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Runaround Sue's


It was after midnight when I arrived at this little hole-in-the-wall called Runaround Sue's, not my usual type of nightclub. I had already been drinking and it was close to my place. I heard the country western music coming from the place before I parked my car, so I parked in front of a business that was already closed a cross the street.

I heard a little bit about the place months ago, but I really wasn't interested in trying to dance to country western. I figured that I would just sit at the bar and watch the big-chested flat-assed girls in flannel shirts, jeans, and cowboy boots.

Inside, I found the usual suspects. A man laying his head on the bar holding on to his beer. An urban cowboy in a black hat, black jeans, and black boots looking down at two star struck cowgirls in jean mini-skirts, boots, and tank-tops who were trying to see who could show off the most cleavage. There where a few other guys leaning against the bar scoping out girls who huddled together at tables.

In the mist of it all, there were a few other black people in the place. The music they played was a mixture of country, rock, and hip-hop on this particular night. The demographics changed on the dance floor along with the music. Some of the people stayed on the dance floor regardless of the music that was played.

After my second beer, I began to feel the vibe and wanted to dance. I stood next to the small dance floor rocking from side to side when I spotted Mallory. She had shoulder length blonde hair, big boobs, a big butt squeezed into a pair of jeans, and a smile that gave me an instant hard-on. She came on the dance floor with a guy with had long blonde hair who gave me the impression that he might be gay.

Mallory started moving her big juicy butt to the hip-hop beat and I could not resist. I moved to her side thrusting my hips and rocking from side to side. She rolled her hips and backed her ass up to me. I sealed my pelvis to big butt and we bounced to the beat. The guy she was with danced in front of her, while I grind against her ass.

Through the next song, which was also hip-hop, I held her hips tight and pulled her back to me. I moved my hands around to the front of her thighs, over her crotch, and then up under her large boobs. She leaned forward arching her back and grinded her ass back to one side and then the other.

I thought that maybe I could blow my load in my pants. I moved my hands up over her breast and squeezed them firmly. I kept my hands there for a couple of beats before moving them down to her hips. I then slid my hand between us and gave her ass a good squeeze. As usual, I slowly moved my hand away.

My heart started to beat a little fast as I thought about the possibility of taking her out to my car and pounding her big ass into the back seat. She at least didn't mind my groping, and she didn't appear to be drunk.

The next song she turned around to me and our pelvis' locked together. I filled my hands with her ass, while she leaned back and grinded against my hard-on. I really noticed how good she looked.

A slow country song was played and I stood there holding her tight against me. She draped her arms over my shoulders, and I told her that I didn't want to let her go. She smiled and swayed her hips as I crushed her buns in my hands.

We danced in spite of the type of music that was played. I caught a few evil looks from some good ol' boys, but I wasn't going to let her go that easily. They weren't the only ones giving us funny looks. A couple of black women looked her up and down and gave me a fuck you look. A few black guys were smiling and nodding at me.

When she was finished dancing, Mallory took my hand and led me over to her table. The guy who looked gay sounded gay and had a really soft hand shake. There was a much bigger girl at the table too. Mallory said that she was her good friend and I was nice.

I tried to get her out of the club, but she said that she couldn't leave her friends. She put her phone number into my cell phone, so I called it. I told her that now she would my number when I called her. Actually, I was checking to see if she gave me a fake number.

I stayed in her face telling her how sexy she looked as I rubbed my hands up her thighs to her hips. That was when I noticed the big black X on the back of her hand. She was under twenty-one. She looked older then twenty-one to me, but the really good thing was that she had to be at least eighteen to get into the club.

I was really feeling good about myself. There I was in a damn near redneck bar pushing up on a very well built young white girl.

I wanted to kiss her, but I knew that would be pushing things way too far. Besides, I had her correct cell phone number, so I had time to play the good but horny guy role.

I told her that I want to fuck her right there in the bar with everyone watching. She giggled and called me naughty. I told her that I found her completely irresistible as I slid my hands up between us and massage her big tits through her top and bra. She told me to be careful before I got something started. She sounded so sexy I nearly lost my load a few times.

The club seemed to close way too quickly. The white lights came on, and as good as she looked, she looked even better. I started to wonder how I looked in the light to her. She squeezed my hand and led me behind her friends out to her truck.

She told me to call her as she pulled out of the parking lot. On the front of her truck was a rebel flag plate. I thought, holy shit. I'm going to fuck around and get hung. Some how, I knew that I wasn't going to let that stop me.

I fought with my patient for most of the next day. I was very eager to call her, but I didn't want to call her too soon. I started drinking beer after noon and tried to find other things to do. The only thing I could think of doing was seeing her.

To my surprise, she called my around three. She hadn't begun to make plans with her friends yet, and sounded like she was interested in seeing me again. I talked about how well she danced and how sexy she was. I told her that she was the prettiest girl in the club. I don't know how true that was, but it was true enough for me.

I heard the sound of her father in the background yelling, and she responded with an equally hostile tone. They sounded more like siblings than father and daughter. "Okay daddy, damn!" she said.

I told her that I could come by and pick her up, and she said that it wasn't a good idea that her father was overly protective. I got a lot more than that from his Southern accent. She suggested that we meet somewhere. My wife and I were breaking up, but I don't think that she would have stood for another woman being in our place, especially one that was beautiful, white, and twenty years younger.

I suggested that we meet at a central place that was public, but where we could have a private conversation. She suggested the big shopping center in our area. I thought I got there quickly, but she was already waiting for me.

She had on a low cut short sleeved top, a full length skirt, and cowboy boots. She looked hot. Her tits looked like honey, and she smelled like light scented flowers. I took her hands and pressed my body against hers. I had resisted in the club, but I couldn't hold back any longer.

I looked into her sparkling gray eyes and kissed her soft lips. I let go her hands and she put them around my neck. I reach around taking hold of her soft buns as I pinned her against her truck. I told her that I wanted her right then. She kissed me again pushing her tongue wildly in my mouth.

My dick felt like it was going to explode. I broke our kiss and open the back door to my car. She took off her boots and tossed them in the bed of her truck then got in the back seat. I got in and closed the door.

Mallory pulled her top off over her head and then removed her bra. I took both of the big boobs in my hands, licked, and sucked on the nipples, while she rubbed her hands over my short-cropped hair.

She moaned and we kissed deeply sliding down on the seat. She pulled her long skirt up around her waist as I discovered that she was not wearing panties. We talked about that on the phone, but I didn't think that she would actually come meet me like that.

She opened my pants as I fingered her wet young pussy. She stroked my cock and then guided it down to her cunt. On the phone, she said that she had never had a big cock before, and I believed that my ten inches was bigger than average.

I lifted her legs up to my shoulders as I sunk my dick into tight pussy. She moaned like a porn star, which encouraged me to drive my cock deeper. The tight grip her cunt had on my cock made it feel even harder.

The windows fogged up and I could feel the car move on my down stroke. It had been a long time since I pounded a pussy so deliberately. I could not get enough of her. She cried out that she was cuming a few times and the distorted expression on her face left no doubt that it was real.

It was one of those times that the difference between good pussy and a bad fuck was very clear. She had a great feeling pussy. I bit my bottom lip and grunted as I used every bit of strength that I could muster to drive my dick into her.

I was soaked in sweat as I went for the marathon. I wanted to turn her around and slam my cock in her from behind, but there wasn't enough room in the back seat of my car for that.

My dick felt numb after a while, and I caught my second wind. I increased the rhythm of my strokes, but I still hit bottom. If nothing else, I was sure that she would not forget that one. She clawed at my back, pealing the skin and drawing blood. I didn't care. I kept giving it to her.

I thought that I might not ever have an opportunity to be with a girl that was so incredibly sexy and wasn't built like a stick. I slowed my stroke and locked lips with her again. I released her legs and we rolled and grind.

I told her that she was so incredible that I didn't ever want to get off her, and that I wanted her to be mine. She then gave me the awful truth in between kisses. She said that her father would never let date me, and that he would go to jail to stop it. I didn't like it, but I understood that. I mean, I was from the south myself. She said that she wished I could fuck her forever.

She asked me not to hate her. Shit! She didn't say that I couldn't fuck her again. I told her that it could be fun sneaking around having sex. She added, especially good sex like we were having.

We actually tried doggie-style, but it didn't work well in the back seat, so we continued in a half buck. We talked, laughed, and joked, but neither my cock nor her hips stopped moving. We checked the time and neither of us had ever had sex that long. We continued pumping and grinding, and the night went on.

We slept locked together for a couple of hours, and then continued fucking until after mid-night. We went to an all night diner and had a steak breakfast. The waitress was so nice to us that I asked if she thought that Mallory and I would make a good couple. She might have been just trying for a good tip, but she said that we looked like we were from opposite sides of the tracks, that's what made us look so attractive together.

I didn't press the issue any further, because I wanted to get my hands back on her. We made out for a while outside in the parking lot. Talking about a would be fantasy life together. I told her that I would have her wearing nothing but come-fuck-me pumps and a smile. She added with twenty kids.

We climbed into the back seat of my car again and slow fucked while we kissed. She joked that she was glad that she had taken her birth control, or she'd surely get pregnant from the amount of cum I had pumped into her.

At six in the morning, she sat in her truck with one of her big boobs my hand, my finger in her wet pussy, and my tongue in her mouth. Every time she said that she had to go, our contact became more intense.

Finally, she locked me out of her truck and kissed me before rolling up her window. I wanted to case after her when she pulled out of the parking lot. I had this sinking feeling in my gut that it would be the last time that I would see her.

A couple of days pasted, then a week, and then two weeks, and then a month. I wanted to call her so many times, but she made me promise to let her call me. I had some really sad days. I moved into a small one-bedroom apartment, and was paying my ex-wife way too much.

All I could think about was the feel of Mallory's body against mine, her lips, and the sparkle in her eyes. I was bad sick. Everything I did was so mechanical. I was so sad then even my ex-wife felt sorry for me even though she didn't know the reason why.

Another month later, I got a call from Mallory. I didn't want to let on to how much in love I was with her in just one night. She sounded cheerful but weary. She told me that she had gotten into a big fight with father when she had gotten home. She said that it had become to unbearable living under his ways.

After an hour, I told her that I really wanted to see her again. I couldn't help, but to bare my soul. I told her that I loved her and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with me. She told me that if I felt that strongly about it then I should open my door. It didn't make any sense to me, more like a symbolic gesture. She insisted that if I really felt the way I said I did about her that I would prove by opening the door and taking a look outside.

My heart started to pound as I twisted the doorknob to open it. I looked to my left, my right, and then my left again. She stood like an angel in full glory. I took two steps and pulled her in my arms. I kissed her face and tears that blinded with my own. I promised her that I would never let her go.

I tell her that I love her everyday and our six plus kids. I can't keep her naked, but she does wear the come-fuck-me pumps everyday.

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