tagFetishRuthie's Story

Ruthie's Story


A bit of fluff. Enjoy.


“I’m disappointed in you, Ruthie. You’re a smarter girl than this.”

Mr. Smith held out a piece of paper. Ruthie stood on tip-toes to see it from where she stood. There was an awful lot of red on it.

“This was a simple spelling test. The most words anybody else missed was two. You missed all but one. Do you know what this makes you look like? Do you have any idea what kind of teacher this makes me look like?”

Ruthie cringed a little at the tone of Mr. Smith’s voice. It sounded very much like his disappointment was turning to anger.

“I thought these after-school tutoring sessions were helping, but I guess not. Maybe I should just give up and only concentrate on the students that won’t waste my time.”

Now Ruthie was a little scared. She likes Mr. Smith... a lot. She couldn’t bear the thought of not having this time together, without the other students around. Her head popped up and she insisted, “Please, Sir. Don’t give up on me. I’ll try harder. I’m not stupid. Please don’t say such things. I’m really sorry.”

Mr. Smith frowned and shook his head. “I don’t know. I mean, look at this! One word out of twenty correct, and the one word is ‘cock.’”

Ruthie smiled up at the teacher. “Yes sir, you taught me that one.”

Looking doubtful, Mr. Smith replied, “Are you sure? I don’t remember.”

Now certain of herself, Ruthie chirped, “It was the last time I was in your office after school. You had me spell it fifty times, then made me suck yours afterwards so I knew it.”

“Ah yes, now I recall. You were a much better student that day. It doesn’t appear to have helped you on anything else, though.

“You do realize that with such a poor test, the school allows me to punish you?”

Ruthie’s eyes grew wide, and she bit her lip for a moment before whispering, “Punish me, Sir?”

The teacher’s face hardened. “Yes, punish you.”

A fearful quaver edged Ruthie’s voice as she breathed, “How?”

Mr. Smith didn’t reply to the student’s question, he simply stood from where he sat on the desk at the front of the classroom and ordered, “Come here, Ruthie.”

Ruthie’s head bowed, and she slowly shuffled forward to stand in front of the angry teacher.

“Sit on the desk.”

Without a word, and still studiously examining her shoe laces, Ruthie turned and backed up to the edge of the teacher’s desk, then gave a little hop and scooted her butt to a more comfortable position. She was a little apprehensive about what was going to happen.

Mr. Smith had never punished her before, but she’d never done so poorly on a test before, either. She didn’t know what kind of punishment she would receive, but found her pussy getting warm at the thought.

Mr. Smith’s face was impassive when he ordered, “Let’s see what you’ve got under your skirt.”

Ruthie’s look of surprise popped her head up in surprise. “You want to see under my skirt, sir?”

Still, there was no indication of what Mr. Smith might be feeling, except maybe impatience. “Yes, I want you to lift your skirt and show me what’s under it.” There was a pause, then he said, firmly, “Show me.”

Ruthie blushed a little when she grabbed the hem of her short schoolgirl skirt and lifted it as high as it would go. There on display was her cute little pussy, as bare as the day she was born.

Finally, the cloud lifted a little from Mr. Smith’s face. “Ah. The other lesson I taught you. Very pretty.”

A rush of pride whisked through Ruthie’s body, and her embarrassment was washed away immediately.

“Thank you, Sir.”

When Mr. Smith knelt in front of her and brought his face in closer to her warm, musky crotch, Ruthie spread her legs a little wider, to give the teacher a much better view.

A smile came to his face when Ruthie’s knees parted more. She truly did have a pretty cunt, and with the hair all shaven off, he had an unobstructed view of its beauty.

Briefly, Mr. Smith looked up at Ruthie, who sat with a look of apprehension on her face, wondering what her punishment would be. When she bit her lip in that enticing way she had when she was unsure what was going to happen, Mr. Smith’s cock twitched in his slacks. He could smell the arousal rising off Ruthie’s shaven cunt, and the odor just got him harder.

The aroma of aroused pussy made the teacher wonder if it still tasted as good as it smelled, so he leaned forward and flicked his tongue across Ruthie’s stiff little clit.

Ruthie jumped at the surprising intensity of sensation Mr. Smith’s tongue caused in her naked pussy. She couldn’t help saying, “Oh god, Sir, that feels better than it did last time. My pussy feels so much more sensitive with no hair on it. Do you like how it looks?”

The teacher responded, “Oh, yes, I love your bare little cunt. Now, let me get in one more lick before your punishment.”

Mr. Smith then leaned forward again and started at Ruthie’s puckered asshole, which made her jump again. He made a long, slow lick from her butt all the way to the top of her pussy, where he dug his tongue in right over her hard clit.

Ruthie moaned and her hips writhed a little, feeling the wet, warm roughness of her teacher’s tongue on her butt hole and all the way up her pussy. She couldn’t leave it at this, so she begged, “One more time? Please, Sir?”

A smile came to Mr. Smith’s lips at how quickly Ruthie got horny. Again, he leaned his face into Ruthie’s crotch and started at her hot little asshole, giving it a couple little flickers with the tip of his tongue before starting his way upward again. This time, though, instead of stopping at her clit, he stopped before getting to the throbbing little bundle of nerves altogether.

Before the girl could whine in protest or anything, he brought up his hand and slapped it against her bare skin with a loud smack.

Ruthie let out a scream of surprise and pain at Mr. Smith’s hand spanking against her naked pussy. She didn’t moan at the sudden feeling, but she knew that would come soon enough. Nevertheless, she cried out, “Oh, Mr. Smith, that hurt! Is that why you wanted my cunt bare? Please, no more!” Inside, however, she was grinning ear to ear. This was one of her favorite things, and she knew the teacher knew it, too.

Mr. Smith answered the wails for mercy with a couple more swats to the squirming girl’s cunt. He knew what she could take and what she liked. He was ready and eager to dish it out. If possible, maybe he’d try to see just how much she could take before it became too much. He knew it wouldn’t take long before her squeals of pain were squeals of delight, followed by moans of pleasure.

The more times he hit Ruthie’s pussy, the harder the blows got, and as he knew would happen, it was a very short while before she was making the sounds of a very pleased, very aroused young lady.

Without warning, there was a knock at the door. Ruthie jumped at the sound, suddenly self-conscious about her predicament. Even Mr. Smith seemed a bit surprised. With a meaningful look at Ruthie, he rose and went to the door, opening it only a crack.

Ruthie couldn’t make out what they were saying, but she could tell the other person was another man. Mr. Smith didn’t seem distressed, so that was good, but she wondered what they could be talking about. After about a minute of discussion, Mr. Smith nodded, then closed the door.

For a moment, Ruthie was disappointed the other man hadn’t been invited in. Although she’d been embarrassed initially, the idea of getting punished in front of someone else kind of got her hotter than she already was. And maybe, if she was really good (or bad), maybe that other man might even be invited to participate! The thought gave her naughty ideas.

Mr. Smith, though, simply walked back without a word to her of what the exchange had been about. It was no business of hers, but the curious side of her wanted to know, even though she knew he’d never tell.

Probably boring teacher stuff, anyway.

Again taking up his spot between Ruthie’s legs without preamble, Mr. Smith resumed his spanking of the student’s swiftly-reddening, swelling pussy. The swiftness of his attack once more took Ruthie by surprise, but he showed no sign of relenting. The brief respite she’d gotten had simply made her already partially-punished pussy that much more sensitive, so this renewed assault was that much more painful, that much more sensation-filled.

Within moments of his resumption of Ruthie’s punishment, the student was moaning, not in protest, but in desire. This brought a smile of triumph to Mr. Smith’s face. He knew this hot slut wouldn’t be able to resist a good pussy spanking. She begged for it almost all the time, which is why he denied it all but extremely infrequently.

Somewhere in all this, the moan became a constant sound from deep in Ruthie’s throat. About that same time, Mr. Smith noticed that his hand was damp from the beating he was giving the girl’s pussy. Apparently she was enjoying this a lot.

Huskily, he whispered, “Go on. Cum if you have to, Ruthie. I know you want to. Do it.”

Relief swept through Ruthie when permission was given. It was so hard to keep from cumming when it all felt so good, she'd been holding back for quite a while. When she finally relaxed after being allowed to orgasm, the cum hit almost immediately and set her whole body shaking and the sound that came from her mouth was a long, low animal wail.

Ruthie sat panting after her orgasm subsided, just looking at Mr. Smith, who simply sat there with an enigmatic smile on his face. She wondered if that was the end of her punishment, or if there was more to come. She was wondering about what it might entail when she again felt the hard slap of the teacher's hand on her now over-sensitive pussy.

A yelp of surprise filled the room. That one hurt! She hoped there wouldn't be too many more swats, or that at least she'd get used to them again. Ruthie felt the arousal building again, but if the spanking her pussy was getting continued to sting as much as that last one did, it would take a long time for her to get worked up enough for another orgasm.

Fortunately, no more swats came. Instead, Mr. Smith started running a finger around the outside of her pussy, through the slippery juice that had oozed from her through her pussy’s spanking and orgasm. Everything felt so much more intense on her bare cunt, it made Ruthie wonder why she hadn't tried shaving it a long time ago.

Without any warning, Mr. Smith shoved two fingers into the hot, wet hole between Ruthie's wide-spread legs. Ruthie thought this was wonderful. The spanking her pussy had gotten was fun, and felt really good, but this was the kind of thing she really liked. She only hoped he wouldn't spend too long playing around before he put something bigger in there.

Mr. Smith was excited beyond belief. Ruthie was a hot girl, of that there was no question, but how quickly she became a little slut, ready for anything and begging for more, was almost more than he could stand. Her willingness to let him do whatever he liked was what he liked best about her. He was surprised at how wet her pussy became at being spanked, and how much more moisture seeped from her when she came. His fingers slid in her slick cunt with no difficulty at all. He could tell Ruthie liked this, but he also knew what her preference was, given a choice, and she'd get it, but not until after he'd had a little more fun.

Ruthie was moaning again at the feeling of her teacher's big, long fingers stretching her pussy wide, and closed her eyes for a moment to concentrate on the sensation. She jumped and gasped when his thumb brushed up against her throbbing little clit, and ground her hips forward to try to get him to do it again. The feeling of Mr. Smith's fingers in her had her building toward another orgasm awfully quickly, and another touch or two to her clit would do it.

Nothing had been said in the room since Ruthie had been given permission to cum, but she was getting so horny with Mr. Smith's fingers sliding in and out that she started to beg, "Please Sir, that feels so good. Can I cum, please?"

A moment passed before the teacher calmly replied, "May I cum? Not can. And, no, you may not."

No? But she was so close. Surely he could see that. Ruthie concentrated hard to keep her orgasm from washing over her, and at the moment, it was working. However, he wasn't sure how long she'd be able to maintain such control.

When Mr. Smith added another finger, Ruthie gasped at the intrusion and the feeling of her pussy stretching more to accommodate it. At least he was avoiding her clit. She was sure if he was touching that, it'd be impossible to keep from cumming against his command.

However, with that third finger moving in and out of her sloshy hole, Ruthie felt the orgasm that had been building steadily getting even more overwhelming. It was taking everything she had to keep her cum at bay. Yet Mr. Smith was still relentless, fucking those fingers harder and harder into her quivering cunt. If he touched her clit at all, or added another finger, Ruthie was certain she'd be unable to keep from cumming.

Just as she was sure her orgasm was upon her, Mr. Smith pulled his fingers from her pussy and stood up. A little whimper of protest came from Ruthie's throat, but it was quickly silenced by the surprising feel of his wet fingers against her lips. Ruthie wasn't overly fond of the taste of her pussy, but it wasn't a terrible flavor, and besides, at the moment, she was so horny she'd have done almost anything to make sure Mr. Smith made her cum.

And as if it was Mr. Smith's masculine, hard cock, Ruthie opened her mouth and accepted the pungent, slimy fingers onto her tongue. Her mouth filled with the taste of her cunt, and even though it wasn't her favorite, it wasn't bad. Being so utterly horny also helped a lot.

For a few minutes, Ruthie sucked on Mr. Smith's fingers, getting more and more into it the longer it went. After a short while, she forgot it wasn't the teacher's cock in her mouth and she started to really enjoy it.

When Mr. Smith slipped his fingers from between the lips of her mouth, Ruthie was almost surprised to feel his cock head nudging the soaking lips of her pussy. With one quick shove, Mr. Smith's hardness was swallowed whole by the burning, grasping wetness.

A loud moan filled the room. This is what Ruthie had been hoping for ever since she'd been told to stay after class. The rest was just icing on the cake. This was what the whole thing was about. Ruthie flung her arms around Mr. Smith's neck and held on tight, cumming the entire time the teacher slammed his hard-on in and out of her hungry pussy.

Ruthie drenched Mr. Smith's cock and balls with juice while he fucked her relentlessly, the way both he and Ruthie liked it. The desk squeaked back a fraction every time he pushed forward, and Ruthie huffed directly into his ear while she clung for dear life. There was no love in this, this was simple animal lust, and at the moment, it was exactly what they both needed.

This time, when Mr. Smith pulled his cock out of her pussy, Ruthie knew just what to do. She leaped from the desk and knelt in front of him, taking his cock in her mouth with no hesitation whatsoever. She took him all the way down her throat in one plunge, just like he'd taught her to. Now, she barely tasted the pussy juice liberally covering his genitals, she just needed his juice, however she could get it.

Knowing what was expected of her, she fucked her face on Mr. Smith's cock for a few minutes, then pulled off and started licking the pussy juice from his balls and belly. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft while her mouth was elsewhere, unable to bear not being in contact with his hard rod while she cleaned the rest of him.

When she reached his balls, she sucked them each into her mouth, knowing how he loved that, then licked as low as she could to get what was there. Finished with the cleaning of the rest of him, Ruthie then settled back eagerly into sucking on Mr. Smith's wonderful dick.

With as much as she'd been cumming, Ruthie was amazed at how controlled Mr. Smith was, not to be shooting all over the place. This realization simply made her more determined to get him off than ever. She wanted him to feel as good as he possibly could, and reward her hard work with as much creamy jism as his balls could give her. She had a naughty idea for what to do with his cum when it finally did happen, and was certain it would meet with his approval.

Several more wonderful minutes later, Mr. Smith started making sounds like he was getting ready to finally cum. Ruthie smiled around his cock and tickled his balls a little more, then had a wicked thought and reached between his legs and started to lightly run a finger up and down between his butt cheeks.

Mr. Smith moaned louder when he felt Ruthie playing with his butt. He was surprised how sensitive it was to just that simple caress, but it made the cum boil up even quicker than it had been. This evil, but oh-so-amazing woman was going to make him cum, and it was going to be a big one. He hoped she could hold it all.

Ruthie was delighted that she could make her teacher feel so good, and quickly took just the head into her mouth and flicked her tongue through the little slit at the end, making him moan even louder yet.

She wiggled the finger at Mr. Smith's ass a little deeper and touched his asshole. The tight pucker felt funny, but good, beneath her finger, and the sound he made told her he wasn't going to make her stop. She removed the hand that was grasping Mr. Smith's cock shaft while she sucked and gently played with his balls with it.

Now, Ruthie's mouth felt fantastic wrapped around his cock, it always did, but her mouth and her spit-slicked hand in conjunction with it was beyond words. It was nearly like a pussy, but not quite. Usually, she could bring him off this way, but today, Ruthie had other plans.

When her hand left his cock shaft, he was afraid that there would be no way he could get off without that stimulation. However, when she started to tickle his sensitive balls, he knew there would be no holding back.

Ruthie felt Mr. Smith's orgasm hit before she tasted it. She'd come to know the signs well. While Mr. Smith yelled, Ruthie took the first spurt of cum on her tongue. She simply had to taste just a little straight from the source. She loved the taste of cum, and she always needed to get a little in her mouth. If it went into her pussy, she scooped up some and licked off her fingers.

Her cum fetish met, Ruthie took the hand from Mr. Smith's balls and started to pump his cock with it, directing the rest of his load to her smiling face. Before long, she was coated in pearly jism, and when Mr. Smith's cock stopped spurting on her, and just dribbled a little bit, she stuck her tongue out and licked off the remainder of the creamy prize she'd been waiting for.

The teacher collapsed back onto one of the student desks, spent. He sat there, breathing hard while his vision cleared to where he could see Ruthie sitting there, covered in his cum, and beaming up at him from her spot on the floor.

For several minutes, neither of them spoke, both of them simply sitting there gazing lovingly at the other. Finally, Ruthie broke the silence. "So, do I get a second chance at that spelling test?"

Mr. Smith laughed. "Damn right. So, what did you think of that little scene?"

Ruthie got up off the floor. "That was great, Babe. You do a real good 'angry teacher.'"

"Glad you liked it. Now, let's see about getting you cleaned up and hauling ourselves home."

Ruthie stepped in closer. Looking up at the man she loved, she said, "I think maybe I'll wear this home tonight." Some of the cum from her face had dripped down onto her thin white blouse, making it obvious she wore nothing underneath. Her nipples stood out proudly from the too-tight material, much as they had through most of the encounter.

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