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Running Away, Sheila's Story


To the reader: I had a couple requests for the other side of the story "Running Away", specifically the wife's point of view. I wrote this as a follow up to that story so if you haven't read it you might want to before you get into this. Also, this story deals with incest and if that isn't your thing then maybe you should leave now.


My ex-husband is a kind and gentle man and couldn't tell a lie to save his soul. So when I read his story "Running Away" I sat down and cried because everything he said was true and it made me look like some kind of heartless monster. I don't think I am. Maybe I'm trying to rationalize my situation here but I see myself as just as much a victim of my father's greed as Leo was. All I ask of you is for you to read my story with an open mind and judge me fairly. I will tell you every bit of the truth as I know it. I won't lie to you. If I did that it would make me no different than my father.

So, where do I begin? I'll start at the absolute beginning, when I was born.

My mother and father had a difficult time conceiving me. No one's to blame really but it took over a year of trying for my mother to get pregnant. All of my family's money couldn't make it happen. Oh, we had a lot of money. We were very rich. My father is Ezekiel Bloom and he owned just about the whole town we lived in and ran several businesses around the state. He was listed as one of the ten richest men in Pennsylvania. Mom's name is Clarissa. She was a ravishing beauty that daddy met and married on a business trip to Texas. During the time they were trying to conceive me there was a lot of tension between my mother and father. After I was born my mother suffered from postpartum depression. It lasted for quite some time and was one of the major reasons that my parents never got back to their pre-me loving selves. My father on the other hand was a typical doting father. He showed me off shamelessly to all of his friends and work associates. I was on display from the minute I came into this world. I grew up with everything I could ever want; my father saw to it that I was spoiled to death. My mother drank a lot. When I was six year's old mom went away to an alcohol rehab facility. She never came home. I didn't find out until much later that she was kicked out by my father and he divorced her. He also made sure that when she left she left with nothing, including me. I didn't see her again until I was in college.

As I said I had everything. All during high school I had the nicest clothes, cars, and boyfriends that money could buy. Yes, that's right, I said boyfriends. My father paid a couple of the 'right boys' to ask me out. I had a lot of guys that wanted to take me out but one word from my father and they just suddenly lost interest. I overheard someone say that I changed boyfriends like most people changed clothes. That's probably not too far wrong. I was fairly adventurous, after all having lots of money makes you think that you can do anything without any repercussions. I was fairly promiscuous too. I had sex for the first time when I was fifteen. I was more interested in boys in the backseat with their pants down than my studies. I think family money and my father's influence helped me to pass my classes and graduate. I was a rotten student. I didn't like to read or study or do anything academic. It wasn't until I was in college that I found the library.

During my teenage years my father married and outgrew two trophy wives. He had another after I was out of college. The first was a twenty-five year old waitress from Philadelphia. Her name was Laurindia and she was nice, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but sweet and kind. She lasted about two years until my father found her in a motel with one of her old boyfriends. I never found out where she went after he divorced her. She just disappeared. A couple years later he came home from a trip to Italy with a new wife named Françoise. He never explained how he found a French woman on a trip to Italy. She's the reason I can speak fairly good French. We got along wonderfully, probably because she wasn't that much older than me. She was just twenty-one at the time they were married. They were married for five years when she decided she couldn't take his rules any more. She yelled at him that she was 'suffocating' as she ran out the door to a waiting cab. She went back to France and I never saw her again. Later after I graduated college he surprised me with another one. Her name was Jennifer and like Laurindia she was a little vacuous. She could make a great Mai-Tai though. She was smart enough to graduate from bartender school at the tender age of twenty-four. It took her three years to graduate though. We didn't get along at all. Daddy threatened to write both of us out of his will if we didn't stop fighting. We had a tense peace but I still kept an eye on her. She left my father a couple years after I was married to Leo. She ran away with her personal trainer. The last time I heard the two of them were living in the Florida Keys on the money she had put aside while married to daddy. From what I'm writing it would seem that daddy had a fairly bad track record with women. I'm not sure. I think he loved each of them in his own way. Maybe he just used up all of their love and energy and discarded them like you would an old pair of shoes. I don't understand a lot of it.

Going away to college was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was free and on my own. I didn't have a nanny watching me or daddy weeding out the bad boyfriends for me. I was on my own. And I did some fairly remarkable things. Oh, I had boyfriends by the dozen but none that I took seriously. To me they were just toys that I could play with whenever I wanted. I dated two professors on the sly and found out that I enjoyed older men more that the boys my own age. I guess it had something to do with experience but the faculty members that I slept with were far superior to my schoolmates. I even had two gal roommates that I was deeply involved with. We had some wild parties where I was the center of attention. Some people might call them gang bangs but I prefer to look at them as parties with many partners. They were fun and exhausting. I even put on a show at one of the fraternities with one of my sorority sisters. Those boys were totally blown away by what they saw. You name it and I did it. And the most incredible thing of all is I went to class most of the time and learned something. It wasn't all sex and games. I actually enjoyed literature and biology and art and a couple of my business classes. I graduated in four years with a respectable average and a BA degree. I earned my degree without any help from anyone.

I've got to tell you about my relationship with my father. If you've read Leo's story (and if you didn't hit pause and go back and read it now) you know that my father and I were lovers. He wasn't a child molester. I was an adult when we started. It was after my junior year in college that I spent the summer at home by the pool. I was twenty-one that summer. Basically I was recuperating from a hard year of studying and sexual adventures. Between the two that didn't leave a lot of time for sleep so I spent a lot of time floating on the water in the pool trying to catch up. One particularly hot day I was in the pool in my usual prone position when I felt another float bump mine. I looked over and it was my father.

"I thought you were in Pittsburgh today," I asked.

"I left a day early. Those people are so boring that I had to come back here and be with you."

"Bullshit, you didn't get the deal you wanted on the contract offer and you're playing hard to get with them until they acquiesce."

"You know me all too well. So, what are your plans?"

"Nothing really, just stay close to the estate and read."

"How would you like to go with me to the club? You haven't seen the place since you went away to school. I contributed to the construction of the new pool and hot tub complex. You should see it."

"I don't know. What's in it for me?"

"How about dinner at Chez Larry before and dancing when we get there?"

"Chez Larry sounds nice but who will I dance with? All those old farts at the club couldn't dance without dragging around a bottle of oxygen. And you won't let me bring some of the cute caddies into the member's only area."

"Well, if I can't find somebody your own age you could dance with me. Françoise, or was it Laurindia I don't remember, said I was a pretty good dancer."

"Daddy, I'm not six years old anymore. Wouldn't it look a little strange if I go out onto the dance floor with my father? What would the grey haired old ladies think?"

"Screw em. I'll dance with my little girl even if she is all grown up and they won't say a word. After all they'd be afraid that I wouldn't contribute to their next big project. How about it then?"

"Well, OK, just let me get cleaned up. You know this might be fun. Maybe we can even create a little scandal."

"That's my girl. Be ready at six."

I cleaned up and put on one of my best party dresses. Boy, I looked hot, not sluttish, just elegant and hot. Imagine a tall, young woman with long auburn hair wearing a blazing blue v-necked dress that stopped just above the knee. Not the v-neck, the hem line. The v-neck was deep enough to show some nice cleavage and I have a lot of nice cleavage to show. The hem line was just above the knee. The legs that came out of that blue dress were covered in black nylons and the shoes were by some Italian designer that I can't remember. I thought that if nothing else happened tonight at least I could indulge at Chez Larry's. His prime rib was to die for. At six on the dot I made my appearance downstairs. Daddy was already dressed in one of his nice suits and waiting at the bottom of the steps.

"You look beautiful tonight," he said. "If you dress like that we may cause a scandal at the club after all. Nice!"

"Thank you, daddy. I'll try not to embarrass you."

We ate prime rib at Chez Larry and drank a couple bottles of his finest wine. By the time we got to the club I was feeling a little buzz. We met some of the old stuffed shirts and had to stop and schmooze for a bit. When we finally made our way to the bar I was starting to lose the buzz so I ordered the first of many Apple Martinis.

My father can be a charming man when he wants to be. Most people see him with his business face on and steer clear unless they want to be chewed up and spit out. He's a formidable opponent when he's like that. He always gets what he wants. But tonight with me he was funny and sweet and caring and a whole bunch of things that most people wouldn't believe he was capable of. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the slight buzz didn't hurt either. I felt a bit weird when he took my hand and led me out onto the dance floor for the first dance. He put his arms around me tenderly and softly pressed me into his body. We danced like that for a while. I could feel the heat of his body and the smell the alcohol on his breath. None of the guys I had in college ever treated me so nicely and so tenderly. I just relaxed and enjoyed the dance. A few heads did turn to look at us on the floor but I just smiled and followed his lead. Laurindia or Françoise was right, he was a good dancer. Afterward we sat alone at a table near the bar and drank our martinis and before the night was over we danced a couple more times. I remember during the last dance thinking that there was something different this time because I felt something hard pressing into my pelvis that wasn't there before.

When we had thoroughly scandalized those old fogies we went home. We sat by the pool and enjoyed another drink talking about the faces of the women at the club as they watched us dance. We joked and kidded around until almost midnight. All at once he said that he wanted to go for a swim, "To try to come down from all the alcohol," he said. "Come on," and went toward one of the cabanas. I was still feeling the buzz and thought the cool water might help me come down a bit too so I got up and went into another cabana and put on my favorite green bikini. When I came out he was already in the water. The underwater lights were on but all I could see was his head and chest out of the water. I got in and waded over to where he was standing near the artificial waterfall.

"Now, doesn't that feel better?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm starting to come down a bit already."

He waded over to where I was leaning against the side and leaned against the edge next to me.

"Thank you for coming out with me tonight," he said. "I really enjoyed myself. I'm just sorry that you had to dance with an old fogie all night."

"Daddy, you're not an old fogie. You are a good dancer and I really enjoyed myself too."

"Would you care to dance some more? I can put on some music and we can dance in the water until we sober up properly."

"That sounds nice. Don't put on anything fast though."

With that he turned around and pushed himself out of the water and onto the deck. I just laid my head back and looked up at the night sky enjoying the cool water on my skin. The music started. It sounded like an easy listening music station, something easy to dance to. I heard a splash and looked up to see him coming up out of the water smiling. He waded over to me and took my hands and guided me out into a deeper part where the water was just under my breasts and moved his arms around me to pull me close. We started swaying back and forth with the music. Immediately I felt that same hard part of his body pressing into my pelvis. I knew what it was but the alcohol had done its job too well and my ability to judge right from wrong was gone. I knew that I felt his hard cock pressing into me just below my stomach and I didn't care. I just closed my eyes and let him guide me around the water. It felt so good to have someone holding me and enjoying my body as much as I was enjoying theirs.

We danced around in the water for a long time until I felt the side of the pool against my back again. I opened my eyes when I felt his hands at the back of my bikini bra pulling on one of the strings. It fell loose in the water between us. I closed them again when he leaned forward and kissed me. I didn't care who this was kissing me I just responded like I always did when someone kissed me, I kissed him back. He continued to push his pelvis into mine and the grinding sensation started to make me feel warm all over. I ground my pelvis into his and realized that I was feeling his skin against mine. He didn't have his bathing trunks on any longer so I reached down and pulled on the strings on each side to release the bikini bottom and pulled it away and let it float on the surface. I wanted to feel his cock against my bare skin.

The kissing became harder and he pressed me against the side of the pool harder. We broke the kiss and just looked at each other. With both hands he reached beneath the water and grabbed the outside of my thighs and pulled my legs upward and to his sides spreading me in front of him. His cock moved into position and I could feel it slide up and down the slit preparing to enter me. When I was sufficiently aroused from all the foreplay he smiled and leaned forward to slide up inside me in a single gentle thrust. My eyes rolled up and shuttered closed as I let out a moan of satisfaction. We just sat there connected like that for a long time before the rhythmic in and out motion started. I felt wonderful and warm as our two bodies moved in unison. We danced together like that for a very long time. After a while his thrusts sped up and I just held on as I neared my climax. With water splashing all around because of our pulsing bodies, I leaned into his shoulder and screamed as I came harder than I ever have before. He slowed down to let me ride the wave of my ecstasy. After an eternity I was able to think again and feel the cool water around me and his body pressed into mine. I opened my eyes to see him looking down at me smiling.

"I love you daddy," was all I could say.

"Come on, let's go into the house," he whispered. And with that he pulled out of me and reached under my legs and behind my back and picked me up. Carrying me in his arms, he walked up the steps out of the pool and into the house all the while dripping water and leaving wet footprints in a path upstairs to his bedroom.

He laid me gently on his giant bed and crawled in between my legs and pressed his face firmly into my mound. All I could do was lay back and let him lick me and kiss me and gently tongue me all over the wet folds between my legs. What I felt down there was beyond belief. He was an expert with his mouth. Soon another wave of exquisite agony overtook me. I screamed and jerked and pressed his face in further with each wave. I was out of my mind with pleasure. I have no idea how long I stayed like that with my hands on the back of his head in between my legs, but when I gained consciousness again all I could think about was having him inside me. I gently lifted his face up and pulled upward to tell him to get on top of me. He moved ever so gently up over me until he was face to face with me again. I spread my legs wider and wrapped them around his to pull him into me. He grinned and held back. I persisted in trying to get him inside and still he held back. "Please come inside me," I begged. And with that plea he leaned his weight down and slid deep inside my pussy for the second time that night. My eyes rolled back, my head lifted up and I let out a moan of sheer delight. We stayed in that position and didn't move for a long time. Then the rhythm began again. Gradually the tempo sped up and the in and out motions became more demanding. We danced like that with him in control of my body for a long time. I could feel another explosion building inside me but wanted more than anything in the world to feel him cum inside me. I bucked my hips up to meet his downward thrusts and saw that his face was showing the signs of his impending orgasm. Our bodies worked together to make our ultimate goal a reality. Without any warning we both exploded at the same time. The last few thrusts of his hips were muscular and hard. Neither of us could speak. Neither of us could move. All we could do was press our bodies together until the last tide of our orgasms subsided.

With my arms wrapped around his chest and my legs wrapped around his hips and his face buried in my shoulder I realized at that moment that I found everything I had been looking for in all my sexual wanderings and experimentation. I found someone that expertly took me to the pinnacle of ecstasy. He knew how to touch me and make me respond. He knew what I wanted and how to make me want more. He knew everything about me and could make me do anything. I felt loved. I couldn't ask for anything more.

The rest of the night was a blur. I remember bits and pieces of what we did but not enough to make a coherent story. Suffice it to say we loved and made love all night long. We made love in every way and in every position. We did everything to each other. In the morning I found myself lying in his bed alone with my arms straight out from my body and my legs spread wide apart. I couldn't move. Every muscle in my body was completely drained of energy. I couldn't even lift my head. I was so far past exhaustion I felt that I would never move again. I could hear the birds outside the window and I could see the ceiling above me but I just laid there in a state of catatonia. When he returned he slid in bed and had to move my arm out of the way to lie next to me. I couldn't move it myself. Briefly before I faded into an exhausted sleep I thought that for the first time in my life I had been completely and thoroughly fucked.

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