tagLoving WivesRuth's Journey Ch. 5

Ruth's Journey Ch. 5


I had to leave town right away! I pulled out of the school parking lot, absolutely disgusted with myself. My abused breasts were aching so. I felt sick to my stomach, the glob of semen thick within. I was so anxious to get out of the school, that I didn't even consider stopping in a restroom to wash up. The metallic odor of cum filled the cars interior. I drove directly over to our bank, intent on emptying our savings account and fleeing this evil town.

I entered the busy lobby, and filled out a withdrawal slip at a kiosk up against the back wall, using one of their chained ballpoint pens. I joined the line of people, snaked around the lobby by red velvet ropes supported on chrome stands. They had a ticker mounted high above the teller windows that scrolled the day's news, weather and sports stories. I watched it aimlessly, as the line drifted along silently. As a teller became free, they flip a switch, and a small light would direct the next person over from the line. There were eight stations, and the tellers sat behind a thick barrier of glass, separating them from the people in the lobby. Off to the right side of the lobby there were two separate stations with half walls jutting out for a few feet. Business deposits were handled in them, and there were hatches where coins and other bulky items could be passed through.

My turn finally came up, and I walked up to the center teller's window. There was a circular tray in the countertop, which allowed me to pass the slip and my I.D. under the glass to the older lady who waited on me. Her nameplate read "Marge." I didn't remember seeing her before, but it is a busy bank with lots of people buzzing around. I had purposely left the withdrawal amount empty, and she opened up the speaker at her side, as she entered my account into her computer keyboard.

"How much would you like to take out today, Mrs. Dickson?" she asked. I had to strain to hear her voice through the small speaker in the busy lobby. "I want to take everything out but five dollars please! Nothing bigger than a twenty, if you could." The last statement I found showed a balance of over seven thousand dollars in our savings, which should be enough to get me started in my new life. Marge looked at her video screen, her eyes squinting in concentration. "I'll be back in just a minute" she said, and walked rapidly off to a side room, over beyond the business windows. She carried my driver's license and bank slip with her.

After a few minutes, I saw her return with a man in a business suit. He looked like your typical banker, rather dour and uptight. He leaned over the microphone, and pressed the lever on the side. "I'm sorry Mrs. Dickson, but a limit of twenty dollars has been placed on any withdrawals you can make per day! I'm afraid there's really no way we can carry out your request today!" My expression must have transmitted my feelings, as I felt absolute depression setting in. "I don't understand this, It's my account to!" I shouted, rather forcefully. He removed some reading glasses from his breast pocket, and reviewed a file he carried. "Mrs. Dickson, perhaps you could move over to the first cubicle.

There does appear to be a special prevision we could discuss. I followed him across the lobby, and stepped into the first business station, ignoring the chair that was in front of the waist high counter. "This isn't right! It's my money as much as my husbands! When the hell did this happen!" The man looked distressed, and opened up a manila folder he had placed down on his side of the counter. He flipped a latch on the hatch window between us, and pulled the small barrier aside. He pushed an official looking form through the opening, allowing me to inspect it. I recognized Stan's signature at the bottom. "You're husband was in just yesterday to complete the paperwork. I'm afraid he is the only one who can change the conditions. He did make an additional provision though, which I found highly objectionable. I hesitate to even bring it up now. If you will kindly read the closing paragraph, I believe you will see what I mean."

I sat down, and my eyes followed down to the bottom of the page. "Furthermore, there shall be only one way in which the individual known as Ruth Dickson can exceed this daily limit of funds I am imposing by this document. For every bank employee whom she causes to ejaculate in her mouth successfully and thereupon swallow said ejaculate, she will be allowed an additional five-hundred dollars, not to exceed a total of one-thousand dollars in any one day." I looked up in disbelief. "This has got to be some kind of joke!" I wailed. He was fighting back a smile. "I tried to talk him out of it myself, but he insisted. Everyone else in the bank thought it was highly uncalled for, also!" I looked around, and could see other men walking by, sneaking glances at me. I must be a laughing stock of the whole bank!

I think I surprised the man when I stood up, placing my hands on my hips. "Look, you have to understand that I am desperate for this money. It could be life and death!" It wasn't difficult to squeeze out a tear as I faced his unyielding gaze. He was openly grinning now, and simply shrugged his shoulders in a helpless gesture. "Oh fuck me! All right, let's get it over. Where should I go?" He looked stunned. "You mean to say that you intend to go ahead with this?" He asked, looking over his shoulder. "I told you that I am desperate!" I answered, staring him down.

"Well then, I can't let you back here! Bank rules don't you know!" he confided. "Tell you what, turn around and sit up on the counter, your back to me." I did as he asked, sitting up on the countertop. I was looking directly out at the line of people waiting there turn. Many were looking back at me with puzzled expressions. The man reached through the hatch. I felt him grasp the top seam of my ribbed dress between my bare shoulder blades, and pull me back. I had to draw my chin into my chest as I laid back, to keep from hitting my head on the partition. Once I was stretched back flat, he hooked his hands into my armpits, sliding my body through the small hatch! It was a tight fit, and my breasts were squeezed flat to my chest as he forced me through. The top of my dress was pulled down, and he kept pulling till my breasts popped free on his side. My head leaned back in space, well over his edge of the counter. My breasts spilled down, framing my face, as I looked up at his crotch upside down, now even with me. My flesh was still stained a deep brownish red by the ointment, almost matching the hue of my aureole.

He quickly unzipped, and pulled out a thick veined cock to swing freely in my face. My arms were pinned tightly into my sides by the tight hatch, and I couldn't pull them all the way through! I groaned loudly as he grasped my hanging tits, still sore and marked form my earlier adventures. He paid no attention though, as he was lost in his own little world for the time being. He grasped his now stiff member in his right hand, feeding it between my pursed lips. He pushed in deeply, and I sucked hard, pressing him up against the roof of my mouth with my tongue. He had other ideas though, and pressed forward to the base of my throat. I began kicking my legs wildly in protest, but he only grew stiffer in my mouth. I swallowed him in, allowing him entry deep into my throat! This position was perfect for his violation, and I felt his organ throb and stretch against the tightness, as I struggled not to choke! I suddenly realized the view I must be giving to the lobby, as I was still naked under the brief skirt! He pulled out and I gasped for air loudly, my mucus spilling over my top lip to trail down into my nostrils and towards my tear filled eyes. I dropped my legs down flat, to swing freely off the counter on the other side. I yanked my skirt back down with my hands, holding it tightly against my upper thighs.

He let me catch my breath briefly, and then pressed in once more, this time slipping smoothly forward straight down my throat. His hands were both buried in my swollen titflesh, stretching them up towards him cruelly. My eyes must have looked big as saucers, as he began pumping in and out in a steady rhythm, throat fucking me! My own saliva was stinging my eyes, as it poured down my face. I could feel him tense and he locked his hips forward, skewering me on his shaft. The bastard dropped my right tit, and reached up to grasp his tool between thumb and forefinger through the very bulge he created in my throat! His load shot forth, tickling me deep to my core, as he injected his seed directly into my stomach. He nursed his load out, as he rocked his fingers against the base of his crown, buried deep in my throat.

He pulled out with a yank. A new mess of slime spilled down my face. Before I could protest however, another tool took his place, and my violation continued. This one was partial to tit fucking though, and in very little time he had straddled my face, and wrapped his tool up between my tits. He began bucking his hips back and forth. His sweaty balls hung down into my face, plopping into my lips with each stroke. Before long he reached down and cradled the back of my head. He dragged his shaft up over my chin, and began rubbing it wildly all over my face, working my mucus and slime covered features up into a white froth! He lifted it off my face, and began jacking it off in his right hand, the crown hovering over my forehead. I could see his peehole dilate, and knew he was near to release. I squeezed my eyes shut, but the animal wrapped my hair up in his left fist, and hooked his thumb against my left eyelid, forcing it open!

He was pounding over me like a madman, and then suddenly stopped, choking himself tightly under the crown. He pointed his meat at my open eye, and I watched the first white spurt erupt, to splash against my exposed eyeball! Spurt after spurt followed, burning me to the core, as the thick semen pooled over my open eye. I was submerged in a milky bath, staring up through the viscous liquid. He finally released my lid and I squeezed it shut. A flood of semen rolled down my face, and I began blinking rapidly against the burning left behind. Tears rushed out mixing in with my mascara and the collection of spunk that now coated my features.

The first banker stood over me again, with a wad of cash in his hands. He counted out twenty's, tossing them casually out in a stack on top of my rib cage, as I stared back up between my hanging tits. When he had counted out fifty of them in a stack, he reached down and yanked the front of my dress up over the cash, holding it in place. He then placed his hands on top of my shoulders, and shoved me roughly back through the hatch. I fell awkwardly down to the floor, legs splayed wide back towards the lobby. Through blurred eyes, I saw the vague images of circle of people gathered around as I lay sitting, my back up against the counter. I felt a heavy glob of gunk slip off my chin, and plop down against the exposed bare flesh of my right tit. The reality of the situation dawned on me, and I yanked my dress back over my breasts. Stumbling awkwardly up to my feet. I saw shadowy figures jump out of the way as I rushed towards the front entry door. My vision began to clear as I burst out into the light of day, rushing back towards my car.

I slammed the door behind me, and smashed the lock switch, reveling in the solid clunk of the power door locks thumping down around me. I leaned back in my seat feeling retched beyond description. My face and cleavage was covered in slime. Rivulets were dangling off my chin, and I could feel them swaying freely as I sobbed in silent agony. My breasts and throat were throbbing with the violation they had just suffered. The ghosts of the vile objects inserted so recently in my rectum and vagina still lingered on, reminding me of my recent agony. I turned the key, gunning the engine to life. One thousand dollars could take me a long way, with the price of gas these days! I reached down the front of my dress, and retrieved the cash, counting it just to make sure. I shoved it into my purse, and put my car in gear, anxious to be on my way.

I drove as if in a trance, heedless of my present condition. The interstate called, and I was drawn forward as if into a vacuum. I shouted aloud in the car, as I accelerated down the on ramp, merging smoothly with the traffic in the near lane. I pounded my fist against the steering wheel in celebration as I merged into traffic. I had to slam on my brakes as some asshole in front of me decided to slow abruptly. There was an opening in the outside lane, and I shot into it. I passed a State Trooper behind a bridge, and grimaced as I saw him pull out into traffic in my rear-view mirror. Sure enough, I was still cursed! He closed the distance in no time at all. His lights flashed on in Technicolor, and I pulled over onto the shoulder, cursing my fate.

He angle parked behind me, and I watched him approach in my side view mirror, my hands locked on the steering wheel. The spunk coating me had begun to dry, and I could feel it vividly all over my face. I cracked the window, and his shadow fell over me, as he blocked the mid-afternoon sun. "Could I see your license and registration miss?" he asked. I could see my face reflected in his mirrored sunglasses, and it wasn't a pretty picture. Trails of cum were still dangling. My skin was beginning to feel tight. Digging in my purse, I pulled out the vinyl packet where I kept my I.D. He took it without comment, examining it carefully as he sauntered back to his cruiser.

I spent the next few minutes cleaning my face as best as I could. I didn't have any tissues left, so I used my fingers, wiping them off under the hem of my dress. I could taste the salty cum, as I wetted my fingers at my mouth to scrub the dried semen from my face. The cop startled me when he appeared back in my window. I didn't hear him approach. "Do you know why I pulled you over, ma'am?" I gave him my best innocent look. "I'm sorry officer, I must have been going a little to fast when I was passing that car." He handed my I.D. back to me.

"Yes ma'am, you were, but I'm a little concerned about your appearance. I felt his gaze locking onto my cleavage, as he looked down at me. I looked at him with disbelief. I mean, what the fuck business of his was it anyway! "Shut off your ignition Mrs. Dickson, and step out of the car." He pulled my door open, motioning me out with a jerk of his head. Tears were streaming down my face. I looked up at him helplessly.

"You don't understand, I am being horribly abused!" I buried my face in my hands, as cars rushed by in the background.

"In what way ma'am?" he asked. I lifted my head, and saw him remove his sunglasses. Foolishly I thought he was showing concern.

"Just look at me, for god's sake!" I yanked my top down, baring both my bloated breasts to him. He can't ignore the damage they have done, I foolishly thought. He gave the slightest hint of a smile as he stared at my chest. I looked down. "Oh no!" I softly cried. My flesh was totally unmarked and both nipples were standing at attention, small beads of milk glistening in the sun. I looked to be the picture of health! I pulled the dress back up, covering myself.

"Don't worry ma'am, I can get you the help you need. Now shut off your car and come with me." He must have believed that I was some kind of degenerate pervert!

"But what about my car?" I asked, as I pulled my keys out of the ignition. "I wouldn't worry too much about your car, if I was you." I knew his eyes were glued on my legs under the brief skirt, as I climbed out of the car as modestly as possible. I had too grip the hem down as we walked back to his cruiser. The passing cars whipped up quite a breeze, ripping at the bottom of my dress. He held the back door open for me, slamming it shut once I was seated. I had never been in a police car before.

The seats felt dirty. There was a streaked Plexiglas divider separating the front from back. I felt stuffy, but there was no window handle, or door latch for that matter. He threw the car in drive, and spun his wheels briefly, before catching traction as we merged back out into traffic. He swerved over to the median, taking advantage of an emergency turn-around to head back in the opposite direction.

The prick totally ignored me. I even pounded on the divider, hoping to beg him to take me to a shelter, or anywhere else except back to the hell at home that waited for me. Thankfully, I watched us drive by the Nash Street exit, and continue on downtown. My spirits soared! At least he wasn't taking me back home. We pulled off on the Main Street exit, and I breathed a sigh of relief as he made an illegal left turn into the Mercy Hospital emergency entrance, pulling up in front of the large bank of doors.

Finished with Part #6, the Hospital

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