Peering out her balcony, she watched the sunset. She sighed, and leaned upon the vine wall. She had been betrothed to one of the most obnoxious men in all the kingdoms, Lord Blete. His name was as bland as his personality, as well as looks. Her father hoped that the marriage would help settle her audacious nature. But his hopes will be of to no avail, like his past hopes have been. She smiled as she remembered some of the things that made her father's temper soar.

There was that one time where she was caught fucking one of his knights in the stable. Or another time where she was found giving her handsome older brother head. She smiled, and headed back into her chambers. Tomorrow was the wedding, and she was determined not to marry Lord Blete. She looked into her closet, and pulled out a pair of leather stockings, a tight black shirt, a jacket, her riding boots, and her swordbelt. Quickly getting dressed, she stealthily headed down to the kitchen. To her dismay, she found the kitchen boy cleaning up. He looked up, shocked by the presence of the radiant princess, and bowed down low. She quickly went to him, and pulled him up. To her surprise, he was ruggedly handsome and probably the same age as she.

"I'm sorry milady, is there anything that I can do for you?" he looked down ashamed, and waited for her reply.

"No need for that, I just need to be on my way. Do you happen to know where the food satchel, and the water canteen are?" Quickly hurrying to get what the princess asked for, he eyed the radiant beauty. She had long black hair, as dark as the night's sky, a beautiful face, skin goldenly tanned, slim body, and a chest that protruded modestly from her body. His heart had been aflutter when he had first laid eyes upon her, and now thoughts of her naked flesh intertwined with his entered his mind again. He quickly shook them away, and brought her satchel and canteen fully filled.

"Anything else milady?" Her green eyes shone in defiance, and thought for a second. Finally, she went over to him, and lifted his chin. His eyes, she now saw, were unlike any she had ever seen. The green iris encased the golden center, they were unearthly, yet complimented the rest of him nicely. His dark brown hair was neatly trimmed, and his well-chiseled features brought tingles down her spine. She brushed her lips upon his, and he responded immediately, pulling her to his body, probing his tongue into her mouth. She moaned. She had never been kissed in this fashion before. She had always supposed that it was only proper to brush their lips upon the others to call it a kiss, however she rather enjoyed this rough clutch kiss, and pulled him closer to her.

Picking her up, he carried the princess to the bags of flour in the storage room, and started to ravage her with kisses, pinning her down onto the bags of flour. He quickly removed her shirt, sword belt, stockings and riding boots. As each article was removed, he was awarded with a glamorous site. The shirt had revealed her breasts, in the round, firm and tender form. He kissed them both, swirling his tongue around her areolas, sucking on the nipple, while slowly pinching and rubbing. The stockings had revealed her pussy, smooth, and shaved. His tongue traveled into her dark cave, ravaging her insides, sucking on her clit violently.

Her moaning was loud and her body convulsed as her pussy was being eaten out. She had never felt this sensation either. She had always given the pleasure of sucking on a cock, or being the dominant lover, but submission felt great, and she cummed onto his face another time. Going back to her lips, he kissed her fervently, as he quickly removed his smock and pants. She was startled as she saw his prick, it must've been 9 inches long, and an inch wide. She had never seen one so big. The knight's 7 inch one was thought to be big when she fucked it, but his was of to no compare. His chest was muscular, and well shaped as he covered her body with it. Rubbing the head of his cock against her hot wet entrance, she moaned and came once again, covering his prick with her juice.

His mouth covered hers, and kissed her intensely as he shoved his humongous cock into her tight pussy. She winced in pain, but then started to meet his thrusts to get a better depth. Her tight hole was milking his cock, and he tried to restrain himself of cumming too quickly. His strong hands kneading her breasts while still pumping his rod into her hole. When she came again, he could feel her cum coating his cock. That sensation plus the one that he was holding back had been too much to bear, so he started cumming in her hot pussy. She moaned louder, as she felt his cum pour into her in ropes. Still pumping, while his cum emptied into her, her walls milked his prick for every last drop. Spent, he laid beside her, still pumping softly into her, and kissed her lips gently.

"I don't know your name kitchen boy, yet I have made you a mate of my flesh." She spoke quietly, unaccustomed to this awkwardness.

"Fair princess, my name is Alderson of the Westlands. You need not be ashamed." She was astonished. Of the Westlands? Only mystical folk lived in the Westlands. He saw the surprise in her eyes, and related his backgrounds.

"As you has realized, I am not a mortal. Yet I am not immortal. I have many backgrounds and many mystical talents. Far too many to tell you now, but I shall tell you this. I moved away from the Westlands to seek a normal life, a humble life, in which to spend my days, and in hope to find a mate that will accept my faults." He looked away, ashamed to show his face to her. Her heart reached out to him, and pulled him close, slowly stroking his cheek with her hands she whispered,

"You need not to look farther, nor be dismay in hope, for I accept your faults, welcome them, and love you." She kissed him tenderly, and pulled him up.

"I want you to leave with me, and forsake this dreadful castle. Come with me, so that we may live in your dreams. A humble, normal life." His eyes had changed color when he looked at her. Blue out rimming the gold center. He nodded in consent, and pulled her to her feet. They dressed quickly, and filled their sacks with food, water, and gold sovereigns. Reaching the stable, her midnight stallion awakened and was frightened by this visit. Alderson quickly ran to him, whinnied some words, and stroked his muzzle. She was amazed by this, and went to him, eyes full of wonder.

"What did you do to make Sugar quiet so easily?" He smiled and whinnied at her softly. Sugar whinnied back, like they were parrying a conversation. She giggled in delight and kissed him on the cheek.

"Come, we must be on our way." She mounted Sugar, and he on a majestic chestnut mare. Together, they rode off, galloping past the gate and into the wilderness.


Finally resting beside a creek, they sat at the bank and watched the sunrise. He nuzzled her neck, sucking on her ear. She kissed him passionately on the lips, reveling in this new found freedom. The horses grazing nearby, Alderson fed her some raspberries nearby. Astriel, the princess, felt tired, and fell asleep. Alderson, covered her tender figure with his cloak, and wandered into the nearby woods. He sang out, chirping to the larks, harmonizing with the robins, playing with the squirrels. Returning to the site where he left the Astriel, he stripped and dove into the creek. He swam among schools of fish, before returning to the surface. Splashing back up, he sees Astriel looking at him in puzzlement.

"How is it that you can swim and talk to the animals like you and I are speaking? They are not scared of you, and think of you as a friend. Is that one of thine gifts?" Her eyes looked at his curiously, as they changed once again another shade.

"Gifts? No. Talent? Yes. I was not born with this talent. I learned it from my mother who learned it from the shaman in our old village." He pulled himself onto the bank beside her, and kissed her tenderly.

"I could teach you how, if you wish. It is a tedious process, but easy to endure, if you have the will." She nodded her head, and asked,

"When can I start? And how do I learn?" He smiled, and replied,

"Each person has their own special way of transmitting a gift to another. My mother transmitted it to me by singing, and I have closely observed that when I make you a mate of my flesh, I transmit a gift unto you." She eyed him curiously, uncertain that what he said could be true.

"I have already made you a mate of my flesh, yet I feel no gift. How am I to know what language I have learned?" He scrunched his brow in deep thought, and pondered for a second before replying,

"Each person has their own way of finding their gift. I suppose that if you thought hard enough, you would find your gift." She laid there for a minute, closing her eyes in search of the gift in her mind. The buzzing of bees nearby distracted her concentration. They sang melodiously, and chattered incessantly. She tried to dismiss the chatter when it hit her. The word of the bees were her first gift. Her eyes opened, and she smiled. He smiled back at her, and she buzzed a little tune for him. He laughed, and harmonized with her. The bees pranced about their head, singing.

He jumped back into the water, and beckoned her in. She quickly shed her clothes, and dived in beside him.

"Do you desire to learn another language? I could try to concentrate on a certain one for you to learn. Say the fishes perhaps?" She nodded, and brushed her body against his. She kissed his lips fervently, taking his magnanimous cock into her hands. She rubbed and stroked it passionately, rubbing the underside, and the tip lovingly, enjoying the rushing of the current around their naked forms. He took a deep breath, and pulled her down under the water. At first she panicked, but then when he gave her breath, she soothed, and kissed him back passionately. Under the water, fishes swam around their forms, curious of the alien creatures in their water. He sat her on a smooth rock, rubbing the sides of her smooth and well sculpted thighs.

Both of their heads above water, they gazed into each other's eyes. He stroked her inner thighs, working his way up to the coveted cave. Her hands reached down, and grabbed his hard cock. She stroked it and rubbed the head slowly, enjoying the feeling of her lover's skin under the water. Meanwhile, his fingers reached her pussy, and he pushed two fingers into her. The tips of his fingers brushed lightly upon her clit, she moaned, and kissed him passionately. His fingers then abandoned her swollen clit, replacing them with his cock. He ground into her slowly The wind blew upon their skin, shivering their spine. Distant thunder could be heard.

His hands rubbed her delicate breasts, swirling his fingers around the areolas. His strokes were long and slow, loving and passionate. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him in faster, loving every second he was filling her, and hating every second he withdrew. She loved the way his balls would brush upon the lips of her pussy every time he dove in. He loved the way her neck arched when she moaned. He was getting close, and Astriel could feel his cock expanding even more, about ready to fill her insides again with his cum. Her hands reached down, and stroked his balls and squeezing ever so gently, coaxing out the thick white treasure that lay inside. His breathing was getting heavy, and she could tell that he was about to cum any moment now, along with her. With one loud grunt, he emptied his cum into her, and she convulsed into an orgasm, mixing her cum with his. He laid his head on her chest, and she on his head. Their breathing went back to normal, and she kissed his ear delicately. He raised his head and kissed her lips, and pulled her down from the rock.

"Now see if you have received the gift." She submerged her head under water, and tuned her ears for the speech of the fish. A school of trout swam by all sharing the same thought of getting to the lake quickly. She smiled gaily and reappeared on the surface. Alderson was already at the bank drying himself off, face looking grim.

"Come, we must move along. The soldiers are coming." She didn't question him, and rose onto the bank. He opened the towel and beckoned her in. He dried her sensuously in between his arms. She leaned back so her head was upon his shoulder, and he was drying the most private parts of her body, while kissing her neck slowly. She knew she loved him and that the feeling was mutual, and the warm feeling amidst her breasts was fluttering happily.


Riding along the river, all afternoon the day sped by pretty fast. Alderson had often called out to the hawks, asking where the soldiers were. His hawk friends had kept close by to Alderson and Astriel, enjoying their company. Soon it was nightfall and the hawks returned to their perch. Astriel and Alderson rode swiftly, hoping to reach the nearest forest in which they could rest. They rode together, hand in hand, squeezing each other's palm tightly, never wanting to let go.

Reaching a clearing, Alderson howled to a pack of wolves that lived nearby to cover their tracks. Astriel deaf to this language, watched him, puzzled. Seeming to be satisfied with the response he sat down beside her and looked into her eyes. She looked at him in wonder. She wondered why she felt something else was held back. Another secret besides his other gifts. Her eyes locked with his, and she knew she loved him, and him her. All was quiet among the woods, not a sound was heard besides the occasional whinny of the horse. He stood, and pulled her up.

"We need to make camp, so we can wake early tomorrow. We still have a way to go 'til we get to the Westlands." She nodded, kissed his cheek, and made way for the tasks that needed to be tended to. She went to the saddle packs.


Camp was made, horses were brushed and grazing, dinner was eaten, and it was about time for bed. They had made a primitive lean-to to camouflage their whereabouts and prevent the wind from chilling their bodies. Alderson laid his cloak on the ground, and took off his boots and shirt. He hung it on a nearby branch and stretched, ready to take first watch.

Astriel looked away from his half naked figure. She felt unusually shy although she had bedded him twice, both times fully naked. Her cheeks became crimson in the night as she peeled away her riding shirt and boots and left on her stockings and black shirt. She folded her clothes and left them on the cloak. Walking over to him, she wound her arms around his waist fondly and kissed his back lovingly. He covered her hands with his, and peeled them away. Pulling her figure to face him, she kissed him passionately, pressing her lithe body against his panther-like body, so lean, agile, and muscular. His tongue excavated her mouth. Touching every part. He picked her up, and brought her to the cloak, where he laid her gently on her side.Stroking her cheek, breathing sweet promises of protection and love into her ear. Her eyes closed , and she snuggled against his chest. His arms encircled her tender figure, kissing her neck. He took the blanket and covered their bodies. She looked up into his eyes, now cream and emerald. She could also feel a bulge push against her tender spot. Her hands drifted down to shed her riding pants, and his also. He massaged her breasts though her shirt, and her pussy played with his other hand while his cock slowly grinded the crack between her arse and pussy. Her back laid against his chest, gently spooning. Slowly, he slipped his cock into her wet hole. It was a whole new sensation for her, her pussy being played with while being fucked. The feeling was so overwhelming that she just lay there and let the pleasure take over.

Alderson slowly ground into her, his fingers rubbing her clit tranquilly, while his other hand massaged her breasts passionately. His kisses showered her neck, and

shoulders. Astriel moaned loudly, slowly grinding back into his cock, enjoying this unrushed making of love with him. They stayed like this for a while, in no hurry to climax or cum. There bodies moved like one, in one delicate motion of rocking back and forth.

"Darling," he whisped gently in her ear after a while, "I am going to bestow another gift, this one I have no idea what it shall turn out to be." She smiled, turned her head back and kissed him passionately.

"Let it come love, I will love whatever you bestow." And with that, he growled softly into her ear, as he let out his cum into her.She in turn climaxed with him, her body shivering and shuddering against his. When all was finished, he kissed her ear, and said,

"Focus your mind, listen for anything. Empty all other thoughts." She relaxed, cleared out her mind, and listened for speech. She smells so nice, up against her, arms around her. She is like a young rose, her skin soft like the petals, smell just as sweet, and sight more beautiful beyond compare. He nuzzled her neck, and kissed it lovingly.

Can you hear me my love? It is I, Astriel.

Yes, I can hear you my love. Is this not a wonderful gift? It was my first one given to me by my mother. She smiled, and kissed his hand that wrapped around her waist. With that kiss, Astriel fell into deep slumber, and Alderson pulled the blanket up around their bodies. He kissed her once more and fell asleep.


Wake up now Astriel, it is time for us to leave. The wolves said that the soldiers have awoken, and are already coming towards us. She awoke with a start, eyes searching for her love. She found him fully dressed, and washing out the campfire. She sat up and looked at herself, she was also fully clothed. Rising up, she cleaned the bed, and swept away their tracks. Mounting on their horses, Alderson clicked his tongue, and Sugar destroyed their lean-to. He howled to the wolf bretheren and hand in hand, they rode off into the woods, leaving their camp behind to be hidden by his friends.


Crash! Something hit their head from behind hard, and they fell to the floor. In Astriel's subconscience mind, she heard their captors say,

"Leave the boy, the girl can be used at our own dispense and pleasure." He chuckled, and picked her up.

Alderson, wait for me, help me! And with that, she fell into unconsciousness.

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