tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRunaway Bay Ch. 03

Runaway Bay Ch. 03


To really understand this chapter. Chapter 1 and 2 should be read first.


"You could really enjoy yourself making this film. The story line is that you are the wife of a rich older guy. They have had some damage caused to the roof during a recent hurricane. He knows that any workmen that that do start work often fail to come the next day then maybe they will arrive late the following day. The husband has hatched a plan to encourage them to do the work until completion. That's where you come in. You will be sunbathing by the pool so that they can see you from the roof. Every time that you have a swim you go to the pool shower. Instead of lying in a damp bikini you change into a different bikini. That's where we have a touch of product placement for Lucky's swimwear. You eventually work through most of his catalogue. And of course we will be amply rewarded." Said Barry.

"Where is it that I have to get changed?" I asked.

"By the pool of course."

"And am I expected to show them everything?"

"You know that you love doing that, so why not get paid for doing it?"

"What else will they want me to do?"

"That will be up to you, to a certain extent."

"To a certain extent?"

"Yes, they will probably expect as much as you did with Mickie, last night"

"Will Mickie be one of the actors?"

"I think that they have him and Paul lined up. If it's a problem I can speak to Phil."

"Do you want me to do it?"

"Yes of course."

"Then I'll do it for you. Do you think that they will let me have a copy of the film to take home?

"Phil said it would take some time to edit and put the voiceovers on, so I gave him our address so that he can post us a copy."

"When do we start?"

"Phil flies back to the States on Tuesday, so we start bright and early in the morning. He thinks that we can complete the actual filming in two days. The editing will be done back at his studio."

"Let's try and find a place where we can get a bit of sun on my white bits."

"You already have color on your tits, don't you mean tiny white bit."

"OK then, let's try and find a place where I can get some sun on my tiny white bit."

"I'll make enquiries at the hotel reception."

Then off he went, whilst I packed a bag for a day on the beach.

Ten minutes later, Barry was back.

"I bumped into Carlton on the way to reception. He knows a fabulous beach nearby. It isn't strictly a nudist beach but it is secluded and if the cops come by they don't seam to mind. He's waiting in the lobby for us."

"That's very kind of him."

"He probably just wants to see you naked."

He already had, the previous day, unbeknown to Barry."

Carlton drove the hotel mini bus, with just us aboard, about fifteen minutes along the coast road, before pulling off the road.

"The beach is just thru them trees; don't be telling folk back at the resort about here, we want to keep it secluded. I'll call back for you later on."

"Don't you want to join us for an hour or so?" I asked him.

"I have a schedule this morning; I'll try and get back about lunch time."

Having failed to entice Carlton, we made our way to the little cove. It was just like a picture post card. No one in sight, overhanging palm trees with a little stream running into the blue-green Caribbean.

It was a place where anybody would want to throw their clothes off and run into the sea. So that's what I did, the thigh length T-shirt that I had been wearing was thrown on to our bag, and I was soon naked and waist deep in the warm water.

Barry joined me shortly after, but wearing his swimming shorts. No matter how much I told him how good it felt to be totally naked in the sea. He wouldn't part with his swimwear.

We stayed in the water about five minutes, and then I ran to our sun bathing spot on the sand and dried myself. Oh how good it felt not to be stuck in a damp bikini.

It was so peaceful; all you could hear was the gentle lapping of the sea and the breeze blowing through the palm trees. What bliss.

It was so relaxing. I lay back on my towel and thought of all the things I would want to do with Mickie. We had been there well over an hour when I heard voices in the distance. It sounded like some locals. I assumed that they were on the roadside walking to the next small town. Then I spotted them. Four youths kicking a soccer ball about further down the beach. Should I put my T-shirt on or stay naked if they came our way, that was my dilemma.

It didn't take me long to make my decision. My T-shirt stayed on top of the bag and I started chatting to Barry about the previous evening at Lucky's. I thought that our conversation would distract him from the approaching males.

Either he pretended not to notice them, or his hearing was getting worse, because the boys were now getting quite close. Close enough to see that I was naked.

They were about ten yards away when one of them called out,

"Hey Mon, what time is it?"

They must have seen that I wasn't wearing a watch. Barry told him the time.

The youth replied,

"Sorry, I can't hear you."

All four of them walked up to us and stood in a horse shoe formation around our feet.

I had sat up and put my feet together so that they were only able to see my breasts and a little of my Brazilian. My pussy lips were denied from their view. But it didn't stop their eyes from having a tour of my body.

Then they started the questions that everybody in Jamaica asks, it must be their first lesson at school. Where are you from? Is this the first time in Jamaica? How long are you staying? Which Hotel etc.etc. They then went on to tell us that they were all farmers in the mountains and then offered to sell us some first class weed.

"I'm afraid that we don't have much money, so I'm afraid we can't help you." I told them.

"How much you got?"

"Five US dollars at the most. We didn't think that we would need any money today."

"That will do."

The money was in my purse. I asked Barry to pass me the purse so that I could pay them. He was a couple of yards away from me when he gently threw the purse for me to catch. Unfortunately I failed to catch it and it landed on the sand about a yard past me. I wasn't sure if one of them might have been tempted to grab the purse and run, so I quickly reached for it. I lost my balance and ended up on my back with my legs spread.

"Thanks for the bonus lady; we'll give you a little extra weed for the show."

I blushed, but thanked them for their generosity.

I gave them the money and they gave us the weed, then they were on their way.

"Why did you leave all the talking to me? Here I am naked in front of four strange guys, and you leave me to do the talking." I barked at Barry.

"You were enjoying yourself, I could tell by the look in your eyes."

"They may have raped me."

"You might have enjoyed it."

"You might have enjoyed watching them do me, you mean." With that I lay back on my towel and opened my legs so that the sun could reach all my pale bits.

"If anyone else comes along, I'm just going to lie hear like this and let them look."

"Even you, wouldn't dare."

"You watch me." I said pretending to be angry. If you don't do anything to protect me, I'll spread my pussy lips and beg them to fuck me"

"OK, OK. I get your point."

I couldn't wait for some hunky guys to come along; I was going to spread my thighs until my pussy lips gaped open for them, but I had no intention of shagging them.

It was about two hours later before anyone did come along. It was Roy and Carlton they were on a water scooter. We heard them calling us from the sea. Without even thinking, I got up and ran towards them. I had forgotten all about being naked and was only reminded of it by my bouncing boobs.

It was too late by then, they had seen everything. I just carried on as though I was wearing a bikini.

Roy and Carlton though made it obvious where they were looking. Both pairs of eyes flitted from my nipples to Brazilian without a hint of shame.

"Have you come to stay for a while?" I asked.

Roy, who was steering the scooter said,

"We had a break for an hour; we just thought we would see if you need anything. It was quicker coming this way."

I had never been on a high speed water scooter, and without thinking it through I asked if I could have a go.

"Sure, do you want me to steer, or can I trust you not to kill us?" Asked Roy.

Both Roy and Carlton held the scooter still in a couple of feet of water whilst I climbed aboard. Barry told me later what a great view they had of my pussy. But I didn't really care because they had seen it all the previous day.

Roy climbed aboard behind me and immediately put his arms around my waist.

"Take it slowly at first and enjoy yourself." Warned Barry. I didn't know whether he was talking to me or to Roy.

Needless to say, by the time we were about the length of a football field away from the shore Roy was feeling my breasts and tweaking my nipples. I just carried on as though I wasn't finding it pleasurable. However with being naked, with the vibration of the engine against my pussy and my legs being spread wide against the sides of the scooter, I was beginning to feel pretty horny.

As I built up speed I shouted "Isn't this great, Roy?"

"Not as great as this Crystal." And his right hand slipped down to my pussy. His thick finger slipped between my slippery lips and about an inch inside my pussy. I couldn't take my hand away from the handle bars, because it was too dangerous. I just had to let him enjoy himself."

His stimulation of my pussy was just starting to take effect, when he removed his finger from my clit. Of course I felt disappointed. Then, I could feel that he was doing something behind me. . "Lift yourself up a little Crystal."

I didn't know why he wanted me to do that until I dropped down again. I felt that familiar heat of a cock running along between my pussy lips. I looked down and there it was.

It looked at first that I had grown my own little penis. To be more accurate it looked like a short, fat and circumcised cock with a head the size of a small lemon. I knew that it had to be long because it had travelled the whole width of my body.

He started to push it backwards and forwards. I could feel it moving between my inner vaginal lips and as I leaned forward slightly I could feel it against my clit. It felt really good. But there was no way he was going to get it inside me whilst we were on that water scooter. I doubted whether it would have fit inside me anyway.

I am fortunate in having quite a tight pussy because I have never experienced motherhood, and I have a little exercise regime that keeps my pussy tight and my vaginal muscles in peak condition.

Still it felt good, in fact very good. We built up a rhythm where as his cock ran along my inner lips, I would lean forward so that his cock head had to push along the soft inner lips then between my big soft outer lips. I could still feel the vibration of the engine thru his cock. It was like having a soft warm and thick vibrator sliding along my pussy.

It wasn't long before I could feel myself on my way to my orgasm, but suddenly I heard Roy grunt loudly and saw his fluid shoot from between my legs onto the scooters bodywork. He pulled back one last time and pushed me forward with his shoulders in a last effort to get it inside me, but I pushed down hard with my hips, pinning his cock to the seat,to deny him. No orgasm for me, no entry for him.

Feeling extremely frustrated I took the scooter back to shore. I felt Roy re-arrange himself before we landed.

Carlton and Barry were waiting for us at the beach.

"How did you like the ride?" Enquired Barry.

"It was Fantastic."

But it could have been so much better, I thought.

"Will you take me out Roy?" Asked Barry.

"Sure, why not?"

I checked the scooter to make sure that the waves had washed away all traces of Roy's juice.

Did Barry realise that he was leaving a terribly randy Carlton with his extremely aroused and frustrated naked wife, I wonder.

As Barry and Roy went out to sea, I went to my towel to soak up the sun. I lay on my stomach and could soon feel the rays warming the skin on my back, legs and butt. Carlton sat on the sand next to me.

"You are going to burn if you don't put some protection on that soft white skin."

"I have a tan now, thanks very much."

"You call that a tan. I can see your shoulders starting to burn."

"You just want to get your hands on my body, that's what you want to do."

"You can trust me. I'll stop as soon as you feel me going anywhere you don't want oiling."

"Ok then, but when I say stop, you stop."

"No problem."

With that he began applying oil to my shoulders. His hands were strong but strangely gentle at the same time.

"You sure have a fine body."

Without opening my eyes, I replied, "Thank you."

"I love your long blonde hair and your strong long legs."

"Thanks for that."

He moved down to my legs and began spreading the oil on each leg in turn. He moved them further apart, no doubt to get a better view of my pussy and anus.

As he reached my butt. I could feel his hands separating my cheeks as he massaged them in opposite directions.

"I love your firm butt."

"Do you really?"

"Most of all I just love your tight white pussy."

"I thought that would be your favourite part of me. What is it that you like about it?"

"Its those lovely fleshy lips, I would love to lick them for a week."

"Well Barry will be coming back soon so you haven't got a week."

"Can I fuck you then?"

"No you can't fuck me; the only person that fucks my pussy is Barry."

"What about Mickie and Paul?"

"I haven't fucked Mickie and Paul."

"What about the film?"

"What film?" I bluffed.

"The film that you are doing up at Lucky's mansion, tomorrow."

"What do you know about that?"

"I know that you will be getting fucked by Mickie and Paul and maybe more."

"I haven't agreed to fuck anyone."

"I heard that your man has signed a contract, you will have to."


"Lucky has contracts for everything and good lawyers for people who try and cross him. It costs a lot of money to arrange for people to make his films and he really doesn't like to lose any. They may call him Lucky but they should call him Ruthless Bastard."

I thought for a moment about what Barry had done and felt a bit pushed into a corner. I did want to fuck Mickie, but there was no way that I could get Paul's monster cock inside me."

"There is no way am I having Paul's monster in my Pussy."

"What about your ass?"

"Nobody is going to put anything in my virgin ass. Nobody."

"I might be able to help."

"How so?"

"If it's the size of Paul's cock that worries you, it might just be that you need stretching a little first."

"And how do you think you might be able to help?"

Carlton nudged my shoulder and told me to open my eyes. He knelt on the sand and produced the biggest erect cock that I had ever seen.

I thought that I would put him in his place, "It doesn't look as big as Paul's cock to me."

"You're kiddin' me. This is championship black bamboo."

I thought for a moment about what Barry had let me in for, and then had an idea.

"Ok, you may have a point. I will try you for size and it might let me know what to expect tomorrow."

"See, I told you I could help."

I made Carlton lie on his back with his head nearest the sea so that I could see when Barry was returning. I straddled Carlton's hips and placed the head of his cock at my pussy lips.

"Carlton, listen to me. I am not going to let you cum in me. I have seen how much you boys can produce. I am going to be fucking Barry tonight and I don't want to be full of your stuff. Do you understand?"

"If I start, I will need to cum."

"Don't worry I'll make you cum, but not in my pussy."

Carlton laid his head back and smiled.

I ran the head of his cock along the lips that Roy had earlier enjoyed. I felt incredibly horny and really did want a pussy full of cum, but I pride myself on my discipline.

Carlton was underneath me so that I could lift myself off at any time. I know men, and if he had been on top and was near to cumming there was no way he would pull it out, whatever I said.

I decided that Mickie was gong to have the pleasure of being the first other man to cum inside me since I got married. Because it would be for Barry, not just me. It wasn't really being unfaithful if I did it while he watched.

I held Carlton's cock vertical and slowly, very slowly, lowered myself on to it. I pulled his foreskin right back and leaned over to watch the entry. As it spread my lips it just looked too big. I lowered my hips a little and could feel the thing start to stretch me.

"If you push now, I'll kill you. Do you understand?"

Carlton nodded.

As the entrance to my sex was forced apart, I could feel a slight discomfort. I thought that it would pass, but the lower I went and the further the helmet spread my lips, the more uncomfortable it became.

"You sure got a tight pussy, Crystal."

"Look I am trying, don't you dare push."

Even though the black shiny skin against my smooth pink pussy looked so erotic I obviously wasn't wet enough. The salty water had clearly washed away my earlier secretions, so I gave up and stood upright and was just about to put a knee either side of Carlton's face so that he could give me more lubrication, when I saw Barry and Roy retuning in the distance.

"Sorry Carlton, I'll have to owe you one."

"Just wank me, I can cum really quick when I need to."

"I have told you, that I will owe you one."

Guys can never wait can they?

I made my way to the waters edge to wait for the return of Barry and Roy.

Carlton went into the shadow of the trees where he enjoyed his own right hand.

I did find it quite erotic though watching him wank as he looked at my body. I tried to help him by pretending to pick something up from the sand with my legs apart and straight. I could see thru my legs that his eyes were glaring lustfully at my pussy and anus area. I reached between my legs and spread my pussy lips for him.

I slid a finger inside and found that I was then probably wet enough now to have had another try. Too late now though.

I soon heard Carlton moaning and start to spurt. I had been right about the amount of cum he would produce. Jet after jet sprayed onto the sand. There was no way that so much stuff would have drained away before the evening time. Barry would have known I had been fucked by at least one of them.

As the boys hit the beach Roy called to Carlton who was just retuning from the palms and told him that they were going to be late back. Carlton quickly hopped on the back of the scooter and as they set off Roy said that he would pick us up about four o'clock.

The rest of the afternoon passed by without incident. Neither of us discussed the ride or the forthcoming film.

It was while we were having sex, back at the room, that Barry asked me if Roy or Carlton had tried their luck. I told him that I had let them both have a good look. When pressed I admitted that I had let them both have a feel of my pussy. I didn't tell him that it was with their cocks of course. Barry came then so the questioning stopped.

We asked the Hotel reception for an early morning call. I was so excited that I found it hard to get to sleep.

I felt like I had only just fallen asleep when Barry answered the call. I felt tired but also surprisingly horny. Thinking of what the next two days might entail. I couldn't get the picture of Mickie's young and beautiful cock out of my mind.

Barry asked, "Are you OK? You seam a little quiet."

"Are you sure you know what will be expected of me today?"

"All that matters to me is that you enjoy yourself. We are thousands of miles from home, what girl wouldn't want to be in your shoes?"

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