tagErotic CouplingsRunning Down a Dream

Running Down a Dream


When Diane first met Justin it was when Justin played on her brother's baseball team. Little did Justin know that the only reason Diane went to those games was to see him but then again it would be hard for him to know this because he hadn't even noticed Diane yet. It wouldn't be until a few years later that Justin would take notice of Diane.

As luck would have it one of Diane's best friends was always hanging out with Justin and his small group of friends and she quickly made her way into this circle of friends. Whenever they were out Diane would find some way to try to get close to Justin, for in her mind she had always wanted to feel him inside her and she wasn't going to give up hope. Although she could afford to loose a few pounds Diane was still a looker at 5'2", curly red hair and green eyes that seem to shimmer in the light. As for Justin he was a scraggly 170 pounds, 5'10" with beautiful blue eyes.

Diane and Justin became fast friends as a result of Diane's persistence and soon they became inseparable. Most every weekend these two could be found together and to any bystander they would have thought that those two were in an item. When in fact Justin was constantly trying to find his Ms. Right and he would look to Diane for support and advice. Although Diane hated to be supportive she would make up stories of different made-up men that she too was having troubles with to try to make Justin jealous. Most nights Diane would end up going home at the end of the night and cry herself to sleep.

Occasionally Diane would try to find the liquid courage to make a move on Justin. Her best opportunity came when Justin stopped by her friend Christine's house on his way home. The three of that stood around talking when Christine excused herself, using the excuse of not feeling well but when in fact she was giving Diane the opportunity to make her move. Subtly she moved closer and closer until they were staring in each others eyes. To cover the awkward silence she moved in and before she knew it she felt more alive then she had ever been. She could feel the electricity from his kiss all the way down in her toes.

Much to Diane's shock Justin actually moved in closer and she could feel his ever growing cock and she could feel her knees start to buckle. Gently pulling away she looked at him and in a whisper that was barely audible said "I so want to fuck you!"

Before Justin could realize what was happening Diane had him on the couch and was in the process of taking off his clothes. Wanting to join in the fun Justin started to return the favor, with one hand he was removing her panties and with the other started to rub his fingers over her wanting vagina. Ready for action Justin started to pull Diane on top of him but she stopped him by saying; "If you go get my pocketbook, I have a rubber you can use."

A little shocked all Justin could think to say was "Huh- what are you trying to ruin the mood?!" To which Diane replied; "Don't you think getting pregnant would ruin the mood even more?!"

Reluctantly Justin got up and fetched the pocketbook. Snagging it from his hands Diane quickly found the rubber and with quickness and precision had his now solid cock covered and ready for lovin'. Climbing on top of him Diane grabbed his cock and guided it into her now dripping vagina. Feeling like this could be one of the dreams she played over and over in her mind Diane grinded Justin feeling him penetrate deeper and deeper. As she approached climax Justin had slid one of fingers down and gently began to massage her clit which sent Diane into a wonderfully convulsive orgasm.

As Diane tried to slide off of Justin for the cuddle time she had longed for, he slid down and reached up and quickly pulled Diane onto his waiting tongue. With his tongue probing Diane began to move almost by instinct and looking down between her bouncing 36 C's she could see Justin's eyes gleaming up at her. While what was once a dream had become a reality Diane let go of her pent up excitement and let loose another explosive orgasm.

Physically and emotionally exhausted she collapsed into Justin's arms and softly began to kiss him. Not sure if it was the fact her dreams had just come true or if it was the warmth of Justin's touch but Diane fell fast asleep in the grasp of Justin's hug and all she wanted was to wake up in the exact same spot.

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