tagLoving WivesRuth's Journey Ch. 6

Ruth's Journey Ch. 6


Ruth's Journey Part #6, The Hospital, and the end of her Adventure

He screeched to a halt, and through the cruiser into park. Slamming the door behind him, he strutted through the emergency entrance, disappearing inside the automatic doors. I waited anxiously, finally the help I needed was close at hand. The vinyl seats were sticking to my bare thighs, as I shifted positions. The air conditioner was ticking on and off, but none of the ventilation was reaching my compartment. I felt a trickle of perspiration down my right side. The E.R. doors parted, and the officer returned, followed by a man in green scrubs pushing a wheelchair. They approached the car, and the officer finally let me out. He took my hand, and helped guide me into the chair. "I think you can get the help you need here, Mrs. Dickson." I burst into joyful tears. "Bless you officer! I don't know how to thank you!" He patted me on the knee. "I had to write you up for a violation." He handed me a slip of thin white paper. "I wrote you up for failure to yield. There will be no points added to your record, but you must appear at court on the date indicated on the ticket. Feel better now!" The nurse swung me around, and I heard the cruisers door slam, and pull away from the curb.

As we passed through the automatic doors, I stuffed the ticket into my purse, clutching it tightly in my lap. The nurse whisked me right through the lobby, straight down the hall to a bank of elevators. I kept my head down, sobbing softly with relief. A chime sounded, and a door slid open. And up-arrow was lit overhead. He backed me into the elevator, and selected the top floor. The doors hissed shut with a dull thud. "Sure enough is a beautiful day out there today! How are you feeling miss?" The elevator shuddered to life, rising up the shaft. I shook my head, resting my forehead in my palm. "I've had a rough couple of days," I answered softly. "Well, the Doc's here can help you, no problem!" He gave me a confident smile, as we jerked to a halt at the top floor. The doors slid open, and we passed down a spotless corridor to a frosted glass door at the end of the hall. He grasped a card, which hung from his neck on a long chain, and swiped it in a slot in a small wall mounted box next to the door. The lock mechanism buzzed, and he grasped the handle, pulling it open. We entered a long ward, curtained cubicles passing by as we approached a central nurses station.

We stopped in front of the counter, and he handed a stern-looking women in a starched white uniform a clipboard which had been hanging from the back of my chair. She gave it a glance, and gave me a look from under hooded eyes. "You can leave her in 2B. The doctor will see you in a few minutes, Mrs. Dickson." She gave me as warm a smile as was possible from a vampire, and I returned the effort with similar enthusiasm. "I hope the Doctors are nicer than her!" I thought to myself, as we swung around, and passed back down the ward.

With a snap he whipped open the front curtain under the square blue sign with "2B" in bold white letters. He backed me in next to an examination table. He kicked the brake on the chair. Taking my arm, he helped me to stand. "Have a seat on the table Mrs, Dickson. They'll take real good care of you!" There was a small Rubbermaid step stool under the table, and I hooked it with my foot, sliding it out towards me. With its help, I boosted myself up onto the crinkly paper that covered the padded surface. My legs dangled over the edge, my feet not touching the floor. I folded my hands in my lap, tucking my short skirt snuggly between my legs as the nurse left with a smile.

The back wall was to my left. There were several monitors and electronic displays hanging at eye level above the table, mounted off the wall on swivel brackets. There were stainless steel drawer units on either side of the bed, under the monitors. A waste tin and a stool were in front of me, against the side curtain. There was an IV stand attached to the side of the table at my left. A small white pillow lay at the head of the table, by the IV stand. I turned my attention out into the hall. The nurse had left the curtain open. Across the narrow hall, there was a line of cubicles exactly like mine. Two were occupied. The cubicle across from me attracted my attention.

A wild looking man was strapped down to a table identical to mine. He was dressed in a hospital gown. His bare legs and arms were corded in muscles, straining against his bindings. He was stretched forward, and I felt his menacing gaze boring into me. He had long lank blond hair, and a trickle of drool was dangling from the corner of his mouth. He smiled menacingly at me. I leaned over the front of the table, and was able to get a grip on the curtain. I slid it shut, but not before I noticed a bulge at the front of his gown. Much as tried to block the thought, mental visions washed through my subconscious of the throbbing flesh so near. I knew the shape of his organ, the length and heft, the gentle bend to the right, the way his right sack was larger then his left. I smelled his musk, and sensed his fluids straining for release.

The hiss of my curtain opening interrupted my revile. A young man strode in, carrying a clipboard. A stethoscope was draped over the back of his neck. "Mrs. Dickson?" he asked, looking at me over the top of his chart. I nodded, and as he entered the room, I saw the stranger across from me, now brandishing a full erection. The front of his gown tented like a small mountain. The doctor took my chin in his hand, and swiveled my head around to face him. He held a silver scope up to his right eye, and leaned in close to me, peering first into my right pupil, then the left. I could smell the faint trace of Old Spice, as well as a spearmint breath spray. "I see on your chart that the officer was worried that you were traumatized, and might be suffering from some kind of abusive situation. Is there anything that you would like to talk about?" All I could think about was the erect cock across the hall! I sensed the Doctor stirring also, as he bent to examine my ear canals with his scope.

"I don't know what is going on Doctor! You have to believe me. I have been beaten, defiled in horrible manner, humiliated by loved ones, my body has been violated and marked terribly, but when I tried to show the officer..." I broke into tears, clutching his smock and burying my face into his starchy white fabric. I sobbed for a minute or so, as he wrapped me up in his arms, gently patting my back like a baby. "I believe you Mrs. Dickson," he said, and I sobbed in relief. "Police officers are wonderful at many things, but I think we should leave medical diagnosis to professionals, don't you?" I wiped the tears from my face. Finally, I had found a sympathetic person! He took hold of my shoulders. "Trust me, Mrs. Dickson. Now why don't we take a look? Take off your dress, and lay back on he table." He slid the curtain shut. I had the brief vision of my friend across the hall rubbing his groin through his gown, his face and hair matted with perspiration. I pulled the tight dress off over my head and reclined on the table, naked as a jaybird. The doctor betrayed no surprise about my lack of underwear. He thumbed a button on a small counsel beside the table, and the back rose, elevating my chest and head to a forty-five degree angle. He gently cupped my left breast in his smooth hand, examining my flesh closely. My milk glands swelled, and glistening fluid started to seep out. He squeezed my areola, and a spurt of milk erupted, spilling loosely down my chest to pool over my belly.

If betrayed no surprise or shock about my lactation. He reached into a pocket and withdrew a small hypodermic needle. Holding it up to the overhead light, he squeezed the plunger, as he flicked the shaft with his forefinger. He turned his attention back to me as the needle spurted a small stream of clear fluid. He grasped my left flank, and lifted my hip off the table, so my bare cheek faced him. "You'll feel a little poke!" he said, and plunged the needle into the meat of my ass. "This is a booster injection, it will help to relax you," he said, as he plunged the contents of the hypo deep into the muscle of my ass. I felt nothing as he withdrew the needle, releasing my hip. I settled beck onto the table, and all the tension left my body. I was suddenly drifting gently atop fluffy white clouds! Streams of silky gentle breezes were caressing my bare flesh, as goose pimples were raised all over my waiting body. I rolled my head towards the saintly image of the doctor.

He discarded the syringe in the waste tin, and moved to the foot of my table. I observed with absolute peace and contentment as he reached under the foot of the bed, and swiveled up a pair of chrome stirrups. They locked into place beside my thighs with a metallic snick. He smiled warmly at me, and grasped my right ankle. He lifted my leg up, folding it up against my chest, and then glided my foot over into the cool metallic embrace of the waiting stirrup. Strapping it securely in place, he grasped my left ankle. As he repeated his actions with this leg, I felt my pelvis lift and open, my vulva gaping into view before him. I thought with amusement that I should be protesting this vile display! He adjusted each steel appendage, stretching my groin up and apart before him, locking each bar into place. Satisfied with my exposure, he tickled my loose lips apart with his fingers, and I felt my vaginal cavity gape open to his view. My clit was throbbing. As I looked down my belly between my bloated breasts, I could see the line of my remaining pubic hair tracing from my belly button down to the cleft of my nether lips. They were swollen obscenely, displaying my extended clitoris begging for attention!

He lifted a broad strap up and over my belly, allowing it to fall over my left flank. Casually walking around the table, he cinched the strap in place. I felt the small of my back lock down into the padded surface of the exam table, further forcing my genitals open. He bent down, and planted a soft kiss on my left cheek. He straightened and stroked my left breast, teasing my nipple with gentle squeezes as he slung another strap up over my upper arm, draping it along my ribcage under my breasts, to lie over the table on my right. I knew what was next, but watched without resistance as he circled around, to fasten me helplessly in place, arms now locked at my sides. He bent down and suckled my right nipple, oh so softly. I would have cried aloud, if only I could. I felt a gentle, orgasmic release, as my sweet milk was drawn into his waiting mouth.

He released me with a wet smack, and a wash of liquid continued, warming my flesh with its release. He pulled out a plastic bag from the lower drawer of the cabinet to my left. He dropped the cold vinyl bag onto my abdomen without comment. I didn't mind. Whatever drug was coursing through my veins was bringing me the sweat relief from reality that I had been begging for, even if only temporary. He ripped the cold plastic bag open, and I laughed as I saw the contents. Seems that everyone wants to give me an enema! "I'll be back!" he said with a wink, as he left carrying the bag, leaving the coiled tubing raped across my belly. He also left the curtain open, exposing me to the man across the hall. Oh yes, he was still there! His rock hard shaft was now exposed, framed between my splayed legs across the hall! He was stroking away, enjoying the show he was now watching. I didn't mind as I drifted on my cloud, not that I could have done anything about it anyway.

The doctor returned, and hung a bloated bag of clear fluid from he IV stand above my head. He screwed one end of the clear tubing onto the bottom or the bottle. He then positioned a metal clamp to pinch the tubing closed at the the "business end", just above a large nozzle. He released a valve under the water bag, and then pinched the clamp open, carefully bleeding all the air out of the tubing. Fluid ran down to the clamp, which he snapped closed just before it could shoot out the end. He draped the tube down the table next to me, and let the last few feet dangle off the far end. He checked my pupils, and took my pulse and blood pressure, after which he pulled on an examination glove. Lubing his hand up, he strolled over between my legs, and casually slipped two fingers into my anus. I felt myself gape open. My ass seemed to have grown accustomed to these violations.

When he saw my dilation, he plunged his other two fingers in, and I easily accepted his full hand into my rectum. He hooked his thumb into my vagina, and started to rock his hand around inside my body. I groaned as he bent down and suckled my swollen clit between his puckered lips, flicking at it softly with his tongue. He reached up with his free hand and grasped a handful of my titflesh. Everything came together for me, and I bucked my hips up against his mouth. I had the most wonderful orgasm! The drugs had smoothed everything out, and allowed all of my pleasure receptors and nerve endings to be open for full stimulation. I came and came, as he slowly decreased the pressure, finally pulling away.

I melted back onto the table, and felt him slip the nozzle into my ass, plunging it deeply into place into my slick cavity. He adjusted my stirrups wider yet. My ass was lifted right off the table. I could feel my groin muscles straining from the isometric stretching. I could feel the cool, conditioned air in the room brushing across my swollen vaginal lips. He pulled out another syringe, this time injecting the contents into my water bottle. He pulled of his exam glove, dropping it into the waste can. He kissed me softly on the forehead. "I'll see you later Mrs. Dickson. A nurse will be taking you down for some pictures in just a minute. Try to relax and enjoy it!" He left me exposed like that, the drape wide open.

The man across the hall was slowly stroking his engorged cock, choking his crown as the corded veins bulged. He had strained forward against the straps that held him. His wild hair was matted to his face. I heard footsteps approaching, just as the semen oozed out of his cock like a flow of milky white lava, spilling over his fist. A perky looking nurse strolled up to my bed, kicking the wheel stops down. "Well, don't you look like the perfect slut!" she said brightly, rolling my table out into the hall. "Where in the hell do they find bitches like you?" She moved around to the back of the table, behind my head. It dawned on my foggy consciousness that she intended to relocate me like this, buck-naked and spread open! "Nnoooddddnnnnttt..." I cried back to her, struggling weekly against my restraints. She moved back around to my side, and lifted my left eyelid wide, peering at my pupil. "Are we waking up a little, slut?" she asked with a wry smile. "Don't tell me that even a whored pig like you feels embarrassment!" She reached into her smock pocket, and pulled out a small white handkerchief, which she shook out. She draped it over my face, blocking my vision! "There now, just relax and enjoy the ride you little bitch!"

She wheeled me straight down the hall. I saw dim images of bright overhead lights cross by at even intervals, looking up through the thin cotton. She pulled me to a quick stop. I heard a heavy door swing open, and she pulled my table through. The air in the corridor was cooler, and it chilled my naked flesh. "Ppppllleeeesss!" I mumbled. I felt some strength beginning to return to my limbs, replacing the drugged numbness. I was a little claustrophobic with the thin hankie blocking my vision. I was acutely aware of other traffic in the corridor. I could hear the shuffle of feat and some both appreciative and off-color comment made as we passed by! We came to a stop, and she swiveled my table at a right angle to the corridor. We waited for a minute, which seemed to stretch into an eternity. A chime sounded, and I heard automatic doors hiss open. She pulled me backwards into what I assumed to be an elevator, as my table bumped over the seam in the floor between the hall and the shaft.

"Oh nuts! I forgot your chart! Sir, could you hold the elevator for a minute. I'll be back in just a minute." I lay in disbelief, as a deep, gravelly voice answered from behind me. "Noo Problem! Take yo sweet time, sugar!" A cool breath of wind passed over me, as she left the small space and deserted me. I jerked as a rough, calloused hand fell upon my shoulder! I tried to pull away, but I was strapped down securely. "Now don't you worry none mam!" he said, and his voice was now at my side. He slid his hand down the slope of my right breast, giving it a powerful squeeze with his huge hand. "Kee yoouu hanns off me yuuu peeeese off sshhhiiittt!" I protested as best I could. My mouth had a thick, cottony feel to it. He only chuckled and pinched my swollen nipple between his thumb and forefinger, before he moved to the front of the space. His hand traced along my naked flesh as he moved. I swallowed as I heard the doors slide shut, and I felt the elevator begin to drop. "If I's you. I'd be true babe!" We jerked to a halt. A buzzer sounded.

"Eevviil muuutherfucker!" I cried, as my predicament came into better focus. I heard him chuckle. I twitched as he stroked my pubes with his hand, standing at the base of my table. I heard a muffled zip, as his trousers dropped to the floor. "Yo bitch, talk nasty alls you want, but you be whisperin sweet things to Roscoe in no time at all!" He slid the nozzle out of my ass with a jerk, and I tried to pull my hips away from him. A huge object pressed against my anus. He drove forward with ease, violating my well-lubed anus. I felt each rock hard inch violate my warm cavity, all the way till his coarse pubic hair ground against the base of my ass cheeks.

He buried his huge hands into my tits, grabbing a firm hold as he began to pile drive me with abandon. My milk released as he kneaded my tits roughly. The warm liquid spilled down my chest and belly. The cart was swinging back and forth with the driving force on his powerful hips. His hips drove forward with one last heave, and his organ swelled to iron within me. He yanked himself out, and smacked it down across my vulva with a wet splat! Grinding it down across my silky pubes, I felt his thick warm seed spew over my vulva. He spread the slimy white mess all over my pubes, working every last sticky drop onto my tender flesh.

He pulled up a corner of the hanky, and his ebony face smiled at me with a bright toothy grin. "How you like me now, Babe?" He tucked himself back into his jeans, zipping back up. "Well, what we got here now?" he asked, and reached under my cart. My hopes and dreams were dashed again as he produced my purse, and set it down on my belly. Opening it up, he poked around, pulling out my wad of cash. "Lookey here bitch. Must have fucked yo cow ass off all day long for these Andrew Jacksons!" I sobbed aloud. "That's all I have left in the world, please don't take it!" I cried. "Sheeeiit, with that SWEET ASS! Won't take you any time to make this! Tell you what though, you earned this!" He peeled off one of the twenty's, and tossed it in my purse, tucking the rest of the wad in his trousers.

He released the emergency button, and the elevator sprang back to life, dropping down to stop at the next floor. The door slid open, and he held it if place with his hand. He bent down to toss my purse back underneath the cart. Straightening up, the enema nozzle dangled from his fist. "We git you fixed back up proper bitch!" He slipped the nozzle deep within my ass. He thumbed the red clip below the nozzle, and I squirmed as the contents of the water bottle started to fill my bowels! He punched the button for the top floor, and stepped back, waving goodbye to me as the doors slid closed. As the warm fluid rushed in, I settled back into the table. I was slipping back into a drugged state, and I flashed back to see the doctor injecting his hypodermic into my bottle. By the time the doors opened back up, I was floating once again, relieved of all my earthly burdens. The nurse waited with folded arms. "There you are! I was getting worried!" she said, her voice conveying little sincerity.

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