tagLoving WivesRules of Marriage Ch. 01

Rules of Marriage Ch. 01


This story is in three parts, all of which are finished. They will be posted on consecutive days and the ending is yours to finish. You can decide what Sam does. Enjoy.

Sam rolled off me and sat up on the side of the bed. "I'm gonna take a shower. Want to join me?" He looked back at me lying there exhausted and sweaty. We had just finished a solid hour of lovemaking and it had been great.

"Thanks but no thanks. I need to stay here and recover. You wore me out and I'm going to be sore later. I'm not complaining, mind you." I was certainly not complaining since I had been so close to losing him just two weeks ago.

Sam went into the bathroom and I soon heard the sound of the shower going full blast. Sam Simons was my husband of 13 years and my only love. We had two wonderful children, Melissa, 6 and Jennie, 4. They were with their grandparents for the week. Sam and I needed this time together to try to salvage our marriage. So far, things were going very well.

We had spent this first evening of our planned alone time just talking about what had happened and how we were going to cope with it. While it had started badly, we ended up in bed and it was great. This was the first time Sam had touched me since he found out. Sam was taking everything very well and I was the one who was the wreck. I was the one that cheated on him and he had found out. Since he knew about my infidelity, he was able to tell that I had been honest about most things and wanted him to forgive me. He took my confession almost too well, which scared me some. I was waiting for the proverbial second shoe to fall. After two weeks, nothing had hit the floor and I was beginning to feel slightly more optimistic. This week together was supposed to give us time to resolve the dilemma that I had caused. It all began 6 weeks ago.

My name is Kristen and I am a 38-year-old Public Relations consultant for a Fortune 100 company located here in Atlanta, Ga. I was retained to work on community outreach programs sponsored by the company and to be sure that they got the credit for the good works done by their sponsored groups. I was very good at it and had been doing it for some time. I traveled often and met a lot of very interesting people, and up to this point, it had never been a problem.

I had driven to Savanna with two of my crew to meet with a group that was looking for funding for a project that they had submitted. They wanted to set up a small theater in a run down section of the city and bring in young people to train in theater arts, somewhat like the village people years ago. I thought the project had promise and agreed to meet with them. I took two other girls from my department who were very good at project implementation.

We were to meet with Rudy Baker, the leader of the group and with three other members who had drafted the proposal. I was very surprised when I met the group leader. He was my age, tall and very good-looking. Rudy had light brown hair, brown eyes and a deep tan. He carried himself with confidence and he had a habit of looking directly into my eyes as he spoke. His voice was beautiful: strong and deep. I found myself attracted to him almost immediately.

The meeting went very well and the group members had their facts and numbers well documented and my group was able to set up a schedule for the project rollout. We finished off the proposal and I put the finishing touches on it to present to the CFO of my sponsoring company. I told them I felt this had a very good chance of being approved. I looked at Rudy, wanting him to smile. He had the most beautiful smile.

Since it was just over 250 miles back to Atlanta, we had reservations at a hotel downtown for the night. We made plans to go to dinner with everyone but Rudy made reservations at a small, home-style restaurant in his neighborhood. It was a cute place with good food and good music. Everybody enjoyed themselves and we stayed well into the evening. We had shared a bottle of wine and everyone felt like a second bottle. We ordered and continued with our party. I was certainly feeling very mellow by the time we had worked our way through the third bottle. I suddenly noticed that Rudy and I were the only two left at the table and that all the others had somehow disappeared or headed back to the hotel. I had been so focused on him and listening to him talk with that wonderful voice that I didn't see them leave.

I thought that maybe I should also leave since we had a long drive back the next morning. I said as much to Rudy and he agreed. We left the restaurant and he called for a cab to get me back to my hotel. It never occurred to me to wonder why he got in the cab with me. Since we were in a part of town that had few nice places to stay, the cab ride took some time. During the ride, I just leaned against him and the motion of the cab almost put me to sleep. I guess I was more intoxicated than I thought I was.

Rudy paid for the cab and helped me out. I was able to walk upright and to make my way into the hotel with Rudy's help. It was early so the lobby was busy and I didn't stand out too badly. We finally managed our way to the elevators and Rudy asked me for my room number. "Sixth floor, room 623. I think I can make my own way from here." I leaned against the wall waiting for the elevator to open. I didn't think I could manage to stand on my own for that long.

"I'll see you to your room since you don't look too steady on your feet. It's no problem." He held on to me and helped me into the elevator when the doors finally opened. We got in and I immediately grabbed onto the railing facing the back. As the elevator began to rise, I noticed that the back wall was glass and I was suddenly looking down at the floor far below. I almost lost my dinner and I turned quickly, right into Rudy's arms. I buried my face against his chest and held on till my stomach calmed down.

"It's a good thing I came with you. You look like you're about to collapse. I'll get you to your room and help you to lie down." He was as steady as could be. It was almost like he had nothing to drink. I couldn't figure that out. Well, I was glad he was here. I held on to him as the elevator continued its climb.

The doors opened and Rudy put his arm around my waist and we walked to my room. I rummaged in my purse till I found the key and gave it to him. I certainly couldn't work it just then. He opened the door and helped me inside. He shut the door behind him and walked me to the bed. I thought I heard him put the chain on the door but I wasn't really sure. I staggered to the bed and sat down heavily. My head was beginning to spin and I was afraid to shut my eyes.

I felt a cool cloth being pressed against my forehead and it felt like heaven. I reached for the cloth and felt Rudy's warm hand holding it. I put my hand over his and just held it there. He put his other hand on my cheek and caressed me as he held the cool cloth to my burning brow. Somehow his touch cooled my fever as his soft caress warmed me. I wasn't sure why, but I reached out to him and pulled him down to me. I wanted to kiss those lips: lips I had watched all evening. I wanted his hands on me in the most intimate places. I wanted to feel those arms around me and I wanted to bury my face in his chest. I had no conscious thought as I did these things. I was lost in the moment and I wanted this man right now.

Rudy stopped and pulled me to my feet. He began to unbutton my blouse slowly. I wanted to help him but he stayed my hands. He undid all the buttons and pushed my blouse off my shoulders. I shuddered with the feeling of the air conditioned air on my naked skin. He then put his hands in the waistband of my skirt and slowly slid it down off my hips. I couldn't help but wiggle my hips as he did so. The skirt went the way of the blouse and I was standing in front of this magnificent man in only my bra and panties. I looked into those brown eyes and waited for his next move. He had made it clear that he was in charge and I was content.

He pulled his V-neck shirt over his head and I stared at his rock hard abs and his almost hairless chest. He was deeply tanned from working outside a lot and his physique was wonderful. I put my hand against his flat stomach and felt the hard muscle. I wanted the rest! He obliged me by pulling his pants down and kicking them off. His erection was clear against his boxer shorts. I just stared at it for what seemed like forever before reaching for it. Again, he pushed my hands away.

As I watched, Rudy removed his shorts and stood there in front of me. He was magnificent! His body was beautiful and his cock was almost 7" and very thick. It pulsed as I gazed at it and the head was a warm pink. He just stood there while I admired him. He then moved to me and reached behind me to unhook my bra. My breasts were one of my better features and he gasped a small sigh when he first saw them free and proud. He put one hand on my right breast and smiled. After a minute, he put his hands in the waistband of my panties and pushed them down. I kicked them into the corner with the rest of my clothes.

He tilted my face up to his and kissed me. I melted against him and felt his erection pressing into my stomach. It felt huge! His tongue invaded my mouth and I opened to him without reservation. I was giving myself to this man to do with as he wanted! His arms surrounded me and I collapsed into him as my legs gave way. I was so hot and so ready and as he caressed me, I pressed myself into him.

"Make love to me, please." I pressed harder against him, wanting more and more. I was lost in the moment and wanted him to take me now. His hands caressed my nipples as they hardened and swelled. His touch was like fire to my skin and I was swept away by desire. He dropped to his knees as I stood there naked and he began to kiss the inside of my thighs. I reached down to put my hand to his head and pulled him tight against my sex. He responded with his lips and his tongue while I writhed in ecstasy! He entered me with his tongue and he used one hand to rub my clit. As I began to hump against his face, he put three fingers into me and began to finger me while still rubbing my clit. I was almost uncontrollable as he drove me over the edge. I came almost immediately and my juices flowed down my leg. I held him tightly against me till my climax subsided. My legs finally could hold me no longer and I collapsed to the bed.

He stood and watched me as I recovered. I looked up to find him standing directly in front of me with his engorged cock just inches from my face. It was huge and just waiting to be invited in to my willing mouth. I took it in my hand and held it while I placed my lips over the head. I had to stretch some to get my mouth open wide enough to take it all in, but I managed. I took about 3 or 4 inches in and began to swirl my tongue over the sensitive head and loose skin of the shaft. As I did that, I began to bob my head up and down his shaft while my hand continued to jack him off. I kept this up while I caressed his balls with my other hand. I looked up to see his eyes on me and a smile on his face. As I looked at him, I began to bob faster and faster and I jacked him off at the same pace. I could feel his balls begin to swell and tighten and I knew he was close. I moved my hand from his balls to the sensitive area behind and close to his rectum. I could feel him begin to hump my mouth and I sucked harder and put both arms around his ass to pull him in. He suddenly tensed and I felt his cum spurt into the back of my throat. He held my head while he emptied himself into me. I swallowed it all.

We both got in bed and we made love twice more. Both times were fantastic. Rudy was an experienced lover and knew how to bring me to climax. He entered me from behind and was able to maintain his erection while he really pounded into me. He reached around with one hand to my clit and the other on my breast. I almost passed out from the feeling. After the second time, with me on top and riding him for all I was worth, I fell asleep for a while and was awakened by Rudy, dressed and ready to leave. He told me it was almost morning and he should go before people began to wake. He kissed me and told me that he had a wonderful time and that he would love to get together again as soon as I could get back to Savanna. I got up to walk with him to the door and told him that I would personally bring the final papers back when they were signed. He kissed me good by at the door and left.

After Rudy left, I went in to take a shower and dress for the trip back to Atlanta and my husband. I thought of Sam and what I had just done. I felt guilt but not as bad as I expected. I truly loved Sam and my girls and could not imagine my life without them. But what I had just done was not about Sam. It was just sex, and it felt good, just like a good massage. Sam would never know and I could live with that. I was amazed at myself for my very mature way of rationalizing this.

As we drove home that next day, I was setting in the back seat, lost in thought and not a small amount of guilt and wasn't paying attention to anything else. One of the two girls that were with me was driving and they were quietly talking away about last night and the food. Julie, who was driving, mentioned Rudy and laughed a little. I heard her say that Rudy certainly enjoyed the dinner and probably had a good time afterwards as well. I don't think I was supposed to hear that and I tried to pretend sleep. I was humiliated to think that these girls knew about last night. The more I thought about it though there was no way they could know, could they? They left before we did and Rudy left before light this morning. They were just guessing. With that, I dozed the remainder of the trip since I had little sleep the night before.

When I got home and saw Sam, my rationalization began to feel less perfect and mature and just dirty. I had a rough time being with him for about a week until I finally learned to live with the guilt and the uncertainty. We made love that weekend and that helped a lot. I did things to Sam that he always liked and tried to make him as happy as I could. That was fun but I knew it was initiated by guilt. Sam was his same loving self and that helped me to get on with my life. If he was OK, things couldn't be too bad. I thought about Rudy sometimes, but Sam was a better lover and far better at making me satisfied. Rudy faded into the background.

Things were OK for the next two weeks until something changed. I didn't know what but Sam began to act sort of moody and withdrawn. When I asked him what was up, he simply replied that work was getting to him. Now, that was hard to believe since Sam loved his work. He was a civilian instructor for the Military base in Atlanta in personal and hand-to-hand combat. He enjoyed working with the young Marine pilots and teaching them skills that could save their lives. He also taught civilians off base but didn't enjoy that as much. I couldn't believe he had problems at work.

Sam eventually started to behave normally and life went back to normal. I had put Savanna out of my mind and vowed that something like that would never happen again. Sure. The best laid plans, etc., etc.

My boss called me in to tell me that the proposal for the group theater in Savanna had been approved. The money was fully funded and the project was accepted as submitted. There were a few procedural changes but they had no impact on the project implementation. He wanted me to personally see to the modifications in the contract and get signatures as soon as possible. As I said, the best laid plans, etc.

I called Rudy and told him the good news and that I would be coming down there next Monday. He was delighted and wanted to know whom we would need to assemble to sign the contracts. I told him I only needed his signature to complete the deal. He immediately suggested that he meet me at the hotel where we could have dinner and then take care of the contracts. He also said that he was looking forward to spending the evening with me. I hesitated but agreed to his invitation for dinner. The rest was implied.

As I hung up, I debated with myself the wisdom of going to Savanna alone and with a plan to meet the man who led me to cheat on my husband. I went back and forth and finally decided that since Sam seemed to be back to his normal self and nothing bad had come from the last fling, once more couldn't hurt. This would be the last time and I would never again cheat on my husband. Rationalization complete!!

I told Sam that Wednesday that I would be going back to Savanna on Monday for an overnight to finalize the contracts for the program. I told him that it had been approved and I just needed to get some signatures for my boss. I said that I would stay overnight again because of the 500-mile roundtrip.

Sam's response surprised me. "Do you really have to go, or do you have a reason that you want to go?" He looked at me with a strange look on his face. "It seems like a long trip for you, and since you are the department head, you could send someone else to do it."

"I am going because my boss asked me to see to it personally. I only need to talk with one person there so the trip is more time consuming than anything else. Anyway, it's a pleasant drive and a nice hotel so I don't mind." Why did this come up at this time? Could Sam suspect anything? I didn't see how. I would play this out and make a decision based on his response.

"OK, babe. You know what's best. I was just thinking about you making a long trip alone and spending a boring evening in the hotel all alone." Sam picked up his paper and went back to reading. I breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't suspect! Thank God. I could still see Rudy for one more time.

Sam and I had a great weekend with the kids and we made love both Saturday and Sunday nights. That was unusual, but I certainly welcomed it since it made my intended cheating more acceptable. If Sam was happy, I was more at peace. The only thing that bothered me was Sam's attitude on Sunday. We were all together in the family room: the kids were on the floor playing with some game that they liked; I was reading a book that I had started and Sam was watching a football game.

"I love this. We have two wonderful kids, a great family and a great life. I don't want anything to ruin this for us. I would never do anything that would jeopardize this." He looked at the kids with a smile on his face and turned to me. "Would you?"

"Sam, what kind of question is that? Of course you could do nothing that would hurt the kids or me, and neither would I. Why would you say something like that?" Now I was worried. Sam was usually not this deep a thinker. He would be more likely to say something like 'nobody had better screw with us' or something like that. This mood scared me.

"Just thinking babe. They are really beginning to get serious about moving the training center from the base to somewhere else and it bothers me. I worry about it sometimes and seeing us like this makes me sensitive." He laughed and said, "Don't you women like sensitive guys?"

I relaxed a little. I knew Sam was worried about closing the training center and he had mentioned it just last week. I thought that was it but maybe a little reassurance was what he needed. "Sam, you shouldn't worry. We have money in the bank and I have a good job and we could get by for a while on my salary. You could start your own studio and increase your private teaching and probably make more money than you do now." I smiled at him and watched for his reaction. He looked back at me for a minute with a frown, but then smiled.

"You're right babe. I guess I just worry too much. I know you will always be there for the kids and me, and I know that I can depend on you." With that, he turned back to the game. I breathed a sigh of relief. He knew nothing and I was safe.

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