Rush Hour


Traffic was unbearably slow this afternoon, undoubtedly due to some bottleneck up ahead. There was a steady stream of cars and trucks moving forward one inch at a time. Giving a quick look at my watch, I started groaning, realizing time is flying by and just knowing I'm going to be late again for yet another meeting. My boss will surely blow a gasket. This will be the third meeting in less than two weeks that I've been unavoidably detained or missed altogether. Slipping my fingers into my purse, I started searching for my cellphone and suddenly remembered the last place I saw it, on the corner of my desk. Gritting my teeth, I slammed my hand on the steering wheel in utter frustration at my own stupidity, then started whimpering as the last bit of cool air squeezed through my dying air conditioner. "Fucking great! Now I'll roast to death!" Quickly lowering the window to allow some air into the steaming interior, I glanced at the car to my left, noticing the guy behind the wheel, mopping his forehead with a handkerchief. Smiling in sympathy, I give him a casual wave when his eyes meet mine, before sighing at the unfairness of it all.

The car rolls forward another whole inch and the temperature has started rising with each passing minute, along with my utter discomfort. Each trickle of sweat stealing down my spine makes me squirm in my seat, causing thighs to squeeze tightly together, resulting in a familiar twinge building in my loins as flesh slides against flesh in a deliciously, naughty way. The veritable heat made me feel like stripping. My thoughts racing, wondering if I can be seen. I take a slow subtle swipe of my tongue over my lower lip as my mind veers toward easing that rising ache. God, I want so much to run fingers across the swollen fat lips of my cunt. A coy look around before snaking fingers under the waistband of my now soaked panties, I tugged them down and let my skirt ride high up along my waist. A brush of cool air sweeps against wet flesh. Oh, this is so, so sweet. Beads of perspiration dotted my forehead as I raise my hips up higher in my seat, my fingers playing over of wet pink petals. But that's not enough. My other hand begins to unbutton my blouse, exposing the ripe swells of my breasts captured within the black lace bra, carefully withdrawing one pear of a breast to pinch and pull on the rock hard nipple, turning it a bright shade of red.

A movement in the car next to mine catches my eye. I turned my head slightly to see better, my eyes meeting the stranger's intently curious ones. Curling my lips into a seductive smile, I shifted once more in my seat to allow him to see exactly what I was doing. Laughing huskily when his eyes widen in surprise, blazing a look of utter primal lust that nearly sears my flesh. I thought about how much I would love to feel his cock in my cunt. The vision of him thrusting his rock hard pole into my wetness making me whimper out loud, "Oh God!" My clit burning with desire, oblivious to everything but that hungry need that I want so fucking bad. The delicious raw scent of my arousal began rising around me. Snapping my head back against the headrest as my fingers did their walking, their teasing aided the raw sensual daydream of being fucked by the stranger in the next car.

Another quick glance to my left let me know he was enjoying my show. So much so that I could detect the familiar up and down motions, signaling he was stroking his cock. Watching him as he was watching me, the excitement of having a participating audience made me almost cum right then and there. Dipping two fingers into my creaming hole, jabbing them swiftly in and out, my eyes focused on his face, the way his body shifts, the arm moving vigorously up and down--both of us masturbating in the hot heat of the afternoon. Feeding each others lust with soft moans and guttural groans, I was straining to hear his animalistic grunts and was rewarded with a harsh "yeah!" A blaring horn made me take my foot off the brake, allowing the car to roll forward a few feet as traffic began to move. The stranger made sure to follow alongside closely. Slamming my foot down on the brake when needed, my fingers began stabbing deeply, hips moving up and down, on the verge of coming.

Taking one last look at the stranger before sliding over the edge, I see the jetting spray of his come splatter over the dash and front window of his car. I moaned so loud I'm sure they heard it three counties over..."Fuck...yes!" My fingers drenched in my own musky scent as it gushes from my quivering cunt. Raising them to my mouth, tongue darting forth to clean them, I purred in appreciation of my own taste. I let him see how much I relish the taste of my own juices and satisfaction when I catch him blowing a kiss in my direction.

Traffic began moving quickly, enabling me to make the meeting on time, after a mad dash to the bathroom to freshen up. As I walked into the boardroom, I bumped into a man who looked strangely familiar. My cheeks reddened as recognition registered in my mind. It was the man in the other car! My body immediately responded, becoming a finely tuned sexual instrument, picking up on the radar of his own sexuality, as a trickle of my juices steal down my inner thigh. He smiled broadly and leaned forward to whisper into my ear, "Thanks honey! You have given me new meaning to the words, traffic jam. What a rush!"

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