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Running into Trouble



This morning I went for a jog. I'm not a super-fit runner type, far from it but occasionally after a big meal or a few to many glasses of wine I feel the need to pay a penance. I was a bit pushed for time so i quickly put on my sports bra (when I'm jogging I envy women with small boobs), kept on the knickers I'd worn to bed the night before, pulled on some dark grey shorts – loose and baggy; I don't do tight lycra – and a rather snug fitting rugby-style top (it must have shrunk). As I bent forward to put on my socks and tie up my laces I was aware of the pressure on my bladder but it wasn't so bad that I couldn't wait and distracted by the less than pleasing sight of my pale flabby thighs. I set off.

I plodded out onto the pavements. Little tip here for you – I don't recommend running on an fullish bladder. I began to feel it swishing up and down. Luckily less than half a mile from home is a park. It was early but there were other joggers, more serious ones than me, plus dog walkers. In a TV police drama one of us would have found a body – it's always a jogger or a dog walker!

I began a circuit of the park. Halfway round I realised I had misjudged my need to pee. I ducked behind a tree. I waited while a male jogger zoomed past. Behind the tree I took a deep breath. I knew i had to go. I debated my options and decided to have a quick pee and then try to get home. I was worried about getting them wet, so i pulled down my shorts and knickers, right down to my ankles before stepping out of them. Holding them in my left hand I squatted down and, feeling very naughty, began to pee. I was feeling great as the hot stream hit the ground, so very naughty. It sounded so loud.

"Morning love, caught short eh?"

I was so shocked it would have wet my-self if I hadn't already been peeing. It was a man, older than me, holding a leash while his dog, some sort of Labrador, sniffed about. I vaguely recognized him. He stood and stared, showing no signs of leaving as the flow of my pee ended.. I blushed deeply. He was looking at my pussy more than my face; I blushed some more.

"Yes I just couldn't make it home," was my reply. Finished I stepped away from the damp earth, still bottomless, when suddenly the dog bounded over and in typical dog style began sniffing my knickers and shorts. i waved them trying to discourage him. He barked, grabbed them with his teeth and ran off.

"Get them back!" I yelled.

The man smiled and said he would try but he doubted that he'd catch him quickly.

I shivered behind the tree for a bit. I began to suspect that was the last I'd seen of the knickers and shorts. My top didn't cover much of me even when I pulled it right down. I began to panic. How was I going to get home? I looked out from behind the tree. No one in sight. With what little dignity I could muster I began to jog again.

It was awful. I was mortified as each jogger passed me. Some laughed but others passed comments too but the worst was yet to come.

A couple of men, about half my age began hassling me. They circled round me, touching my ass and trying to feel my pussy. I was trying to get away, when I heard barking. It was the Labrador and he barked and growled at the men until they ran off. The owner came running up, rather out of breath.

"Thank you!"

"Well now I think you owe me more than just a thank you. "

His tone was slightly sinister. I cringed. "What do you have in mind?"

I asked.

"Follow me" he said leading me into the bushes. "I think a blow job will do nicely. Assuming you want your clothes back?"

I knelt down and unzipped his trousers. His cock small and smelly was already hard.

I cupped his balls and then squeezed very tightly and bit down on his cock. He yelled and dropped my shorts. I grabbed them and ran off pulling them on as I ran. I have never run so fast and have never been so pleased to be home.

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