Ryan and Hayley


"Jesus, why does ths bitch keep saying my name? Keep her fucking quiet up there," Ryan said. "Oh man...ahh..ahh..ahh! Oooohhh fuck yeah!" He shot his load into the soaked cunt that was on top of him. He laid his head back and took a few deep, heaving breaths as the last remnants of cum leaked out of his throbbing member. With a satisfied groan, he pulled out of her, shifting down the bench so he could swing his legs off the side and sit up. Steve laughed in delight to the side, Jake had a devlish smile on his face and was holding Hayley's mouth shut, muffling whatever weak sounds were coming out of it while assuring she'd swallow his cum.

"Do it," Steve jerked his head at Jake.

"Huh?" Ryan looked between the two of them, confused.

"Yeah?" Jake looked to Steven for confirmation.

"Yeah," Steven nodded.

"As you wish," Jake shrugged, releasing Hayley's mouth. "Anything to say, sweetheart?" Jake demanded. Hayley stayed silent, though her face was red with shame. The only noise she made came from her heavy, exhausted breathing.

"What's going on...?" Ryan inquired. Neither friend answered him. There was another minute of silence and Ryan again asked what was going on. "Talk, bitch!" he demanded, yelling in her face even if she couldn't see him. Steven and Jake sat there, ire rising in both of them. After another minute of confused silence, Ryan got in his friends' faces. "What. The. Fuck. Is going. On here. ...Who is this girl?"

Steven and Jake looked at each other and squinted, ready to reveal the terror. "It's Hayley, Ryan. You just fucked your sister and filled her holes up with your cum."

Ryan took a step back and his color began to drain. "Yeah, right." He forced a laugh. "You're just fucking with me. I'm still buzzed. I think I'd know."

"How would you know?" Steven asked.

He had a point, and Ryan bent over to examine the girl. "Hayley...?" he begged. The girl stayed silent. Meanwhile, Jake moved behind her and started to remove her blindfold. The scarf fell to the ground and Ryan locked eyes with the girl. The girl. His sister. Hayley. His little sister. His jaw dropped. "Oh my god, no!" He roared. "Hayley - my god, Hayley, I'm so s....I had no ...Hayley!" He dropped to the ground, mortified.

Hayley looked away, blushing, ashamed to still be in such a vulnerable position - Jake's cum drying on her face and neck while Ryan's seeped from both her cunt and ass at once.

Jake was a little annoyed at his friend's response, and blamed it on the alcohol. "Dude. Don't you get it? She knew the whole time. Yet, as you pointed out earlier, she was the one who fucked you. Voluntarily."

Hayley bit her lip, tasting Jake's cum without meaning to, avoiding looking anywhere near her brother.

"Hayley?" His look was confused - betrayed. "You...how could you...how could we...oh my god. Why did you do this?!" He growled, turning his anger to his two friends.

"We just wanted to fuck your sister," Steven answered coldly.

"And, we wanted to see you fuck your sister," Jake added, simply, priding himself on his wonderful idea.

Ryan growled at them to get out. To leave. They exchanged a glance, but meekly obeyed. Ryan ran to his sister's side and held her tightly. "Hayley....why did you...no, you couldn't help it. They forced you. Oh my god I did such ...Hayley...." He hugged her. "I'm not mad, Hayley. I swear. Sis, I love you. I won't ever be mad at you...you were forced..."

Hayley blushed, not looking at him. "Actually..." she mumbled, her face burning with shame, "I wasn't really..." She admitted, remembering how perfectly full she'd felt with her brother's cock in both her ass and pussy.

"Oh..." his mind got the sudden realization. He'd pleasured her? "I guess... you can't help what gets you going...I..." He blushed, furiously, "I guess it felt good, too," he admitted. "I had no idea it was you. They told me it was your friend. And she took your clothes. I was so drunk... wow. I, uh..." One side of his mouth lifted sheepishly, "You felt pretty good, not gonna lie..." He saw a tentative smile growing on her face, and felt a rush of relief, followed by a wicked idea. "...We could do this again," he pointed out, "Keep it a secret...you know...I tie you up... we have some fun..."

Hayley smiled, uncertainly. "You know..." she hinted, mischievously, "I still haven't cum..."

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A rape story? Why? absolutely NOTHING erotic about a rape story

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by NeoDiotima02/08/18

nicely sick

I have always found the demand for ethical incest to be odd. Lol. Upset readers is a good sign that one has struck a nerve. A lot of sexual energy is released by violating norms - as evidencedmore...

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