tagSci-Fi & FantasyRunning Away Ch. 03

Running Away Ch. 03


The next 2 days went by in a blur for Alyx. His days were spent eating breakfast, looking for the girl, eating lunch, looking for the girl, eating dinner, looking for the girl until he couldn't move anymore, sleep and repeat the process. Some nights he would sleep for only an hour, other nights 5 or 6 and with the ship in outer space it was hard to keep track of just how many days have passed.

"I'll find you Laina, I will." Those words repeated themselves in Alyx's head. Like a dying mantra, the only thing keeping him going.


Laina finally found Alyx's room. Her original room he had given away and it took some clever following him to find his new room. It was simple enough, bribe some kids to follow him while playing a game. When he finally went into a room they were to get her.

Now that she knew where he was she just had to wait for him to leave the freaking room. Once in there she can grab her clothes, grab the money, then hole up somewhere until they land, and be home free. The simple plans were the best plans.

Laina snuggled down into her rags that she had stolen. She was sitting with her legs up, her head resting against her knees, looking just like every other female sitting against the wall that couldn't afford a room. She even smelled and hid her long hair in a wooly cap. Waiting was the worst part.


Alyx paced his room. He was the best damn bounty hunter and he couldn't find one girl. He knew where she was and he still couldn't find her. How pathetic was he? His subconscious kept asking himself if he was deliberately not finding her. If he was over looking obvious clues.

Alyx plopped down on the bed just to stand back up and continue his pacing. He was NOT over looking clues. She was just so damn elusive.

"I will find you."

And with those words said out loud Alyx exited his room, slammed the door, locked it, and charged up the hallway to continue his search of the ship once more. He glanced at the women, children, and men sitting against the wall and held his breath as he passed them.


Finally! Laina thought. She waited a few more minutes making sure he didn't come back. Once satisfied she pushed herself to her feet and hurried to his cabin door. Laina pulled a long thin piece of metal from between her robes and inserted it into the door and jam. A little wiggle and the door sprung free.

Laina walked in and shut the door close behind her with a small kick. Immediately Laina went to the green duffel bag. Unzipping it she reached inside only to find the money wasn't there. Just his clothes. The bastard must have hidden the other green duffel bag somewhere along with my clothes. Laina looked everywhere for the second duffel bag or any piece of her clothing.

She looked under the bed, in the lone closet, even in the lights, but there wasn't any sign of green or female clothing anywhere. Laina opened the bathroom door and sighed. It wasn't in there either, but her dagger was. Laina grabbed that and pushed it into the dirty skirt's elastic band.

"Fine." Laina went back to the duffel bag and grabbed one of his shirts pulling it on and taking off the dirty rag she was using. It felt good and clean and smelled faintly of Alyx. Laina tied the excess back into a knot so the shirt looked more feminine.

Laina walked out holding the dirty rags she had stolen earlier on one arm. She forgot to close his door, but she didn't care if anyone stole his stuff. He probably deserved it. Laina dropped the rags at a lady's feet and walked the opposite way Alyx had gone. Going to the stairs Laina climbed all the way to the top and made a left at the Purple Place.

The Purple Place was the only place where anyone can get anything they sexually desire. From a blow job to a human toilet it was all there for the pickings. You just had to find the right girl or guy.

Laina went to her small section that was curtained off and looked over at the girl whose belongings were so close to hers most people thought it was all hers. Which was why Laina didn't mind she took a lot of her personal space; the girl was so loud, so evident that anybody standing next to her paled in comparison.

Laina forgot the girl's name and usually called her girl, but the girl was a looker. With long black hair, a small oval face with exotic features, and a tiny waist that led to long legs it was no wonder the girl could get away with being so loud and boisterous.

Laina settled back behind the see through-ish curtain. She could see out (sorta, she couldn't see features, but shapes and figures), but people couldn't see in. The way she liked it.


Alyx walked back to his cabin only to find his previously locked door standing slightly ajar. Alyx whipped out his short sword and kicked open his door. A quick survey told him no one was here, but he didn't put away his sword. He walked over to the bathroom to see it empty as well. He almost turned away when he realized the dagger was gone.

Alyx leaned on the doorjam between his cabin and the bathroom and though. She could have came in here, but she would first have to know where I was staying. It could have been some random thief and took the dagger as that was the only thing of value, but why not take the duffel bag of my clothes and try and sell it. Why not try and claim the room as your own? It doesn't make ...what's that smell? I know that smell.

Alyx walked around his room trying to remember where he smelled that strong fleshy smell. It was faint, but if he kept circling he could still catch a whiff. Suddenly it hit him like a ton of bricks. Alyx rushed out of his room and stared down the hall. He stared at the poor huddled against the wall. He was almost positive there was someone there with their head against their knees.

Alyx grabbed his door handle and pulled the door close. He heard the click and knew his belongings were locked inside. Alyx rushed down the hall to the wall and knelt down in front of one of the women.

"The spot beside you. Was it a woman or a man?"

The woman raised her eyes to Alyx looking him over, but she never made it to his face. Her eyes were locked on his sword. "I dunno."

Alyx sighed and put his sword away, but it didn't matter she started to shake as if him putting away the weapon was more dangerous.

"Please, tell me was it a man or a woman?"

"I dunno, I dunno. I dunno."

Alyx stood up and punched the wall over her head. She gave a little shriek. "Woman. Girl. It was a girl. I remember girl."

Alyx looked down at her. "Are you sure?"

"Aye, she give me rags. You take."

Son of a bitch. She was here watching me and I didn't even know it. "No, you can keep them. Do you know where she went?" The woman shook her head no still offering the filthy rags to him.

There is one spot you didn't look, his inner voice said. Because she wouldn't be there. Where else would a young woman hide? The Purple Place is the perfect place. Fine! Alyx knew he might be a little crazy from just talking to himself.

Alyx walked down the hall and up the steps. He didn't want to think that Laina was selling herself to get by. He would have never thought she would do that, but if she had no money for food or clothes it might be the easiest thing for her to do.

Alyx walked to every female old or young and asked if they saw Laina. He gave a perfect description, but he should have known better. Even if Laina was right behind them they would have said no. They wouldn't rat each other out. Alyx had to find the most desperate one and then offer her a lot of money.

Alyx had walked the Purple Place three times now before he settled on the perfect girl. She had long black hair and a come hither walk. She was practically begging for attention and he was going to give it to her.


"Hello there," she replied to him.

"I'm Alyx."

"Jazmine, but my friends call me Jaz." She gave a hollow laugh and sauntered closer to him. "Are you looking to party tonight?"

"Yeah, um, if you could come to my cabin..." Alyx trailed off. He was trying to downplay his rough good looks and come off as a rouge guy just begging for a piece of ass.

"You promise not to hurt me?"

"Aye, I promise."

Jaz pouted. "Okay."

Alyx gave her directions to his cabin and asked her to meet him there in 15 minutes. He wanted to do one last survey of the Purple Place before meeting her there.

************************** I'm Alyx.

Laina bolted up in her chair and stared at the curtains. She's been found. Laina couldn't believe he was talking to the girl and any minute she was going to point in her direction and Laina would be captured again. Laina waited and waited and finally her mind picked up on the words.

...come to my cabin...

"What?!" Laina had to stop herself from going out there and gouging out his eyes. He was going to pick up a hooker. How many times had he come up here to relieve himself? The fucker.

Laina watched him leave and Jaz came over to her and smiled.

"Did you see that hunk of man? I'm going over to his cabin and get me a real piece of meat."

Laina just stared at her. If she said one more thing Laina was going to take her dagger and cut off her lips. How could he?

"I'm going to meet him in a few minutes. I'll see you later. Happy Hunting."

Laina reached between her skirt and pulled out her dagger. The girl had already turned around, but that doesn't mean Laina couldn't still throw it at her back. Just as Laina pulled her arm back the girl was out the makeshift tent and into her own. Laina was seething.

Laina stood up and calmly walked out of her tent and down the stairs. Before she knew it she was standing at Alyx's cabin knocking on the door. Alyx opened the door and she thrust the dagger into his face at his eye. Alyx immediately backed up, but she followed his steps keeping that dagger in his eye. She even kicked the door shut behind her.

"You fucking bastard. You picked up a hooker?! Do you know what she might have? Syphilis D, Gonorrhea G, or worse HIV III. There's no cure for HIV III."

"Whoa, how did you know I went to Purple Place?"

"I was there. I saw you."

Alyx's jaw ticked and he walked to the dagger forcing her to take a step back or gouge out his eye. "You were there?! You fucking bitzo. You're going to get mad at me and you're selling yourself for money?!"

"I'm, WHAT?! I am not selling myself. And I have money, you stole it?"

"If I stole it then you don't have it AND that's why you're fucking selling yourself. How else are you eating or wearing clothes?"

"You bastard. I AM NOT SELLING MYSELF FOR FOOD OR CLOTHES. I STEAL IT! I steal my food and I stole your shirt." Laina undid the knot and the shirt came to her thighs. "This is your fucking shirt. Do you not recognize it?"

"You're not selling your body."

"Fuck no!"

Alyx visibally relaxed. He took a step toward her, but the dagger was now at his chest.

"I wasn't able to cut your eye, but I will stab you. You're still a bastard who's picking up hookers with diseases!"

"I was not picking her up."

"LIAR! I saw you and heard you."

"I was trying to get information on you. If I asked her there she would have said she didn't see you. If I get her to my place in privacy and offer her a lot of money then she would have said yes and sold you out."

Laina wanted to believe him, but it was too convenient. Alyx took a step forward, but Laina didn't waver. He pierced himself and took that same step back. "A truce. Only for human basic needs. Every night I'll come to you for sex then you let me go and resume trying to hunt me."

"And for sleeping and meals. I don't like you stealing on this ship. Do you know what the penalty is for stealing? You're hands chopped off."

"I know the penalty and sleeping is definitely out and so are meals. It doesn't give you time to find me and then when you land. You'll roll over and hand me over to the king."

"Nae, 1 meal; dinner and sleeping. I will not relent on the sleeping or the meal. You need the food and I need to make sure you're safe at night on this hellion's ship or so help me I will not let you out that door."

Everything in Laina screamed 'DEAL!' But pride is a horrible thing. Alyx read that in her and he slapped her wrist causing the dagger to go flying out. Alyx wasn't naive enough to not realize she let it go. Alyx grabbed a handful of her hair and wrapped his hands in it. He pulled down tilting her head up and forcefully brought his lips down on hers.

He backed her into the wall and plunged his tongue into her mouth tasting her. She still tasted spicy and sweet and he moaned as he realized he missed that taste. Pulling his hand down more exposing more of her neck he slid his tongue down her throat. He could feel her trying to move her head, but he wouldn't let her. The last two days have scared the shit out of him and he couldn't, wouldn't relinquish control of her.

Alyx took his other hand and pulled his shirt up over head and it hanged on his arm. She wore no inner shirt and this excited him. The knowledge that his shirt laid against her bare breasts. Alyx unwrapped his hand from her hair and let his shirt drop on the floor. He clamped his mouth to her breast and bit down roughly.

Laina moaned loudly and arched her back. Alyx took his hands and squeezed her breasts hard knowing that his Laina was a little pain slut. If she was stimulated right one could do as much pain as they liked and she would love it. Alyx would never cause any blood, but he would get close and tonight he would get close.

"Get. Out. Of. Those. Clothes."

Laina didn't need to be told twice. She wiggled out of her skirt and stood before him naked. Alyx slowly pulled off his shirt his eyes glued on her. She was so beautiful and he was prolonging his agony. He unzipped his pants and kicked those off. He shimmied out of his boxers, reached down, pulled off his socks and kicked the boxers and socks away. When he raised up he let his eyes take in the lightly haired pussy, the flat stomach, the pointed nipples, and finally to her eyes filled with lust.

Alyx slammed her into the wall, picked her up and without warning impaled her on his engorge dick. From his earlier attentions she was moist, but not wet enough for his intrusion. Feeling her not quite ready made him even hotter, so he pulled out so that only his head was in her and slammed back into her.

Laina moaned loudly her nails digging into Alyx's shoulders. Not from pain, this was beyond pain, from the pain-pleasure. It felt so good and she would never let anyone do this to her. She wrapped her legs around Alyx's waist and when he made to ram deep inside of her once more she flexed her legs slamming him harder into her and ground her clit against his hairy pubes.

"Oh by the gods," Alyx moaned feeling her helping him get deeper into her. Alyx fastened his mouth on hers once more as he eased out of her and wham! Back inside of her. He could hear her wet pussy sucking his cock. He could even feel her juices running down his balls. "By the glorious gods!"

Laina arched her back even more trying to get him deeper into her. Her orgasm was building and she needed the release. She needed this release. Alyx thrusted into her once more and Laina exploaded. Her body rippled and her muscles contracted around his cock milking him. Laina opened her mouth and screamed her released.

Alyx stayed still implanted on her feeling her pussy convulse on him. It felt so good, but he wasn't done with her yet. He was going to fuck her senseless. A knock on the door brought Alyx's attention. Alyx, still carrying Lainee, walked over to the door and opened it. Seeing Jaz's mouth dropped open, Alyx smiled and closed it in her face.

"Who was it?"


"Fucking Bitzo!"

Alyx chuckled and placed Laina on the bed. He made a turning motion with his fingers and waited for Laina to turn over. He covered his cock in her wet juices and spread her ass.


Alyx stopped with his head resting against her ass.

"I never...I.. uh..."

"Shit, I thought the King liked anal."

"He does, I just kept his mind on other things every time he brought that up."

Shit, now all my work is wasted. She's too nervous for me to fuck her ass. Alyx silently swore, but he pushed his cock deep into her pussy. Hearing Laina's soft mewing sounds he put both hands on her shoulders, worked his way out, then slam her against him. Laina moaned loudly and arched her back already wiggling off his cock to slam back on it.

Alyx moved one hand from her shoulder and encircle her waist so he could finger her clit. He pounded back into her over and over again like a sledge hammer, making her ass jiggle against his stomach. Alyx could hear her breasts slap against eacho ther as he continue to ram his cock deep into her pussy even feeling her womb hit the tip of his dick.

Laina started to make that high keening noise telling him she was close to her release. Still fingering her clit, Alyx unsheathed his cock and slowly slid it into her ass. The pain was on this side of pleasure for Laina. Alyx stood still not sure if she was alright. Laina eased off his cock then slam her own ass against his dick. Alyx groaned loudly. Her ass was so tight, squeezing his dick tighter than a fisted glove. Alyx couldn't take much more of this and with Laina humping her ass on his cock Alyx was sure he had died and gone to pussy heaven.

Laina continued thrusting on his cock loving the feel of being so full. Alyx's fingers gave one last flick and Laina was grunting and groaning her release. Alyx couldn't take it anymore. He could feel her muscles in her ass. He thought she was tight before, but upon her orgasm he felt her grip tighten and he had to release himself. Feeling his jizz start deep in his balls Alyx stood on the tip of his toes as he felt his hot seed explode from his prick and empty into her ass.

Satisfied Alyx couldn't even move just stood there as his cock grew limp and flaccid. Finally pulling out of her with a small pop Alyx spread her cheeks to see his white seed slowly seep from her ass and trail down her inner thighs to join her own juices.

As sexy as that sight was Alyx couldn't imagine getting hard again to fuck her just yet. Alyx laid on his side panting as Laina laid flat on her stomach staring at him. She smiled laizily.

"That was good."

Alyx laughed. "I'm glad you approve."

"Round 2."

Alyx laughed again. "Oh, by the gods. What am I going to do with you?" Alyx flung an arm around her and nodded off. Laina smiled back at Alyx and snuggled closer against him before she too succumb to sleep.

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