Runner's High


"Maybe we should eat that lunch you brought, " I say. This has happened to me before. Fucking makes me hungry.

We both leave the water. He spreads a small table cloth out and sets down a bottle of wine, two plastic glasses and two sandwiches wrapped in plastic. We sit there on grass, naked, eating the lunch and talking. We finish the wine. When we come here again we should bring bottled water, this is too much time in the warm weather for just a couple glasses of wine.

We're finished and I look at him. "If your cock is still shriveled from the cold water, perhaps I should do something about warming it. Maybe you could do the same for me. I push him onto is back and straddle him, bringing my bottom near his face while I get hold of his cock and bring my mouth to it and start sucking it into my mouth. He probably has to lift his head, I can feel his hands holding onto my butt, but I can feel his tongue working on my clit and a finger sliding into me. It doesn't take very long at all for his cock to be erect. In fact, I think the cold water did shrink it from the way it was when I started but my warm mouth seemed to do the trick. I'm ready anyway but a few minutes of his licking me helps, so I lift off him, turn around and re-mount, getting my pussy directly above this erection that I 'm holding. I grt my pussy lips on the head and slowly drop, feeling it push it's way through me.

I'd done this before and always liked it. It doesn't get the intensity that can happen when the guy is pounding into you from above but it feels so good to have control of what's happening. And it is possible to get a pretty good amount of intensity eventually, dropping onto him and rising again rapidly and almost full length. I ride him for a fairly long time, purposely coming close to a climax and then slowing some several times . But I finally decide it's time and start banging away at him as much as I can, giving myself a lovely orgasm. He sits up a little, holds on to me and then rolls us over, never coming out of me, and starts fucking me strongly from his on top position. Eventually I have another climax but he never stops. If anything he pushes harder and faster. I have my feet on the ground to push back as much as I can and I'm grunting with his every stroke. And then he finally cums, shooting his loads into me. Maybe it's psychological or something but his climaxing pulls another one from me, so my insides work at trying to milk every drop out of him. And then we're both on our backs, sated.

"This has really been perfect," I tell him. "You're a terrific lover, Chad."

"Remember the time you got mad at me in the Student Union when I said I was going to run the marathon? I told you then that I bet you'd make a great fuck. Well, you are a great fuck, Nancy. I knew I would find out one day."

"That's not all, is it? I mean, you're not just finding out and quitting?"

He almost laughed. "Are you nuts? You're the best fuck of my life. I would like to do this again several thousand more times."

I roll about half onto him and kiss him. "At least a couple thousand," I murmur to him. "I better get off you though, I'm leaking on you and I don't want to make another trip into that pond right now."

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