand illustrated the point. Asked to describe ‘puberty’ the student had written ‘it’s when a boy leaves childhood and looks forward to adultery.’ She couldn’t help chuckling even as she marked the answer incorrect.

As she turned the test over and moved on to the next, the sight of her fingernails - bitten to the quick and starkly pink against the white paper - caught her attention. A childhood bad habit she could not seem to break, nail biting was an unconscious behavior, making it all the harder to stop.

Since becoming AJ’s submissive and learning to revel in her sensuality and femininity, the less-than-elegant state of her nails increasingly bothered her. Yet try as she might, Ruby could not break herself of the habit of nibbling on them.

The light bulb went on as she stared at her nails. These were AJ’s nails, too. She was his sexy, sensual submissive. Chewing her fingernails was no longer an option...at least, not without AJ’s permission. She wondered if he were to forbid nail chewing, whether it might actually help or just get her into trouble.

That evening over dinner, she brought the subject up.


He smiled at her, his eyes half-closed in a look she now knew meant his thoughts were no longer on dinner, but dessert. She held her hands up, fingers splayed so that he could see her bitten nails.

“I hate this nail-biting habit of mine. It occurred to me today that since I have given myself to you ...maybe you could...um, perhaps you’d want to-” she stumbled to a halt, suddenly convinced she was topping from the bottom, completely tongue-tied and embarrassed.

AJ caught one of her hands and drew it between both of his, laying it palm down on the table and tracing her fingernails with one of his fingers. When he lifted his eyes to hers, he gave her a long, silent, thoughtful look.

“Ruby-mine, are these the nails of a sexy, sensual woman?”

She heaved a sigh of relief. “No, Sir.”

“Yet I require them to be. From this moment, you are forbidden to bite your nails.”

Now that she had what she wanted, Ruby wondered whether this was one of the ‘be careful what you wish for’ situations. She had tried everything on the market that purported to aid in eliminating this nail-biting habit. What if she could not obey AJ? What if she failed over and over?

“I want to see your nails each night, after dinner.”

“Yes, Sir.” she whispered, her fingers convulsing under his on the table.

AJ stroked his fingers over hers in a soothing caress. “I am sure you will obey me in this, little darling.”

“And if...” she swallowed visibly, “if I fail in this?”

His brows went up and she wished she’d kept her mouth shut. It must seem to him now that she planned to fail him; and herself.

“In the unlikely event that you fail, you will be punished.” He must have felt her sudden nervous tension for he added, “Not with the crop, Ruby-mine. If you fail me in this, you will be denied my presence.”

She gaped at him.

“The first time I discover that you have bitten your nails, you will be left alone for one hour. The second time, four hours. The third time....will there be a third time, Ruby?”

The mere threat of such a punishment had tears suddenly sheeting down her face.

“No. No. AJ-sir...I will obey.”

He tugged on her hand until she left her chair and went around the table to him. Once safely snuggled on his lap with his arms around her, one hand petting her hair, Ruby relaxed and sniffed her tears away.

“I love you, delicious Ruby. It will be hard, for it is a habit of longstanding I think. But we can do it, can’t we, dearest girl?” His deep rumbling chuckle tickled her cheek where it rested against his chest.

“I am your sexy, sensual submissive. I love you.” she hiccoughed, trying to smile. Ruby wrapped her arms around him and whispered thickly, “And I can do anything, if you are with me.”

(Time constraints weigh heavily on me these days and I am considering discontinuing this story. What do you think, dear readers? had enough?)

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