Please feel free to contact me about the story. This is mostly a true story with name changes to protect the guilty.

© 2006 by Mike Yevchekov

All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.



My name is Steve and moved in with my girlfriend about four months ago. Heather is as close to perfect as anyone can become, and yes I do realize how lucky I am having a woman like her in my life. She's sexy and intelligent and man does she love sex. Heather is around five four with a small frame, and I think B Cups. She has curly hair just past her shoulders. Now there is one issue. She has a roommate: Ruth. It's not that she's a problem but it's kind of a challenge moving in with two people and I'm sure that Ruth has seen and heard more then she cares for, but I have a gut feeling Ruth is enjoying the show.

Ruth is also a very pretty woman and has a killer body. She also has B Cup breasts and her hair is longer and a little lighter then Heathers. Since we started hanging around Ruth has opened up more, moving away from the quiet type to becoming little bit of an exhibitionist. She even purchased one of those tan through bikini's and all winter she has been modeling it for us.

On Monday Heather had to fly out on a business trip. Every now and then she has to go visit clients. It's funny, the first couple times that you have to travel for work can be fun but then it becomes a major pain. While Heather is away Ruth and I alternate on cooking dinner. Some nights, I simply order pizza as I'm not a good cook. Both Ruth and Heather are fabulous cooks.

Wednesday was Ruth's turn to cook. This week had been especially long and every night I had to bring work home with me.

Ruth knocked on my door, "Hey, would you like something to eat?"

Wow, she looked freaking hot. Ruth was wearing a rose color cami with spaghetti straps. In her defense she was wearing a sheer jacket. "Sure, thanks."

"Well, since Heather's not here I guess it's my job to take care of you."

That really got my attention and started to check her out. Damn, did she look hot in her almost sheer nightie that did little to conceal her curves, tight where it needed to be tight and loose around her hips. Ruth's nipples were clearly visible, and I didn't see any visible panty lines. Why did she have wear that? The cami was about three inches below her sweat pussy and now she was on my mind. Wow, this is the first time that I've really noticed her legs. Man, did her legs look smooth and soft.

Ruth started cooking dinner. She makes it look so easy. Now, I don't know if she was teasing me or not, but Ruth was not very careful about her cami. Oh, she was showing me lots of leg and a few times most of her butt. Man did she have a nice butt!

We all enjoy the beach, well Heather and Ruth love the beach and I love seeing them in bikinis. So far, this is the most that I've seen of Ruth.

We sat down and enjoyed a great dinner. We made small talk and I did my best not to make an ass out of my self. Oh I was excited, and very aroused. All nighty, I've enjoyed taking Ruth in, seeing her in that sexy cami.

After I finished a dinner, Ruth smiled and asked, "Hey, want to watch a movie?"

Ruth has always been friendly with me, a little flirty at times. Heather never said anything nor did she seem concerned. I placed my hand on her arm, "Sure."

"I rented this movie, when I was at blockbuster. The plot seems interesting." Walking away, I let go of her arm. Ruth walked over and put the movie in. Then, she came over and sat next to me. "Hey, why don't we get comfortable?" Slowly she lifted up her foot, placed it on my chest and pushed me back.

Oh she was not wearing panties. Talk about becoming uncomfortable, I only hoped she didn't see my cock as it started becoming erect. Her legs were in front of mine as I rested against the couch. Our heads were resting on the head rests. Her thigh kept bushing against me and now I'm sure she could feel me.

Man, Ruth was looking hot, lying on her side, her nightie riding up showing me all of her legs and her part of her firm butt. The movie was R rated but this couple was hot and heavy. The plot was a little light but the actors were attractive.

"Look at that slut, she's not wearing a bra."


"What, that? You think so? Why?"

"Please, you can almost see her breasts."

"And you like that?"

"Sure. Don't you?"

She looked confused by my question and pondered the thought. She looked at the screen, at me, and then back at the screen. "Well, kind of."

"And why not? She's attractive just like you are. Being a man, I love to see women and her mini skit and almost sheer blouse, well it's very naughty.

"And you don't mind that her breasts are fake?"

Nope, after all she's not my wife. Sure it's easy to tell her tits are fake but I still love to look."

"Don't you like the real thing?" She started to tease me by massaging her breasts."

"Oh I love checking you out."

"Do you think I have nice tits?" Cupping her breasts with her hands, almost offering them to me.

"Love seeing your hard nipples."

"Really as much as hers?"

"I don't know, why don't you show me yours?"

"What?" She playfully sat up and hit me. Her nightie pulled up as she moved and she was sitting bare ass on the sofa.

"Be honest, like you don't enjoy having me check you out, be honest!"

"You enjoy checking me out?"

"Get real girl," placed my hand on her thigh. "I think you know the answer."

"No, I don't." Ruth put her hands and the arm rest behind her, to support herself. Her nightie was very tight and her breasts were almost being squished.

I took a deep breath, about to reveal a dark secret something that could change our relationship. "You look so hot. The way your curly hair rests on your face, hiding your eyes, the way your nightie is a second skin, your nipples showing though."

Ruth leaned back resting against the arm rest and corner of the sofa. Her pussy hair started to show. She had to know she was showing me. "I'm blushing. Go on."

"Please, look at you, you're a hottie."

She looked down at her body her voice pitched, "Really? You think so? Then why don't I have a man?" She crossed her legs, drawing my attention and thinking about holding her, to put my hand on her hopefully wet pussy.

"I don't know, but I would love to be your man and take you to bed. Make you feel like a woman, over and over again."

Her foot felt soft and she rubbed it up and down my leg. Next, she looked up at me, "really? Please tell me more." Ruth started to squeeze her legs together, I'm sure this put a little pressure against her clit. "What would you want to do to me?"

"For starters, I would love to lick and kiss you by starting at your toes, and work my way to your nipples. Only my warm breath against your nipples, making sure that my tongue and lips did not touch you."

"Now who is the tease?" She started to rub my thigh with her foot. Her eyes quickly focused on my cock. Slowly her toes danced around my cock, gently touching it. "Is that from me?"


"Good, cuz I'm wet and didn't want to be the only one uncomfortable."

There was a loud splash that caught our attention. In the movie the main couple heads up to the mountains and finds a hot spring. They jump in, nude. This movie was not helping at all as the actress was smoking. Ruth was starting to squirm and moved on her back. I swear her hips were rocking as we watched this couple kissing passionately. Ruth was taking deep breaths, as she inhaled her nightie was a second skin. Then, Ruth started to massage her breasts.

I split my attention from the screen to her. Watching her was far more erotic! Shockley, she moved her hand between her legs.

"I've always wanted to watch someone. Did you know that I can hear you two?"


Her eyes focused on me as she openly masturbated feet away from me. "Oh don't be, its hot. I think about how Heather looks as you fuck her."


"Can't tell you how many times I wanted to walk into your bedroom and watch you two.

"I don't know what to say."

"Yea, that would be so hot. To watch you make love to her, see how you give her pleasure and to watch Heather cum."

"Wow, I didn't know."

"Is that bad?"

"No, you really want to watch?"

She took a deep breath, "Yes. Oh I have to stop before I cum."

Time for me to turn the heat up as I started to massage Ruth's feet, "Why? Don't stop."

"Oh, I loved being kissed like that. Do you?"

Time to step things up a little, placed my hand on her knee. "Yes, very much so."

"That is what sucks about being single, no one to kiss. That is what I miss the most."

"Oh and your other needs?"

"That part is easy," she looked down almost embarrassed. "It's easy for a girl to have toys this day an age."


"Yea, you don't believe me?"


Her excitement peeked, "Wanna bet?"


She jumped up. "Are you game for this game is for a man, no boys allowed."

Now she had my goat. "If you don't have any toys then you have to spend the rest of the night nude."

"Easy, but only if I do," She took a deep breath. "I get to watch you jack off."


"Oh come on you're a guy and surely you've jacked off a million times all ready. So, this should be no big deal for you. and besides, I've never watched a guy before."


"Yea, so are you game or chicken?"

"You have a bet." We shook hands.

She stood up and grabbed my hand. "You better come with me." With that said, Ruth led me up to her room.

I started to feel taken. Ruth didn't seem to be the type to walk into a toy store and purchase something.

"Since I have had to endure many nights of listening to Heather cum over and over again, I ordered some things to help me through those nights."

Damn, the internet as I didn't think about that. She could purchase things and not have to visit any store. Ruth started to light some candles and her bedroom had this warm glow as she turned off the lights. "I want you to be comfortable." She pulled out some of her toys.

Her first toy was a silver bullet. Ok, that was expected. Next, she pulled out a rabbit, "I really like this one. Love how it feels in me and the beads start to spin."


She turned it on to show me. "Why don't you get more comfortable as I want to see all of you."

A bet is a bet and I had to pay up. Embarrassed as my cock was all ready growing, and now it was very noticeable. Standing up, my eyes were glued on her waiting for a reaction which came in a big smile as her eyes were glued on my stiff cock.

"Don't worry, I have some more toys and will show you all of them when were ready."

This girl knew how to push my buttons. Now I really wanted to see what she had. I removed my shirt and then my shorts and boxers. My cock fully hard pointing to the ceiling.

"Very nice!" She moved over to me and gave me a quick lick. Holding my cock she turned her face to look up at me, "I like big cocks, wonder if Heather will ever share that with me."

"Oh, you're such a tease."

"Yep! So anyways, I have yet to take this one." She pulled out this nine inch life like dildo. "I just had to have it; it looks so freaking hot on the web site."

"Oh my god, that is freaky."

"You think? Feel it, it's so soft. It's from cyberskin.

"No way.

"Oh don't be gay, it's not a real cock." She started to stroke it, like she was masturbating some man.

"Still, I can't."

"I'll let you use it on me, if you touch it?" Ruth made a circle with her thing and index finger, pretending to slide it in her.

Damn, that was freaking how! Now the envelope was being pushed. Was this too much? Oh, I had to see her take that thing, how erotic to watch that thing in her.

Ruth looked at me, smiled, and then pulled the cami over her head. She was not sitting nude, right before my eyes. The room began to spin, making it hard for me to breath. Ruth teased me a little, "I want this thing big and fat." She leaned back against the bed propping herself with pillows. Holding the cyberskin, she moved it up her chest to her chin, toying with it. Holding the cock inches from her lips, kissed it, and started to slide the toy down to her pussy. Her lips were wet, parted, and she started to take the fake cock in her wet pussy.

"Do you like watching me?"

My cock was rock hard and aching for some attention. Reaching over, I grabbed her massage oil, put some on my hand and moved next to her. Our shoulders were touching and we could watch each other. I wanted to watch the toy sliding in and out of her pussy. So after a minute I moved next to her, sitting Indian style. This way, I can watch her fucking herself and she could still see me. Her eyes were glued on my hand, sliding my hand up and down my stiff cock.

"That is so hot! I've never watched a man before."

Since Ruth has an eight inch dildo in her, I didn't think she was conservative. Her eyes were glued on my hand, so with my other hand I reached out and felt her breast. She looked up at me and smiled. Rolling her nipples through my fingers, Ruth smiled at me. Her breasts were soft, her nipples hard, and it all felt good.

"I really want to watch you cum. How far do you shoot?" She looked at my body then back to my cock, "Will you cum on me? That's it baby cum on me, I want to feel you're hot cum."

I'm sure Ruth was only saying that for my pleasure, and was it working. It's always so erotic to hear a woman talk dirty. Since I was towering over Ruth, I knew my cum would be all over her. Talk about a mental rush, cumming all over my friend. She seemed ok with that and was even asking me to do that. after all this was her dirty idea and I'm going to take full advantage of it. Tonight, I've seen Ruth nude and use a toy.

Women, look so sexy when they are nude, and even erotic when they are about to cum. I wanted to enjoy this moment so I moved along side her. My head was close to her pussy. Women love to stay prim and proper but when they are aroused the legs part and I was enjoying the view. Ruth had her legs apart as I slide the cyberskin dildo into her. This thing was big and thick. Talk about a mental rush, watching the head enter her waiting wet pussy.

The silver bullet was lying against her, with my other hand I grabbed it and struggled to turned it on. Ruth's eyes grew big as she watched me. With my other hand, I guided and pushed the cyberskin deep into her. Then placed the silver bullet on her clit. Ruth closed her eyes and started to really enjoy the experience.

I think she was close, too close. She didn't open her eyes. She let go of the dildo and I controlled her pleasure. I kept the dildo in her as the silver bullet worked her clit. Ruth was on fire, fully enjoying the attention. Oh, and I was focused on her.

"Oh god, I'm going to cum!"

The cybercock stayed deep in her, allowing her pussy to grip it. Her pussy was so wet making sexy sounds as the silver bullet vibrated on her clit.

"That feels so good."

My focus was only on her clit. I can't believe that my roommate, this sexy woman, lying on her back, nude, and being fucked by the dildo in my hand. With my other hand, I massaged her clit with a silver bullet vibrator. Looking up at Ruth, I noticed that her eyes where still closed. Her breaths were shallow and fast. She was so close, oh yea she's about to cum!

In a deep voice, almost demanding, "That's it baby, fuck me with that thing!" Ruth reached out, grabbed my hand holding the silver bullet. She held tight, now allowing my hand to move. "That's it baby, I'm cumming!"

I watched as the orgasm took control over her body. Her body convulsed with pleasure. Ruth shook, and let out some sexy sounds. She looked so hot, cumming with me holding the toys on her most intimidate of parts.

After two minutes or so, Ruth came back to earth. Her eyes slowly opened, "that was soo good."

"I'm glad that you enjoyed it."

"Oh yea. I loved it. Can I feel you?


Slowly, tentatively she reached out. Her small soft hands wrapped around my very hard cock. I moved up, closer to her, straddled her stomach. Now, she had easy access. Ruth placed some oil on her hands and started to massage me.

"I'm going to make you cum."

She grabbed the oil and put some on her hands. Next, she grabbed my cock and started to massage my painfully hard cock.

"I bet you want to fuck me don't you?"

"Yes, just as much as you want me to."

"Touché. To be honest, I do miss the feeling of a hard cock in me. Oh, and after I cum I love getting fucked hard."

No time like the present to see how far our friendship had evolved, reached down and started playing with her breasts. Something sexy about them, her chest was still flushed and nipples rock hard.

"Do you like how I feel?"

"Very much so."

"I was serious; I want you to cum all over my tits."

"That will not be a problem."

Ruth started to work her hands faster, with a steady beat she started to stroke my cock. Wondered what song she was listening to in her head. Faster and a little stronger she would stroke me. "So, are you going to allow me to watch you fuck Heather?"

"Oh yes, that will be hot."

"I can't want to see, this fat cock of yours in her tight, wet, pussy."

"One rule, you have to be nude to watch."

Ruth eyes grew big, "Really?"

I knew she wanted to watch and her reaction confirmed that she wanted to. Now, how do I get Heather in this little game? Heather has always been very open when it comes to sex, and she loves to masturbate for me. She even made a few comments about some hot actresses, so maybe she's open to this after all.

Man, it was so hard to think from what Ruth was doing with my cock. All I wanted to do was guide my cock into her sexy mouth. Wonder how those lips would feel, wrapped around my cock. To have her suck me, her wet tongue flicking and sliding up and down my shaft.

"Oh god," I was so close. Thinking about her and what I want to do to her. Thinking about having Heather join us in and pushing the envelope. "I'm going to cum."

"That's it baby, cum all over me." Ruth gave me a couple fast strokes as the first stream shot out and landed on her hair. The second stream landed on her face. Ruth worked everything out of me, allowing me to enjoy the moment and come back to reality. I looked down, she looked so sexy. This was the first time that I've ever cum on a woman like this. Heather would normally suck me off, but Ruth seemed to enjoy having cum on her. I'm sure it was for my benefit as she started to play with it. She grabbed a Kleenex and started to clean herself up.

"Well, that was fun!"

"Yea that was. You were great."

Ruth sat up, still being nude she looked confident, and didn't try to cover up. "Well, I guess this is going to change things."

"Kind of, were both adults and have a wild side."

She smiled and looked excited with her face glowing, "Exactly."

"We did push the boundaries but didn't go over the line. I think Heather would love to have you watch us."

"Oh that would be hot."

I hugged her, "Yea, so we just have to be careful and work on expanding our relationship."

"I couldn't agree more." We both stood up and walked to the bathroom to clean up.

"So tell me Ruth. Do you want to bed my girl?"

"Not sure, I've never been with a woman before. Heather is so smart and sexy that who knows."

"I hear you; we can't plan this just have to let things happen." One of the most important things that I've learned about women, adult situations have to happen and can't be forced. So I knew this would have to play out on its own; however, I could help things along.

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