tagMind ControlRutherford Consulting Ch. 02

Rutherford Consulting Ch. 02


Jules Rutherford enjoyed a late breakfast in the living room of his large penthouse that occupied most of the 37th and 38th floor of the Rutherford building in downtown Seattle. He usually woke up pretty late these days as he had no need to go to his office too early in the morning. Of course it was really convenient for him as he only had to go a few floors downstairs to be at his office. Most of the work is done by his staff members anyway, so coming to the office late has become a habit in the last few months. He realized a long time ago that spending some quiet time in the morning at his home and sometimes doing nothing else except watching over the skyline is a great peaceful way to start a work day.

He was eating breakfast, buttermilk pancakes with cream and a large mug of coffee, when he saw an article in the morning news paper with the headline "The Rutherford Mystery – by Ann Francis" that was obviously about his business and of course about himself. After reading for a couple of minutes, he picked up his phone and called his personal assistant and office manager.

"Karen, please get all information about Ann Francis. She seems to work as a freelance writer for the Seattle Times. She wrote an article about me and I'd like to check where she is getting her information from. Oh ... and I think I have to move my trip to Japan."

Without even waiting for a reply, he hang up the phone. Jules knew that Karen would immediately do everything she could and start her investigations. Karen had excellent sources and connections to the business and political community in Seattle. She used to work for the mayors office before Jules hired her a few years ago. Even if she did not find everything herself, she had a lot of contacts that would help her to get the required information. He was confident that by lunch time he would know everything about Ms. Francis, her birthday, her hobbies, her favorite dish and a lot more.

After finishing breakfast and putting down the news paper, he got up from the table and turned to walk out of his large living room.

"The pancakes have been excellent, Michelle. I like the sweet taste of the new cream you have made."

"Oh, thank you Mr. Rutherford!"

Michelle was smiling to herself while she bowed her head slightly. It was her first movement since she has poured the coffee after Jules sat down on the table. She loved it when he praised her work. Immediately after he passed her, she moved out of the position she assumed next to the table and hurried to clean up.

Michelle has been working as his housemaid for a few years now. Jules meet her when she had applied as an intern in the legal department of his organization. Her dream was to become a lawyer, however it took Jules only a few minutes in the conversation to convince her that the position as his live-in-housemaid would be a lot more rewarding for her. She happily accepted and she has never regretted her decision. Jules can be very convincing.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his maid bending over when working on the table. He stopped and watched her for a few seconds. After all those years, he did not get tired of the view he saw nearly every day. In the very short cut French maid uniform that she is wearing her well formed ass looks really delicious.

Of course Michelle knew he was watching her. He always did in situations like this. She knows the purpose of the uniform she wears and she likes the reactions she gets from Mr. Rutherford every day. She knows that she must think of her employer as "Mr. Rutherford" as he explained her very early that a housemaid should not use the first name of her boss under any circumstances. It was a lot more sexy to think of Mr. Rutherford as the master of this household even though she is actually two years older than him.

It got her hot to think about him. She knew exactly how she looks like with the extremely short skirt of her uniform and without any panties. Even when bent over only slightly, the straps of the garter belt she was wearing was visible on the side. She slowly moves her ass from side to side while cleaning up the table, hoping that he would react. A breeze of air flowed over her shaved pussy. Although this did usually not work to tease Mr. Rutherford this way, she still had to try as she had been successful with this before in rare moments. She hoped he would need some relief before going downstairs to work and that she could help him to get it.

It did not work this time as Jules was still thinking about this news paper article. More concerned about the negative publicity it might generate than about the nice hot ass of his maid in front of him, he turned around and walked towards the small desk in the corner of the large living room that he used as home office. Before he could sit down, he had to wake up Pet. She was curled up and sleeping under the desk.

For Jules it was nothing special to have 26 year old girl in his penthouse moving around on all fours completely naked. Pet has been with him ever since he finished college. The blonde girl woke up after Jules touched her smooth body. She instantly got the message and moved away from the desk. Her graceful moves reminds him of a Persian cat.

Although Pet is staying in the penthouse permanently and Jules sees and virtually runs into her several times a day, he still mostly ignores her. Sometimes she receives some specific orders from him, however that happens more out of a habit and is not really the result of affection. Maybe he slowly becomes tired of her, although it still pleases him immensely that he had her around him. Pet's real name is Janette and she went to the same high school as Jules. As teenager he had an enormous crush on the one year older girl but he never has had the confidence to ask her out on a date. Of course she would have not accepted at that time anyway. Things became worse when Janette became one of the group leaders that constantly made fun of younger students, including him as one of the main targets. He felt hurt and decided very early that he would have to do something about it if he only could.

Little did he know by then that by the time he finishes college, he would have the power to make virtually any possible revenge plan come true. It happened during summer vacation while visiting his uncle Sebastian Rutherford in Virginia for 3 weeks. His uncle was what you could only call a mad scientist. Jules never understood what he was really doing, except that he did some research on various secret projects by the government. Every time Jules meet his uncle, he was introduced to his latest inventions, at least as long as they are not classified as top secret by one of the government agencies his uncle worked for at the time. It was often fun to be one of the first to try out some gadgets like the emotion detector that looked like a small hand gun with a satellite dish mounted on top of it that could detect the feelings of someone from a distance of over 10 feet, showing it in different colors on the small display. Well, it did not really work and no one would have understood the weird color display anyway. Jules was excited and a bit nervous as he did not understand at all what exactly his uncle was doing and how his inventions are working, but he still played one time with the device when he suddenly got hit by a strong current. It fell down and he lost conciseness. It was this moment that changed his live forever. He awoke a few minutes later with a very strong headache. His uncle was furious that he played around with one of his devices without him present but was also relieved that nothing serious seemed to have happened to his nephew. Little did Sebastian know what really happened to his nephew.

It took Jules several months to fully understand that he has changed. At first he did not notice anything. Then slowly he realized that people behaved differently around him. Well ... women behaved differently. He noticed that he suddenly was able to command women. Basically they followed his orders. He felt not any different than before but still, they just did whatever he said. What was really strange was that the women never seemed to notice anything. He could give the strangest commands and they simply did what he said as it would have been their own idea.

While he slowly learned how to deal with this new power, he heard that Janette intended to move to Europe. It was his chance to finally get some revenge and of course get her. He meet her at a party just a couple of days before her planned departure and took her to a side room where he had a quick conversation with her. It was simple, Janette decided to become Jules' pet animal. She moved in with him on the day her flight to Amsterdam was scheduled. She now listens to the name "Pet" and has never spoken a single word since then. All her friends and relatives thought she moved to Europe and never heard from her ever again.

Jules opened his Macbook to check his email. He wrote a quick message to Miho Amano, his office manager in his Tokyo subsidiary:

"Miho-san, please move all my meetings by two to three days. I have an urgent matter to deal with first and cannot leave Seattle tomorrow. Keep Fujiwara happy. Jules."

He answered a couple of mails and checked a few websites with news that he frequently checked and then closed his black notebook finally. As he walked towards the elevator to go finally down to his office, he saw as Pet licked the last remains from her bowl in the corner of the kitchen. She seemed to be disappointed and looked at him with a sad look in hear eyes – nearly pleading. He did not know if Michelle did not give her that much food for breakfast or if she did not like the taste, however at the moment he did not care that much. He ignored her look, entered the elevator and pressed the button for the 35th floor.


Karen already had collected a lot of information about Ann Francis. She was browsing through the list of articles Ann wrote for the various news papers, a few major ones but mostly smaller local ones and for a few websites when Gwen, the floor manager, walked into her office with the Seattle Times from today.

"Here is the news paper from today that you requested, Miss Kwon."

Without looking away from the screen of her 24" aluminum iMac, Karen acknowledged with a small nod before Gwen walked out again. Before reading the actual article that triggered today's activities, she sent the overview of Ann Francis works to her secretary Sandra.

She was confident that she and her team hat outdone themselves. After reading the article, she smiled to herself. "This could be fun!", she thought.


Michelle and Pet did not have the best relationship with each other. They are competitors in gaining the attention of Jules Rutherford. Both knew and understood that they could never be the single main woman in his live but yet they still had that dream. Getting noticed by him was their biggest thrill. As Pet was now spending her whole life inside the penthouse and Michelle stayed there most of the time as well, they are constantly envious of each other. Unfortunately for them, they also needed each others help.

Pet had the problem that she could not get food and her required grooming without help. While Michelle was ordered to take care of that, the main conflict between them often caused some issues. If Michelle was in a good mood, she prepared more than enough food for Pet and spend nearly an hour each day for their grooming session. Pet had the problem that she did not talk, so she developed a number of movements and noises that added to her cat-like appearance. While Michelle could read these signs very well, she sometimes choose to ignore them or pretended she would not understand Pet.

Of course Pet in theory could take care of herself - for example, she could go to the fridge and get out some food. However, Jules told her not to do anything like that years ago and of course she follows that order. She could not explain why she is living this way every day - not only because she would not answer when you ask her anyway, but also because she thought that her behavior is normal and that she is doing it out of her own will. She knew she had to live like that to please Jules and this was the top priority in her life. As her life was good, there was no need to change anything anyway.

Unfortunately for Michelle, she required the help of Pet for something she could not do herself. Michelle had never thought of any bi-sexual or lesbian activities, yet she was under strict order by Jules that she is not allowed to give herself any sexual relief by masturbation. Unfortunately for her, she becomes horny very easily, especially after being close to her boss for some time. So, under their current living arrangements, Pet was the only one who could help her if she needed any help and if her boss did not give her the attention he needed.

Michelle knew that Jules became really upset if she did not treat Pet properly. Although he ignores Pet through out most of the day, he expects that she is been taken care of properly. After the maid realized that she could not get the attention of her boss this morning, she knew that Pet had to help out. Instead of her usually full bowl with some decent food, she only put a bowl with water to the corner of the kitchen where Pet was normally eating. This would be enough to get some fluids into her system, to prevent her from dehydrating. Yet, Pet was hungry and she had to eat something ...

As soon as the elevator door closed when Jules left the penthouse, Michelle ordered Pet:

"Lick me!"

Pet was shocked a bit, even though she already expected this would happen when she saw the contents of her bowl some minutes ago. They played this game at least two times a week. She once tried to ignore similar commands from Michelle for 2 days when Jules was gone on a business trip after she finally had to give in and perform her task if she would not want to die of starvation.

"I said lick me!"

Pet knew she had no choice. She figured it would be best to get it done quickly. Michelle was sitting on a chair at the dining desk with her legs spread wide. As she wore no panties, her wet cunt under the short skirt of her uniform was in full view for Pet. A minute later, Pet had her tongue on Michelle's slit and was going for it.

"Yes, eat me! - Good girl!"

For Pet this task was extremely degrading and she hated doing it - yet, it still made her horny as hell. Deep down in herself she knew this was a major part of her life and as such it was important to perform it properly, simply to please Jules.

Even though Jules knew and actually expected that Michelle and Pet had this special sapphic relationship with each other, he never directly enforced it. His orders and suggestions for both of them underlined the dislike for lesbian activities but the circumstances gave them no other choice. Jules knew how confusing this must be for them and he really liked it as it put the level of control over them to the next level.

"Yes, I'm cuming!"

After a few more licks, Michelle came with a loud scream. Pet continued licking as she had to clean Michelle completely before the maid would finally stand up again and ultimately prepare the breakfast for her. Sometimes Pet was so turned on by this, that she needed relief herself. Of course she could not expect by Michelle that she would return the favor, this was totally out of question. So after completing her task, Pet walked to her favorite corner of the large living room and pressed her ass and cunt deeply into the cold metal leg of the desk of Jules' home office. Over the years this spot became her favorite location to rub herself. Although the metal was very cold, she developed a technique that provided relief in form of an orgasm just after a couple of minutes. She is always turning around and licking her own juices of the metal pole after she came. She started doing that after Michelle complained that she would not clean behind her after such a "disgusting" act.

Having solved her problem, Pet walked back to her bowl, now finally full with her breakfast for the day. Pet usually had the same food that Michelle prepared for Jules, but after being mixed and mashed together with water, milk or juice to allow her to lap it up with her tongue and drink it directly from her bowl. She loved her variant of the pancakes, just as Jules had liked his version before.


When Jules walked out of the elevator, he entered the large reception area of the 35th floor. The huge room was around 7m deep and as wide as the complete building. The view on each side through out the left and right window was breath taking when the weather was as nice as today. Slightly left from the middle, one single desk with a brunette girl sitting behind it was the only thing in the whole room that you instantly noticed. Her desk was empty except a white 20" iMac and a telephone. Just right of the desk was the only other door except the elevator. Both sides had a lounge like setting, which was the waiting area. No one was there, it was all empty.

"Good morning, Mr. Rutherford."

"Good morning, Gwen. Please prepare coffee for me and Miss Kwon in my office.", he answered as he walked straight towards the door. It opened slowly after Gwen pushed a button under her desk.

The next room was equal in size, although it had more furniture. Several desks with standard office equipment as well as various storage drawers, obviously mainly to store documents, are spread through out the room. Everything was stylish and brand new. The main desk had another brunette girl sitting there. If it would not have been for a different colored dress, you might think it would be the same girl. She was furiously typing on the keyboard in front of her.

"Good morning, Mr. Rutherford."

"Good morning, Sandra.", he replied as he walked towards the 2nd of the 4 doors on the opposite side of the room. Sandra picked up the phone on her desk, pushed a button and said, "Miss Kwon, Mr. Rutherford arrived." After waiting for the reaction, she said "Yes, I will be done in a few minutes. - Yes, ma'am." She hung up the phone just as Jules had closed the door to his office behind him.

The whole 35th floor of the Rutherford building was currently only occupied by four people. There are 4 equally sized rooms on the far end. The left corner was a bedroom with its own large bathroom, followed by Jules' office next to it. The right corner was equipped as a gym, with large bathroom and showers, followed by the office for his personal assistant Karen Kwon. His and her office are connected by a door. The wide room before their offices had work space for 3-4 people, but only Sandra worked there at present. She was mainly the secretary of Karen but also helped Jules of course. Gwen was the twin sister of Sandra. She currently worked at the reception area for this floor and took care of all meetings and managed most arrangements for the executive level.

After he sat down on his desk, someone knocked on his door. "Yes." he said and Gwen walked in with his coffee. "Your coffee, Mr. Rutherford." She put down the tablet on his desk. "Will there be anything else, sir?", she stood there and waited for his reply. Jules mustered her for a few seconds and noticed the thin leather collar. It made him smile. He focused her neck with his eyes and asked, "What's the current score between Sandra & you?"

"I am at minus 1, Sir." - she blushed because she was embarrassed that she was behind her sister. Gwen & Sandra regularly are rated by Jules based on their work performance and based on the results of some special competitions that have been arranged for them. One of the two is always leading and the other one is following, until the tables are possibly turned. Gwen made a major mistake at her work that gave her several demerits and lost an important competition with her sister just last week. Because of that she is now working at the reception and must follow the orders of her sister both at work and at home. In return Sandra got promoted and now works as secretary to Karen and has the power to control Gwen.

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