tagNonHumanRumble in the Jungle

Rumble in the Jungle


Rumble in the Jungle: The beginning of Amy Lake's Quest

This is set in the same universe, though with different characters, as one of my other stories, 'The Apprentice', so if you like this check that one out.

Chapter One - Crash!

Barent Moore looked around the cabin of the small aircraft as it continued to fly high above the Amazon basin. His fellow students looked about as excited as he was, some were quietly chatting but most sat back impatiently waiting for the plane to land and the project to begin. Barent and his fellow students were the very best from the Archaeology degree course at Cambridge University that had been selected to join this project excavating an Inca temple that had just been discovered. It was a chance of a lifetime and Barent just couldn't wait to get on with it.

The only drawback was the excessive heat of the jungle, something Barent really didn't enjoy and even dressed in shorts and a light t-shirt he was feeling incredibly hot. Still he thought his lean and trim body wasn't suffering as much as 'chubby' Saunders was, who was bright red and constantly sweating.

The door to the cockpit opened and the two project leaders came through. Both were lecturers at the university and experts in their field, both were also gorgeous and Barent had a terrible crush on both of them. The project leader and most classically beautiful of the two was Dr. Amy Lake, an American who had studied in England, she was already world renowned at only 26. An excellent and somewhat unorthodox Archaeologist she had made several important discoveries in the amazon including the temple they were heading towards. Barent, as he always did, let his eyes sweep down her body. From her long blonde hair held in a ponytail, taking in her perfect Californian features down to her curvy body which was today dressed in tiny denim cut offs and a tight white crop top.

Barent then let his view switch to his other teacher, Dr Jennifer Close, she was English and a historian, an expert in the Incas. At 24 she had just gained her PhD and was more used to the university libraries than field work but she had been convinced to join the project by Amy. She was not quite the supermodel as Amy but just as attractive in a slightly bookish way. She had long, straight, dark black hair which flowed around her pale but pretty face. Her body was as rounded and full as her friend's, though she was more conservatively dressed wearing a lightweight white blouse tied up to expose her flat stomach and plain but tight black jeans. Dr. Close also had, in Barent's view the nicest pair of tits of any woman ever. Their were large but not too large, rounded, firm and very pert. He had spent weeks in Dr. Close's history lectures just staring at her chest wondering what they would look like naked.

With their teachers entrance all the students, the men with extra interest, turned to face them hoping that they were about to arrive.

"Okay guys were nearly there only a few more minutes." Amy said to her students.

As she did, Barent was transfixed by the masses of slightly sweaty cleavage that she was showing off, her mammoth tits gently raising and failing as she breathed. God it was going to be so good spending six weeks with them he thought.

Suddenly a huge bang failed the cabin. People began shouting and screaming. But within moments the cabin was filled with a thick black smoke. Barent tried to get to the cockpit, maybe he could help but the smoke was too much and he collapsed half way down the cabin, the screams of his fellow students filling his ears.


An unknowable amount of time later Barent opened his eyes. At first he thought he was dead, in heaven and being cared for by angels. Then he realised the two beautiful babes that were looking over him weren't angels but his teachers. He then began to take in his surroundings, they were obviously in the jungle somewhere, he was laying back against the soft mossy ground. He couldn't see the plane or any of the other students anywhere. Amy and Jennifer both looked hot and sweaty with smudges of black soot dirtying their clothes.

"Hey Barent, how do you feel?" Amy asked.

"OK I guess, my heads a little sore but not too bad. I guess we got off lightly?"

"I'm afraid not. The plane landed more or less intact but nearly everyone was unconscious. We managed to drag you out but then the plane exploded." Jennifer told him.

"What about the others?" He asked as he sat up.

"No one else made it I'm afraid." Jen answered, obviously trying to stop herself crying, "and now we're lost god knows where in the amazon jungle."

"Look it's going to be OK. I've been here hundreds of times, we'll get out of here, no problem." Amy said, laying a hand on her friends shoulder trying to comfort her.

"Have we got any food or water?" Barent said as he slowly and somewhat painfully rose to his feet.

"No nothing...nothing at all" Jennifer sobbed as tears began to pour down her cheeks.

Amy hugged her friend gently whispering that it would be ok. Barent meanwhile nearly stopped breathing as the two luscious women continued to hug, pressing their firm and full bodies together. So, he thought, he might die in the jungle but at least it would be a pleasant last few days.

Disappointingly the two academics stopped holding one another, Jennifer gently drying the tears from her eyes. Amy began gathering her rucksack with the few survival items they'd managed to salvage.

"So where are we going?" Barent asked closely watching Amy's pert arse as she bent down to pack her rucksack.

"South is the quickest way to the river but I reckon we should actually head east. The amazon bends round and while it might by a slightly longer trek we'll save miles of hiking down the river and be much nearer civilisation." Amy answered.

"If you think the jungle won't be too bad." Jen said as she began to help Amy pick up their gear and giving Barent a second sweet butt to gawp at.

"We'll there aren't any trails or anything, it's pretty much virgin territory but I think we should be okay. That alright with you Barent?" Amy said.

"Whatever you think is best Dr. Lake."

"Please it's Amy. I don't think the university will mind considering the circumstances." Amy said.

"Well alright, should we get going then?" Barent asked, wishing he had the guts to ask if the delicious archaeologist thought the university would mind them fucking...under the circumstances.

"I think so." Jennifer said as she threw her small pack over her shoulder.

"Yeah lets go." Amy said grabbing her rucksack and stomping off into the jungle.


They had been walking through the hot, humid, overgrown jungle for several hours and Barent was truly exhausted. The two girls were in no better state and the sun was beginning to set. So when they found a small clearing it was decided to camp for he night hoping they would reach the river the next day. Under Amy's instruction Jen and Barent began making a small fire, so as keep away some of the more dangerous creatures that filled the jungle night. As they did so Amy herself scouted around the area looking for something to eat.

After a few failed attempts Barent had finally got the fire started though neither he nor Jennifer would sit anywhere near it, they were quite hot enough already. Amy soon returned with a bundle of strange green fruits in her arms.

"Look what I found! Papila fruit, it's not the tastiest thing in the world but it's nutritious and should keep us alive." She said as she handed the spiky and hard fruit to the others, "Pull off the spikes and then just dive in."

Barent didn't like the look of the odd fruit but was too hungry to care. Biting into it was hard work it was tough and fairly unpleasant tasting but the inside weren't too bad and very juicy. Both the girls were also ravenously biting into the refreshing fruit and Barent once again felt his loins stirring as large drops of the fruit's juice dripped from Amy's fruit splashing onto her bare cleavage. The archaeologist didn't seem to care and more and more juice fell into her massive globes dripping around her breasts making her white crop top quite wet.

"Amy! Look at yourself, you're making a right old mess." Jen blurted out when she noticed what was happening.

"Oh well," Amy laughed as she looked down at herself, " it doesn't really matter I found a fresh water pool a little way away I'll just go and wash."

They then finished off the fruit. Amy, to Barent's disappointment, taking more care. The American then said she was going to wash and left the clearing. Barent and Jennifer chatted for a while but he was getting desperate for a pee so excused himself and went into the darkening jungle looking for a suitable tree.

He travelled maybe 50 meters, had a great piss and was heading back to the campsite when he began to here some splashing. He knew it must be Amy and that he really should just leave her alone but the thought of her washing herself was just too tempting, he couldn't resist the opportunity to see that chest dripping with water. So he slowly and carefully made his way towards the sound of water. Finally he'd crept right up to the edge of the trees and he slowly parted the last branch between him and the pool.

The sight that he saw gave him the biggest erection of his life. Amy was standing knee deep in a large pool of water, she was completely naked, her curvaceous body glistening with water. To make things even worse she was slowing pouring more water over herself and then gently rubbing herself clean, her hands grinding all over her naked flesh.

Despite knowing it was highly inappropriate and more than a little risky, Barent unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. It was the one feature of his body he actually didn't mind too much being nearly eight inches long and quite wide, he was just disappointed girls never actually got to see it.

Still staring at the washing archaeologist Barent began to masturbate, furiously rubbing his dick. Amy was now splashing water onto her breasts and Barent knew he wouldn't last long as the liquid flowed around her massive globes, highlighting her tanned skin and pert, light brown nipples.

Then suddenly everything went black and Barent collapsed on the jungle floor.


Amy looked over towards the treeline sure that she had heard a thud but she couldn't see anything, so assumed it was just one of the many monkeys or other animals that live in the amazon and returned to her washing. She was almost done, the sweat and grime of the day was all washed off and she was just enjoying the feeling of the cool water running down her body, a nice change from the oppressive heat of the jungle.

She was about to leave the pool and dress when she felt a ripple in the water. It was dark now and the light of full moon did little to illuminate the gloomy water of the pool but Amy none the less began to look around. She had been to the Amazon many times and had no desire to meet some of the jungle's inhabitants, particularly when naked.

However she couldn't see anything and felt no more ripples, so thinking it safe began to wade to the water's edge. She'd only taken one small step when she felt something brush against her leg, it had felt large, scaly and round. Amy immediately knew that it had to be a snake and by the feel of it, a large specimen.

Obviously not wanting to be some giant Amazon snake's meal she moved towards the edge of the pool even faster then she felt it again, sliding past her leg. She tried to run but the water was just too deep for her.

Amy was only a couple of feet from the edge when the snake slammed into her legs again, it was much harder this time and on the slimy pool floor she lost her footing, tumbling onto her back in the middle of the pool. She was lucky, landing in a shallow section of the pool which was only a few inches deep and most of her body sat above the water.

The surface of the pool directly in front of her exploded and she then wished that she had fallen into the deepest part of the pool and drowned for the snake had thrust the majority of it's form out of the water and it was huge, perhaps 18 foot long and over half a foot in diameter. It's body was covered in dark green and black scales in a alternating pattern and two huge black eyes sat on the top of it's head stared directly at Amy. She didn't recognise the species and was sure that no snakes ever got that big, not that exact zoological definitions were really a big concern for her at the moment.

The snake held itself nearly motionless for several seconds, staring at the prone girl with just it's long, forked tongue flicking out of it's mouth, sniffing the sexy archaeologist's body.

Amy wanted to move but terror held her firmly in place. She was sure the snake would eat her, one that size would have no trouble swallowing her whole and she would take days to die slowing being digested in the beasts stomach.

The snake dived towards her but it's mouth didn't open to swallow her, quite the reverse as the creatures mouth stayed firmly shut. As it's head came towards her, Amy realised where it was heading. When she'd fallen, she'd landed with her legs spread wide open and her pussy was on display to the creature and this was where it was aiming for.

Even greater terror held Amy in place as the snake's head slid between her open thighs before stopping with it's nose just inches away from her cunt. It's tongue once again began flicking out, first sniffing the young woman's ripe pussy before then licking the outside. It took long strokes up and then down her pussy lips tasting every inch of her. Amy couldn't believe what was happening, this simply was not the behaviour of a normal snake.

The snake continued it's licking, repeatedly flicking it's rough tongue up and then down. Amy, much to her dismay, found her body beginning to enjoy the sensation and she could feel her nipples becoming hard and her pussy slowly becoming warm and just a little wet.

The snake immediately noticed this and as the first beads of juice slipped onto Amy's cunt lips it licked them up before retracting it's tongue as if to taste her liquid. It quickly returned to it's licking however and despite the growing pleasure, Amy began to look for a way out.

It wasn't going to be easy, she seemed to have landed on a small, submerged island and deep water surrounded her on both sides. She would have to swim to the shore and the snake could easily catch her. None the less she had decided to try to run when the snake curled it's long tongue around the now hard nub of her clit. This sent a massive wave of pleasure up the young woman's body and she couldn't stop herself letting out a small moan.

Amy promptly decided not run, it would be foolish she reasoned as the snake was liable to change it's mind and eat her rather than do whatever the hell it was doing at the moment. This decision was reinforced when again the snake squeezed her clit and another blast of ecstasy spread throughout her body. Feeling more than a little disgusted with herself but unable to stop she grabbed her breasts and began to squeeze them, heightening and prolonging the bliss.

As if in reply the snake ended it's slow licking and pushed it's tongue into her cunt. Though small, the feeling of being penetrated caused Amy to again moan and toss her head back in delight, her long blonde hair splashing into the water behind her.

Amy expected and desired the tongue to begin thrashing around inside her but this didn't happen. In fact the snake just pushed the long tongue further and further into her until it was deep inside her belly. To do this it had to push it's head further towards her opening until it's nose was pressed firmly against the now very wet lips of Amy's pussy. It then began to press forward slightly so that it's nose began to part her lips wide and Amy screamed as she realised what the snake intended.

The snake apparently energised by the human's sudden scream of fear and thrust it's entire head into Amy. With a diameter of over six inches and within a few seconds in Amy to a depth of nearly ten, the young archaeologist was stretched beyond anything she had felt before and beyond anything she thought possible. Spasms of pain mixed with a bizarre pleasure she had never felt racked her body and she again screamed.

The snake didn't care and it pushed itself further until its entire head was inside Amy. She looked down and felt sick at what she saw. Her belly was bizarrely distended, bulging as if she were pregnant and then below that her pussy was stretched around the neck of the snake, it's head invisible and 16 foot of snake body trailing obscenely out of her cunt and vanishing below the water.

Amy released her tits and was about to grab the snake to try and pull it out of her when the snake flexed it's entire body. Starting at it's tail it sent a tremor along it's body, moving along it's long form like a wave. When the wave reached it's head and thus Amy's insides she once again screamed. This time however it was in extreme ecstasy. The ripple had caused the snake's head to briefly expand and then contract creating the most amazing feeling of pleasure as Amy's cunt had been forced to expand with it.

Amy again grabbed her wet breasts as another and then another wave ran up the snakes body. With the forth she exploded in orgasm. Her body shaking with delight and incoherent moans escaping her mouth. But the snake did not stop and again and again more ripples ran up it's body, each one stretching Amy's cunt and prolonging and increasing her orgasm. Amy began thrashing about, wrapping her legs around the neck of the snake, thrusting her pelvis forward and ferociously grabbing her tits.

The snake and human's violent fucking was causing large waves in the water of the pool and soon with each snake tremor a wave would splash over the rutting pair, the cool water flowing around the curves of the orgasming girls body, washing off the sweat and by now leaking pussy juice.

Eventually Amy could take now more and she stopped moving, exhausted, her orgasm finally over. The snake seemed to understand and stopped moving before slowly pulling itself out of Amy, it's head sliding out with an audible pop. Amy's pussy and belly hurt, it was stretched and raw but she didn't care as she lay back in post-orgasmic joy, the waves finally settling down around her.

However the snake was not finished and as she lay still it slowly slid up her body, it's rough scales running between her sore legs, up her body, crushing her breasts and finally across one shoulder so that it's head lay next to hers. As it continued to move up her she noticed a small bulge in the underside of it's body, she realised that this was the snake equivalent of a cock and as it rubbed it's way up her body it was growing and was now obviously ready to burst.

She tried to move but was held tight under the snake and the snake cock had already reached her chest, she continued to wriggle to try and get free, not wanting to be drenched in snake cum but all she succeeded in doing was rubbing her tits against the snake's belly and more worryingly it's cock.

Amy realised what she had done too late, the last little bit of arousal the snake needed it had got from her rubbing breasts and it exploded. Pints and pints of white snake jism spurted out from the snake cock. Within seconds Amy's face, chest and stomach was coated in cum. The snake reared itself up and allowed it's jism to cover her hair, abdomen and legs too, so that not an inch of the archaeologist wasn't dripping in cum.

Knowing their was nothing she could do now, Amy became resigned to the situation and opened her mouth wide to allow the snake to direct it's stilling spurting jism into her mouth. To her surprise it didn't taste too bad, not too dissimilar to human cum. So she eagerly gulped down mouthfuls of the stuff until she began to feel her stomach was beginning to fill and she shut her mouth letting the last few bursts of cum land on her dripping breasts.

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