tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRunning From You

Running From You


It truly starts with me running from you. Well maybe it isn't always you, and it doesn't really start with me running, but for all intensive purposes here it's you and I'm running...terrified. I just arrived home, locked my car, and started toward the safety of my apt. I take three steps before I am consumed by an overwhelming presence behind me. Before I can turn to investigate, your large hand closes over my mouth forcing my startled gasp back down my throat, while your arm reaches around my waist pulling me back against your chest.

I try to wriggle free and can feel the heat of you seep through my clothes as you whisper darkly against my ear, " Struggle, and it will only make it worse." Fear curls around my spine as I let my body relax against your warmth. I can feel hardness pressing into my lower back, and silently curse my body for its reaction to you. A tingling sensation creeps its way between my trembling thighs, and I know I'm getting wet. I breath heavily against your hand and fight the urge to lick your fingers. You pull me to your car, releasing your hold on me for a brief moment so you can unlock the door. I could run then, but I don't. I silently sit down and wait.

You drive not terribly far as you tease me, trailing your fingers up my thighs. I unconsciously open my legs wider, hiking my skirt up, and giving you more access to my now aching cunt. I shouldn't want you to touch me, but in that moment I need it. Your fingers travel further and further and my knees begin to tremble. You laugh as you reach my panties and feel them soaked through. I arch my hips upward and release a low groan waiting for you to touch me. "Patience," you say and pull your hands back to the steering wheel. I slump back in the seat unsatisfied.

We arrive at a desolate wooded area with not another car in sight and I can see a trail in the distance. I remembered your earlier words about struggling instantly deciding to test them. Once stopped, I fly from my seat and run toward the trail. It's dark and I can feel branches cutting into my skin creating tiny trickles of warmth down my arms. The sensation forces my blood to pump faster and fire to burn my cheeks. I slow my stride wanting you to catch me, wanting to feel you take me, and you do. Before I can think twice I'm slammed against a tree, my arms pinned above my head.

The shock and sting of the impact releases a feral scream from my lips. I'm breathing fast, fighting furiously against you, the determination in your eyes evident as you press your lips hard against mine. I hesitate for a moment before taking your tongue in my mouth and sucking at it eagerly. I want more of you. I want you to consume me. I press my body against yours willing it closer, and get lost in your kiss.

You remove one hand while using the other to secure my wrists. It slides down the side of my body and your thumb grazing my throbbing nipple. I kiss harder at the sensation as your hand slides lower, lifting my skirt and ripping off my panties in one violent tug. Your fingers find their way to my soaking wet cunt and easily slip inside. First one, then two then three fingers, and I moan into your mouth as my legs buckle. Your fingers are fucking me hard as I slide to the ground, and you follow.

My wrists now released you use your free hand to pull my shirt and bra from my body, releasing my breasts to your firm grip. I press myself harder against your hands and writhe in pleasure until I can feel something building in the pit of my stomach. Your mouth is now on my neck ,and the sensation of your teeth digging in my flesh causes me to cum hard on your fingers. I scream and moan and let myself get consumed in the moment. Your fingers are still inside me once I come down from the high of ecstasy.

I open my eyes and see you staring at me with an evil grin on your face. " The night is just beginning." I'm still panting heavily, staring at you with wide eyes...waiting for what comes next.


A bit of a tease I'm sure.

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